Everything you need to know before visiting Dubai

Well hello to you my reader chums! Dubai, the city of skyscrapers, desert and beaches, is a place everyone should visit once in their lifetime. It's perfect for romance, a gals trip and suits families too. Dubai is a place where I've made some of the best memories and would happily return to again and again for a holiday. If it's your first time visiting, I've got a couple of tips to share with you.

Everything you need to know before visiting Dubai

Dubai is a huge city

I didn't realise how big Dubai would be until I arrived! You can't really walk anywhere unless you're in a certain area if that makes sense. For instance, if you're in the area of Jumeirah Beach, the attractions around there are reachable, but you couldn't walk to the Burj Khalifa or mall from there. The best way to get around is by metro or taxi. The metro is very simple to figure out, and attractions are usually in walking distance from the stops - and it's super cheap. Taxis are also relatively affordable, and because of how Dubai roads are designed (so many motorways), it'll generally take around 20 minutes to get everywhere.

Be wary where you stand on the tube

Something that did shock me in Dubai was that some underground tubes had a 'woman and child' carriage where of course only women and children can stand. If you're a man, be aware and make sure you're standing in the right place. Also, they have a gold ticket holder carriage, I suppose kind of like a first class area on an English train. Avoid standing in this carriage unless you have a gold ticket or you can be fined.

Book attractions in advance

Like every city destination, for bigger attractions, book your tickets in advance. The Burj Khalifa is always busy and there are constant queues that if you arrive without a ticket, you'll be lining up for a while. The same goes for the Burj Al Arab brunch. Friday brunch is a traditional thing in Dubai, and if you want to dine it in 7-star style, book it in advance to get a good spot.

Be mindful of values

As a Muslim country, there are certain rules that apply in Dubai that aren't the same as back in the UK. For example, not every hotel or restaurant will serve alcohol. You're likely to come across a few 'dry' hotels, however, don't be alarmed, a lot of places will still serve up yummy cocktails and have an alcohol license. If you're unsure where to go, ask at your hotel which places serve alcohol and which don't. Pork is something that is forbidden in Muslin culture so it's quite hard to find in Dubai and often won't be on the menu in most restaurants. Other meats such as chicken, beef and seafood etc will be accessible, however.

Also, it's important to dress modestly in public spaces. Although the fashion police won't be after you, it's best not to show too much skin and respect the local culture. It's also worth noting that inside malls are heavily air conditioned so a cardigan will come in handy.

The call to prayer

In Dubai, the call to prayer can be heard wherever you are in the city. All the mosques are wired up to public speakers and the call of prayer can be 5 times a day. Don't be alarmed if it wakes you up!

Dubai can get very hot

I visited Dubai in February so the temperature was perfect summer weather, warm enough to tan but not be overly hot. However, in the summer months, weather can be very humid and hot that if you're visiting at that time, bring a lot of sun cream! If the heat isn't for you, visit between November and March for the comfortable heat.

I hope you enjoyed this post. When are you planning to visit Dubai?

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Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Well hello to you my reader chums! Located on the west coast of Thailand, Krabi is renowned for its limestone cliffs and offshore islands. Krabi is quite a large place, and there are loads of different areas you can set up a base from Ao Nang to Krabi Town.

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

On my stay in Krabi, I booked the Chanchalay Guest House in Krabi Town. It was an ideal location, as it wasn't too far from the boat pier, and an easy place to go for day trips. Krabi Town itself is very quiet; there's only a handful of restaurants, bars, and tourists attractions. However, it's a quiet location to spend a few days and book yourself a series of fun day trips and excursions.

If you're based in Krabi Town for a few days, here are some exciting day trips to consider.

Railay Beach 

Probably one of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever see, Railay Beach was my favourite day trip from Krabi. I booked it at a local travel agent in Krabi for the second day of our stay and it was really easy to get a spot on the excursion. On the morning of the trip, we got picked up from our hotel and taken down to the boat dock. From there, the boat journey took around 40 minutes until we arrived at the beautiful beach.

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

I can see why Railay Beach was so hyped up because when we arrived it was a beautiful combination of super clear-waters and soft sands. The waters were ever so shallow and if not a bit rocky, but lovely to cool down in and swim as you walked into the deeper part. Railay Beach was huge and you could easily find a spot of tranquil to relax and deeper points of the ocean for a lovely swim. The island Railay Beach was very rocky and had plenty to explore. Around 15-20 minutes from Railay Beach, there was Phranang Beach. This beach was also stunning and had a great spot for cliff climbing. The waters here were much deeper, still clear and the sand was so soft. Probably the coolest thing on this beach was all the lined up boats serving up a selection of food and drink.

Krabi hot springs, Ron Waterfall and Emerald Pool

Another exciting trip to do is Ron Waterfall and Emerald Pool. Although this excursion was a little on the more pricy side, it was a lot of fun. Our excursion began really early with an 8am pick up (even though it was late). They took us straight to the waterfall and once we arrived it was beautiful. We got in at the bottom of the waterfall which was a long river and was surprisingly cold! It wasn't till we went next to the waterfall that we felt the beautiful warm water. On top of the waterfall, there were small pools which were like a warm bath. We were only allowed to stay in the pools for 15 minutes at a time as they got too hot!

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Next, the bus driver drove us to the Emerald Pool which was around a 15-minute journey. On arrival, the pool was in a beautiful and forested area. We had to walk 15 minutes to reach the actual Emerald Pool through a lovely little forest. When we got there, I was amazed by the pool's beauty. It was like the name suggests, emerald in colour and super lovely to swim in. As it was a Saturday, it was pretty packed when we first arrived, but as the hour or so went on, people left and we got to swim in less busy waters.

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Ao Nang Beach

If you want a quick trip to the beach then you can spend the day over at Ao Nang Beach. It's only around a 30-minute drive away from Krabi Town and has the most beautiful beach. Ao Nang is a resort town so it's a lot busier than Krabi Town and has plenty to do on your day there.

Koh Phi Phi tour

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Phi Phi is renowned for its party scene and beautiful beaches, but if the nightlife isn't for you then a day trip is perfect. The island isn't actually as big as you think, and you could probably explore its best bits in a few hours. As there are no motorbikes or cars on the island, taking a stroll around the beaches, it's off-the-beaten-paths and restaurant scene is only accessible on foot. If you book a tour rather than just a ferry to the island, it'll take you to tourist spots such as Monkey Beach, Maya Beach, and Piley Bay.

Hong Island

Hong Island is very easy to reach from Krabi and can be booked via a day tour. The Hong Islands are part of a National Marine Park and its many islands, Koh Hong is uninhabited - making it perfect for nature life spotting. Hong Island has sandy beaches, striking cliffs and makes a lovely spot for a kayak excursion.

I hope you enjoyed this travel guide. Have you visited Krabi before?

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GlassesShop's glasses review

Well hello to you reader chums! I've been a glasses wearer for over 8 years now and I always get excited at the prospect of new glasses. When GlassesShop got in touch with the opportunity to try one of their new frames, I couldn't turn it down. I'd been in the market for a new pair of glasses that this exciting email came at the right time.

Review: GlassesShop's glasses

After going through the whole ordering process and testing the glasses for a few weeks, I'm going to share my thoughts on the glasses.

Ordering process and delivery

After choosing which frames I wanted, the Durand Rectangle in purple, it was time to fill in all the information to order the specs. I had to give my prescription, the lens width, bridge width and temple length of my current glasses. I also had to say if I had a cylinder or not, and my PD value (the width of my two pupils between my eyes). It was an exceptionally easy process and once ordered, the glasses were predicted 7-15 days to arrive. They came well within that time period, I would say just over a week, and packed securely.

Review: GlassesShop's glasses

Frame design 

I didn't know what to think when my glasses first arrived, because as I was so used to my old glasses, it was really weird trying on a new pair (especially as you'd usually try them on in a shop first). The frames were longer and rounder compared to my other glasses, and at first, I wasn't too sure. However, after I wore them a few times and got used to them, I really liked how they looked on my face. I think the more rounded look suited my face shape better than my previous pair. I chose the purple shade as I wanted something a bit different to a standard pair, but was quite worried they'd be too bold. However, on arrival, I fell in love with the purple shade. It's not too obvious but still has that beautiful purple shade - and manages to still go with all my outfits. I'm in love with the frame design and overall look of the glasses.

The only downside about the glasses is how thin the arms are. They're a little on the flimsy side but at a cheaper price point, the quality is really good and they do the trick of a fancy pair of specs.

Review: GlassesShop's glasses

Overall thoughts

Overall, I'm absolutely obsessed with my new pair of specs, they really compliment my facial structure, are the perfect shape and colour. The glasses do the job that every good pair of specs do and they're easy to style. The GlassesShop was great with answering my questions and offer an incredible range of glasses, in all different shapes, sizes and price ranges.

If you want to treat yourself to some new, good-value glasses, check out the GlassesShop! You can get 50% off with the special code GSHOT50 or find the other special promotions for prescription glasses here.

*I was gifted these glasses as part of this collaboration.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Are you a glasses wearer?

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2 month packing guide to South East Asia

Well hello to you my reader chums! If you're a regular reader then you'd know between February and April I jetted off to South East Asia for two months. It was the most incredible experience I've done to date and I loved every single second of it.

2 month packing guide to South East Asia

I went with my boyfriend and both of us decided the backpacker life was the way to do it. At first, I was worried I wouldn't be able to fit everything in my backpack or carry it, however, through the packing process and travelling, I learned quite a few things of what I needed and what I didn't. If you love your clothes like me and wanted to pack your entire a wardrobe, a little tip would be, don't! Here's my packing guide to South East Asia.

What to bring


When it comes to clothes, less really is more. As you backpack through South East Asia, you'll find as it's so hot, you won't want to be lugging a heavy bag, nor will you need half the clothes in there. I packed way too many tops and trousers on my trip as I wanted loads to different outfits to wear, but it just took up room in my bag and made it a lot heavier. Here's a rundown of what to bring:

  • 3 T-shirts
  • 3 Tank/vest tops
  • 2 Pairs of shorts
  • 1-2 Pairs loose trousers (you can buy more at any market).
  • A couple of dresses/skirts for days when you want to dress up a bit.
  • 1 Light cardigan
  • 1 Light jumper
  • 1 Fold up raincoat (you never know).
  • 2-3 Bikinis 
  • Light fabric scarf (to cover up in temples).
  • Underwear and socks - I'd bring a few weeks worth so you can get the grips with a place before you do laundry.
  • 1 Pyjamas
  • 1 Sunglasses
  • 1 Sunhat


With shoes, it all depends on what you're going to be doing on your trip, whether that's a lot of walking or island hopping. I'd suggest bringing the following:

  • 1 Pair of trainers/walking shoes
  • 1 Pair of flat shoes such as sandals
  • 1 Pair of flip flops for beaches or hostel use


Toiletries are something we all panic about when packing and always bring more than we need, however, it's not necessary. The only thing I would advise you really should pack lots of is suncream as it's so expensive to buy in Asia! Here's everything you'll need:

  • A couple of bottles of suncream and aftersun.
  • Shampoo and conditioner bars - they weigh hardly nothing and last forever.
  • Shower gel with a luffa sponge to make it last longer.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Makeup - I would suggest bringing minimal makeup as you really won't wear much in the hot weather. Most days, I put on BB cream, a bit of bronzer, my brows, and mascara.
  • Makeup wipes or a Magnitone wipeout cloth - which is a very handy investment and super eco-friendly item too.
  • Moisturiser - the sun will really dry out your skin.
  • SPF lip balm - you need to protect your lips too.
  • Roll on deodorant - lasts longer than spray on.
  • Twist & Spritz Atomiser or roller ball perfumes.
  • Tangle Teezer
  • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes - you'll need these for public toilets.
  • Contact lenses and solution.


We can't go anywhere without electricals as we're all phone obsessed, and here is everything you should bring:

  • Plug adapter
  • Extension lead - to save bringing extra plug adapters.
  • Portable phone charger
  • Spare USB cable
  • Headphones

Handy items

Before I went travelling, there were a few items I purchased that were literally a godsend when my boyfriend and I were away:

  • Chillys Bottle - a literal lifesaver at keeping water cold in 40-degree heat.
  • Packing cubes - a complete essential that makes packing a million times easier. Don't go backpacking without them!
  • Razors 
  • Brow shaper tool - to keep your brows in shape.
  • Microfibre travel towel - easily compactable and handy for beaches/hostels.
  • Notebook - to note down the travels.
  • Padlocks - to keep your belongings safe.
  • Tote bags - versatile and perfect for the beach, shopping or an everyday bag.
  • Insect repellent wrist bands - stock up on these.

Other than clothes, electricals, and toiletries, there are a few essential items you want to make sure you bring:
  • Passport
  • Cash for all different currencies
  • Visas for the different countries
  • Boarding passes
  • ID
  • Itinerary
  • Travel insurance
  • Small backpack

Ultimately, when it comes to packing your backpack, only bring the essentials and a few luxuries here and there. You can always buy things like extra clothes and toiletries whilst you're travelling that there's no point filling your backpack to the max. You'll also want room for any souvenirs you buy along the way on your trip.

I hope you enjoyed this 2-month packing guide. When are you going to Asia next?

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Ultimate beach guide to Koh Samui

Well hello to you my reader chums! Koh Samui is one of Thailand's larger and more holiday vibe islands with plenty of gorgeous beaches. If you're considering going and unsure which area on the island to stay, or which beaches are best, you've come to the right place. Here is my take on a Koh Samui beach guide.

Beach guide to Koh Samui

Bophut Beach

Located near to the pier and the renowned Fisherman's Village is Bophut beach. This was the beach nearest to my hotel (the Infinity Bophut apartments) and was around a 15-minute walk away. I went to this beach quite a few times on my trip and it was lovely. Not too overcrowded, with the right amount of relaxation, soft sands, and calm waters. The only annoying thing was the number of resorts on the beach as it made it hard to find a private spot. The sea itself was pretty deep, not insanely deep but not shallow also; a nice medium.

Beach guide to Koh Samui

However, with Fisherman's village on the beach, there was easy access to an assortment of restaurants and bars, from affordable traditional Thai cuisines eateries to fine dining establishments and steakhouses. Bophut is a prime area for all things food, drink, shops and a lovely beach.

Maenam Beach 

Beach guide to Koh Samui

Maenam Beach is the next long stretch of beach from Bophut. The sands on Maenam beach are a lot quieter and there's more opportunity for privacy there. Despite a couple of resorts on the beach, it isn't packed in the slightest and you're able to roam the sands with much more freedom. The views on this beach are also really picturesque with the clear waters ahead of you. Maenam Beach can be entered through the Walking Street which on certain nights turns into a lovely market and has the cutest hub of restaurants along with it. To reach Maenam Beach, it was around a 30-minute walk from our hotel, which was located in the middle of the Maenam and Bophut area.

Choeng Mon Beach

Beach guide to Koh Samui

Choeng Mon Beach had to be one of my favourite on the island. It's located to the northeast side of the island and is honestly incredible. Picture the perfect powder white sands and water so clear it doesn't seem real. One of my favourite things about Choeng Mon Beach was the shallow waters; you could walk out for miles and it would probably only reach your waist. The shallow waters meant we could lie down and sunbathe in the sea! I would highly recommend making the trip to Choeng Mon Beach on your Koh Samui stay, whether that's just for a few hours, all day or staying by there. It's a peaceful beach which can get busy at times but the shallow waters make it perfect for families.

Lamai Beach  

Beach guide to Koh Samui

Lamai Beach was towards the south part of the island and around a 35-minute drive from our hotel. The Lamai Beach area is renowned for its famous Grandma and Granpa Rocks, Hin Ta and Hin Ya, which resemble the male and female genitalia, and are located right at the bottom of the beach. Lamai's beach area wasn't too overly crowded and had stunning scenery that went on for days. It was a lovely area to have a swim and sunbathe without being disturbed.

Chaweng Beach 

Beach guide to Koh Samui

The main tourist hub and busiest area of the island is Chaweng Beach. It's a prime spot for busy bars, ladyboy shows, nightclubs and takeaway places. If you love the busy party life, it's the place to stay and enjoy. In the daytime, the Chaweng Beach area wasn't too crazy at all but the beach itself is the busiest out of all the sands I went to. Despite the crowds, the sands were powdery white and the sea was lovely and clear - which surprised me considering the amount of tourism there. It wasn't my favourite beach because it was so busy, however, in terms of how it looked, it's stunning. The beach was also a great hub for all things watersports!

Samrong Beach 

Beach guide to Koh Samui

Probably the quietest and most peaceful beach I've ever set foot on was Samrong Beach. It's located at the very northern tip of the island and 100% worth the trek. It's a very small beach but the sands are super soft and the sea, one of the clearest I've seen. It made for a lovely peaceful few hours and I could have easily spent days on end there.

Other beaches I didn't visit on the island are Taling Ngam, Lipa Noi and a few of the smaller stretches of sands. Overall, I really enjoyed my time on all of Koh Samui's beaches. They really are beautiful, it is just a shame how some are overtaken with resorts and you lose that authenticity of the sands. My favourite few would be Choeng Mon, Maenam and Samrong Beach.

I hope you enjoyed this beach travel guide. Have you been to Koh Samui before?

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Current beauty favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! Over the past few months, through travelling and now back at home, I've come across some new favourites and resurfaced some old gems - and added them back into my daily routine. Here's a look at all my current beauty favourites.

Current beauty favourites

Bath and Body Works aromatherapy orange/ ginger shower gel

When I was in Dubai, I took my first ever trip to Bath and Body Works and was literally blown away with the shop - it really does live up to the beauty blogger hype. I didn't know what to pick up at first as there was so much choice, however, I decided to choose the ginger shower gel, the classic hand sanitizers and a couple of facemasks. The shower gel has become one of my favourite things about showering - I can't get over how good it smells, and how much that scent lingers. It's a beautiful blend of sweet orange and spicy ginger which is also really calming. The shower gel lathers well and I'm obsessed!

Superdrug BB cream

I've always been a big fan of BB cream, especially in the summer months. When I went away travelling, BB cream became a godsend. As Asia was incredibly hot, it wasn't the ideal place to cake my face in makeup, however, I still wanted that light coverage, which this product gives. Since returning home, I've also loved using it, as I found my foundation was too light for my tan and the BB cream gave enough coverage. It's light, blends easily and very affordable.

Current beauty favourites

Lush's solid shampoo and conditioner

I decided to invest in Lush's solid shampoo and conditioner for my travels, one, as they're lighter and easier to travel and because they're also eco-friendly. Solid shampoos last for a long time and I thought they'd come in great use when I was travelling - and I was right. They literally lasted forever and washed as well as normal shampoos. I found it was easiest to apply both products directly on the hair for the best results. After using these products, I think I'm fully converted to the solid shampoo life. It's waste-free, does the same job as your standard liquid shampoo and smells divine like any Lush product.

Lilibeth brow shaper tool

Eyebrows or facial hair can be a tricky thing especially if you're dark haired. However, since being gifted the Lilibeth brow shaper tool, it's become my go-to gadget. The tool helps with tidying up brows, getting rid of any facial hair and dermaplanning. I've been using it mainly for eyebrows and it's worked a treat. You can read my full review here.

Coconut lip balm

When I was market shopping in Siem Reap, my boyfriend and I came across this all natural stall and purchased coconut lip balm. It's honestly the softest balm I've ever used, and I put that all down to the natural ingredients. It has a mild scent and leaves my lips feeling incredibly soft.

I hope you enjoyed this current favourites post. What are your current favourites?

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4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

Well hello to you my reader chums! Koh Lanta, a paradise of powdered white beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning scenery, is an island everybody needs to visit. Till this day, I cannot get over the beauty of the island, its friendly vibe and slow pace of life - it really was heaven. If you've added Koh Lanta to your island hopping guide, still deciding if you're going to or want to find out more, here's my 4-day guide to Koh Lanta.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

What to see and do

Explore Long Beach - As you guessed it from the name, Long Beach is very, very long and one of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever see. Its waters are like a warm and relaxing bath which sands that goes on for days. As the beach is so long, you're easily able to find a quiet spot to yourself, relax and have a lovely long walk. There are several bars and restaurants along the beach but it's nowhere near over the top packed like other islands. Long Beach is the most popular area on the island and you're guaranteed to fall in love with it.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

Hire a motorbike - Exploring on a motorbike is the best way to see a new area in Thailand, especially on the islands. Koh Lanta isn't a huge island, however, it's not tiny either that having a motorbike for a day or two will be a real benefit. You'll be able to drive through the island's stunning scenery, visit the old town and head over to the more vacant beaches. My boyfriend and I fell in love with the secluded areas of the island, with not a single soul on some sands; it felt as if the whole island was ours.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

Spend the day on the vacant beaches - There's no better feeling than being alone with nature and in Koh Lanta, you'll be lucky enough to find hidden lengths of sands and quieter areas to set your towel for the day. If you're travelling with your partner, it's also another opportunity for a bit of privacy and quiet time. The vacant beaches include Klong Jak beach and Katong beach.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

Beach dining shows - You'll never get sick of the sights of Koh Lanta's beaches, they're just that incredible. But as day turns to dusk, the more popular beaches will offer fire shows and other forms of entertaining which makes beach dining that extra bit more special.

Watch the sunset - Sunsets are beautiful to watch. There's nothing more stunning than watching the sun go down, especially on a beach. You'll experience the breathtaking reflection on the waves and it'll stun your eyeballs. Plus, it'll make for a candid Instagram picture.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

 Book a tour - Like any island, Koh Lanta offers plenty of tours you can book whilst on your stay. There's everything from diving tours, day trips to quaint nearby islands, and the renowned 4 islands tour to Emerald Cave. I think that's the one thing I wish I got to do as the Emerald Cave looked absolutely stunning and it's raved about by many.

Visit the Old Town - The Old Town was once the main port of trade in Koh Lanta and today is a lovely and charming hub to explore. Although quite small, the old town is a cute strip of cafes, small boutiques and restaurants - and has a pier along the end. It can make for a peaceful few hours of exploring and is surrounded by forestry. The Old Town is also located near a lot of local villages that you could easily ride around and meet some locals.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

Lanta Animal Welfare - If you're an animal lover, then you need to visit the Lanta Animal Welfare Centre. Here, the stray cats and dogs of the island are taken in to be looked after and sterilised, to avoid the breeding of more animals which will be neglected. They're aiming to minimalize the neglect of the animals and get the animals in their centre adopted by people worldwide. It's a lovely and free activity to do whilst you're on the island - and you have the opportunity to pet some of the animals. You can give donations to look after the pets, or, adopt your own! It's hard to leave the centre and not want to adopt them all.

4 days in Koh Lanta - everything to see and do

Where to stay 

Koh Lanta has quite a wide variety of accommodation from budget hostels to resorts on the beach, so you there's a lot of choice for all money options. The busiest hub of Koh Lanta is the Long Beach stretch with hotels along the main road close by to it, and of course, on the sands. To be in the hustle and bustle and minutes from the beach, I'd highly recommend staying near here. It's close to everything, and if you want to explore further, you can easily hop on a motorbike. Or if you do want a little quieter accommodation, head more towards the south of the island as that's where the quieter beaches are and you can get a little bit more privacy.

My boyfriend and I stayed at the Hugs Guesthouse. For me, I think the accommodation was in the prime spot, as we were a walk away from plenty of restaurants and around 15 minutes to the beach. The accommodation was also nice and the staff were ever so friendly in helping out with any questions.

Where to eat

Living Room Bakery - Opposite our hotel was our favourite breakfast and lunch spot, the Living Room Bakery. We first discovered this on arrival as we were starving and it was a minute from our accommodation. The food in here was every brunch lovers dream, offering pancakes, french toast, granola and more - and some delicious lunch options too. All the food was top quality and I couldn't fault it.

Mays Kitchen - If you're looking for some classic and cheap Thai food or a delicious BBQ meal, then this is the place to go. The family-run business serves up some yummy grub for an affordable cost.

Irish Embassy - Every country and island has an Irish pub and Koh Lanta is no different. This Irish pub became our regular on the trip, going for drinks or food. They served up the best English food on the island and if you're really craving a roast on your travels, it's the place to go. It's not the cheapest place, but it's worth it. They also hold a quiz every Wednesday which is so much fun and a great way to meet people.

Utopia - Another family-run restaurant and cheap place to dine is Utopia. It served up the best Massaman curry I had in Thailand and had a good variety of food on offer.

Things to know before you go 

  •  Koh Lanta is a medium-sized island when you compare it to Koh Tao and Phuket. That means, getting around can be pretty easier. You can walk around the main hub, however, to visit the quieter areas or go to the old town (if you're staying near Long Beach area), you'll need to hire a motorbike.
  • The island is very eco-friendly (which I adored) so be respectful, avoid littering and ensure you recycle.
  • The roads are pretty tame in Koh Lanta that it's a prime place to start driving a motorbike in Thailand. This is where my boyfriend learnt and he drove it easily.
  • Koh Lanta, despite its beauty, can be done on a budget and there are loads of free things to do.

I hope you enjoyed this Koh Lanta island guide. Are you visiting soon?

Thank you for reading <3