How to travel so often

Well hello to you my reader chums! Whenever I see family and friends, some of them always say 'you're always on holiday', and 'how do you do it so often?' It's safe to say, I'm a bit of a travel addict but over time I've learnt the way to not only fit travelling in so often but tips and tricks on how it can be affordable. Travelling is often stereotyped as 'too expensive', however with the right timing and deals, it can be ever so affordable, and accessible.

How to travel so often

Here's how to travel so often...

Look for the best deals

The best way to keep an eye on great deals is by signing up to popular airlines or travel company's email newsletters. That way you'll be notified when a great deal is live or when the latest deals will be announced. You can then stay on top of things and book yourself a spontaneous trip away.

Travel off season

It goes without saying that travelling off season is much cheaper than peak times, and can make travelling so often more accessible. Instead of paying overpriced fares, you can easily get two trips for the price of one by going off season. For instance, you can book a short trip in May and October, for round about the same price as a trip during the school summer holidays. It's all about planning smartly for your trip to get the very best price.

Be flexible with dates

Whether you look on Skyscanner or the airline itself, as you search through the flights, you'll see prices can alter from day to day. Weekends tend to be more pricey, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the cheapest days to travel. As you plan a trip, keep your dates flexible around the week before or after the date you initially planned, as it may be cheaper.

Book flights 8-10 weeks before

Another tip with flights is how far in advance you should book them. The general consensus is the earlier you book the flight, the cheaper it can be. However, a travel friend of mine once said to me 'the best time to book flights is 8-10 weeks before you fly'. Flights can generally be a lot cheaper in this time frame, as they're not too close to departure date that they will cost a bomb, but far away enough to still get a good deal. You can however be really lucky and find a super good last minute deal as sometimes airlines are trying to book up the last couple of seats on a plane - if you fancy a spontaneous trip, this tip could be for you.

How to travel so often

Go over a long weekend 

The problem some people have with not being able to travel a lot is their limited holiday days off work. I'm quite lucky in the fact that I've always worked in places with quite flexible working times, however not every job is like that. The way I find to work around this solution, is go over a long weekend. If you work a 9-5 job, it means by planning a trip Friday to Monday, you only need to take 2 days off rather than 4, saving you holiday days for your next trip.

If you do work weekends, and your schedule isn't so regimented as a standard 9-5, you'll need to plan more savvy. Once you get your rota or schedule, pick the days in a row which you're working the less, and book your trip then.

Put a bit of money aside every payday

Another saving tip on how to afford regular trips is by putting money away each week/month. Whether it's a small or large amount (depending on where you want to go), by regularly saving and budgeting, it'll free up money to plan more travelling. 

Find yourself a travel buddy or go solo

Another thought is obviously who will accompany you on these regular travels. I like to go with either my boyfriend, twin sister or girl group, and each trip has a different dynamic to the next. Whether you'd like to plan a city break with your best friend or summer couples holiday, consider the type of holiday it'll be and propose the idea. Or, if there's a location you'd like to go and nobody fancies it, go and fly solo. Solo travelling is such a big trend right now, and you can make many friends along the way - plus it'll boost your confidence in so many ways.

I hope you found this post helpful. When is your next trip?

Thank you for reading <3

Autumn skincare routine

Well hello to you my reader chums! It's been a while since I've shared my favourite skincare products on my blog, and what I use on a day to day basis. Since being in my twenties, I've been treating my skin a lot better than how I did in my teens, removing makeup more efficiently and having 'no makeup' days. It's really benefited my skin for the better, and although I don't use a tonne of products on my skin, what I do use is highly effective.

Autumn skincare routine

I've fortunately never suffered from acne or bad skin. During my teens, my skin was very clear and only in my late teens to twenties, I got the occasional breakout or two. I tackled this with trying out various products and now have established a routine I really love. It's simple but effective. 

Morning routine

When it comes to my skin in the morning, I like to wake myself up with a quick wash and moisturise. I either use the Protocol facial wash or Simple's micellar facial wash. Both are quite light in texture which I love, as they're thick enough to scrub the skin, but not heavy enough for a deep wash. I've used a mixture of moisturisers, but my favourite is Protocol's facial gel. It's quite heavy duty with its moisturising factor, however doesn't feel too thick when you apply it. 

Autumn skincare routine

Night routine

My evening routine starts with one of my new favourite items, the wipeout cleansing cloth. I got sent this a couple of weeks ago and was really intrigued by the concept. It's a microfibre and reusable cloth which removes makeup without any product needed. As you can use it over and over, it's very eco-friendly and lasts ages. The cloth can be quite harsh on the skin, however it really gets all the makeup off. 

If the cloth is in the wash, I use the classic Garnier micellar water to remove my makeup. It takes it off efficiently and leaves my skin feeling fresh. I've raved about it for years and years, and probably will never change to a new makeup remover!

To cleanse, I use Superdrug's hot cloth cleanser with a muslin cloth. It's such a gentle cleanser on the skin - the creamy texture helps wash the skin with ease and leaves it feeling really smooth. After that, I'll tone my skin with Simple's toner and then moisturise. If I have any blemishes, I'll also put Sudocream on them before bed.

Occasionally, once every week or two, I use the Galloway and White mud mask. It's my favourite mask at the minute - not only does it feel extra light and natural on the skin, once it's washed off, it's one those masks that leave it extra soft and refreshed. As you can tell, it's a pretty simple routine but I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your go to skincare products?

Thank you for reading <3

European tourist attractions worth the visit

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a massive fan of Europe; there's just something about each country 's charm that always leaves me wanting more. I've been to a fair few countries in Europe and visited an array of the typical tourist attractions there. And although certain attractions may not live up to their hype, there are many completely worth the visit, and that I would personally return to someday. 

Here are the European tourist attractions worth the visit...

European tourists attractions worth the visit



Like all of my posts focused around Europe, Rome always has to get a mention. As my favourite city, there are plenty of spots every newbie must see and that includes its famous tourism attractions. The Colosseum is probably one of the top things on everyone's list for their trip to Rome - and I will forever recommend it. On both of my visits to Rome, I visited the Colosseum and loved it! My boyfriend always said how it was his highlight of the city!

European tourists attractions worth the visit

The Colosseum has a historical vibe about it like no other. As you walk around each floor, you can read and learn  all about Rome's history. My favourite part however, is knowing how old and significant the building is - and that you're admiring it in modern day. It makes the overall experience super special.

St Peters Basilica 

I'm a big fan of visiting churches and attending masses; there's just something therapeutic about the entire experience. St Peter's Basilica has to be the favourite church I've ever visited. Firstly, the interior will take your breath away.  It's huge, tall and has the most spectacular interior with murals and beautiful windows. It's one of those churches I wish I lived near so I can visit on a regular basis.


St Marks Square and Basilica

I loved everything about Venice; the famous canals, rustic charm and beautiful landmarks. There are a few tourist attractions in Venice and one is St Marks Square and its Basilica. St Marks Square is like the luxury hub of Venice; it has a series of restaurants, bars and the beautiful Basilica. As the eateries can be pretty pricey, I'd recommend to anyone that wants the square experience to have a drink in the square at night when live music is playing.

European tourists attractions worth the visit

The Basilica is as stunning as the square itself and worth the queue. Its interior is glorious and like St Peters Basilica, will leave you in awe after your visit.


Nyhavn harbour

European tourists attractions worth the visit

The iconic postcard view of Copenhagen is Nyhavn harbour, and although eating or drinking nearby can be overpriced, a stroll alongside the canal is a beautiful experience. The canal has coloured buildings at both sides with boats along the water. It's really a vision of beauty and can guarantee the perfect Instagram photo.


Anne Franks museum

European tourists attractions worth the visit

Amsterdam; the renowned canal city has many various tourist attractions and is most famous for the Anne Frank museum. As a history nerd, I absolutely love learning new things about the past - and this museum was just that. It's no doubt, it's hard hitting and emotional experience reading about what went on during the war, but insightful in the same breath. Although some people have said it's not that great, I really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it.


Siam Park

Every summer holiday needs a waterpark visit, and Siam Park in Tenerife happens to be one of the best I've visited in Europe. It claims to be Europe's most spectacular water attraction and I can see why. There's water slides for every range and thrill, set whether you prefer the calmer or scarier rides. And, the pool area is wonderful - it's huge, has enough sun beds for hundreds, and an epic wave machine.


Comino Island & the Blue Lagoon

European tourists attractions worth the visit

Malta is a dreamy summer destination, and I loved every minute of my trip there. Comino Island has to be one of my favourite spots I've visited. The word I'd describe it would be 'blue'. Literally you look around and the whole landscape is a blend of bright blue. The island is perfect for a day excursion, to soak up the sunshine and go for a swim in the clear blue ocean. 


Notre Dame

As you've seen from my previous paragraphs, I love visiting churches and the one in Paris lived up to all expectations. It was beautiful, tall and calming. The area of Notre Dame especially is worth the stroll around. There are plenty of tucked away restaurants and pretty buildings, that you'd only read about in a novel of Paris.


European tourists attractions worth the visit

Whether you're a Disney fan or not, when in Paris a trip to Disney is a must-see. The magical land has some of the very best rides, favourite characters, a phenomenal parade and firework display. You can never go wrong with a day at Disney!

Eiffel Tower

European tourists attractions worth the visit

Paris is famous for the Eiffel Tower and it's probably one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe, and despite the popularity, it makes for a truly unique experience. Climbing up the Eiffel Tower or eating dinner there will offer some of the most fantastic views of the city you'll ever witness.

Sacre Coeur

Like the Notre Dame, Paris' Sacre Coeur is a beautiful church every visitor needs to see. Not only is the church an incredible experience, the area Montemarte where its located makes for a lovely explore. Montemarte has a lot of character with quaint shops and cafes alike, located up a very steep hill. It's probably one of the most worthwhile walks in Paris!


Covent Garden

European tourists attractions worth the visit

Covent Garden is my favourite area of London. It has that luxury appeal of designer shops, independent stores and rustic eateries - with a renowned market you'll love to visit. There's so much to do and even though it's popular with tourists and locals alike, if you're on a day trip to London, pop it on your list of things to do.

Buckingham Palace

The Queen's home and one of London's most remarkable buildings, Buckingham Palace is a must-see in London. Despite of its popular status, if you haven't seen it before, add it to your agenda. Get the candid snap by the gates and the picture of the Pall Mall as you visit. 


Titanic Museum

Belfast is famous for the Titanic and its museum highlights the history of the ship and its background. I was thoroughly impressed with the Titanic museum - it had many levels of different history surrounding the Titanic topic, and even shows parts of the ship's interior. There's plenty to see, learn and do - even a ride you can go on!


Castle de S.Jorge

European tourists attractions worth the visit

Like churches, I'm a huge castle fan. I think its the history element of a castle and the fact of how old it is, really excites me. Castle de S. Jorge had all of that plus incredible views of Lisbon. From the top, you were able to see sea-scape and the city in all its glory.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite European tourist attractions?

Thank you for reading <3

September favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! Autumn has officially sprung and I can't wait for all things cozy: I'm talking film nights in, berry lipsticks, tartan scarfs and brisk forest walks. September has been a busy life month, however it's been full of some crazy fun moments and a few fabulous products.

Here are my September favourites...

September favourites

'Lady Danger' lipstick by Mac

You're probably thinking, why have you been loving an orange lipstick in autumn? However, I summer holiday'd a bit later this year so rocked the orange lip a lot this past month. Lady Danger is my go to orange shade. It's a combination of red and orange and can be worn for day time purposes or evenings out. As a matte finish, it lasts longer and compliments shimmery eye looks. 

Naked 2 basics palette

I'm a massive fan of the Urban Decay palettes. Every one I've tried offer a wide range of shades and have beautiful pigmentation. The Naked basics range are highly underrated but I absolutely love them. Naked 2 basics has been a highlight this month. I've been wearing a lot of toned down makeup lately and when I wanted something subtle on the eyes, I've reached for it. The palette has the perfect matte shades to contour the eyes and add shimmer to the lids. 

Revlon matte balm in 'Audacious'

Similar to 'Lady Danger', I have a big love for 'Audacious', a bright orange tone matte balm. It's slightly brighter and more orange in colour than Lady Danger and that's why I love it on holiday. It has that lighter tone, and is much thinner in consistency that it doesn't feel as if you're wearing a lip product.

September favourites

'Into The Water' novel

I love a brilliant thriller and 'Into the Water' was just that. It was written by the same author as Girl on the Train which I loved, so I couldn't wait to give this a read. The novel was one of those reads that got me hooked at every page, and had plenty of unexpected moments. You could empathise with every character, and each chapter held plenty of detail. I could read and read and read, even when the book finished I wanted to keep reading. The author has an additive way with words and I'd highly recommend this for your next book.

Weekend in Weymouth and Tenerife holiday

As I mentioned September was a busy month and that was down to going away a couple of trips and my boyfriend's graduation. Both holidays were with my boyfriend's family and I felt blessed to have such a great time away.

In Weymouth we stayed at the glorious Portland House, an historic National Trust property. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first walked in! The house was an actual mansion, and still had all the traditional decor from the 1930s period. It was a truly luxurious stay and over the weekend, we had some quality family time and saw Weymouth's best bits such as the Portland Bill and Chessel Beach. 

Tenerife was an ultra relaxing and fun week away. We stayed in Golf de Sur at the Santa Barbara golf resort and club in an apartment. It was in situated in a quieter location which meant for a more calm retreat. The week involved wining and dining, chilling by the pool, walks, water sports and water parks. It was certainly a holiday to remember with a loving group of people. Check out my highlights in this post.

Twinnies Bake

Twinnies Bake

I haven't yet written a blog post about it yet but my twin sister and I launched our own Kent based baking business Twinnies Bake in the past month, and I'm very excited about it! We're starting out with our beloved brownies and then aim to branch into cookies, cakes and all sweet baked goods for special occasions. You can find out more over on our Instagram,  Facebook or Twitter.

Guilty feminist podcast

I've been a listening to the Guilty Feminist podcast for way over a year now and I've never mentioned it on my blog - and I don't know why! Over the past month, I've been travelling around on the train a lot and going on long journeys that it's given me more of a reason to listen to the podcast. The Guilty Feminist podcast is what's in the name - they discuss issues surrounding feminism, society with a lot of humour, singing and talented influential people.

I hope you enjoyed my September favourites! What are your favourites?

Thank you for reading <3

Tenerife highlights

Well hello to you my reader chums! Last week I got back from a relaxing week away in Tenerife with my boyfriend and his family. It was one of those those holidays that meant so much, as I got to spend quality time with my boyfriend's family and enjoy a break to unwind. When I go away, I usually worry about ramming things in making sure I do everything, however this week was super calm and I loved every second. I chilled by the poolside, took strolls on the rocky beach, indulged in food and drink, visited the water park and dabbled in watersports.

Tenerife highlights

Just like all trips, I like to document them on my blog and share tips with you guys. Here are my highlights of Tenerife...

We stayed in the Golf de Sur area at the Santa Barbara Golf and Ocean Club in one of their apartments. The apartment was immaculate and we had the most beautiful view of the ocean from our balcony. As the hotel wasn't in the main hub of Tenerife, it was quieter and made for a peaceful stay. I'd highly recommend it if this is the sort of holiday you're after!

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

As I mentioned in my previous post about why you should holiday more, everyone needs a break away where they're able to fully unwind and that's what I made the most of. 

Cocktails and evening antics

After days swimming in the pool and getting my tan on, we all got dressed up in the evening for dinners out and lavish cocktails. 


Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Rock pools and beach exploring

Tenerife is renowned for its rocky land, hot climate and black beaches. Dan and I decided to make the most of that and take a stroll down by our hotel which led to a quaint beach and plenty of rock pools. We went crab searching, rock pooling and paddling in the clear blue ocean.

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Siam Park

One of my favourite days of the holiday was Siam Park. For those who aren't aware, Siam Park is claimed to be one of the most spectacular water attractions in Europe. The park offered a series of calm to thrilling rides, including one of those drop, vertical slides and a massive pool area. The pool also had an epic wave machine every half hour to and hour. Although the park is very large, we were able to go on majority of the best rides and had a fab time! It's probably the best water park I've ever visited. I'd highly recommend it if you're visiting Tenerife!

Little Mermaid night out 

Tenerife highlights

On the Monday night, we all dressed up as the Little Mermaid characters for a night out in Las Americas to celebrate a birthday. Dressing up as a mermaid was so much fun: it meant painting on scales, using all the glitter in sight and wearing a long wig! Las Americas was like an entertainment hub with plenty of restaurants and bars to soak up the island's nightlife. We went to an Irish bar and danced the night away to the live singer.

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Jet skiing

Initially, I was very hesitant to go jet skiing because of my massive fear of open water and the thought of falling in. However, although the experience was quite scary, I did it! I finally went jet skiing and zoomed across open water - it was a thrilling experience. Dan drove as I was too nervous, but it felt so free as we were riding the waves and looking around at the stunning views.

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Tenerife highlights

Holiday squad

Tenerife highlights

I hope you enjoyed this picture heavy and rambly post about my Tenerife holiday. Where did you go on holiday this summer?

Thank you for reading <3

Why you should holiday more often

Well hello to you my reader chums! If you're a regular follower on my blog or social media channels, then you'd know I love travelling, and planning my next trip away is my favourite thing ever. However, I think there's a complete difference between travelling and holidaying. To me, travelling means seeing a new place, keeping in budget and jam packing everything into the allocated time there, whereas holidaying is oh so more luxurious. Holidaying I'd describe as fully unwinding, indulging in all of life's good things, chilling by the pool and switching off from routine.

Why you should holiday more often

I love to travel, however there aren't many trips I go on where I'm switched off from the blogging world, work, my worries back home or thinking about social media - and that's super important to get away from. Considering all the trips I go on every year, I'd say 1-2 of them I will fully unwind and feel relaxed, and it's always a fab break away.

Here's why you should  holiday more often...

It'll boost your mindset

Mental health is more important than many of us realise and it requires as much attention as our physical health. You need to take time out every day to switch off whether it's reading a book, having a bath or switching on your favourite TV show - and in the longer term booking time away. Escaping for a week to a beach side destination, country village or wherever your calm place may be can help boost that mindset. You can focus on feeling calm and letting all your worries float away.

You'll have a chance to unwind 

In the busy world we live in with the constant access to technology, it's hard to find the time to fully unwind and have a technology detox. However, with a holiday as you're so busy soaking up either the sunshine, or the views that you won't find the need to use your phone as much. You can have a much needed technology detox, and embrace a relaxing break.

It'll give you a break away from everyday life

Everyday life can get busy at times; whether that's a stressful job, hectic social life or hobbies, sometimes you need to get away. It's important to step away from routine and change things up a bit every now and then - seeing a new place.

You can indulge all you like 

Surely the best thing about holidays is all the food and drink right? Whether it's all inclusive or you plan to eat every ice cream in sight, indulge how you wish. Enjoy the summer cocktails, and splurge on things you wouldn't usually consider - you're on holiday.

You can try new things

A new place can mean trying new things and that can be anything from new foods, to new experiences. On my last trip, I went jet skiing for the first time and although it was terrifying, I can tick it off the bucket list.

You can sleep more

I don't know about you but when I'm working and in usual routine, I never get enough sleep as I need so on holiday, it's always nice to get some extra bit of shut eye.

I hope you enjoyed this post. When was your last holiday?

Thank you for reading <3

How to increase your body confidence

Well hello to you my reader chums! Body confidence is something a lot of us struggle with, including me. It's one of those things that really take time to work on - by essentially building the love for yourself. However, there are people out there who love every bit of them and I admire that greatly. Each and every one of us is fabulous in our own way and we should embrace it, instead of shying away from our beautiful features.

How to increase your body confidence

Although my journey of body confidence was quite a lengthy process, today I feel comfortable in my skin, and love who I am. I do have days where I point out things I don't like, however for the most part I try to have a positive outlook about what I do love. 

Here's how to increase body confidence...

Wear your favourite piece of clothing 

It goes without saying that if you're wearing something you love, you're already going to feel that extra bit of confidence. Whether it's your favourite skater skirt, pair of high waisted jeans or even a bikini on your holidays; flaunt what you got. There's no reason for you not to feel 12/10 in your favourite outfit - so hold your head high and rock it. 

Always wear a smile 

As the film Annie once said ' you're never fully dressed without a smile' - she's right in so many ways. Adding a smile to your outfit shows an added ounce of confidence and it'll make you feel better when you receive a smile back from strangers. There's no better confidence boost than making someone's day.

Get your old clothes tailored 

I don't know about you, but in my wardrobe I have plenty of tops, dresses or skirts that I always say 'I'll wear again' but I never do - and I think it's down to the fact I wouldn't feel comfortable or fashionable in older clothing. However, if you're a bit of a clothes hoarder like me, why not get these older pieces tailored? You can make an out-of-fashion top into something new and exciting, that you couldn't wait to wear. Or go for dress alterations and turn an old prom dress or bridal party outfit into something ultra fabulous for the next big event. 

 Slowly show off your 'least favourite features' 

How to increase your body confidence

Majority of people have an area of their body that's not their favourite and there's no reason not to show it off every once in while. For example I used to really hate my small boobs and think I didn't look feminine enough - but over time I began to stop caring what other people thought and wore dresses without a bra, put on low cut tops and non-padded bikinis. Luckily, from a bit of weight gain, they did grow slightly and I'm in love with them now, and feel more confident when choosing an outfit. If you have a feature you're not in love with, slowly show it off. For instance, say it's your tummy. Begin with a pair of high waisted jeans and once you're used to them, put on a crop top to show that extra bit of skin, and then try and get used to wearing low rise jeans with a regular top. It's all about the steps and feeling comfortable on your body confidence journey. 

Change your mindset 

This is probably the hardest out of all the pointers but a change in mindset will do you wonders. I'm not saying you can go from no confidence to plenty overnight, but a positive outlook will truly benefit you. For instance, if you're thinking ' I can't wear this dress as I won't look good as everyone else in it', swap that thought to ' I bet everyone is going to look great at the party and I can't wait to join in and have fun - and I'm going to rock this look'. It's only a small change but once you have it in your mind about the fun you'll have about a certain event, you'll naturally stop worrying about what you look like. The same goes with a bikini on holiday - try to change your thoughts that 'everyone is looking at me' to ' I can't wait to soak up the sun and go to the water park'. Life is too short to worry about other people's opinions - it should be about all the experiences you're going to have. When you're old and grey, you won't be thinking about that bikini you wore on holiday but the stories of the trip. 

Step out of your style comfort zone 

Everyone has their own sense of style, whether that's a stripe addiction or an edgier outfit go to, we all have a look. And another way to increase your body confidence is changing the style up. You can get so used to wearing the same clothes easily, that you'll get comfortable and begin not to experiment - however that's what the wild world of fashion is for. Start by purchasing a clothing piece you wouldn't usually go for and incorporate it in your wardrobe - and then take it step by step. 

This sponsored post was in collaboration with Alterations Boutique, leading tailors and alteration specialist for dresses and suits. For more information on their services, visit their website.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your tips to increasing body confidence? 

Thank you for reading <3