How to spend 3 days in Koh Lipe, Thailand

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Koh Lipe is like a small taste of paradise with clear waters, bright blue skies, hot weather and golden soft sands. I miss the joy of the island already with its holiday vibe and the chance to fully unwind in the sunshine.

As it's a small island, you don't need a long time to explore the wonders of Koh Lipe. However, you can easily spend as much time there fully embracing island life and its wonders. For the ultimate experience, here is my 3-day guide to Koh Lipe in Thailand.

3 day guide to Koh Lipe, Thailand

Day 1: Get a feel for the island

Explore Walking Street

Koh Lipe isn't a massive island and has one main centre, which is Walking Street. This street is packed with restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, cafes and shops - and the perfect hub to explore, and well, eat. Whether you're looking for a spot for breakfast, to grab a souvenir or to find a bar to dance the night away, this is the street for you.

Relax on Pattaya Beach 

Pattaya Beach is the main beach in Koh Lipe as it's where you get off the boat from any other island. This beach isn't my favourite as it's one of the busiest, however, it does have gorgeous views, soft sands and a cool, holiday vibe to it.

Enjoy dinner and the bar life

After getting a sense of the island's main hub and soaking up the sunshine on the main beach, it's time to eat your weight in food. Restaurants vary on this island from classic Thai places, and seafood to gorgeous Italian grub, you can find a place to take your fancy and go for a drink afterwards. I loved the bar scene here as you can pick somewhere with great music of a chill vibe, with board games.

Day 2: Explore the wonders of Koh Lipe

Watch the sunrise on Sunrise Beach

Watching the sunrise on the beach is everything and Thailand is renowned for the best sunrises and sunsets. The island has beaches titled 'Sunrise Beach' and 'Sunset Beach' because they're both perfect for views of these events. Sunrise Beach is one of my favourites and the view of the sunrise was everything - the best way to kick start your second day on the stunning island.

Have brunch at Benny's on the Beach

I love a solid brunch to start off island mode. Benny's on the Beach is located on Sunrise Beach and is a dream spot to eat. The restaurant has that complete island feel in a hut with beach seating. I loved this place as it meant eating breakfast in the morning sunshine - and plus their brunch options are amazing, including delicious smoothie bowls.

Hire a kayak and explore nearby islands

The sea off of Kop Lipe is crystal clear and looks like a postcard - ideal for exploring beyond the island's edge. I'd recommend hiring a kayak and paddling off to the tiny islands nearby as here, you can also snorkel to find the wildlife. The islands including Koh Usen and Kla Island are very close to the main stretch of Koh Lipe and very easy to reach - and make great spots for snorkelling.

Watch the sunset at Sunset Beach

After a beautiful day of kayaking, snorkelling and sun-soaking, watching a sunset is a lovely activity. Sunset Beach does get very busy, however, it's a wonderful location to witness the sun go down and the sky lighting up with lots of colours.

Day 3: Soak up the last sights in Koh Lipe

Go snorkelling on Northpoint Beach

As I mentioned the waters in Koh Lipe are a dream and my favourite beach for snorkelling was the Northpoint Beach. Here, I discovered many colourful fishes and other sea life swimming around the corals. Its pretty underwater scenery is everything and will leave you wanting more. I'm missing the freedom of snorkelling at this beach.

Find your favourite spot and relax

Koh Lipe is key for relaxation and when you've ticked off all the activities, the best thing to do is relax on the beaches. It's the perfect opportunity to sunbathe, grab an ice cream and read a book. I would love to be in the sunshine and enjoy island life again.

Favourite places to eat in Koh Lipe

Papaya Mom restaurant

For a traditional Thai food restaurant, this is a solid choice, offering up all the classic meals, from Thai curries, pad Thai and more. It's an old-school, beach restaurant setting with plenty of options to suit your palette.

Benny's on the Beach

As I previously mentioned, Benny's on the Beach is a lovely, beach brunch place offering all types of breakfasts and brunch to kick start your day. I love the smoothie bowls here and the view of Sunrise Beach, plus the swing is a great addition.

Banana Tree

This isn't one of those fancy places but a simple restaurant, offering up all the Thai food must-haves for inexpensive prices. Whether you're craving a curry, noodle dish or rice meal, this restaurant has got variety to choose from.


I'm not over the breakfast here, it was that yummy! As a modernised restaurant setting, it looks like a typical, Instagram brunch spot. And, the breakfast was chef's kiss and super mooreish. They have a specific breakfast menu from pancakes and yoghurt dishes to cakes - you'll find something you'll adore.


This is a favourite restaurant for many tourists and has a menu crafted for that with a combination of Western dishes and cakes. I enjoyed a dose of carb heaven here with a delicious grilled cheese and chips. The Western options are endless and you can really enjoy anything that you fancy.

Bungroon restaurant

Back to a traditional Thai place, Bungoon is a busy place packed with crowds and a range of Thai dishes you'll love to try. I like the classic and homely appeal of this place with simplistic dishes and various options - and some live music. They had various locals singing which is a wonderful sight to see and a great vibe to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this Thailand post. What other recommendations do you have?

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My favourite books of 2023

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I've fallen back in love with reading this year and have been prioritising reading as part of my routine, ensuring I get through my to-be-read pile. Backpacking really helped amplify that prioritisation as I read a lot when travelling to new destinations on buses, planes and trains.

I've had the pleasure of reading some incredible novels, some I've fallen in love with, some I've been rather curious about and a few I didn't like as much. Over the course of the year, I've collected a list of many books and here are my favourite books of 2023.

My favourite books of 2023

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Lucy Foley is one of my favourite crime, murder-mystery thriller authors and her books are GENIUS. One of the first books I read this year and one of the best is The Guest List. It's a book that honestly blew my mind with the amount of twists and turns and the intelligent crafting which went into making such a solid novel. The Guest List I've raved about again and again as it sparked my curiosity throughout the entire plot. When it ended, I was gutted as it was so brilliant.

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

Another brilliant novel by Lucy Foley is The Paris Apartment. Although I preferred the characters and overall storyline of The Guest List, The Paris Apartment was completely brilliant with the plot. Like The Guest List, it's a book with a clever plot with unexpected twists and turns, figuring out who the murderer was and what happened. I loved the setting of The Paris Apartment as it's all set in one building about one family and all of their secrets.

The No-Show by Beth O'Leary

Beth O'Leary is also one of my favourite authors as I've loved every one of her books. She has this beautiful way of crafting realistic and likeable characters with her romantic and fast-paced storylines. I particularly loved The No-Show because it focuses on three different women and their lives and how they're connected in one way. I loved getting to learn more about the characters and becoming invested in their lives.

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

Now a TV show on Apple TV, The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave is a thriller I absolutely adored. Following the disappearance of a father, his daughter and wife are left completely clueless about his whereabouts, and the novel follows them as they try and figure out what happened. As the book unfolds, more layers and secrets are involved - and I love how genius it all is.

Found by Erin Kinsley

I came across Found by Erin Kinsley unexpectedly and it surprised me about how great it was. I love how it was a thriller but flipped as the tragedy was solved before the story was answered if that makes sense. A child goes missing and he's found, however, he is silent and won't say what has happened to him. However, the plot unveils what happened to him, with the aim of helping other children from potential danger. 

A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins

Paula Hawkins is an iconic author and I hadn't read her novels for a few years until I picked this one up recently, A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins. The plot follows three women as they're all connected to a brutal crime, the death of Daniel Sutherland. It's a novel packed with secrets, resentment, lies and dark history and how all of their lives link in some way, providing the answer to the murder.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

As a classic film and storyline read by many, I never had the chance to read The Book Thief until this year and I absolutely loved it. I'm a big history nerd and I enjoyed the pace of this book and how honest the plot follows real-life events. My favourite part of the book was how it was narrated by death because it gave an interesting perspective to the overall plotline.

Death of a Bookseller by Alice Slater

I loved this book as it was based in a bookstore and had such a focus on books, especially try crime. It's such a modern book with very realistic characters and a quick pace to it which I adored (as well as short chapters). The book follows Roach and Laura, both booksellers who work together. Laura dislikes Roach whereas Roach is obsessed with Laura and all things true crime. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. What has been your favourite book this year?

Thank you for reading <3

Book review: Found by Erin Kinsley

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Don't you love when you read a book and become obsessed with what's going to happen? That's how I felt about this plot, Found. I'm a big fan of mystery books and crime fiction and this had a brilliant combination of both with twists and turns throughout it. 

If you're looking for a new crime thriller, here is my full book review of Found by Erin Kinsley.

Book review: Found by Erin Kinsley


The plot follows a missing child story, however with a twist: he is found. 11-year old Evan goes missing without a trace and there's no answer from the police, plunging his parents to live their worst nightmare. A few months later, he is found, terrified and refusing to speak about what happened to him. His family soon realise he's not going to be the same Evan he was before the abduction and that his life may be altered forever. 

DI Naylor is aware that unless they find who abducted Evan, other children may be in danger and it's a race against time to find those responsible before the inevitable happens.

Characters and relationships

The characters in this book were incredibly diverse and I loved how their relationships shaped the honesty and humanity of the story. It really amplified the importance and love of a family unit and how you should never give up.

The parents, Claire and Matt are your typical couple and loving parents, with a great bond that breaks slowly with the news of Evan. It's sad to read they fall apart and lose sight of who they are and their love for each other. Evan is a character you don't learn much about until after the incident where he opens up and learns a new way of his life with his grandad. Evan and his grandad's bond has to be my favourite as it's so precious and shows how turning to nature and having a focus can do wonders for your mental health.

I especially loved how the book doesn't just focus on what the plotline is about and finding out the mystery but sheds light on the relationships of the police force. With the heavy plotline, learning about Naylor's love life and her every day really added a human element to the plot.

Overall thoughts

Overall, I absolutely adored this book and couldn't put it down. The novel had an amazing amount of layers adding twists and turns in every chapter. The author had this wonderful way of talking about the present in the case and then moving to the now of the characters, and describing it in a chronological way that read clearly, and beautifully. I loved how despite the heaviness and sadness of the novel, there was light and positivity throughout and an endless feeling of love.

My favourite thing was the family unit in the novel, the mum, dad, grandparents and Evan himself and the love they had for each other. It made the plot even more heartbreaking at times because the sadness of what the family went through, especially Evan is traumatic. 


I won't give away the ending like in all my reviews, however, it was a brilliant one. I love when a novel comes together and all the snippets of information described throughout add up - and that's exactly what happened in this book.

I hope you enjoyed this review. What are you reading at the minute?

Thank you for reading <3

8 days in Thailand: An Itinerary for a Relaxing Trip

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I am obsessed with Thailand, I've been to the country twice and I could happily visit over and over again. Thailand has a gorgeous ease to it, that homely feeling with welcoming locals, delicious food, breathtaking beaches and historic sights. I love every inch of Thailand and despite visiting many areas, there are plenty of other places I'd love to venture to.

If you're planning a short visit to Thailand and want a taste of the relaxed beach life with a dash of city appeal, here is my eight-day itinerary to Thailand.

8 days in Thailand itinerary for a relaxing trip

2 days in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is an incredible city and having visited two times, I know there are many gorgeous experiences and attractions to witness plus the great bliss of roaming around. For this itinerary, you can start the week in the city or finish the trip that way, it's down to you. 

Chiang Mai features endless historic temples within the Old City, as well as the dreamy night market bazaar and shops to visit. There are also unique experiences such as the elephant sanctuary, cooking classes and tuk-tuk rides.

3 days in Koh Lipe

Moving away from city air, it's time to hit up Thailans's island. I am obsessed with the Thai Islands and everything they bring. The stunning, clear waters, dreamy soft sands, cute beach bars and endless snorkelling opportunities. They're honestly heaven. Scenes of sunny weather, clear blue skies and a peaceful atmosphere in the air.

Koh Lipe is a rather small island with not a very long list of things to do, however, that's the beauty of it. It's an island for relaxation and taking time out. Whether you love to snorkel, take a swim or chill on the beaches; this is the place to do it. It's the ultimate holiday destination with a gorgeous street of restaurants, bars and quaint shops, adding to the holiday mode.

3 days in Koh Lanta 

Koh Lanta is the opposite of Koh Lipe as it's much larger with plenty more sights to see and beaches to explore. I've visited Koh Lanta twice and it's certainly one of my favourite places in Thailand - and I'd give anything to be back in the waters there. The sea is like a breathtaking, warm bath. With an array of beaches, it isn't crowded most of the time and you have the chance to make the island you're own.

Koh Lanta features the iconic Long Beach as well as many other secluded beaches such as Katiang Bay and Bamboo Beach. You can hire a motorbike and explore more of the island, the nature scene and the Old Town. I love Koh Lanta as it has more than meets the eye and leaves you wanting more. Three days is enough time to explore the island and relax on many of the beautiful beaches.

I hope you enjoyed this post. When are you thinking of visiting Thailand?

Thank you for reading <3

The best sights in Kuala Lumpur

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I fell in love with Malaysia; I enjoyed the diverse vibe, the sights, the food and every experience I encountered. The capital city of Kuala Lumpur surprised me with a modern and sleek appeal, boasting a combination of sights, experiences and food markets. 

If you're new to Kuala Lumpur, here is my guide to the best sights in Malaysia's capital city.

The best sights in Kuala Lumpur

Petaling Street

For the ultimate bustling market experience, this street is for you. This is a long street packed with various market stalls, from food to souvenirs and homemade items. You can spend a while here mooching, browsing and sampling the best foods. Don't forget to haggle for any item you like.


From Petaling Street, make your way through to Chinatown and explore the wonders of the Chinese culture, including many delicious restaurants, temples and other sights to admire. One of the temples I visited was the Guan Di Temple, centred in the middle of the town.

KL Forest Eco Park

For a taste of nature in the bustling and loud city, the Eco Park is a breath of fresh air. Surrounded by trees and greenery, the park is full of canopy bridges to roam around and enjoy gorgeous views of the city as well. 

Bukit Bintang

Known as a shopping and entertainment district of the city, Buki Bintang is worth a mooch around to discover quirky shops, bold street art, malls and fashion boutiques. If you want any shopping done, this is the district for it.

Jalan Alor Night Market

Southeast Asia is famous for their electric and colourful night food market and Kuala Lumpur is no different. One of their most famous food markets is Jalan Alor Night Market, a street full of unique food stalls and drink options. Whether you're looking for a classic Malaysian dish, Thai food or some refreshing coconut ice cream, this market has it all. 

Central market

A quieter, indoor market to visit is the Central Market, which has a more modern and characteristic feel to it. This market features local businesses selling their handmade goods, souvenir shops, clothing stores and much more to browse.

Petronas Twin Towers

As the most iconic sight of Kuala Lumpur, the Twin Towers are a must-visit. Whether you go see the towers from the outside and admire them from every angle to get the dreamy photo for the gram. You can also climb up the Twin Towers and see the city turn from day to night. I loved seeing the towers at night glowing under the night sky.

KL Tower

For another perspective of the city from a high point, the KL Tower is a lovely opportunity to see all of Kuala Lumpur. 

Batu Caves

I have to admit this was probably one of my favourite activities I did in the city and worth the visit for something more unique and monumental. The Batu Caves are cave temples, located up gorgeous and colourful steps. The day I visited, it was an annual religious festival and an amazing thing to witness and see how many locals near and far travel to celebrate a Hindu festival.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other sights would you have?

Thank you for reading <3

Everything to know before visiting Malaysia

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I fell in love with Malaysia; it was a country that honestly blew me away with its diverse range of activities, sights and culture. I loved the food, the experiences, the weather and every moment of soaking up the wonders of this culture.

If you're planning a visit to Malaysia, whether it is a short or long stay, here is everything to know before visiting Malaysia. 

Everything to know before visiting Malaysia

Dress modestly 

Despite Malaysia bordering Thailand, the culture is completely different and diverse, which shocked me a little when I first arrived, especially in the major cities. With that in mind, dress modestly wherever you're roaming as you want to be considerate of the locals. Think about light clothing which covers your shoulders and knees and avoid wearing revealing items. 

Be prepared for completely different weather forecasts 

Before I travelled to Malaysia, I didn't realise how much the weather can vary depending on where I was. Generally, it's hot and humid even in the wet season. However, when you're travelling up in the mountains, the temperature completely drops and if you're planning to visit these types of locations, prepare for it. Pack layers and always, pack waterproofs even if you're visiting in the dry season. I travelled there in the dry season and saw a lot of rain.

Utilising the bus system when travelling to destinations

I travelled across Malaysia for two weeks and saw quite a few of the popular destinations including Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands and Penang. To get around, the buses are an absolute dream. They're incredibly cheap, efficient and clean and get between the top destinations in a few hours. The buses are always clear on where the pick-up is and it's easy to understand the process.

The diverse religious scene

Religion varies across south-east Asia and this is especially prominent in Malaysia. Expect many different religions, even in the same city. The main religions across the country are Muslim and Hinduism, hence my previous point about dressing modestly.

English is quite common

I was pretty surprised about how good the level of English was across the country and most locals could talk and understand it with ease, which makes life a lot easier when roaming around. I always say it's important to learn new phrases in a new country but it's comforting knowing English is quite common. 

It's quite built up

I thought Malaysia would be very similar to Thailand, in terms of looking more rustic and old school, however, it was very modern and built up across the country. This was especially prominent in the capital as it reminded me more of Singapore than its neighbouring country and the various chain stores. 

Public transport doesn't run on time

Like anything in Southeast Asia, don't expect public transport to run on time, it will most likely always run late. This includes buses, trains and more, which means even if you think you're running late, you're most likely not. Enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of delayed public transport and always plan extra time to arrive somewhere.

Grab is your best friend for taxis

Grab is my favourite app for taxis across Southeast Asia and works wonders in Malaysia. When you arrive at a new destination within the country, double-check check it runs there as specific destinations don't offer it. I found they're best in the major cities and tourist destinations to get you around from A to B - and incredibly cheap. Most taxi journeys cost around £1-2.

Enjoy the food scene

The best thing about a new country is the food as there's something exciting about trying new dishes and flavours. Malaysia is renowned for its diverse range of dishes including curries and noodle dishes with plenty of spice and fragrance. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other tips would you add?

Thank you for reading <3