30 Day snap #9 Bye bye posters!

Evening my fellow reader chums!

Today was another day of packing again as well as doing a spot of coursework.My room is literally getting emptier and emptier its just so weird, nearly everything is now packed besides my beauty essentials and last minute things which will all go in the suitcase tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about moving, I mean I'm excited as its different and its a change but at the same time I'm sad because this is my home, I've lived here my entire life. Although we all have to move on at some point in time and I guess it is now time for a new family home which we make our own. Its not the bricks or decor that make a home but the love that feels it <3

 Here's my room after Maria and I took all the posters down today, it looks so much bigger and bare! They've been up for so long that it almost feels like a different room without them there. I suppose if you get used to something for a while and it isn't there anymore, it takes time to adjust if that makes sense? 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed <3

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