The berry lipsticks to wear this winter

Well hello to you my reader chums! Tis' the season for fairy lights, film nights in, tartan scarves and every blogger's favourite: berry lipsticks. I'm a huge berry lipstick fan and when it comes to buying a new lipstick, I always draw towards those shades. As someone whose gathered a lot of berry lipsticks, I wanted to share my favourites with you.

Here are the berry lipsticks to wear this winter...

The berry lipsticks to wear this winter

Kiko's matte lipstick in 'Velvet Passion'

I mentioned this lipstick in my October favourites, as it's become my go to berry lipstick lately. Unlike your typical bright berry, it's quite toned down and can be worn for a variety of looks. That's what I love the most - its versatility. The lipstick can be worn on everyday wear and to jazz an outfit up. The shade is a mix between berry and mauve, and is slightly darker than expected. It's not the longest wearing lipstick, however it's the creamiest texture on the lips and sits very comfortably.

Charlotte Tilbury's 'Glastonberry'

Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks are the most beautifully packaged around; you really can't beat the rose gold tube. 'Glastonberry' has been raved about for years, and I can see why. It's a typical, dark berry lipstick that will match with every autumnal look. The lipstick is creamy, comfortable and feels luxurious to wear.

Pixi by Petra liquid lipstick in 'Berry Boost'

For those who prefer a pink toned berry, this one is for you. The liquid lipsticks are as it says by the name, very liquid based. Even though it is rather watery as you apply it, considering the texture it doesn't take too long to set on the lips. The lasting power is really strong, and it works as more of a lip stain.

The berry lipsticks to wear this winter

Sleek's sheen lipstick in 'Cherry'

I love matte lipsticks as they tend to last longer on the lips, however not everyone is a fan of matte and prefer creamier consistencies. This sheen lipstick is the one to go for. It has a similar opaqueness of a dark berry/red lipstick with a soft texture on the lips.

Kiko's Enigma lipstick in 03

This lipstick is very similar to 'velvet passion' just a little lighter in shade. It's quite mauve toned and has a super soft texture. I love wearing this as an everyday lipstick because it's rather toned down with a little colour pop. The packaging is also really unique - to close the lipstick, there's a magnet which makes it very handy to travel with.

Nyx's matte liquid lipstick in 'Rome'

A berry lipstick with my favourite city's name? It's a yes from me. Like all Nyx's matte lipsticks, it has the whole package: long lasting power, an opaque colour and soft texture. 'Rome' is more of a  brown toned lipstick and has berry colour running though it. It's a great everyday lipstick and I couldn't recommend it more.

The berry lipsticks to wear this winter

I hope you liked this berry lipstick post. What's your favourite berry lipstick?

Thank you for reading <3

6 ways to save money in Copenhagen

Well hello to you my reader chums! Copehangen is one of those cities that has a completely different appeal to it, compared to many other European capitals I've visited. It has a calm atmosphere like no other and doesn't feel touristy at all - I loved it. Prior to my trip, I heard many people say how expensive Copenhagen was, and the ways to avoid it. As I was on a budget during my short break, I picked up a few ways to save the pennies and thought I'd share that wisdom to stay in budget. 

Here are 6 ways to save money in Copenhagen...

6 ways to save money in Copenhagen

Stay out of the city centre

Undoubtedly, like all cities, staying in the centre can typically cost more than accommodation further out. Nørrebro, a residential neighborhood, proved a lot cheaper to stay than near the main sights. The neighbourhood was only a 15 minute walk from the tube station, and a couple of stops from all the tourist areas. It also had a lovely, homely and safe appeal about it!

I also opted for an Airbnb instead of a hotel, as again it worked out a lot cheaper, and was located in the heart of Nørrebro.

Buy a tube pass

If you are staying slightly away from the city centre, the tube system is your best pal. Although Copenhagen doesn't have a very large tube system at all (there are only 2 lines), each stop is in walking reach to the popular tourist attractions. With that in mind, I'd recommend buying a tube pass as you're able to hop on and off whenever you please over the course of a few days. They offer either a day pass, 2, 3 or more at different prices. I bought the 3 day one for £25 and for the amount of time I used it, I really got my money's worth. Alterntaively, there are buses or you can hire a bike to get around (but it can work out pretty pricey)

Walk everywhere

With any city, you can get a proper feel of it when you take a walk. You'll discover hidden streets and restaurants off the beaten path which you wouldn't see otherwise if you didn't take a walk. It doesn't necessarily have to be throughout the whole trip, but if the weather is nice, you could take a 15 minute walk instead of getting the tube or bus.

6 ways to save money in Copenhagen

Eat away from tourist traps

Copenhagen is very expensive to eat, especially in the centre near all the tourist attractions and that's why I'd recommend finding eateries further out. I found Nørrebro to have some beautiful independent restaurants and brunch places for very reasonable prices - so we mainly dined there to save on the pennies.
Take advantage of free things to do

Not all tourist attractions cost money, and in Copenhagen there are plenty of free things to do. Take a stroll down the famous Nyvhan Harbour, see the Little Mermaid statue, visit the many parks, check out some of the free museums or even witness the change of guards - there's more than you think on offer.

Have a everyday budget  

The key when it comes to saving money on a trip is having a budget for each day. I like to have a rough set amount for each day but also take into consideration what I'll be doing each day. For instance, if I'm going to go to visit the castle, palace and head out for dinner that day, I'll need to have a slightly larger budget than the day I'm heading for a stroll round the harbour and to see the Little Mermaid. It's all about keeping in your means, and setting a certain amount for activity.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your money saving tips in Copenhagen?

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October favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! Like every single month this year, October has gone by very fast and that's left me with a bitter sweet feeling. I love October; it's the month where autumn really kicks off. The days become shorter, evenings get cozier and my favourite fashion items come out. I've gathered a few favourites over this past month and can't wait to share them.

Here are my October favourites...

October favourites

Urban Decay's Naked original palette

After the news that Urban Decay are discontinuing the Naked 1 palette, I wanted to give mine some love again. I used to obsess over the Naked 1 palette, however forgot about it for a while. However, this month I've rekindled my obsession and every time I wore eye shadow, this palette would be my go to. My favourtie shade is 'Half baked'. It's been raved for years and years and I will always speak about it. The gold shade works for a variety of looks and compliments blue eyes especially well.

Primark's mustard cardigan 

It's no news that autumn clothes are my favourite ever to wear, and Primark's range this year is heavenly. Picture all things mustard, brown, red and burnt orange - with plenty of tartan scarves thrown in. My favourite clothing item the past few weeks is their gorgeous mustard cardigan. I originally saw on Twitter and thought 'I need this' and headed to my local Primark and found it! The cardigan is super soft, warm and pairs beautifully with striped tops (aka my favourite fashion statement).

Pixi by Petra liquid lipstick in Au Naturelle

I was lucky enough to receive a couple of the Pixi by Petra liquid lipsticks from my friend Charlottle from CharlottePicks. I've seen them all over my Twitter feed and couldn't wait to see what the hype was about. Although I didn't fall for the red shade, the nude colour really took my fancy. 'Au Naturelle', is a pink toned nude and adds that hint of colour to the lips. Although it is quite liquidy and takes a while to set, it lasts forever on the lips.

October favourites

Kiko's matte lipstick in 'Velvet Passion'

I'm a big fan of berry lipsticks, and autumn is the season for all the collection to come out. A lipstick I've recently bought is Kiko's in 'Velvet Passion'. It's one of those underrated lipsticks that I always forgot about. However, over the past month I've been keeping it in my handbag to rock on autumnal days, and fell in love with it a bit. The lipstick is a toned down berry shade so doesn't look too over the top but is enough to make a statement if that makes sense. The consistency is incredibly creamy and sits comfortably on the lips. Although the lasting power isn't the greatest, I love how easy and versatile is to wear.

'Selfie' makeup bag

I love a good makeup bag. As someone who travels quite a lot, good makeup storage in the suitcase is vital. I received this lovely makeup bag from a good friend and have become obsessed with it. Unlike other bags I've had, it fits all my makeup and isn't too big that it doesn't take up a huge amount of room. I also love the super cute phrase on the front!

Maybelline's 24hr eye shadow tattoo in 'Creme De Nude'

I've been a fan of Maybelline's eye shadow tattoos for the longest time and the past few weeks have been obsessing over the 'Creme De Nude' shade. Unlike other paint pots, as it's a nude, it neutralises any colours on the lid to give you an even base rather than enhancing colour. The cream helps the shadows last longer - and they're really affordable.

Pumpkin Moon

October favourites

In the spirit of autumn and Halloween, my boyfriend and I took a trip down to a local pumpkin patch, Pumpkin Moon. I've never been to one before and picked out my own pumpkins - but the experience was lovely. We got to pick out a variety including some super cute small ones you couldn't find at the supermarkets.

I hope you enjoyed my October favourites. What have you been loving this month?

Thank you for reading <3

NUI Berlin cosmetics launch event

Well hello to you my reader chums! A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of NUI Berlin, a vegan friendly, organic beauty brand. When I hear about new brands, I love to learn all about the reason behind its creation and seeing what's in store. I initially loved the sound of this brand because the whole idea around a natural look and that it's vegan friendly. I prefer wearing natural makeup than a heavy duty look with a smokey eye, so couldn't wait to try out the range.

The event was held at St Martins Lane hotel in Covent Garden, London in the Penthouse Suite. Like all events, I wasn't sure what to expect, however once I arrived at the venue, I was amazed. The hotel was beautiful and the penthouse suite matched perfectly.

NUI Berlin makeup launch event

When my best friend and I arrived, I was a bit overwhelmed. The room was filled with bloggers and influencers, and I didn't really know where to begin. However, after getting a drink, I started mingling with a few fellow guests and they were so lovely. The best thing about these events is meeting new bloggers, chatting about all things blogging and networking. 

NUI Berlin makeup launch event

The suite had a lovely seating area, mini bar serving up cocktails and wine, and makeup station. Like any bloggers' Instagram dream, all the makeup was laid out on a marble table for picture taking and swatching purposes. It looked like heaven. The products were really pretty and high quality. NUI offers everything from skincare, foundation to brow products, lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows.

NUI Berlin makeup launch event

NUI Berlin makeup launch event

NUI Berlin makeup launch event

NUI Berlin makeup launch event

The natural range has a selection of toned down colours and a few bright ones as well. I love the lipsticks and blush products especially.

NUI Berlin makeup launch event

My favourite part was trying some of the makeup products on by the lovely makeup artist. She matched me with the shade 3 foundation, did my brows, cheeks and lips. Each product used felt lovely on the skin and I'm excited to use them more.

NUI Berlin makeup launch event

NUI Berlin makeup launch event

The event was a lot of fun and I feel super thankful to be invited to such an exciting launch! If you want to check out NUI Berlin, you can view their product range here.

I hope you enjoyed an insight into this event! Which product would you like to try?

Thank you for reading <3

How to travel so often

Well hello to you my reader chums! Whenever I see family and friends, some of them always say 'you're always on holiday', and 'how do you do it so often?' It's safe to say, I'm a bit of a travel addict but over time I've learnt the way to not only fit travelling in so often but tips and tricks on how it can be affordable. Travelling is often stereotyped as 'too expensive', however with the right timing and deals, it can be ever so affordable, and accessible.

How to travel so often

Here's how to travel so often...

Look for the best deals

The best way to keep an eye on great deals is by signing up to popular airlines or travel company's email newsletters. That way you'll be notified when a great deal is live or when the latest deals will be announced. You can then stay on top of things and book yourself a spontaneous trip away.

Travel off season

It goes without saying that travelling off season is much cheaper than peak times, and can make travelling so often more accessible. Instead of paying overpriced fares, you can easily get two trips for the price of one by going off season. For instance, you can book a short trip in May and October, for round about the same price as a trip during the school summer holidays. It's all about planning smartly for your trip to get the very best price.

Be flexible with dates

Whether you look on Skyscanner or the airline itself, as you search through the flights, you'll see prices can alter from day to day. Weekends tend to be more pricey, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the cheapest days to travel. As you plan a trip, keep your dates flexible around the week before or after the date you initially planned, as it may be cheaper.

Book flights 8-10 weeks before

Another tip with flights is how far in advance you should book them. The general consensus is the earlier you book the flight, the cheaper it can be. However, a travel friend of mine once said to me 'the best time to book flights is 8-10 weeks before you fly'. Flights can generally be a lot cheaper in this time frame, as they're not too close to departure date that they will cost a bomb, but far away enough to still get a good deal. You can however be really lucky and find a super good last minute deal as sometimes airlines are trying to book up the last couple of seats on a plane - if you fancy a spontaneous trip, this tip could be for you.

How to travel so often

Go over a long weekend 

The problem some people have with not being able to travel a lot is their limited holiday days off work. I'm quite lucky in the fact that I've always worked in places with quite flexible working times, however not every job is like that. The way I find to work around this solution, is go over a long weekend. If you work a 9-5 job, it means by planning a trip Friday to Monday, you only need to take 2 days off rather than 4, saving you holiday days for your next trip.

If you do work weekends, and your schedule isn't so regimented as a standard 9-5, you'll need to plan more savvy. Once you get your rota or schedule, pick the days in a row which you're working the less, and book your trip then.

Put a bit of money aside every payday

Another saving tip on how to afford regular trips is by putting money away each week/month. Whether it's a small or large amount (depending on where you want to go), by regularly saving and budgeting, it'll free up money to plan more travelling. 

Find yourself a travel buddy or go solo

Another thought is obviously who will accompany you on these regular travels. I like to go with either my boyfriend, twin sister or girl group, and each trip has a different dynamic to the next. Whether you'd like to plan a city break with your best friend or summer couples holiday, consider the type of holiday it'll be and propose the idea. Or, if there's a location you'd like to go and nobody fancies it, go and fly solo. Solo travelling is such a big trend right now, and you can make many friends along the way - plus it'll boost your confidence in so many ways.

I hope you found this post helpful. When is your next trip?

Thank you for reading <3

Autumn skincare routine

Well hello to you my reader chums! It's been a while since I've shared my favourite skincare products on my blog, and what I use on a day to day basis. Since being in my twenties, I've been treating my skin a lot better than how I did in my teens, removing makeup more efficiently and having 'no makeup' days. It's really benefited my skin for the better, and although I don't use a tonne of products on my skin, what I do use is highly effective.

Autumn skincare routine

I've fortunately never suffered from acne or bad skin. During my teens, my skin was very clear and only in my late teens to twenties, I got the occasional breakout or two. I tackled this with trying out various products and now have established a routine I really love. It's simple but effective. 

Morning routine

When it comes to my skin in the morning, I like to wake myself up with a quick wash and moisturise. I either use the Protocol facial wash or Simple's micellar facial wash. Both are quite light in texture which I love, as they're thick enough to scrub the skin, but not heavy enough for a deep wash. I've used a mixture of moisturisers, but my favourite is Protocol's facial gel. It's quite heavy duty with its moisturising factor, however doesn't feel too thick when you apply it. 

Autumn skincare routine

Night routine

My evening routine starts with one of my new favourite items, the wipeout cleansing cloth. I got sent this a couple of weeks ago and was really intrigued by the concept. It's a microfibre and reusable cloth which removes makeup without any product needed. As you can use it over and over, it's very eco-friendly and lasts ages. The cloth can be quite harsh on the skin, however it really gets all the makeup off. 

If the cloth is in the wash, I use the classic Garnier micellar water to remove my makeup. It takes it off efficiently and leaves my skin feeling fresh. I've raved about it for years and years, and probably will never change to a new makeup remover!

To cleanse, I use Superdrug's hot cloth cleanser with a muslin cloth. It's such a gentle cleanser on the skin - the creamy texture helps wash the skin with ease and leaves it feeling really smooth. After that, I'll tone my skin with Simple's toner and then moisturise. If I have any blemishes, I'll also put Sudocream on them before bed.

Occasionally, once every week or two, I use the Galloway and White mud mask. It's my favourite mask at the minute - not only does it feel extra light and natural on the skin, once it's washed off, it's one those masks that leave it extra soft and refreshed. As you can tell, it's a pretty simple routine but I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your go to skincare products?

Thank you for reading <3

European tourist attractions worth the visit

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a massive fan of Europe; there's just something about each country 's charm that always leaves me wanting more. I've been to a fair few countries in Europe and visited an array of the typical tourist attractions there. And although certain attractions may not live up to their hype, there are many completely worth the visit, and that I would personally return to someday. 

Here are the European tourist attractions worth the visit...

European tourists attractions worth the visit



Like all of my posts focused around Europe, Rome always has to get a mention. As my favourite city, there are plenty of spots every newbie must see and that includes its famous tourism attractions. The Colosseum is probably one of the top things on everyone's list for their trip to Rome - and I will forever recommend it. On both of my visits to Rome, I visited the Colosseum and loved it! My boyfriend always said how it was his highlight of the city!

European tourists attractions worth the visit

The Colosseum has a historical vibe about it like no other. As you walk around each floor, you can read and learn  all about Rome's history. My favourite part however, is knowing how old and significant the building is - and that you're admiring it in modern day. It makes the overall experience super special.

St Peters Basilica 

I'm a big fan of visiting churches and attending masses; there's just something therapeutic about the entire experience. St Peter's Basilica has to be the favourite church I've ever visited. Firstly, the interior will take your breath away.  It's huge, tall and has the most spectacular interior with murals and beautiful windows. It's one of those churches I wish I lived near so I can visit on a regular basis.


St Marks Square and Basilica

I loved everything about Venice; the famous canals, rustic charm and beautiful landmarks. There are a few tourist attractions in Venice and one is St Marks Square and its Basilica. St Marks Square is like the luxury hub of Venice; it has a series of restaurants, bars and the beautiful Basilica. As the eateries can be pretty pricey, I'd recommend to anyone that wants the square experience to have a drink in the square at night when live music is playing.

European tourists attractions worth the visit

The Basilica is as stunning as the square itself and worth the queue. Its interior is glorious and like St Peters Basilica, will leave you in awe after your visit.


Nyhavn harbour

European tourists attractions worth the visit

The iconic postcard view of Copenhagen is Nyhavn harbour, and although eating or drinking nearby can be overpriced, a stroll alongside the canal is a beautiful experience. The canal has coloured buildings at both sides with boats along the water. It's really a vision of beauty and can guarantee the perfect Instagram photo.


Anne Franks museum

European tourists attractions worth the visit

Amsterdam; the renowned canal city has many various tourist attractions and is most famous for the Anne Frank museum. As a history nerd, I absolutely love learning new things about the past - and this museum was just that. It's no doubt, it's hard hitting and emotional experience reading about what went on during the war, but insightful in the same breath. Although some people have said it's not that great, I really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it.


Siam Park

Every summer holiday needs a waterpark visit, and Siam Park in Tenerife happens to be one of the best I've visited in Europe. It claims to be Europe's most spectacular water attraction and I can see why. There's water slides for every range and thrill, set whether you prefer the calmer or scarier rides. And, the pool area is wonderful - it's huge, has enough sun beds for hundreds, and an epic wave machine.


Comino Island & the Blue Lagoon

European tourists attractions worth the visit

Malta is a dreamy summer destination, and I loved every minute of my trip there. Comino Island has to be one of my favourite spots I've visited. The word I'd describe it would be 'blue'. Literally you look around and the whole landscape is a blend of bright blue. The island is perfect for a day excursion, to soak up the sunshine and go for a swim in the clear blue ocean. 


Notre Dame

As you've seen from my previous paragraphs, I love visiting churches and the one in Paris lived up to all expectations. It was beautiful, tall and calming. The area of Notre Dame especially is worth the stroll around. There are plenty of tucked away restaurants and pretty buildings, that you'd only read about in a novel of Paris.


European tourists attractions worth the visit

Whether you're a Disney fan or not, when in Paris a trip to Disney is a must-see. The magical land has some of the very best rides, favourite characters, a phenomenal parade and firework display. You can never go wrong with a day at Disney!

Eiffel Tower

European tourists attractions worth the visit

Paris is famous for the Eiffel Tower and it's probably one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe, and despite the popularity, it makes for a truly unique experience. Climbing up the Eiffel Tower or eating dinner there will offer some of the most fantastic views of the city you'll ever witness.

Sacre Coeur

Like the Notre Dame, Paris' Sacre Coeur is a beautiful church every visitor needs to see. Not only is the church an incredible experience, the area Montemarte where its located makes for a lovely explore. Montemarte has a lot of character with quaint shops and cafes alike, located up a very steep hill. It's probably one of the most worthwhile walks in Paris!


Covent Garden

European tourists attractions worth the visit

Covent Garden is my favourite area of London. It has that luxury appeal of designer shops, independent stores and rustic eateries - with a renowned market you'll love to visit. There's so much to do and even though it's popular with tourists and locals alike, if you're on a day trip to London, pop it on your list of things to do.

Buckingham Palace

The Queen's home and one of London's most remarkable buildings, Buckingham Palace is a must-see in London. Despite of its popular status, if you haven't seen it before, add it to your agenda. Get the candid snap by the gates and the picture of the Pall Mall as you visit. 


Titanic Museum

Belfast is famous for the Titanic and its museum highlights the history of the ship and its background. I was thoroughly impressed with the Titanic museum - it had many levels of different history surrounding the Titanic topic, and even shows parts of the ship's interior. There's plenty to see, learn and do - even a ride you can go on!


Castle de S.Jorge

European tourists attractions worth the visit

Like churches, I'm a huge castle fan. I think its the history element of a castle and the fact of how old it is, really excites me. Castle de S. Jorge had all of that plus incredible views of Lisbon. From the top, you were able to see sea-scape and the city in all its glory.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite European tourist attractions?

Thank you for reading <3