How To Unapologetically Share Your Tastes | AD

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a big fan of always being busy and have my thumb in way too many pies when it comes to hobbies. My hobbies include travelling, writing, reading, baking, cooking and generally, trying out new things - there's something so enjoyable about sharing my passions with others.

How To Unapologetically Share Your Tastes | AD

This is an advertorial - a collaborative post.

Everyone, bar no one, has some kind of hidden interest they haven’t told many other people about. Perhaps that forty-year-old bodybuilding male who really enjoys working on the door of nightclubs and showcasing their strength really loves watching fantasy-themed ASMR videos at night to sleep well.

Michael B. Jordan, an excellent actor, surprised everyone when we spoke up about how much he loved anime of all kinds. Henry Cavill, Superman, Geralt, and Sherlock himself, nearly missed his superhero audition because he was spending time playing World of Warcraft - or so the story goes.

Everyone has hobbies or interests that they feel unable to admit to. But why should we feel that way? Surely, having something you enjoy in life is a good thing? Surely, unapologetically sharing it can help you feel more expressive, more you, more open, more willing, more connected to people who also love what you love?

Let’s see how we can unapologetically share your tastes. It might be the best thing you’ve done for yourself this year:

Celebrate Your Enjoyment!

Enjoying something is not an emotion to be ashamed of. Celebrating something you enjoy is a better approach. But why not celebrate this with a little care, investment, and attention? It might be that a yearly convention takes place, perhaps now online, for those who love this particular thing. Could you attend? Might it be worth bringing friends along? Perhaps you love a particular sport, why not get involved in the ancillary elements? If you’re starting to fall in love with martial arts, for instance, research into its history and the best practitioners of the style can be enlivening for you. Celebrate your enjoyment, it could translate to feeling connected to your practice - perhaps even more so than usual!

Join A Group

Joining a group helps you connect with people who also enjoy what you enjoy. It can help you become more secure in your tastes, while also opening up your understanding. It might be that attending fashion shows becomes your new side passion, complete with stocking your wardrobe with beautiful clothes or accessories from A group can help you practice a craft, discuss the theory, or simply have fun making jokes about your passion. This way you can feel closer to other people, as a passion shared is a passion doubled.

Speak To Your Loved Ones & Friends

Speak to your loved ones and friends to the extent that you can. Help them understand you. Invite your parent to a painting class you may have been taking, or show them your photography and the techniques you hope to learn or cook a meal for your friend after heading to your culinary course. Speaking to those who you trust and bringing them into your passion, or at least showing them why you’ve been spending so much time with it, can help you feel pride and a sense of appreciation for this effort.

That’s a wonderful place to begin.

I hope you enjoyed this post! How do you share your hobbies?

Thank you for reading <3

What I miss about travelling*

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Travel is a part of my life and my biggest passion. I adore travelling to new countries, roaming around different cities, and immersing myself in different cultures, it fills my heart and soul, and I miss it dearly. 

Disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links.

This time last year, I never thought life would be how it is in 2020 and neither did anyone. It's been a hard year for everyone in so many different ways, some people had to delay their weddings, lost their jobs, some, unfortunately, have lost family members, and a lot of us have struggled with our mental health. It's been a year to delay many life plans, but also a year for everyone to take a step back and appreciate the little things.

What I miss about travelling

Travel is my top priority in terms of life goals, and I always aim to do at least five trips a year, and this is the first year it hasn't happened. I don't want to sound ungrateful, as I'm so blessed to lead the life I do. However, it saddens me as it's a passion I adore to fulfil and I miss that. I've been thinking about travel a lot recently and what I miss, as there isn't just one thing.

Here is everything I miss about travelling:

Researching/booking/planning trips

I'm a massive planner in every sense, especially when it comes to travelling. Nothing thrills me more than choosing a place to go, researching for inspiration for future trips, and actually booking a trip. I love finding the best flight deals, searching for places to stay, and most importantly, planning the itinerary for a trip. I love spending hours flicking through blogs, learning about the place I'm going to, and pinpointing what day on the trip I'll see that certain thing, whether it's backpacking, interrailing, or a short trip. The organisation and searching for hidden gems, genuinely makes me so happy and I'm longing to do it again.

Scrolling endlessly on Skyscanner

It's fair to say, I have a huge addiction to booking flights, and Skyscanner. Before the pandemic, I would genuinely spend most days going on Skyscanner at least once, and see what last minute flight I could easily book and get away. 

Planning my airport outfit

One of the exciting things about going to the airport is planning the outfit I'm wearing but also. the clothes for that trip. It's the outfit I want to be ready for the gram (love an airport photo) but also something to feel comfortable in.

The airport rush

Oh, to walk into a bustling airport, with people rushing about pushing their suitcases, is only something I can dream of right now. I would give anything to go through security, pick up my Pret meal, and wait for my gate to be called - and then queuing up to take my seat on the plane. The rush thrills my soul and I love the excitement of the prospect to travel to somewhere new.

Landing in a new country

Landing somewhere new is an amazing feeling. I love looking out the window and thinking to myself 'we're in a new place to explore.' It's such an exciting thought as I never know what is to come when I leave the airport in a new destination. Will I love it? Will I hate it? Will I never want to leave? Probably. There's so much excitement!

Checking into a hotel

Going into a hotel/hostel/Airbnb for the first time is always such a great feeling. I love to search around the room/apartment to see what the place is all about and look for the amenities. I also like to unpack all my things and make it feel like home; my home for the next few days.

The first day in a new country/city

Travelling to a new place is incredible but the first day is always so exciting. I love being able to see something for the first time and finding my bearings around a new location, and scoping out where my favourite place is to be there. It's the unknown on the first day which makes it so thrilling.

Meeting new people

Whether it's on the plane, in your hostel, or tour group, when I travel I love meeting new people and finding out about where they're from, and why they're travelling. It's so interesting hearing people's stories and meeting like-minded individuals.

Taking photos for the gram

I may have a little addiction to Instagram but I really love it as a place to document my life and capture my memories, especially when I'm travelling. When I go on a trip, with all the photos I take, I love mapping out how they're going to look on my feed and coming up with fun captions. It just adds another element to my travels.

Blogging about my travels

Like Instagram, I always love to blog about my travels, hence why this is a travel/lifestyle blog. I love being able to share what I got up to whilst away but also the things I learnt, the places I saw, and the tips I have for people also looking to travel to that destination. Writing and travel are my passions so put them together and it makes for the best ever time.

The food

I'm a huge foodie and I absolutely adore trying new foods, especially when I'm in a new country for the first time. There's nothing better than walking off the beaten path and discovering non-tourist restaurants, usually run by famillies as they're the best spot to eat the most authentic food.

Talking to the locals

Not so much in cities, but when I visit quieter areas abroad, there's nothing nicer than speaking to the locals. Whether that's the employees at the accommodation, at the local market, in a restaurant or generally bumping into them, it's a humbling experience hearing their stories.

Experiencing different cultures

Roaming around a new place, and experiencing everything it has to offer is heartwarming in itself. Whether that's the mannerisms, learning their language, learning the history in museums, or going to local monuments, I love to experience everything new about a destination.

The stories

After a trip away, whether it's a few days, a week, or a month, the trip I've just been on, I've made plenty of memories. And then those memories, I'm able to have and share as stories to my family and friends. The beauty of travelling is having my mind full of stories to share and reminisce about in years to come.

What I miss about travelling

I hope you enjoyed this post. What do you miss from travelling?

Thank you for reading <3

How to learn to love yourself | my tips and tricks

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Self-love is SO important, probably the most important thing when it comes to your mental health and looking after yourself. As it's so important, it's also something that isn't easy to practice or think highly of yourself. It's only human to have self-doubts, compare yourself, or want to change something about you. However, we were all put on this earth as individuals, and it's important to realise you are truly wonderful as you, and only you.

How to learn to love yourself  | my tips and tricks

My journey for self-love is certainly a long one and falls into my self-confidence and body confidence journey also. It took me years to accept my flaws and really, fall in love with myself, and have the confidence that actually I'm a great person. 

Whether you're having a bad day or finding it difficult to learn to love yourself (even though you are so fab), here are some tips which helped me.

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else

Comparison is the killer of all joy in every sense, and this screams volumes when it comes to self love. When I sit and scroll on my Instagram feed, it's hard not to sit and say 'she looks so perfect, her life is so perfect.' But, what I always then try to remind myself is that social media in general is a highlight reel of everyone's life and a place where people share the good things. With that in mind, instead of saying those things, write a compliment to that person and hype them up. I can assure you, it'll make their day and make you smile too. Boosting other people up will fall back on you, and naturally, you'll learn to boost yourself up the same way.

To stop comparing yourself, flip your view on its head and start complimenting yourself the way you did to the person you compare yourself to. Write those things down and read them to yourself every day, and add to the list over and over, until you have a long list of things to read and recite. These affirmations will really help change your mindset on how you view yourself and others.

Focus on your achievements

Leading on from comparing yourself to others, this goes on focusing your achievements. We can often get so distracted with how well other people are doing that we tend to forget how great we are and everything we've achieved. Praise your achievements and congratulate yourself for what you've achieved, the way you do for others. This can be a career move, saving for a house deposit, or simply making a banging dinner. It doesn't matter what it is, you deserve to be celebrated.

Be your own hype girl

I love this point especially as it's so important. The number of times I like to say, 'I'm a 10/10' or 'I'm great' a week has to be quite a few. And, it's not to say I'm big-headed, it's just a way of reminding myself that I've spent years working to this level of confidence that I'll remind myself I am great. If you can't be your own hype girl, then who will? 

Don't rely on other people's love

You can't love someone else until you love yourself, and that's why so many toxic relationships exist, as one or both of the couple are insecure in themselves. You need to be at some level of self-assurance and self-love before you fall for someone else, as you can't rely on them for your happiness. Your happiness comes from within and together you should add to each other's happiness, not solely rely on it.

Practice being by yourself and not relying on others to make you happy in terms of how you view yourself. Have film nights alone, go for a coffee, and generally, spend a lot of time with yourself to figure out who you really are, accept and love that person.

Do things that make you happy

When you're doing things you love, you're happy and by being happy, you'll learn to love you. That may sound a bit strange, but the sensation of being happy goes hand in hand to how you view yourself and your life. So, by acting on hobbies or working at a job you love, your day will be filled with more positivity and you'll view yourself in a positive light - and learn to love who you are.

Surround yourself with good people

Even though learning to love yourself has to come from within, your environment can have an effect on that. For example, by surrounding yourself with positive and happy people, you'll aspire to be more like them and work on yourself, and in turn, love who you are. And, by making the choices of hanging out with good people, it shows how highly you value yourself as a person.

Remember, it's okay to have bad days

Learning to love yourself is a journey in a lot of ways because even though, you will get to a point where you love who you are, there will be days where you will doubt and second guess yourself. And this is okay, more than okay. You can't be on top of the world all the time, it's not human. So on the days, you're not feeling great, just remember it's a blip and it's okay to feel that way - and pick yourself back up when you're feeling more like you.

Failure doesn't make you any less of a person

In life, we're all going to fail at something and it's those failures and mistakes which make us stronger and achieve everything we want to. When you have a hit in life and things aren't going your way, just remember, it doesn't make you any less of a human, really, it makes you human. Failure is a part of life and you will be successful - you can be anything you want to be.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other tips do you have for loving yourself?

Thank you for reading <3

How to dress sustainably ft Heiko Clothing | Gifted

 Well hello to you my reader chums! This past year, I've tried to take the step in living more sustainably and doing my part in trying to help the planet; it really is the little things that can help. I've made eco-friendly changes to my beauty routine, shared how to travel more sustainably and other lifestyle tips.

One thing that is hugely affecting the planet is fashion, fast fashion to be more precise. The type of clothes that are unethically made in the masses and sold cheaply worldwide. I used to be a shopping addict and spend excess money on clothes I really didn't need and I never actually thought about where they came from. However, in a bid to reduce my personal carbon footprint, I've taken a huge step back with my wardrobe and started to rethink my choices, spending habits, and how I can dress more sustainably.

How to dress sustainably

Heiko Clothing is a sustainable clothing brand I saw on my Instagram feed and fell in love with their ethics and designs of their clothes straight away. When they offered to send me some items, I was so excited. They started the brand with one goal in mind - to bring an affordable eco-friendly and fashionable alternative to the market. The team at Heiko works closely with independent designers to create lovely pieces and aim to work together to save our planet. Amazing ethics to match some super cute clothes.

What did I think of Heiko Clothing?

The team at Heiko kindly send me two t-shirts which the prints 'plants are friends' and one with an ice cream cone, the earth being the ice cream to represent the damage being done to the planet. And, a tote bag with 'planet or plastic?' I'm a massive tote bag fan so when this arrived, you can imagine I was thrilled. I love how Heiko are representing the message about the planet on their clothing as it's a bold way to make people think.

I'm a sucker for a caption or printed tee and I definitely will be getting my use out of them, pairing the tops with denim skirts or jeans and a cosy cardigan over the top in the autumn months. The texture of the tops is well made and I know it's going to last through wash after wash, due to the material.

A lot of sustainable brands I come across are really expensive, however, at Heiko, it's the same sort of prices I spend in Topshop - so I think it's much better to invest in a brand with better morals for the planet than a larger corporation.

If you're looking to shop more sustainable or make eco-friendly choices when it comes to your wardrobe, here are a few ways to dress more sustainably:

  • Second-hand shopping - I've been doing this a lot lately and utilising Depop as much as possible. The temptation out there for high street shopping is unreal, however, when I scroll on Depop, my high street is already there. People are selling clothes that have barely been worn for half the price so it's a no brainer really. Also, charity shops, Gumtree, and Facebook marketplace are great places for some second-hand clothes.
  • Do your research into clothing shops - A lot of big companies 'greenwash' which means they claim to be eco-friendly with what they're selling but if you dig a little deeper, their clothes aren't actually ethical. Research into the companies, what they stand for, and how their clothing is being made - and invest your money correctly.
  • Invest in sustainable clothing - You don't need every cute top you see on the market as much as you think it'll look good on Instagram (I'm terrible for doing this.) But, instead,  try and buy more versatile pieces from sustainable brands. They may cost more, but in the long run, they'll last a lot longer and you won't be needing to pick up new clothes as often (shoutout to Heiko Clothing here.)
  • Rework your wardrobe - I can guarantee you have pieces in your wardrobe that you have and don't wear ever - I know I do. And, it's these pieces that you can utilise and style in different ways to make a whole new outfit.
  • Clothes swap with friends and family - We all have at least one friend of similar clothing size to us so instead of repurchasing a new outfit for a night out, shop in their wardrobe, and they can do the same with you. It'll be a new look because you haven't worn it before and it'll save you money.
  • Make new clothes - If you're feeling really creative, one of the best ways to be sustainable is by making your own clothes or altering pieces you already have in your wardrobe. I've seen this a lot on Instagram lately and I think it's so inventive and fun too.
How to dress sustainably ft Heiko Clothing | Gifted

You can find more about Heiko Clothing on their website, Instagram, or Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other sustainable clothing tips do you have?

Thank you for reading <3

Girls' day out in London | what to see and do*

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I absolutely adore London, there's something so exciting about a day in the big city, experiencing the bustle, roaming around the busy streets, shopping, visiting the quirky restaurants, the west end and really, being apart of London life.

Disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links.

what to see and do in london

I visit London quite regularly as it's only just over an hour train ride to the city, however, due to lockdown, I hadn't visited since February time. The past week, I was lucky enough to go back for a day trip and my heart felt full again, experiencing all the joys that London brings.

Whether you're looking to plan a day up there, stay overnight in a hotel with your gals, or looking for things to do, here is what you can see and do on a girls' day out in London.


What's a girls' day out without a classic brunch trip? I adore brunch as it means french toast, pancakes, and lots and lots of carbs. It's just the fancy way of saying all-day breakfast and the perfect kick start to the day in London. 

Best brunch places in london

London is crammed with places to go for brunch and to be honest, it can hard to pick which place is best, especially as there really are some epic places.

EL&N cafe - You may (or most definitely) have seen this over your Instagram feed. It's the pretty pink cafe with pink hearts splattered all over the walls and a super cute venue for a girly brunch. We started our day at the EL&N cafe in Knightsbridge to fill our stomachs with some good food before we had a cocktail spree. There are quite a few EL&N cafes across London including in Market Place, Brompton Road, Park Lane, Oxford Street (in Selfridges), Hans Crescent, and a few more.

Girls day out in London | what to see and do

The cafe served up an array of hot drinks, the prettiest selection of cakes you will ever see, and a unique brunch menu. I opted for Nutella french toast and my friends got a mixture of the meze, wraps, and sandwiches on offer. It wasn't overly expensive for London, just the typical amount I'd expect to pay for lunch.

Girls day out in London | what to see and do

Other fabulous brunch places are the Toi & Moi cafe (they do great pancakes), The Breakfast Club, Duck and Waffle, Sketch, Polo bar and so many more. Honestly, there are hundreds of brunch places I've heard about and been to that I could recommend.

Shopping - where to shop

I adore shopping in London, it's my favourite place to go for a big shop as there are so many different shops on offer and bigger versions of chains that I have back home. Even though my shopping habits aren't what they used to be, it's still lovely to go for a browse and admire what's available.

Best places to shop in london

Covent Garden - Covent Garden will always be my favourite place in London. It has this charm about it with a wide selection of restaurants, bars, and a fab shopping scene. It is home to a brilliant selection of designer shops and luxury brands, but my favourite part of Covent Garden is their indoor market and the small, quaint shops which sit around it. Here, you're able to find unique trinkets and the sweetest presents.

Oxford Street - I can still remember the first time I properly went to Oxford Street. I'd been gifted money for my 18th and I went up there with a few friends and I was so amazed about how many shops were on offer and taken aback by the bustle. Now, this is all like second nature but the joy of Oxford Street hasn't worn off. I love the many shops on offer and the Topshop there is the best I've ever seen. It's definitely more of a high street shopping experience than Covent Garden with some flashy shops thrown in.

Carnaby Street - Carnaby is like a combination of both Covent Garden and Oxford Street. It's a lot smaller than them both but offers a selection of quirky, upmarket shops and is the prettiest place to roam about.

Cocktails - the best places to go

On a girls' day out in London, the top of my list has to be going for cocktails. London is packed with some of the best ever bars and serves up some drinks you literally have to try. 

Radio rooftop london

Radio Rooftop London - If a view of London is what you're looking for, this is the place to go, especially in the warmer months. Radio Rooftop boasts a panoramic view of Central London and it makes the pricey cocktails worthwhile as you get a glimpse of the luxury London lifestyle. The bar has a range of exquisite food and drink, and would make the perfect place for a very special occasion or if you're looking to spend a little more.

The Alchemist, St Martins Lane - The Alchemist has to be one of my favourite bars in London to date. It's certainly on the more affordable places in London (when you think of London prices.) The bar is themed so well, using the idea of chemicals and potions to name their cocktails, and present them as if they were spells. The girls and I fell in love with the whole concept and the drinks were yummy to match the cool design. I'd highly recommend going here for a fun night - and they offer food as well.

Girls day out in London | what to see and do

Blame Gloria - I adore Blame Gloria! It's such a vibe for a good time, playing the best playlist of old school classics and offering the best range of delicious cocktails. The interior matches the girly vibe and honestly, I love everything about it. We were able to get a drinks package so for a whole hour, we had unlimited cocktails and the best ever time.

Blame Gloria London

London Cocktail Club Shaftsbury - If you're looking for a place with really unique cocktails and flavours, this is the place to go to - and the decor inside is pretty wacky too. There's something for everyone and it's set in Central which is easy to get to.

Mr. Fogg's Tavern - This bar has been raved about and is always very busy when I visit. It has an old school, classic English pub feel about it inside and also offers the coolest selection of drinks. This place is also fab for gin drinkers as their gin selection is brilliant - and the drinks come in really cute glasses.

Dirty Martini - Another pub located around Covent Garden is Dirty Martini. I'd describe this as a classic cocktail bar offering a wide selection of yummy beverages. It's located underground so has more of a private feel, similar to Blame Gloria.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Where are your favourite places to go with the girls to London?

Thank you for reading <3

Review: Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I've been obsessed with Lush's facemasks for years and most things I've tried from Lush. It's certainly been the brand of the beauty community since I began blogging and a brand I'll continue to use in years to come. This time of year, my Lush obsession comes out in full force as it's the season where I'll take lots of baths, utilise pamper nights a bit more and moisturise heavily.

I used to be obsessed with both the 'Brazened Honey' and the 'Cupcake' mask, however, on my last trip to lush I wanted to try the 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' mask out. My skin had been breaking out lately and I thought this can be the mask to sort it out, or at least calm it in some way. I've heard a lot of good things about this mask and wanted to see if it was worth the hype.

Review: Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask

What is the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask?

The Catastrophe Cosmetic is designed as a calming and moisturising mask. It's packed with plenty of fresh ingredients including calamine, antioxidant blueberries and balancing rose. The mask is ideal for those with sensitive skin and needs a little help feeling balanced and mattified.

Texture and scent

All Lush facemasks are designed to be kept in the fridge, that's the beauty of them and it adds to the texture when they're applied. This mask, in particular, is blue in colour and slightly abrasive as it's swept onto the skin. It's also really cool in temperature which adds to the lovely sensation of application. The texture is firm but soft enough to spread over the skin.

The scent of the mask I would describe as fresh with an underlying smell of blueberries and fruit. It also has a subtle rose tone flowing through it which is ever so moreish. 

How it feels on the skin

The mask is like heaven on my skin. I like to leave the mask on for a good fifteen minutes to give the full effect. When it's on my skin, it's so light and the fresh scent lingers under my nose that I can't help but love it.

Lasting effects of the mask 

Once I wash off the mask, my skin instantly feels incredibly soft, replenished and moisturised. It's the perfect pick me up on a day when my skin hasn't been feeling the best. I found the results to be even better when I used it at least twice a week, and it gave me the opportunity to have more time for my skincare.

Review: Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask

Overall thoughts

Overall, I absolutely adore this mask and would highly recommend giving it a go if your skin needs a little boost at the minute. It's become my favourite mask out of all the ones I use and I'll definitely be repurchasing again and again when it runs out.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What's your favourite face mask?

Thank you for reading <3

Book review: The Flat Share by Beth O'Leary

 Well hello to you my reader chums! The Flat Share is a book I've seen raved about all over my Instagram feed and I couldn't wait to see what it was all about. My friend Charlotte actually sent me it to read (thank you) and I was really excited to after all the good things I've heard.

After being addicted to the book, I can easily say I loved it, and here is my review:

Book review: The Flat Share by Beth O'Leary


The Flat Share is about Tiffy and Leon. Leon is looking for a flatmate and has the idea of renting out his flat to someone else in the evenings whilst he works nights, and the roommate will work in the day, giving him his space in the daytime. This is where Tiffy comes in and the two end up sharing a bed, without even meeting each other. Their schedules work accordingly and they communicate with post-it notes on the fridge. But with an obsessive ex-boyfriend and a wrongly imprisoned brother in the mix, things become more complicated than expected with their flatshare.

Characters and relationships

I adore the characters in this book and I think that's why I was obsessed with it from the off. Tiffy is your typical girl in her twenties but she's ever so quirky with her style and mannerisms. She's so much fun to read about and I love her honesty in each sentence, it's like reading your best friend's thoughts. Leon is a rather shy and reserved character, he hides a lot of his emotions but also as a nurse, he comes across as incredibly caring. And their bond together is flirty, friendly and everything it should be in a romantic story. It's the type of bond all of us dream of and I love reading it grow through post-it notes and when they finally meet.

Mo and Gerty are Tiffy's best pals and their friendship is so rich and interesting to read. It's funny comparing friendships to mine but their bond is so deep that you know they've been best friends for literally ever. She's also so close to her work colleague Rachel - and if I had to describe a work wife, that's Rachel to a tee. She's the type of girl you tell everything to from your detailed sex life to every thought of the day.  Richie is Leon's brother and I really adore their relationship. It's so bittersweet throughout the book with the situation Richie is in, but they're still super close to one another and nothing could break them.

Tiffy's ex-boyfriend is one of the characters I really grew to hate (and you'll find out why if you read the book.) The way he fits into the plot is well thought out and adds the drama to the friendly tone of the novel.

Overall thoughts 

Overall, I could happily sing this book's praises for ages. From the first page, I was hooked into Tiffy's character and life and wanted to know more and more. She was so relatable in many ways and I adored her as a character overall. When Leon filed into the mix and the separation of the two chapters, I found myself loving each word as I went through. The book is structured really well and all the other characters and themes in the book bode well together. I honestly loved it.


After making my way through the book, I couldn't wait to see how the book ended as I'd enjoyed it so much. Although I can't tell you the ending, what I will say is it left me smiling and closing the book with satisfaction.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you read The Flat Share?

Thank you for reading <3

Autumn fashion and beauty staples

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Autumn is well and truly here. As much as I'm a summer baby, there's something about autumn that warms my heart. The oversized jumpers, cosy nights in, neverending cups of hot chocolate, the lead up to Christmas, and dark lipstick screams autumn in so many ways. 

With a change in season, means a change in how I dress and the products I reach for more often. Here is a look at my autumn fashion and beauty staples. *This post features gifted products and affiliate links.*

Autumn fashion and beauty staples

Oversized jumpers

I have the biggest jumper collection ever and when autumn strikes, I love having the chance to sift through and rock some of my favourite jumpers - and add a couple more to the collection. Nothing can beat, chucking on a huge jumper with jeans and boots. It's cosy, it looks super cute and I just love them. I especially love any jumpers of autumn colours; browns, oranges, mustards etc.

Blanket scarves 

You won't find me rocking an autumn outfit without a blanket scarf. I like to wrap it around my neck, use it as some sort of cover on my shoulders or actually use them to warm my legs up when I'm in the office. They're such a simple accessory but can easily make a statement, especially if I'm wearing a monochrome outfit; the scarf can add that pop of colour.


I've never been someone who has been a jewellery person, however, it's something recently, I'm trying to work on more to accessorise my outfits properly. As in autumn, my arm and neck area is usually covered my jumpers, scarved or coats, it's not the season for bracelets and necklaces - but rather for earrings and rings. 

Autumn fashion and beauty staples

I've been gifted the most beautiful ring from Daisy Jewellery and it's become my new favourite accessory. It's a silver ring with the daisies all around it. The ring adds the subtlest bit of colour to my hands and pairs really well with my Pandora ring. I also love how it's not too over the top in design, the simplicity bodes with my style really well.

Body Shop's pear hand cream

I get the driest hands as soon as the colder weather comes around and that means my stash of hand creams are dug out. My favourite hand creams are the Body Shop. I've used their hand creams religiously for years and my favourite has to be their pear one. When they launched it last year, I bought loads of tubes and will be continuously carrying one in my handbag.

Dr Paw Paw balm

I've loved Dr Paw Paw for years. It's the most natural balm I could ever use and I love how it can be used to moisturise all over the body. I like to use it on my lips the most as it's the only product I've found which really moisturises my lips, especially when they're chapped. The balm has no scent, has the silkiest texture on my lips and the soft feeling lasts forever.

Autumn fashion and beauty staples

Like It On Top, Lip Scrub Protection

My lips get really chapped when the weather is colder and having a good lip scrub is the perfect remedy for that. I recently received this scrub in my Roccabox and I've fallen in love with it. The scrub has the most beautiful lemon scent and when I scrub my lips, it's literally like putting a lemon cake all over my lips. It's yummy, scrubs well and the scent is to die for.

Red and berry lipsticks

Autumn means my favourite lipstick season. I absolutely love to wear a pop of colour on my lips when the cooler weather hits. It's the best way to dress up an outfit and really adds something to a neutral makeup look. My favourite red lipsticks are Nars 'Cruella' and Mac's 'Russian Red' and I love Mac's 'Diva' as my favourite berry tone.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your autumn staples?

Thank you for reading <3