Best experiences in Indonesia

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Indonesia was a country which surprised me in many ways, and the experiences there were some of my favourite out of my 3-month backpacking trip. The country has some of the loveliest people, gorgeous countryside scenery, beautiful sunsets, the best food and the prettiest beaches. Many days I spent exploring, I couldn't believe my eyes at the sheer beauty, especially during certain experiences. 

If you're new to Indonesia or planning a trip, here's my guide to the best experiences in Indonesia.

Best experiences in Indonesia

Komodo Island

I have said it a thousand times, but the day trip to Komodo Island must be one of my favourite travel experiences. The trip to Komodo Island wasn't only about seeing the Komodo dragons, it was much more than that. The trip involved visiting Padar Island, the Komodo Island National Park, and Taka Makassar and Manta Point.

The first part of the trip had to be my favourite, hiking up Padar Island. The panoramic view was extraordinary when we made our way to the top. It featured three different beaches, the white beach, the pink beach and the black beach. Plus, with picture-perfect blue skies, the image will never leave my mind. And, snorkelling on these beaches, I witnessed some phenomenal marine life. The trip to the national park was memorable as seeing Komodo dragons up close was pretty scary but amazing! While Taka Makassar is so unique; a stretch of sand in the middle of the ocean - I loved it here!

Snorkelling at Manta Point 

This leads me to the Manta Point experience which was one of the last points during the Komodo Island excursion. At this point, we snorkelled and the sea was crystal clear, and not just that, the marine life was beautiful. We actually witnessed manta rays and I was blown away by their size and how mystical they looked - it's as if I was in the Finding Nemo film.

Witnessing the sunrise at Mount Bromo

Watching sunrise and sunset is my favourite thing and witnessing the sunrise over Mout Bromo was something else. We woke up in the early hours for a jeep ride around Bromo Park and waited in the pitch black until the sun rose and it was magical. Every stage looked more beautiful as the sun slowly rose and we could see the colours of the mountains and natural terrain. I loved how after, we got to see the volcanic crater, walk around the national park and experience the natural wonders.

Exploring Ubud

Bali is a hotspot for many travellers and I loved roaming around the island and visiting many locations, including Ubud, which was my favourite place. I loved exploring Ubud; it has a natural and hipster appeal which I fell in love with. I love the local markets, the endless rice fields, the beautiful river strolls and the many ancient temples to mooch around. Ubud is also a hub for quirky restaurants, coffee shops, bars and stores - and I'd love to return again.

Watching Devil's Tear on Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a tiny island next to Bali and a gorgeous spot to spend a few days relaxing on island life. This island is serene and a great opportunity to cycle around, eat smoothie bowls, and enjoy the natural beauty and the beach scene. And, this island is home to the famous Devil's Tears. The Devil's Tears is a cliff with giant waves and is mesmerising to watch.

Yoga in Bali

Bali is certainly the heart of wellness and despite loving every inch of the island, exploring its beach scene, temples, culture and food, doing a yoga class was on my list. I love practising yoga and doing a class in the sunshine with fellow travellers and my partner was dreamy. The class was in an ideal setting, tranquil and holiday-esque, the perfect place to relax.

Temple hopping in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta was a complete surprise and I fell in love with the city, especially the temple scene. It reminded me of the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia with the same level of 'wow' factor. I especially enjoyed walking around the Prambanan temple as it was phenomenal in terms of design and the overall setting.

Eating Nasi Goreng

Indonesian food is beyond delicious and one dish I was obsessed with, the Nasi Goreng. I pretty much ate it most days and it consists of this veggie-type rice with a fried egg. It's mooreish and incredibly inexpensive and I could eat it all the time now.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Where would you like to visit next?

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How I deal with loneliness as a freelancer

 Well hello to you my reader chums! It's nearly a year since I've been freelancing full-time, and despite enjoying the journey, I can't deny it's difficult, especially in the low periods. Freelancing is a constant learning curve and comes with its lessons and rewards.

One thing difficult about freelancing is the solitude and lack of colleagues you'd have in a regular 9-5 role. If you're a freelancer dealing with loneliness, here are my best tips on coping with that.

How I deal with loneliness as a freelancer

Join a local coworking group

I'm grateful that I have a local coworking group in Folkestone as they act as my 'colleagues' which I'd have in a typical 9-5 job. I love my coworking group as they're an incredible community of business owners and remote workers, and generally a bunch of awesome humans. I go to coworking multiple times a week in different cafes and it's a perfect part of my routine, joining others to work with. The best bit of coworking is it doesn't feel like work, it's always fun and we have social nights outside of our 'working' times together, such as pizza-making evenings and cheese nights.

Whatever town or city you're in, coworking groups and cafes are around you, you just need to search for them. If you can't find them, why not start your own? You never know what other business owners and freelancers you'll meet along the way. 

Join virtual meetups

A more accessible option is joining virtual meetups. I always see groups on Linkedin for freelancing meetups and coworking sessions together. Whether it's every week or once a month, getting together with groups of people online will immerse you into the freelancer community, allow you to meet others and stay social throughout your week.

Attend networking events

Networking events are the key to putting yourself out there in the freelancing world. It's where I've met clients, potential leads and other freelancers doing similar things to me. Networking has helped me grow my confidence, make friends in the freelancing world and find business. Research which networking events are on in your area and book them at least once a month or how often you see fit for your business. 

Book in regular social events with loved ones

Aside from socialising on a work basis, keeping social with loved ones is incredibly important for your mental health. Working alone can be beneficial but also detrimental to your mind and this is why I'd recommend booking regular events. Whether it's having a coffee with a friend, giving a relative a call or attending a club, whatever social events are for you, book them in as much as you can.

Work elsewhere than your home office 

Working at home 24/7 isn't great for your flow of creativity or productivity. It's good for you every so often to work in a different environment, whether that's a coffee shop or a co-working space. I love to work in coffee shops with my co-working friends but also independently. There are also plenty of co-working spaces on offer to hire out desks or office spaces to do your work. 

Connect with others on LinkedIn and invite them for a virtual coffee

LinkedIn is the best hub for connecting with other freelancers and meeting new people. If you're looking to learn more about people you connect with, invite them for a virtual coffee. It's the perfect opportunity to get to know someone and build a potential contact for collaborations or to recommend other services.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other tips would you add?

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Book review - The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Well hello to you my reader chums! I’m a big fan of thriller, murder-mystery-type novels as I adore endless curiosity and have a need to find out the answers.

I was obsessed with Lucy Foley’s The Hunting Party and when I saw this book, I had to give it a go and it didn’t disappoint! If you’re looking for a new murder mystery, here is my full review of The Guest List by Lucy Foley.

Book review - The Guest List by Lucy Foley


Following the perspectives of the bride, the best man, the wedding planner, the bridesmaid, the plus one and the groom, the plot is surrounding a wedding, held on a remote island in Ireland. Guests gather to celebrate the wedding of famous TV star Will and magazine publisher Jules. The wedding has to be perfect in every way and Jules has guaranteed that planning it all to the finest detail. However, as the celebrations begin and alcohol is consumed, gossip is spread, feuds unravel and jealousy rises, then a body is found - it’s not really the perfect day after all. 

The book explores the victim and which one of the guests is the killer?

Characters and relationships

The characters in this book were cleverly thought out, especially in how they link to each other’s lives. The number of times I had to gasp when another secret was unveiled!

Bride - I wasn’t a big fan of the bride at all and I think it’s how she was meant to come across. She is a very self-centred character who knows exactly what she wants and will do anything to get it. Due to her past trauma, her level of empathy is pretty low and she walks around with her obvious hatred.

Groom - My least favourite character of them all! At first, he is painted in a gorgeous and exciting light, however, the more I learnt about him, the more my stomach turned and he is the definition of a selfish and misogynistic man.

Bridesmaid - Olivia had to be one of my favourite characters and one to whom my heart went out to her the most. She had been through an awful time and how she explained her pain, was so real and insightful.

Best man - Jonno the best man I did feel sorry for to a degree as he never really fitted in with everyone around him including the groom and his other groomsmen and this is more apparent as I learnt more about his past and trauma.

Plus one - Hannah had to be the rawest, most authentic girl-next-door type of character which is why I loved her. She’s a mum and has that exciting personality about her. At first, I didn’t see why her role is so significant in the plot, but when the extra layer unveils, it’s intense.

Wedding planner - The wedding planner I didn’t pay much attention to but did have a curiosity about as in every chapter she would suggest pain to do with the island and it’s only at the end you understand what and why.

What’s interesting about the relationships overall in this book is how most go wrong as the story develops with lies and deceits revealed, unearthing who people really are.

Overall thoughts

Overall, this book was one of my favourite murder mysteries! The author has a brilliant way of building curiosity and mapping out a clever plot that I can even fathom. The way the character’s past and presents are brought together over the course of a wedding is genius, and who ends up being the culprit is so unexpected! I loved every page of this book.


I enjoyed the ending! I loved how it wasn’t what I expected and there were even surprises right up to the end.

I hope you enjoyed this review! What’s your favourite murder mystery?

Thank you for reading <3

Everything to know before visiting Komodo Island

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Visiting Komodo Island in Indonesia was one of my favourite experiences during my backpacking tripl. If anything, it looks like Instagram in real life or the picture-perfect postcard. Komodo Island is more than meets the eye and can only be visited on a booked tour as it's inhabitable. 

If you're planning a trip to Komodo Island, here's my complete guide to everything to know before visiting Komodo Island.

Everything to know before visiting Komodo Island

You can't stay on Komodo Island

As I mentioned previously, Komodo Island isn't habitable, no locals are living on it and there are no hotels or places to stay. However, this doesn't mean the island isn't accessible, you can easily book in tours and excursions to see all its highlights and natural settings.

It's an expensive excursion to visit

One of the best things about travelling to south-east Asia is how inexpensive excursions, food and accommodation are. However, one thing about Komodo Island is it's rather expensive. I wouldn't say it's too expensive but it's worth keeping in mind when budgeting your trip. My tour cost around £70 for the day and honestly, it was one of the most luxurious trips I've had, considering the quality of the transport, food and itinerary. 

Komodo Island has many destination points

I didn't realise the extent of Komodo Island when we planned the trip during our Asia travels. Komodo Island features Padar Island and the Komodo National Park. Padar Island is home to three colourful beaches, pink, white and black with a stunning view when you climb to the top of the viewpoint. The national park is the place to witness komodo dragons in their natural habitat with a guide. 

Stay on Labuan Bajo for the tour

You may have noticed I mentioned you can't stay on Komodo Island. However, there's nothing to worry about as many people who visit Komodo, stay in Labuan Bajo, a small fishing town. Not much goes on in this town and there are minimal things to see and places to eat. However, it's a good base as the boat ride to Komodo is only a few hours away and makes the trek a lot easier to see all the sights in one day. There's also the option of an overnight cruise if you want to spend longer seeing the sights but of course, this option is a lot pricier.

You can only see the Komodo dragons in the national park

Komodo dragons are pretty dangerous animals and reside within the national park. When visiting the park, there's no need to be worried as rangers lead and stand behind the group of tourists, ready for any danger. Komodo dragons are scattered across the parks and you may see one or several on your trip. Despite the name Komodo Island, you can only find the animals within the national park.

Padar Island is everything

The whole trip to Komodo Island is mind-blowing, however, Padar Island had to be my favourite part. I'm still not over the jaw-dropping view when I hiked to the viewpoint and saw all three beaches, the pink, white and black beach. The day I visited also had picture-perfect blue sky weather adding to the overall beautiful appeal of the natural landscape. It's also a dream spot for the best snorkelling with some of the most amazing marine life I've ever seen.

Pack for all activities for the trip

The tour around Komodo Island is a combination of all types of activities, hiking, snorkelling, swimming, walking around the national park and enjoying the beach life. With that in mind, you want to be prepared for all activities. Think about the appropriate clothing to wear, suitable for the weather and activities on offer. I wore shorts and a loose top, easy to change into for swimming. I wore walking shoes and didn't bring a shoe for the beach/swimming as I just went barefoot. Other things to consider are layers (weather-dependent), suncream, bug spray and all the hiking essentials.

Enjoy every moment and the natural beauty

I'm still in awe of the natural wonders of Komodo Island and would love to revisit and admire it again. When you're there, after you've taken all the photos, ensure you're present in the moment. Embrace the mountainous terrain, the crystal clear waters and the endless colourful highlights the trip will bring. 

Book the tour in advance on Klook

You can book wherever you like, however, I found Klook incredibly useful on my travels across Asia for cheaper and discounted excursions. Whether you're looking to do a day trip or a two-day trip, you can find a suitable tour for you. I booked a full-day speedboat tour.

I hope you enjoyed this post. When are you planning to go to Komodo Island?

Thank you for reading <3

4-day guide to Hoi An, Vietnam

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I think about Vietnam all the time, there's something about that country which makes my heart skip a beat. It is packed with the most moreish cuisine, gorgeous scenery and memorable nature scenes, I dream about returning again and again.

 I finally visited Hoi An on my last trip and fell in love with the ancient town. With stunning painted yellow walls, independent shops, quirky food spots and plenty of attractions to see, Hoi An is a must-visit on your trip to Vietnam.

If you're planning a trip to Hoi An, here is my complete guide to what I got up to in 4 days in Hoi An, Vietnam.

4-day guide to Hoi An, Vietnam

Day 1 - Visit the main sights of Hoi An

The Old Town

The Old Town is the heart of Hoi An and what the town is all about, renowned for its ancient look. Mooching around the Old Town is the heart and best thing to do in Hoi An. The town features endless yellow-painted walkways, with charismatic buildings, independent shops and market stalls to roam around. I could spend hours walking around the town and soaking up the gorgeous views and browsing the many handmade items on offer. The scenery is picture-perfect, especially with the bright, colourful river running through it.

Japanese Covered Bridge

Probably one of the most famous sights in the town, it's worth a walk through to see and take a picture. However, be wary, this sight is incredibly busy for all tourists so make sure to come before all the tour groups fill the town. 

Thu Bon River - lanterns at night

The postcard picture of Hoi An is the lanterns, lighting up the river at night. This in itself is a sight you need to witness because it's absolutely precious. It's one of those scenes that'll make your heart swell and give you a moment to just be. This sight is something I waited for years to see and I loved it in so many ways. You can go one step further and hire one of the boats, lighting up your own lantern on the river.

Night market

Markets are my favourite thing to mooch around as I love to eat street food and shop for any little trinkets. Hoi An has markets throughout the day but they continue at night and you can treat yourself to a classic Vietnamese dish or hot dessert.

Day 2 - Experience some of the cultural sights of the town and the tailors 

Precious Heritage Gallery

This had to be one of my favourite attractions I saw in the town, it was an art gallery which featured beautiful photos of many different Vietnamese tribes, across history. I loved the raw and honest photos as well as the history lessons I learned about all the Vietnamese people. It was incredibly interesting and I happily stayed there for ages.

Local market mooching

Hoi An is a hub for independent sellers, art and quirky gifts; it's the place where I bought quite a few of my souvenirs. The markets are by the bucket load as well as shops to discover hidden gems and mementos you can bring home as a gift for yourself or others. From clothing, jewellery, handbags and souvenirs, you can find the suitable item for you.

Art galleries

Speaking of art, you won't be short of art galleries to explore. The colours are endless with the beautiful different types of art, from classic paintings to more abstract pieces. Whether you're looking to admire or shop, art lovers will adore this town in every way.

Visit a tailors 

Getting your clothes tailored in Hoi An is probably the top thing to do and you'll see endless tourists filling the various tailors. The tailors are incredibly popular as they're known for making clothes for a cheap price. It can be hard to choose one as there are so many and you can be ripped off - make sure you're wary due to that. I went to two different tailors, Noon Custom and Bao Diep tailors. I discovered Noon Custom on a whim and Bao Diep was recommended by our hotel.

Phung Hung Ancient House

The ancient houses are renowned in Hoi An and despite their small size, it's a must-have to witness them all and tick off the gorgeous houses from your list. There are a few to pick from but Phung Hung Ancient House was my favourite to explore.

Day 3 - Cycle around the city and a cooking class

Hire a bike and explore

Everyone either rides bikes around Hoi An or they walk, and you can do either. I would recommend, however, hiring a bicycle and spending a morning or afternoon cycling around the town. There's more than meets the eye in the Old Town of Hoi An, including the nearby beach scene. I cycled the bike all the way down to An Bang and the beautiful thing is it doesn't even take too long - and you can spend a while relaxing on the sands.

Coconut Island - cooking class excursion

Cooking classes are a must when you're in Hoi An especially as you travel across Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine is delicious and intricate and learning how to cook it is a blessing. You can book many cooking courses and excursions from the town and the one we booked from our hotel took us down to Coconut Island. Here, we went for a river tour, learnt about fishing, mooched around the local food market, and then had a cooking class. 

The cooking class was amazing as it ended up only being my partner and me, giving us a more intimate experience with the teacher. We cooked a couple of courses and each was insanely good, and I'd love to do it all over again.

Day 4 - Soak up the last bits of Hoi An

Hoi An is one of those places that leave you wanting more and on your last day, I suggest soaking up your favourite bits. Whether you like exploring the market or love a walk along the river, the last day is your chance to admire the town's beauty for the last time.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. When are you planning to go?

Thank you for reading <3

Goals for 2024

Well hello to you my reader chums! Happy New Year and hello 2024 - I cannot believe it's the start of another new year. I know I say this every year but the past one swept by incredibly quickly. 

I'm really happy with my travels, the memories I made, the accomplishments and life lessons 2023 taught me and I cannot wait to see what 2024 brings. I love setting new goals every year as they give me something to work towards and focus on as the year maps out.

Whether you're thinking of your goals or interested in seeing mine, here are my goals for 2024.

Goals for 2024

Continue my travel plans

As many of you know, travelling is my favourite thing and I was lucky in 2023 to go backpacking again for three months and on another holiday to Portugal. There are many gorgeous destinations I'd love to see and I have a couple of musts that are on my radar for 2024. I can't wait to explore more countries and tick them off my countries list.

Build up my business

I started my freelancing business in April 2023 and I've loved every minute of building it up. Although it's not all rainbows and fairies, running a business is everything I've ever wanted. In 2024, I'm aiming to build up my business to a more established and retained model. My goal is to build up my retainer clients, I'd love to have a few social media and blogging clients, helping those brands amplify their voices online.

I love working on websites and my other business goal is to book a website project every other month. I enjoy taking a brand's stories and turning them into engaging and user-friendly content online. But mostly, the goal of the business is to keep it going and thriving, learning along the way.

Finish writing my 6th book

I began writing my 6th blog last year and I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience. As a twin, I've always wanted to write a book about twins and for m my 6th I have and this year, I'd like to work towards completing the first draft - and prepare it for editing.

Organise my finances more

As I'm getting older, there are more things I need to save for and I want to settle down to the family way of life and they require stable finances. I'd love to spend more time this year organising my finances and putting the steps in place for a more financially secure future.

Keep up with reading regularly

I certainly got back into the reading habit this year as I got through many books on my backpacking travels. Since then, I've implemented reading into my morning routine and it has kept me on track to getting through some of my to-be-read pile. I love that I've fallen back in love with one of my first passions, reading and I'm excited to dive into more books this year.

Start a podcast 

I've wanted to begin a podcast for the longest time as I love the idea of starting conversations online in an audio way. As it has been moving around my mind for a while, I'd love to give it a go this year and see if I can make it happen.

Continue working on my mental health 

Caring for my mental health is one of my biggest priorities and incredibly important to me. I've spent the last decade looking and testing for the right coping mechanisms and finding ways to support my mind - and I want to continue that, living a life where I feel content and safe.

Decorate the flat

I've been living at the flat with my partner for over a year now and there were many things I'd like to work on interior-wise. My goal is to work through this list together and create a space that has both of our stamps on it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. What are your goals?

Thank you for reading <3