September favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! With another month coming to an end, monthly favourites time has sprung up again. September swept by extremely fast and Autumn has just arrived, a season I'm very excited about! It's the time of year for cosy jumpers, hot chocolates, berry lips, film evenings and most importantly the lead up to Christmas, I can't wait. As the month went rather quick, there's only been a couple of products I've been obsessing over, however, I'm excited to share them with you. 

Whether you're looking for a dreamy neutral palette, affordable mascara or a romantic book, here are my September favourites.
September beauty favourites

Mac neutral eye shadows 

  Over the past few weeks everyday, I've been swearing by the eye shadow combination of 'amber lights' and 'temptation' without fail. Since the cooler months have began, I think a copper/gold shade is perfect for the eyes because it really reminds me of the fallen leaves off the trees. 

I paired it with 'temptation' to add definition and warmth to the the eye. As 'amber lights' has gold undertones, it helps brings out my blue eyes, complimenting my makeup look. I adore how rich 'amber lights' is when applied with intense pigmentation and blending ability. 'Temptation', however, is not as pigmented yet it's a very build-able matte brown colour, ideal to layer for definition. 

Mac neutral eye shadows
Mac neutral eye shadows

L'oreal's eye shadow in the number 106

I picked this up around the beginning of September as the usual colour I use on my brows was hitting pan and I thought I would try out a new shade. When purchasing a couple of eye liners to stock up I got this in a 3 for 2 deal to test out. The colour is quite a brown, taupe grey, similar to 'Frisk', the everyday shade from Naked 2's basics palette. For eye brows I tend to prefer using a shadow, setting it with clear gel rather than a pencil because I find it easier to control how much I'm putting on, making the overall look very natural. I don't like to go over the top with my brows and prefer just to enhance the natural shade, filling in the sparse areas.

L'oreal's eye shadow in the number 106

I've been loving this eye shadow for that particular reason this month because it holds enough pigmentation to do the job, yet isn't too dark to make the brows look unnatural. As it's a single product too, it's easy to put in my makeup bag and can double up as a transition or crease colour for eye shadow due to it being matte.

Mac's 'False Lashes' mascara

Another favourite this month has been a mascara. I received the 'False lashes' mascara from Mac as a sample when purchasing my palette in June. Up until the past few weeks I hadn't really used it, however I reached for it one day for my bottom lashes and fell in love. I love how it easily lengthens, separates and still makes the lashes look swish. With other mascaras, they always seem to clump up, applying too much product onto the lashes.

The brush as you can tell from the picture is the perfect size to get all the bottom lashes at once, holding just the amount of product needed.

Mac's 'False Lashes' mascara

Maybelline's Lash Sensational mascara

I've been obsessing over for the past few months is the hyped up Maybelline's lash sensational mascara. I don't think I've mentioned this in a favourites post before which is crazy as its the only mascara I've found that truly works for me. I cannot even express to you how amazing it is and the hype it most certainly lives up to. 

With mascaras, as my lashes don't curl very easily, it's hard to find one that keeps them curled and looking fab all day long, this one however does just that. I can apply it early morning and the curl would still be held until that evening! The mascara helps add volume, length and overall makes my eye lashes look fantastic. I've even had compliments on my eye lashes which is a rarity saying how long/curled they are! If you're like me and don't have lashes that hold a curl, this mascara is perfect for you. I'm pretty sure I've gone through a couple of these and am still thoroughly enjoying it. A must in anyone's makeup bag!

The brush is plastic which I adore because it's very flexible to get to each lash and coat them easily. I like to apply several layers to achieve the full lash effect.

Maybelline's Lash Sensational mascara

'All the Bright Places' book

Throughout the month, I've been dipping in and out this novel when I've had the chance to sit down to read and I'm hooked. I absolutely love the whole concept behind it, the characters, the way its written and how its changed between points of views. It's probably one of those books you can read in one sitting as it's so addictive. Sadly I haven't made the time to sit down and read big chunks of it, however reading through it, I've adored every page and am able to get straight back into the story easily. One of the focus points is mental health, an aspect which I'm quite passionate about. I think the way the author portrays the whole topic of mental health brings light and awareness to it and doesn't show it in a horrible way. It explains real emotions and feelings, making readers aware and understand. 

The whole plot line is based on Finch's and Violet's relationship, how it grows and everything that goes on in between. I've nearly come to the end of the novel and would really recommend it to anyone as there's not many books I get fall in love withthis quickly. I really want to get back into reading a lot more because it is one of my favourite hobbies! I'm a big bookworm at heart and sometimes just love to spend an evening tucked up with a great book.

All the bright places book

I hope you enjoyed this favourites post. What products and books have you been loving this month? 

Thank you for reading <3

Lush bath bomb haul ❤️

Well hello to you my reader chums! With Autumn now upon us, there was no time like the present to head out to Lush and stock up on bath bombs. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, I find the colder months are the perfect time to arrive home from work and enjoy a well deserved bath. The image of pouring rain outside the window whilst a running bath is filling up with Lush scented goodness is just a heavenly image. I picked up five bath bombs in total, some I've tried and others I haven't.

Here's a an overview of all the purchases:
You can probably tell I got a range of different scented ones to mix up my baths:
The first bath ballistic I picked up was 'Twilight.' I've used this one before and adored it. The description reads 'Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get in and take a moment to let go of the world outside your bathroom before launching your ballistic into the water and watch it fizz away'
When placed into the water, the bomb bursts and initially creates a a layer of a lavender coloured water. Then the inside blue centre oozes out and it leaves the most gorgeous intertwined lavender and blue mix. I love the finishing effect and think as it's named 'Twilight', it's perfect for those cosier evenings among us, when the day turns dark quicker.
The scent I'd say is a blend between sweet and dusky where it contains a combination of essential oils and lavender, idyllic for a calming bath experience. Using these ingredients gives an overall fresh, floral type smell which is certainly addictive; I love it!
The next bath ballistic is my absolute favourite Lush product and it's 'Dragon's Egg'. The description says ''Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get in and take a moment to let go of the world outside your bathroom before launching your ballistic into the water and watch it fizz away' (same as Twilight'. This one is my best friend's top bath bomb also because it just possess the most addictive scent! I cannot even express to you how good it smells, basically heaven wrapped into one. The overwhelming citrus scent is one that lingers throughout the room and in the water. I love to get one of these to simply store in my room as it leaves my bedroom smelling incredible. Once popped into the water, the ballistic bursts and gushes out a gorgeous orange colour, embracing that citrus theme. Combined with that is a layer of glowing glitter so after your bath not only do you smell great, you're like a sparkling star (okay maybe not literally but you get my gist). 
The exterior is a simple cream, yet you're able to tell many surprises are in store when placed in the water due to the fantastic smell and subtle dots of shades on the outer layer. This is a bath bomb I'd definitely recommend to all, next time you're in lush grab one and enjoy the citrus, sweet goodness.
Another bath bomb is a new addition I haven't tried before, called the 'Yoga bomb'. The name suggests its designed for a completely calming bath experience where the description adds 'If you long for calm and contemplation, drop this layered bomb into the bath. As the mesmerising colours unfurl, olibanum and ho wood create an atmosphere of deep relaxation.' I think this bath bomb is an ideal option after a long stressful day where my anxiety is high because the elements within will help make a relaxing atmosphere to let my worries float away.
The scent of this bath bomb is quite a floral and dusky, not like a sweet smell of the two shown above. I like this because of it's different smell, where I'm able to use it on an evening to unwind given the elements it contains. Made up of oranges, purples and turquoise shades, once placed in the water it's known to gradually dissolve, releasing these stunning colours.
Moving onto bubble bars, the first one I chose was 'Sunnyside.' I've used this before and absolutely fell in love with the overall look it gave your bath as well as the lingering scent. The description says 'Crumble the bar under running water to bathe in wondrous liquid gold, scented with sweet wild orange and lemon oils to brighten the spirits.' As you can tell by the label, it's definitely a choice for a more luxurious bath. When crumbled under water the colour left is genuine gold where the water contains layers of glitter, leaving the appearance of your bath to be unclear. I love how the consistency is that glittery and creamy because it adds mystery, making the lasting effect as exciting as the sparkly design!
I'd say the scent is like a toned down version of 'Dragon's egg' because the citrus smell is still quite overwhelming and sweet just not as powerful, slightly subtler. For me this is perfect as I have the choice between using either or since they have similar scents.
The last product was the 'Creamy candy bath', bubble bar, one which I also haven't used before. The description reads 'Crumble the bar under the hot running tap, to allow the water to agitate mounds of bubbles for you with no effort on your part.' Compared to all the other bath items I purchased, this one is certainly the sweetest in scent. It smells similar to a candy shop or bubble gum, hence the name given.
As it's bright pink in colour, when crumbled under the water it's made to give a pretty pink colour filled with lots of bubbles for an ultra girly bath! This one is great for those who prefer sugary scents like the limited 'Snow fairy' shower gel at Christmas as the smell resembles that. I love the little detailing of the yellow flower on top because it adds a a cute touch to the overall look.

I hope you enjoyed this Lush haul! What's your favourite Lush bath bomb?

Thank you for reading <3

What is anxiety?

Well hello to you my reader chums!

 I suffer from anxiety, it's an element of my life I want to write about. Writing is something I find very therapeutic and therefore sharing an issue I deal with constantly will take a small weight off my shoulders. I hope by talking about this, some of you can also relate and not feel alone in the matter.

What is anxiety?

By definition anxiety is 'a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome'.

For me, this is the basis of what anxiety is and from there it just spirals out of control. I find it to be a very overwhelming feeling that's hard to pinpoint what's wrong. At times there are reasons which trigger feeling anxious, making the situation easier to cope with. However, at other times, the sensation just comes instantly for no apparent reason and these moments are the hardest to deal with. Personally, it comes in different waves, for instance, there's a panicky type of anxious where I have panic attacks and get very worked up, leaving me shaking/crying or a more full-body overwhelming sensation where my mind overtakes with thoughts, I'm just sad for no reason and just can't mentally function without wanting to cry. 

The panic anxious me tends to lose my appetite, feel sick, have a dry mouth and overall feel rather unwell. Yet this side of my anxiety is easier to control as I'm able to calm myself and normalise my breathing pattern. With the overwhelming side, it's harder to push me out of it because one thought leads to another which escalate, causing my mind to think up the worst possible thing, resulting in myself being an emotional mess. 

Anxiety is something I truly wish I didn't have because day to day life can be a struggle. Minor 'normal' things every other person can do for instance making a phone call, going out on their own, travelling/visiting new locations or even heading out with friends can be difficult. I know everyone has little anxieties which come before a test, or performing in a concert or going to the dentist for example, but an anxiety disorder is much more than those typical worries. It's these normal worries plus thousands of other thoughts, little things built on top of that with the feeling of doubt, fear and not being good enough mixed into one. 

I have good days and bad days with it, the good days are always fab as I feel free and happy, although the bad days aren't fun at all. On certain bad days, I can cope really well with how I'm feeling and therefore am able to get on with my day, focusing on the positives, laughing away with my pals. However there are those odd few really bad days where my anxiety gets too much, I become overwhelmed with emotions and getting increasingly frustrated.  I start to believe the way I feel ruins my relationship with others and hinders my everyday life; a very upsetting thought especially when anxiety has already taken over. 

Looking at it, there are ways in which it's prevented me from a lot of things, yet there are times that I battled through it and am proud of myself for getting there, being able to enjoy those moments.

Triggers of anxiety 

As I said previously, in certain situations it's unknown why I begin to feel anxious, yet there's a series of things that can set me off. One of the main triggers is not feeling safe. Wherever I go and whatever I'm doing I need to know I'm in a safe environment otherwise I get extremely anxious. This is the reason that when I attend parties, pubs or overcrowded locations, I like to have my best friends with me as I know they'll always look out for me. Obviously, with every aspect of my life they can't be with me and in these moments I, therefore, have to cope on my own, however, I do know they're only a phone call away which puts me at ease. 

Continuing on from feeling safe, crowded places is another significant factor in feeling anxious as I can't stand the feeling of being trapped and not having the chance to escape; it's honestly the worst experience ever. Other elements like heading to a new place or stepping out of my comfort zone are not easy as it's a situation where I'll think and overthink till I'm worried about every bad thing that can happen in that location. From the above I've mentioned, there's a collection of other situations as well where I can begin feeling like this.

Coping with anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is a tricky task, personal to each individual on how they cope. I can't pinpoint exactly what relieves this situation but there's an array of exercises that help me feel better. In the moments where I begin to panic and feel a panic attack coming on, there are ways that help me calm down. Firstly I try to normalise my breathing and to only focus on myself, pushing everything around out of my focus. An app that guides me along this is Calm. I use this whenever I need to just breathe and feel calm for the day. With someone advising you when you're feeling anxious it truly helps because they're going along that journey with you, therefore if panic attacks are something you struggle with I'd definitely recommend some sort of calming app or even soothing music. 

Another method that helps me is talking to my friends or those I trust who reassure me. This can be through text, call or in person, whichever way is accessible for you. Telling someone about how you're feeling can be difficult initially but if you trust them, I can guarantee you they'll want to help in every way they can. Explaining can be the trickiest part as others may not understand, however through time and learning what is wrong, your close ones will understand how to assist you at these times and make you feel better. 

I'd also suggest distracting yourself somehow with other interests, for instance watching a film, reading a book, listening to music or having a bath, pick whatever one works for you. Although if it's got to the point where there are no coping methods that are helping, it's important to seek advice from a doctor, either undertaking therapy, counselling sessions or any other options available.

 Mental health is a serious topic and despite if you think your issue isn't as important as a physical one, your health is a significant factor especially of the mind as is can prevent you from numerous things including your own happiness.

 Anxiety can be awful to deal with in everyday life and gaining that relief can really benefit you by not having this constant worry over you always.

For advice or to talk to someone about the issue you're facing, check out these mental health helplines.

How to cope with anxiety

I hope you found this more serious post informative and could relate if anxiety is something you struggle with. It's quite a long one but I've touched on everything I wanted to discuss. If any of my readers do want to chat whenever all my social links are on my blog, I'll happily listen and advise you the best I can!

tips on dealing with anxiety

Are there any tips or exercises you do to help cope when you're feeling anxious?

Thank you for reading <3

Beauty review: Maybelline's master sculpt bronzer

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I have a beauty review of a bronzer I've been using a lot recently and it's Maybelline's master sculpt bronzer. I mentioned this in my August favourites, with a brief overall view point, however I wanted to give a more in depth look on this product.

For a bronzer enthusiast, there was no surprise I picked this up after hearing several brilliant reviews. I'm always keen to try out different ones, comparing the contour ability, shade range and if they'd actually suit my pale skin as I find certain products give an orange tone.
Colour: As this bronzer is quite warm toned, it has the slightest orange hint when heavily swatched, however once applied to the cheekbones this subtle tone isn't shown at all. Having quite pale skin this is an aspect I'm always worried about when trying bronzers. The colour pay off is rather muted at first, yet after a few layers you're left with this gorgeous bronzed glow. Even though it's a matte  bronzer, the finished look has a slight shimmer to it, perfect for achieving that sun kissed appearance. After a couple of applications, the bronzer is still rather natural and doesn't give that harsh line, blending out easily to give the desired effect.
Contour: With the palette designed for 'contouring' I was surprised to see that it was warmed toned instead of cooler toned. I thought it would be a grey based bronzer to really help shadow those cheekbones. Despite this, I love the shade because it has the ability to make me look slightly tanned and still be capable of achieving a beautiful, long lasting contour. Even though it contours well, it's able to blend so you're not left with a harsh brown line, perfect for natural, everyday use.

Highlight: Alongside the bronzer is a highlighting shade to complete the whole contoured and highlighted, cheekbones makeup look. When swatched, the colour is very subtle and idyllic for a natural shimmer. I like how it's a muted shade because it just adds a little something, rather than overshadowing the contour already applied. 

Packaging: The product comes in a black shaped box with two layers, the top consisting of the products and the bottom having a mirror and brush . For me I'm on the fence about the packaging, I like how it comes with a mirror and two products in one as you can just pop it in your handbag, where there's no need to carry around excess products. However, it is rather bulky and therefore I would of preferred a mirror above the bronzer.

Overall, I'm thoroughly enjoying using this bronzer as part of my everyday makeup, it's a lovely addition to my bronzer collection and achieves the natural look I love for work. 

I hope you enjoyed this beauty review. Have any of you tried this bronzer?

Thank you for reading <3

New additions to the family: Welcome home Flopsy and Daisy!

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I have some very exciting news to share with you all- I got bunny rabbits! I've been an animal lover for a very long time, where my twin and I had guinea pigs, a rabbit and hamsters through the years which we absolutely adored. After I lost my rabbit Sammy a couple of years ago, I was heart broken as out of all of the pets he was the one we got first and had with us for the longest. Since then it's been a bit lonely not having any pets in the house, therefore when I saw such cute rabbits for sale, I had to grab at the chance of visiting them. Maria (my twin) was completely on board as soon as I told her and therefore preparation for two baby bunnies came rather quickly!

As you can tell, the pair are a sandy brown, ginger colour and loppy eared. They're also dwarf rabbits which means they won't grow too big in size! We've always wanted a pair of sandy coloured rabbits and have completely fallen in love with these two. As you can see by the title we chose the names Flopsy and Daisy. At this moment in time we're not 100% sure whether Flopsy is a girl or a boy, regardless of this I think the name is very fitting. I can't wait to see them grow together and their bond become stronger! Even though we love them both equally, my bunny is Flopsy and Maria's is Daisy.

We picked them up yesterday and took many photos, here are some of my favourite snaps:
The babies on route to our house:
Me holding little Flopsy:
Flopsy on my lap:

All snuggled up together:
Their hutch! I think it's the sweetest thing because it looks like a real home:

I hope you enjoyed this little announcement type post. I can assure you the bunnies are settling in well and their personalities are already shining through. I'm so happy/excited to finally have pets as part of the family again! Do you have any animals?

Thank you for reading <3