5 Ways to Dress Ethically

Well hello to you my reader chums! It's no secret that the world is in serious danger and we need to take action in order to save our planet. Although things need to happen on a global scale to fight climate change, the little things can help too. Fast fashion is a large contributing factor to the amount of waste we create all over the planet. The term 'fast fashion' includes everything like cheap fashion brands selling clothes in bulk.

5 Ways to Dress Ethically

A lot of us purchase into fast fashion without even realising including myself. However, if you're trying to be more ethical about your clothing purchases, here are 5 ways to do so.

Purchase second-hand clothing

It's hard to beat the fast-fashion movement by your shopping habits, however, one step at a time can make a change. A way to do this is by purchasing second-hand clothing, as you're not directly buying into brand new clothing. You can purchase this clothing at charity shops, online on places such as Depop, Facebook or Gumtree. Second-hand clothing can be as good as new if previous owners have kept the clothing in good condition.

Visit recycled clothing shops

Something I've recently become aware of are recycled clothing shops, which is similar to a second-hand shop, but the clothing has been altered in some way. Usually, in these shops, you can come across some really interesting and unique items that you can't find anywhere else - and this factor makes these items even better than brand new clothing in fashion.

Re-visit old clothing in your wardrobe

It's safe to say I'm guilty when it comes to only wearing things once and leaving them hanging in my wardrobe for months on end. However, lately, instead of going out to purchase more items, I've started to revisit some old pieces in my wardrobe. A lot of the items I had, I'd forgotten about, and it gave me the opportunity to restyle them with different items.

Invest in more expensive staple pieces

Clothing that's more expensive is generally made better than the very cheap items. If it's made better, it means it's more ethical for the environment. By 'made better', I'm talking about the materials used such as organic cotton and the process of how it's made. With this in mind, if you invest in more expensive and staple items, they'll last longer and be more ethical.

Donate your clothes

When we get bored of our clothing, we often throw it out. However, instead of being wasteful, donate your clothes to a charity shop, to people you know or sell it online. Or if it really is too old to give away, make sure you recycle it in the right way.

I hope you enjoyed this post. How are you trying to make more ethical fashion choices?

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Reasons to visit Halong Bay on your Vietnam trip

Well hello to you my reader chums! Halong Bay was one of my top highlights in Vietnam. It's a beautiful place to explore, from the beaches, the views of the bay to nature. It's a peaceful and wonderful bay to go on a day trip or spend a night or two. If you're heading north in Vietnam, here are a few reasons why you should choose a day trip to Halong Bay.

Reasons to visit Halong Bay on your Vietnam trip

Seaside love

There's no better day out than by the seaside. The combination of sun, sand, and clear water is the picture of a dream and you can fulfill that at Halong Bay. The Bay is renowned for its emerald waters and the perfect location to relax. It's a unique place to go for a swim, go kayaking, or on an island tour. Any water baby will adore experiencing the emerald waters and looking out to the famous limestone cliffs. 

Makes for a break away from the cities

If you're staying in Hanoi before heading to Halong Bay, then you'll breathe a literal breath of fresh air. Hanoi is busy, loud, and dirty, and Halong Bay is the complete opposite of that. The bay is peaceful despite the level of tourism there, it's the perfect spot to spend a few days. You can soak up all the beauty of the bay in a day but for that full experience away from the city, spend a day or two.

Reasons to visit Halong Bay on your Vietnam trip

The views

Something that will completely blow you away is the views of Halong Bay. Whether you're on a boat along the bay or from a viewpoint, the views of the thousands of limestone cliffs and water will honestly blow your mind. It's insanely beautiful and I really hope tourism doesn't take that pure beauty away.

Opportunity for activities 

Travelling is about experiencing new things and trialing out different activities and Halong Bay is perfect for this. There are hundreds of things you can do in Halong Bay from going on a cruise, visiting the Hang Sung Sot caves, kayaking, diving, cycling, island hopping, and national parks. You won't be out of things to do.

Reasons to visit Halong Bay on your Vietnam trip

Island hopping

Halong Bay is a prime spot for taking a boat trip across to lots of different islands whether that's an afternoon or day trips. The nearby islands include Monkey Island, Cat Ba Island, Fighting Cocks Island, Lan Ha Bay, Dau Be Island and many more.

There's nothing else like it

On my trip to Asia, nothing matched Halong Bay. The Thailand Islands were absolutely beautiful, however, Halong Bay had that extra special thing to it with glowing beauty, views for miles, and a great natural appeal.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Are you planning on visiting Halong Bay?

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Saving the Planet One Razor at a Time

Well hello to you my reader chums! If there’s one thing we all know now, it’s that single-use plastic is a problem. There are so many plastic items in your home that you will use once and then throw away, which is adding to the problem we already have. Most of our plastic ends up in landfills, oceans and waterways, and the environment. Plastic will eventually break down, but never completely, instead of breaking down into microplastics.

Saving the Planet One Razor at a Time

Research has shown the detrimental impact that plastic is having on the earth and those that live on it. It can take thousands of years for plastic to decompose, and in the meantime, it contaminates our soil and water. We as humans are responsible for the planet we live on and protecting it, as well as making it safe for the animals who don’t get to choose the materials we use in the world. This is why I am pledging to make changes where I can, and I want you to do the same. I understand it can be difficult to make large changes which is why I’m starting with something simple - razors. I’ve teamed up with The English Shaving Company to teach you all about the impact that disposable razors are having on the planet and how we can fix this.

Disposable Razors

The Impact

Plastic razors are known to have a short life cycle. On average a disposable razor should only be used around 6-9 times before being thrown away. This means that with every purchase of a disposable razor, in about 2-3 week they will be on their way to the landfill. This is why disposable razors are so bad for the environment, being one of the worst items people have in their home for plastic waste.

Saving the Planet One Razor at a Time

What is a safety razor?

Your grandfather is likely to be more familiar with a safety razor than yourself, but they’ve made a huge comeback recently. They were originally created to allow people to shave for themselves and reduce the number of times men had to visit the barber. They are completely plastic-free and can last a lifetime if you look after them properly!

Using a safety razor is different from your typical disposable one, but it won’t take you long to get used to. The most noticeable difference is that the blades are set in the razor and need to be held at the correct angle manually, which is 45 degrees. You don’t need to press down when you shave either, letting the weight of the razor do the work instead.

  • Cost-effective - Although the initial purchase costs more than a typical disposable razor, you won’t have to keep repurchasing. All you need to do is buy new blades once your old ones get blunt, which is still considerably cheaper than the blades of disposable razors with 100 blades costing as little as £5.
  • Better shave - Safety razors are proven to give you a closer, smoother shave. They are also better for your skin, making you a lot less likely to suffer from ingrown hairs or cuts.
  • Eco-friendly - The reason we even started writing this blog post, safety razors are eco-friendly. They are completely plastic free and replace the need to purchase typical disposable plastic razors. If everyone switched to safety razors we could make a big difference.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you thought about making the switch to a safety razor? 

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4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

Well hello to you my reader chums! The bustling city of Hanoi is crazy, busy and Vietnam's incredibly interesting capital. On my South East Asia trip, it was the last stop and I wouldn't change it for the world. Hanoi isn't everyone's cup of tea but once you get over how manic and loud it is, you'll weirdly fall in love with the hustle and bustle. If you're on a short or slightly longer trip to Hanoi, here is everything you should get up to.

I definitely don't think you need a full 4 days in the city, however, it's a great place for day trips and offers you the opportunity to settle into the city if you're there for a longer amount of time. Here is my guide to 4 days in Hanoi.

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Day 1 - Explore and soak up the city of Hanoi

Every single city has a different vibe and something unique to the next that I always think it's good to have a day with no set plans. On the first day in Hanoi, I arrived in the afternoon and spent my time getting a feel of the place as day turned into night. My first impression of the city was very loud and hectic and I didn't really like it initially. However, as I mooched around, the vibe came somewhat addictive and filled my adrenalin. It was weird and wild, and I loved that. Things got extra busy in the evening when the bars came to life and the millions of restaurants opened with outdoor seating. It was an electric atmosphere and I found a mixture of locals and tourists revelling in it.

4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

The two main districts and areas of Hanoi are Ba Dinh and Hanoi Old Quarter. The Ba Dinh is the place where you'll pretty much find all the sightseeing attractions, historical monuments, and famous sights. It's also a great hub for dining and shopping. The Old Quarter is located near the Hoan Kiem Lake and packed with different temples and the major commercial district. This is the place to find all the food and major shop chains and a great place to get souvenirs.

Day 2 - Sightseeing  

As Vietnam's capital, there are a lot of different sights to see on your trip to the city. Although it's not essential to see them, it gave me an insight into the city's history and allowed me to learn more about the place I was staying in. There are a few different sights that you could probably do it over 2 days but I managed to squeeze it all into one.

4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

Mausoleum - Located in Ba Dinh Square, the Mausoleum is one of the most visited attractions in the city. The Mausoleum is the resting place of Vietnam's most popular leader. It's only open on certain days and is constantly busy that you should be aware of before you make your visit. The entry is free.

Temple of Literature - There's no doubt that Asia is filled with temples and I saw many on my trip. The Temple of Literature wasn't exactly what I expected as I thought it would be a library, however, it was really interesting to walk around. The temple was surrounded by beautiful grounds and I learned it was a place where people actually used to learn so that's where the name comes in. The entry fee was around a £1 or 2.

4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

Hoa Lo Prison Museum - On my entire 10 days in Vietnam, I learned an incredible amount about the Vietnam War and the tragedies which occurred during that period. It was eye-opening and also really sad to read about. The prison museum shared what went on on the political side of Vietnam and the political prisoners they held there and what went on during their time incarcerated. It was really scary reading the treatment they were given in the prison but also learning what prisoners got up to. The museum is bigger than expected especially for the very cheap entry fee (around the equivalent of £1-2).

4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

War Museum - For more information about the Vietnam War and the weapons used, this is the museum to go for. I was really shocked at how huge this museum actually was when I got there and how much I learned from it. I was able to see all the leftover weapons and read about the tragedies that went on.

All these sights are within a 10-30 minute walk to each other. If you want to do them all, it's best to map out a route to go the quickest way about it.

Day 3- Day trip to Halong Bay 

The day trip to Halong Bay was still one of my favourite days on my entire trip to Vietnam. It brought my love of the beach and Vietnam together and I would highly recommend visiting Halong Bay to every single person. I took a day trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay but you can easily stay there for a day or two as it's a beautiful area to explore.

I booked the tour at our hotel but there was a load of local travel agencies to book day trips or excursions. On the day of the tour, I got picked up from our hotel around 8am and it was a 3-hour journey by coach to the boating dock. Once I got on the boat, I sat down in groups of six and had a lovely Vietnam inspired feast packed with seafood, meat, and rice. Despite the cloudy weather, it was beautiful bobbing along the waters of the bay. The first stop was Hang Sung Sot which were some large caves. To get into the caves, we had to walk up quite a few steps but it was worth it as the view from the bay was insane. The caves inside were also really interesting as they were full of ancient rocks. When we got back on the boat, the tour guide prepared us for our next activity - kayaking. I was hesitant about kayaking but I'm so happy I did it. It was honestly so surreal kayaking through Halong Bay and soaking up the beauty of the place. Kayaking was so peaceful and it was really cool paddling under a cave through the bay. It also gave myself the opportunity to face my fear of open water and I'm so proud I did it.

4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

The last stop on our day trip was to Titop Island. When we arrived, the tour guide gave us the option to climb to the viewpoint or go for a swim in the bay. I decided to go up the viewpoint and despite the long climb in the heat, it was worth it. The view was something of a postcard and I still can't believe it to this day. From the top, we could see thousands of different islands and clear blue waters. After that stop, I went back on the boat and had a sunset party. The guide gave us a selection of wine, fruit, and biscuits - and it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

If you are going to do a day trip here, I would recommend doing it in the middle of your trip to Hanoi so you can have a chill day the day after as it's a long day.

Day 4 - Take in the city's best bits

Hanoi is one of those cities where you can spend hours mooching around, whether that's looking into the shops, people watching, or soaking up the hustle and bustle. As day 4 was my last ever day in Vietnam and I was knackered from the day before, I made it a pretty chill and 'soak up the best bits' kind of day.

4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

Train street - Train street is one of the coolest things to come across in Hanoi. It's an open railway track which you would have seen a million photos of on Instagram. The track has a train that passes through it only a few times in the day that for the most part, it becomes a hub for picture taking and grabbing a snack along with the few cafes that sit right next to the track. It's the most bizarre thing to experience but you have to do it!

4 Day Guide to Hanoi: what to see and do

Hoan Kiem Lake - For a little bit of serenity in the midst of Hanoi's hustle and bustle, take a stroll around the Hoan Kiem Lake. It's a pretty huge lake and nearby it is temples, cafes and other things to see that it'll be more than just a lake walk. It's also incredibly relaxing and a chance to shade yourself under the trees from the sun.

Where to stay 

On my 4 day trip, I stayed at the Hanoi Golden Hotel. This hotel actually has two very similar names as one is a hotel and the other is a hostel, under the same chain. If you go to the hostel like I did by accident, they can navigate you to the hotel which is only about a 5-minute walk away. This hotel was in the perfect location in Hanoi as I was near to all the hustle and bustle and close enough to the attractions. The city is bustling with many other hostels or hotels if you'd like a cheaper/luxurious option.

I hope you enjoyed this Hanoi post. When are you planning to visit the city?

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Review: NYX 'Born to Glow' highlighter

Well hello to you my reader chums! It's true what they say that you can never have enough highlighters. We are born to shine and that's why highlights are the perfect addition to a full makeup look. I'm not one to usually buy a lot of highlighters and tend to stick to what I know, however, when I was in Superdrug the other day, I decided to treat myself to Nyx's Born To Glow. It looked cool and it sounded cool so I thought I would give it a try.

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Review: NYX 'Born to Glow' highlighter

I'm loving the highlighter and have implemented it in my daily routine. If you're looking for a new highlighter, here are my overall thoughts.


I can always judge a product by it's packaging as that's what you see first before testing it out. I really liked the simplicity of the tube the highlighter came in. It's pink and black and says exactly what it needs to. My favourite part of the packaging is the small nib as it allows me to get the perfect amount of product out without wasting excess.

Colour and pigmentation

Highlighters can be used for different types of looks and this one I would recommend for a glowy and natural shimmery look. The highlighter is light pink in colour with natural flexes of glitter running throughout it. The pigmentation is intense and means it takes a bit of blending before it looks right on the skin. I tend to apply it above the apples of my cheeks for the full highlighting effect as I find the sun hits naturally on those spots.

Review: NYX 'Born to Glow' highlighter


I was quite surprised when I first used this that the consistency is very liquidly. Because of that fact, it really reminded me of Benefit's Highbeam highlighter. Due to the watery-like texture, it can take a few moments to blend and settle onto the skin. However, that also means I have more time to put it in the right spot and work it onto the skin. The liquid consistency also helps the highlighter look more natural as it applies like a moisturising cream.

Lasting power

Like with any makeup product, everyone wants it to last all day long, otherwise, it means reapplying again and again. The lasting power on this product isn't anything out of the ordinary, however, it does last. It's not as obvious at the end of the day than it is at the beginning on the skin, but, the glitter is still prominent and shining. It may need some reapplying for that ultimate glow if you want the highlight to be strong but if you're happy with a natural highlight, then one application should do the trick.

Review: NYX 'Born to Glow' highlighter

Overall thoughts

Overall, I'm really liking this highlighter. It compares strongly to Benefit's Highbeam and if you're looking for something with a cheaper price tag, then you could easily buy this and get the same effect. I love the colour payoff, natural highlight and the easy application it has. 

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried this highlighter before?

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5 Key Actions To Take Before Your Next World-Wide Adventure

Well hello to you my reader chums! The opportunity to travel the world is something you should never decline. Of course, what most people forget is that such trips often take quite a bit of preparation and planning ahead of time. Happily, you can find all about the things you need to get sorted before you leave in my post below. Then you should be free to enjoy your designated location when you arrive!

5 Key Actions To Take Before Your Next World-Wide Adventure

 Book your hotel

 First of all, before your next adventure you need to make sure you have accommodation booked. Luckily, this is pretty easy to do, now we all have access to the Internet. In fact, you can even get your lodgings sorted for your trip while sitting comfortably on your couch at home and sipping a nice brew. Obviously though because there is so much choice you need to think carefully about the type, location, and cost of accommodation you want before you book. Location wise, you can generally expect to pay a bit more for rooms that are in the thick of the action or close to transport links. The reason being that these will be the most convenient for explorers.


 When it comes to cost, don't forget that you can use comparison sites to get the lowest price possible for a room. Something that can help to save you enough to do all the activities you want on your break. 

 Find the best value flights

 The next job that needs sorting before heading off to roam around the world is to find the best value flights. In fact, as flights are often the most expensive part of any break, spending time on getting the lowest price possible is well worth it here. Of course, as there are comparison websites and apps for accommodation, there are ones the specializes in flights as well. In fact, some like SkyScanner will allow you to search by cost rather than the location. A feature that means you to see all the different destinations you can afford, and so can really cut down a lot of time investigating when planning your trip.


Additionally, being aware of when airlines release their flights each year can help as well. The reason being that once seats are first released, the cost tends to be at the lowest point possible. Something that can help you save a great deal of money on your trip. 

 Change up your money

 Speaking of money, making sure you have enough currency in your wallet is a significant task when adventuring all over the world. In fact, it is always a smart idea to make sure you have some cash in notes and coins of the place you will be visiting. Just in case you need something urgently and they don't take cards. Remember, though, that many people, especially those traveling to major cities no longer use cash all the time when exploring the world. Instead, they choose to load up travel credit or debit card, which acts in the same manner as normal ones do, but are a little safer. Of course, whatever payment method you use, you will need to have the funds to back your spending up. In fact, being on the other side of the world and running out of money isn't just inconvenient, it can be downright dangerous as well. With that in mind, saving hard before you go is something every traveller needs to do. Some even choose to get help from places like Buddy Loans for their trip. A loan provider that offers to lend money for any purpose and all you need to qualify is someone that will act as your guarantor. Simple! 

 Decide what to pack

 Another critical action you will need to take before your next travel adventure is deciding what to pack. Of course, how much you can take in your suitcase is something that will be limited by the baggage allowance you get along with your plane tickets. In fact, many travellers choose to get some travel scales so they can weigh their bags before they get to the airport. This being something that means they won't be liable for extra baggage charges. When it comes to deciding what to put in your case, your choices need to be guided by practicalities. What this means is that you very much need to pick your clothing items depending on what the climate of the location you are visiting will be like.


 However, no matter where you find yourself in the world, layers are always a good idea. The reason being that you can take them off as you get warmer and add them on as you get colder, making them very practical. In fact, if you find yourself on a trip to multiple destinations with different sorts of climate, you can avoid having to take two separate capsule wardrobes in this way. Especially if you take layers made from natural materials, as these should help you stay as cold or warm as you need. 

Plan your itinerary 

 Finally, and perhaps the most crucial action you need to take before you next world travel adventure is to plan your itinerary. If you are visiting, multiple countries, then the first thing you need to get down is when you will be in each place, as well as how long for. Then you will need to look at each individual stop and work out what essential experiences and sights you wish to see before you move on. In fact, it can be beneficial to use your location as a starting point when it comes to deciding what to do.


 For example, if you are in a large city, it can be much easier to narrow down what you will do based on what is closest to your accommodation location. You can even split up your time so you can do everything of interest in that area on a particular day. In fact, working in this geographically focused way can help you to save time, travel money, and ensure you get to see as much as possible during your world-wide adventure.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. Where is your next adventure? 

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5 Ways to Travel on a Limited Budget

Well hello to you my reader chums! One of the main misconceptions of travelling is that it has to cost thousands of pounds or means going to the other side of the world. Both of these examples aren't the case as travelling doesn't need to cost the world and you really don't need to fly far away to experience the travel life. 

5 Ways to Travel on a Limited Budget

If you're looking to travel but have a limited budget, here are 5 ways you can go travelling.

Book in advance/last minute deals

When it comes to travelling, you need to be on the constant hunt for deals to help you save money. Deals are everywhere and you need to know where to look for them. For flights, websites such as Skyscanner are perfect. It not only lets you compare all the airlines, but you can also alter the dates to see which days are cheaper to fly. For accommodation, you can use a mixture of Booking.com, Air BnB and Hostel World to search for the best deals. Booking.com tend to do deals of the day where hotels can slash their prices and Air BnB offer the option to only hire a room instead of a whole apartment that you can save cash. 

In terms of timing, this is crucial when it comes to booking a hotel or flights. It's known that booking 6 months in advance can save you money on both flights and accommodation, but the same can go for booking last minute. Between 8-10 weeks is the ideal time to book a flight. For accommodation, often, hotels try and get their rooms booked up so you can find some really great deals a week or two weeks before you leave.

Hostels and shared accommodation

If you're not so fussed about privacy and having your own space then a hostel or shared accommodation is the perfect way to save a few pennies. Hostels (depending on accommodation) can be as cheap as £10 per night and offer the opportunity to meet likeminded individuals, and share some great experiences together. With hostels, you can either bunk in dorms or have your own private room and share the facilities. Shared accommodation can go hand in hand with hostels, however, it can also include where you rent a room in an apartment or house and share the rest of the facilities on site. These two options can be a lot cheaper than a private room and private bathroom that you'll have more money for activities.

Stay close by

Travelling doesn't necessarily mean going all the way to Australia, even though that comes into it as well. To travel can mean venturing to your nearby city or town and exploring the localities. With that in mind, to save the cost of an expensive flight, look out for £30 flight deals to Europe or book a train in advance to the north/south of your country. With cheap travel costs, you'll have more of a budget to do things and see what your own country has to offer can be just as wonderful as experiencing a new culture.

5 Ways to Travel on a Limited Budget

Go with hand luggage 

Luggage is an expensive cost when it comes to travelling, especially if you want to bring a lot with you. Therefore, to save costs and lugging a heavy suitcase, you could pack lightly and take hand luggage. With most airlines, they offer about a 10kg hand luggage limit which is enough to bring a small suitcase and fit in everything you need.

Set a budget 

When it comes to travelling, you need to have a complete budget in mind. This is because, with limited finances, you don't want to splurge one day and then have no money to live off on the next day. Have a set budget in mind each day and an idea of what you'll want to do so you know what your money will be going on. For a cheaper holiday, things will need to be planned out more as you can't afford to splurge as much as you like to.

I hope you enjoyed this budget travel post. Where are you planning to visit next?

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My go-to everyday makeup look

Well hello to you my reader chums! It seems a while since I've sat down and written about my favourite go-to makeup products. I used to be someone who'd wear a lot of makeup every single day, however, nowadays, I take a bit more of a natural and simplistic approach that takes me under 10 minutes to do in the mornings.

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My go-to everyday makeup look

Here's a look at my everyday makeup routine and the products I'm currently loving.

Face products 

As it's still warm outside, I like to have a pretty light coverage on the skin and when it sets into colder months, I go more into winter territory (hello Revlon colour stay).

Primer - L'oreal's Infallible primer. I've been obsessed with this primer for years and years now and don't think I've ever found anything as good. It helps keep my makeup on all day long, keeps away the shine and my skin looking matte.

BB cream - I'm a sucker for a BB cream in the spring and summer months as it provides light coverage but not too much that I don't feel as if I'm caking my skin in lots of makeup. The one I've been obsessing over which is nearly running out (and I can't find in my local Superdrug anymore) is their own branded BB cream. It blends in super easily to the skin, matches my skin tone very well and is moisturising. I've recently bought Garnier's version and am yet to try it out but hope it lives up to this BB cream - I'll keep you posted.

Concealer - I like to use a mixture between two different concealers. I use Rimmel's Lasting radiance for under the eyes, on the forehead and chin to brighten things up and then Urban Decay's Naked concealer for blemishes. I find both of the concealers do their job really well with the Wake Me Up providing coverage and brightness and the Naked one being a lifesaver for blemishes.

Powder - To set my skin, I use the staple Rimmel's Stay Matte powder. It sets and keeps my makeup matte all day long that I don't think any powder for the same price could live up to the hype.

Bronzer and highlight - Bronzer is probably my favoruite part of my face makeup routine as I love to add a bit of colour back into my skin. Benefit's Hoola bronzer has been a staple for years and I like to dust it all over the skin and use it for contour. For highlight, I use one of Sleek's different palettes, depending on my mood and level of tan.

My go-to everyday makeup look

Eyes and brows 

Brows - Brows are an important part of my makeup routine as I feel like they really help shape my face. I use Sleeks' brow kit to fill them in and find they stay in place all day long. The kit makes my eyebrows look very natural.

Eye shadow - I don't wear eye shadow every day, only when I want to look extra nice, am going to a social event or doing something extra than a normal workday. However, when I do, I go for the Too Faced 'Sweet Peach' Eye Palette. To prep, I use a nude Maybeline's paint pot which helps neutralise the colour of my eyelid and keeps the shade on throughout the day. For eye shadow, I use the shade 'puree' in the crease to start, then place 'peaches n' cream' all over the lid and use 'summer yum' and 'charmed, I'm sure' for the outer third of the crease. I also like to run 'summer yum' under my eyes for an extra bit of burgundy intensity. Peaches 'n' cream is a creamy, champagne shade, summer yum is a burgundy colour and the other two are different shades of brown.

My go-to everyday makeup look

Mascara - I used to be such an eyeliner kind of gal, however, even though I do still wear it a lot, I don't stretch for it as much as I used to and go straight for mascara. My favourite mascara is Maybelline's Lash Sensational in waterproof. It makes my lashes long, curly and looking pretty ace throughout the day.


When it comes to lip products, things can vary quite a bit. On some days, I'll only put on a lip balm but on others, I could wear a nude lip and rock Mac's 'Faux' or go bold with a red lip. It all depends on my mood and outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my makeup routine. What are your go-to products?

Thank you for reading <3