30 Day snap #2 Miranda day!

Well hello to you my fellow reader chums!

Today I've decided to have a what I call Miranda day, such fun! Hello to all those fellow gallopers out there and I hope you're all enjoying Miranda's appearance at Hay today :) Its such a beautiful day outside but as all my friends are either revising or working I've decided to spend my Sunday watching Miranda as I've finished all my exams, lucky me!

Bit of chocolate to add to my day, yay go me!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! A bronzy  eye makeup tutorial will be up later, if you want to check it out! <3


  1. I just finished my university exams recently too and it's the best feeling ever having lazy days and not feeling guilty about it, kind of weird having nothing to do when you've spent so long studying though haha


  2. I love Miranda! I really want her book, is it any good?


    :) x

    1. Miranda is like my idol, love her so much! Its the best book you'll ever read! :) xxx


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