Little things make the big difference!

Well hello to you my fellow reader chums!

If you've been following my previous blogs you'd probably know I'm moving house tomorrow, the house that I lived in my whole life. Even though its still in our area, its going to be a change for me, something I'm not good with, I'm one of those people who hate change. Its just those little things you would do daily in this house, the ways you have walked all these years, those strangers you pass daily, its all going to be different. The little things is what I will miss, they're the things you remember most. Here's me and Maria outside our house near the tree, the place where we use to play all the time and where we rode  our bikes over and over again. I can't even count how many times I have walked up my road and to know that from tomorrow onwards I won't be anymore is just strange. I guess I'm just a sentimental person who cherishes all those little things that I did with my family and friends here, the memories which will be kept close to my heart forever. Here's the place I came home with good and bad news, had happy and sad moments, celebrated many birthdays and Christmas's, here is what my life has been. I think moving is our chance to move on as a family and hopefully become happier again, a new task on hand will give us something else to concentrate on.

Little things in life are the things I appreciate the most, we should be thankful that each morning we wake up and have a roof over our heads, with loving family and friends around us. Comparison is what stops our society being grateful as you always think there's someone who has it better off but how do you know that person isn't jealous of what you have? Just because someone has all these materialistic things it doesn't consider them in being a happy person, they may not have a loving family like yourself, you don't know what their story is. Nobody is perfect, just because they are this beautiful person from the outside doesn't necessarily mean they aren't suffering.
My advice for you is to think about what you do have in your life and appreciate it, next time you go for a walk have a look around, see all that beautiful nature and be thankful its there. Next time you visit friends or family or receive a gift appreciate it. People always say its the thought that counts and I believe it is, if I receive something I prefer knowing it comes from the heart and that someone has actually thought about it rather than someone splashing out on a really expensive thing to show off.
Live your life to the full, appreciate what you have, live for the moment and don't look back with regret <3
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed <3


  1. :O I hate change too, we are so alike;-) Well I hope it goes well I don't know how I could ever move house:O I'll be thinking of you :-) xx


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