Top 4 red Christmas lipsticks

Well hello to you my reader chums! Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to get in the spirit than discuss my favourite makeup product, lipsticks. With every festive makeup look, a red lip is essential, whether that's a classic matte lipstick or lipgloss with a touch of festive sparkle.

Here's a look at my top red Christmas lipsticks...

Top 4 red christmas lipsticks
Mac's matte lipstick in 'Russian Red'

I've always said, matte lipsticks are my go to that when it comes to a red lipstick, it's no different. Mac's 'Russian Red' has been my staple red lip for all occasions, but I especially love to rock it at Christmas time. I'd describe it as the perfect red, not too dark and not too pale, a medium shade suited for a variety of looks. The lipstick has intense pigmentation, a creamy consistency and long-lasting power. It's one of those lipsticks that can last all night from one application. I couldn't recommend it enough! 

Nars matte lipstick in 'Cruella'

A slightly darker red is Nars matte lipstick in 'Cruella'. This lipstick has it all for the Christmas season with the darker colour, matte finish and long-lasting wear. Even though it's a matte formulation, the lipstick has a soft consistency and isn't drying on the lips. It also draws on easily with the pencil design and is able to last for hours on end. 'Cruella' is the type of shade that suits a variety of skin tones and looks; the perfect choice for the big Christmas Day itself.

top red lipsticks

Revlon matte balm in 'Striking'

If you prefer a brighter red, then Revlon's matte balm in 'Striking' is for you. I'd describe it as a 'fruity-like' red, a colour with that slight underlying orange tone. Revlon matte balms have the best creamy formulation that it feels like you're only applying a normal lip balm. However, it offers intense pigmentation and long-lasting power. Even though it's a 'matte balm', there is a slight sheen over the top which to me is that 'bright Christmas glimmer'. I think this lipstick is best for those slightly quirkier looks or outfits that need a pop of colour in the festive season. 

Nyx's throttle lipstick in '01'

Unlike the other lipsticks, this option is not an obvious red, however has a slight red undertone. The shade is a dark burgundy with brown and red tones running through it. This lipstick works best with everyday makeup, whether that's a simple or glitzy eye look. It has a soft formulation and creamy consistency which easily applies onto the lips.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What's your favourite red Christmas lipstick?

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5 top hair tips for autumn/winter

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a massive lover of the autumn season with the cosier vibes and fashion trends, that when it comes to my hair, I like to think I figured out all the best tips to making it stay put in this weather. With this 5-tip guide, I wanted to share some of my best advice for keeping a tame yet pretty hairdo in autumn/winter weather.

When the weather gets colder, hair suffers just like skin and health so it's very important to give it a little tender loving care. I have naturally wavy/frizzy hair which I find quite tricky to stay on point when the wind is blowing everywhere. However, I've found a few things to help. Here are my 5 top tips...

Stick to your natural look

As my hair is naturally wavy, straightening can become a pointless task that I find it's best to rock the natural waves in the wintertime. If then, it does rain or become a little windy, I wouldn't have wasted any time on my hair (and could spent and extra 10 minutes in bed) plus when it does get wet, it'll dry just how I started out in the day. 

Always have a stretchy hairband on the go

I've always been one of those girls that carry a hairband with me wherever I go and in wintertime, it's definitely a handbag essential. If the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can quickly tie your hair with ease and prevent it from looking a little windswept. Instead of a typical hair tie, I find the spiral plastic hair toggles benefit the most in this season. As they're designed to not kink the hair once it's up, you can easily take your hair out when indoors and it'll look round about the same as before.

Updos are key

I mostly wear my hair up in wintertime as I know it's the season when my timely hairstyle may not hold. I like to then rock my favourite updos from ponytails, a messy bun to classic French plaits. They're all quick and easy but can look super cute on an everyday basis.

Hair masks can be a life saviour

My natural hair can get incredibly dry especially in colder months and find hair masks to be an absolute lifesaver. They inject so much moisture back into the hair and nourish it in many different ways. My favourite is the 'Keratin smooth' by TRESemmé because it has a stunning scent and leaves your hair feeling ever so smooth.

Find the hair products for you

Everybody's hair type is different so it's important to find the right products that suit you. If you have coloured hair, look out for colour protecting shampoos, or dry hair like mine, purchase products that will fully nourish your locks. It's all about testing haircare and finding the perfect products.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your hair tips for autumn/wintertime?

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October favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! October has been one of my favourite months this year with the autumnal vibes and exciting plans I've had. As the nights have got longer and the weather has got chillier, everything has felt that extra bit cosier and I love it. I haven't had loads of favourites this month, however, there's a few new items and one golden oldie to share with you.

Here are my monthly favourites...

October favourites

Revlon matte liquid lipstick in shade in 'seduction'

Matte lipsticks are my go-to, any time of year. I love the finish of matte lipstick because not only does it suit my 'look' but matte formulations generally last that extra bit longer than a cream-based lipstick. Revlon released their spin on liquid lipsticks a while back but it's only till recently that I got my hands on one. I chose 'seduction' as I loved the dusky pink nude shade and how it wasn't too much of an obvious colour. I've been loving to pair it with a red-based autumn eye look as it tones down the overall makeup for everyday use. The formulation is creamy, it sets well and lasts with ease. Even though it's matte, the lipstick sits comfortably on the lips and once dry, feels like you have nothing on at all. 

Tarte 'in the bloom' palette

I'm a sucker for a neutral palette but there's something about Tarte's 'tartelette in the bloom' that makes it extra special. I love its versatility; you can create toned down eye looks or a full-on smoky eye. What I've particularly been loving about it this month is the two darker red shades, 'rebel' and 'leader'. As were in autumn I love to rock redder tones on the eye and these have done the trick. This palette has insane pigmentation, lasting power and blends really well, I couldn't fault it.  

Cream tartan scarf

One thing I love about colder weather are the over-sized blanket type scarves. I have quite the collection but one of my newest additions is this cream and black style scarf from Primark. It has become my favourite accessory for a few reasons: I love how cosy it is, how it pairs well with any outfit and the simplicity of its print. If you're in need of a blanket scarf then take a trip down to Primark!

October favourites

Simple 'kind to skin' moisturiser

Moisturisers are key especially this time of year when my skin gets that little bit drier. My go to at the minute is Simple's 'kind to skin' moisturiser because I love how lightweight the product is. It has a thin consistency and takes that little bit longer to soak in, however leaves you feeling super refreshed.

Italy trip

I'm a big fan of city breaks and one of my favourite countries is Italy. In October, to celebrate my boyfriend's 21st, I took him to Rome and Venice and it was honestly my favourite trip ever. We saw all the historic sites, ate our weight in pizza and gelato whilst making the best life-long memories. I loved every minute and wish we could go back to re-live it! If you're headinf to Rome and Venice soon, I've documented my entire trip.

Leather satchel

On our trip to Italy, Dan treated me to the most gorgeous leather bag that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. The simple design with various autumn tones screamed unique to me that I couldn't wait to use it. Ever since that trip, I've been rocking the bag with all my outfits and can't go anywhere without it. To see what I like to carry around with me, my what's in my bag post includes all the details.

Harry Styles concert

Harry Styles concert live on tour

I'm a massive fan girl for Harry Styles and always have been so when I got the chance to see him live, I went a little crazy! He sung like an angel, put on an electric performance and got the crowd going. Hear all about my experience in this post

I hope you enjoyed my October monthly favourites. Which products have you been loving lately?

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Harry Styles live on tour

Well hello to you my reader chums! From day 1, I've been a massive Harry Styles and One Direction fan. When all the band members went their separate ways, I couldn't wait to see what Harry would bring out and his album was no disappointment. I fell in love with the album's slow rock vibe and couldn't wait to watch each song live!

I went to the second night of his UK dates on Monday 30th October. Here are my highlights...

Harry Styles live on tour at the eventim apollo london

Upon arrival, I was taken back by the endless queues that spiralled round the building! We had standing tickets so I was a bit worried that we wouldn't be able to get a good viewing point, however, luckily I was wrong. Once we managed to get inside, we got to a position behind the crowd of VIPs where the stage was in close sight.

Harry Styles live on tour

The opening act was called Muna, a rock style girl band. I loved their whole vibe, message and the songs they performed; I wish I knew the lyrics so I  could have sung along!  

Harry Styles live on tour at the eventim apollo london

After all the anticipation, Harry finally graced the stage and the crowd went wild! Having standing tickets meant the atmosphere was much more intense that I felt even closer to Harry. His voice was even more beautiful than any CD version I've heard, it's simply so pure and raw.  I wish I could re-live every moment over and over. He sung each tune with so much passion and I felt all the emotions! 

Harry Styles live on tour at the eventim apollo london

Harry performed all his favourites from the new album and even threw in 2 One Direction classics. When the beat of 'What makes you beautiful' first came on, my heart jumped and it was like my fan girl days were back. The atmosphere became electric and the entire crowd sung their hearts out. I loved every single minute of his concert! My favourites songs he performed were 'Sweet Creature', 'Sign of the Times', 'Kiwi', 'Two Ghosts' 'Meet Me in the Hallway' and of course the classic, 'What makes you beautiful'. 

Harry Styles live on tour at the eventim apollo london

If you get the chance to see Harry live, take it! He was a perfect entertainer; sung like an angel, made the crowd laugh and got everyone involved. His tag line 'treat everybody with kindness' spoke volumes and brought the whole crowd together. 

Harry Styles live on tour at the eventim apollo london

Thank you Harry for one of the best nights of my life! Being a fan of him for so long and finally getting to not only see him live but being incredibly close to the front was a dream come true. 

It was the best concert I've ever been to!

I hope you enjoyed this post about Harry Styles tour. Have you seen Harry live?

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Review: Vacanze Italiane Malibu bikini

Well hello to you my reader chums! When it come to this time of year, I can't help but dream of summer, with beach days, ice cream galore and cute bikinis. As soon as UK swimwear got in touch asking if I'd like to review a bikini, I couldn't jump at the chance quick enough. I'm a travel addict and beach baby so a bikini always comes in handy - plus when it's as beautiful as this, it really helps boost your body confidence that little bit more.

Here are my views on the 'Vacanze Italiane Malibu bikini '...

The triangle bikini style

There's plenty of bikini types to suit every shape and size from triangle to bandeau. As I'm a small busted woman, I prefer triangle style bikinis, as I find they compliment my top half well. You can find with triangle bikinis, that the material doesn't stretch across or is rather flimsy, however this is not the case here. 'Vacanze Italiane Malibu' bikini has a ever so slight padding inside the cup which helps cover all revealing skin. The bottoms also pair well with the top given the matching thin-triangle style shape.  

Bikini's material

I'm always a bit nervous when it comes to bikini material, whether it'll be comfortable to swim in and thick enough so no area is see through. Luckily, this bikini avoided all my fears; the material is incredibly soft, almost silk-like and even though it feels extra light, the material is well-layered. The bottoms are very flowy in comparison to the bra, which has a much sturdier material. 

Its print

Purple is my favourite colour so combine that with a palm tree print and its a winner for me. I love the detailing to the bikini; its colourful Hawaiian print, sequined flowers and tussled ends to the straps all shout summer to me. This bikini makes me want to jet off to paradise right now and lay by the seaside! 

The fit on me

When it comes to swimwear, it's all about feeling body confident in what you're wearing, otherwise you won't enjoy yourself as much, whether its on holiday or at a local swimming class. Once I tried this bikini on, it took me by surprise how comfortable it was to wear. I love how the bottoms sit and how the bikini top isn't too revealing. I'm a typical size 8 and the bikini fits me like a glove. I couldn't recommend it enough!

Whether you're heading off for a winter sun break or an afternoon at your local pool, why not treat yourself to one of these swim pieces? You can find mine here.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What's your favourite style of swimwear?

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