2018 highlights

Well hello to you my reader chums! 2018 was a crazy year; it had many highs, lows and more change than I ever expected. However, it was a period in my life that has taught me so much and guided me into the next exciting chapter. The past year had many laugh-out-loud moments, holidays and days out I've adored, that I can't wait to share them.

2018 highlights

Here are my 2018 highlights...

Aladdin the musical 

The new year kicked off with a lovely and exciting trip to London, to see Aladdin the musical. Prior to the show, I also found an Aladdin themed afternoon tea at Cutter and Squidge, a quaint bakery tucked away in London's busy streets. I adored the tea; they were really creative with all the food ideas and the decoration was insane. Unfortunately, they don't do that tea anymore but offer a wizard one there instead.

Aladdin the musical

Aladdin afternoon tea

The show was a production that really blew me away. It was a combination of bright colours, electric songs, dances, and hilarious characters - we especially loved the genie.


I went off to Paris for a few days and had the best ever time. Paris really is a completely unique city and has a charm you can't find anywhere else. I fell in love with its quaint streets, adorable cafes and historic churches. It's simply a lovely place to stroll around. I did all the candid sights, visited Disneyland and explored all the backstreets. It's definitely a Valentine's we'll never forget. Find out more in my 5-day guide to Paris and 8 things you need to know before visiting Paris tips post.


3 day guide to lisbon

In April, I jetted off for a few days in Lisbon with my favourite gal pals. We explored all the famous sights, soaked up the sun and drank all the wine in sight. It was a lovely few days surrounded by people I adore in a city I grew to love. Lisbon has a very quirky and alternative vibe with its traditional trams and quaint streets. Find out more in my 3-day guide.


3 day guide to copenhagen

Every year, my twin sister and I love to go on holiday together for a few days and this time we chose Copenhagen. I've always heard the loveliest things about the city that when I saw a flight offer, we decided to jump at the chance. Copenhagen really lived up to its name. It's probably one of the only cities I've visited that doesn't feel touristy at all and has the loveliest calm appeal. Despite that, there are still plenty of things to see and do, and a whole culture to explore. Find out more in my 3-day guide.

Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato 

I'm a bit of a concert addict, I absolutely adore seeing my favourite artists live and singing along with a large crowd. In June, I was lucky enough to see my two favourite artists, Ed Sheeran, and Demi Lovato. Ed lit up Wembley with his heavenly voice and Demi brought sass to the 02. They are two nights I'll never forget and cherish in my heart forever.


As someone who was brought up by the coast, I'm most certainly a beach baby. Being at the seaside is the most calming thing ever and my happy place, and for my 22nd birthday, I went to Brighton. Brighton is my favourite city in the UK as it has the seaside appeal as well as the city vibe. We had a lovely few days exploring, eating good food and celebrating the year of 22. Find out more in my Brighton guide.


I went to Belfast for a couple of days at the end of July and loved every bit. It was my first time in Northern Ireland so I didn't know what to expect but I fell in love with the city, and also went on a Game of Thrones tour whilst I was there. Check out my adventure in this guide


In September, and as a final holiday of the year, I jetted off to Tenerife. It was one of those trips that were ever so relaxing and I spent most of it chilling and socialising, which made a big difference in doing loads of things when away and I loved it. For once, I could just de-stress and enjoy.

Twinnies Bake

Twinnies Bake

2018 was also the year my sister and I started our business, Twinnies Bake. After an unfortunate job loss, we decided to take the plunge and finally make our dreams a reality. So far, we've been loving to run the baking business and hope to do big things with it in the future. We began with our speciality brownies and have continued adding items to the menu such as cookies, cupcakes and celebratory cakes.

Passing my driving test

My biggest accomplishment of the year, however, has to be finally passing my driving test. I've been learning on and off for years now so to finally have a certificate and car to my name means the world to me.

I hope you enjoyed this highlight style post. What were your 2018 highlights?

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8 things you need to know before visiting Paris

Well hello to you my reader chums! The famous city of love and a must-see for everyone, Paris is a city like no other. I visited last with my boyfriend in February and fell in love with the city. Paris has something for everyone; the hustle and bustle near the sights, quaint tucked away streets and shops galore. It's a large city but not too large you're unable to see it in a few days - and whether this is your first or second time in the city, here are 8 things you need to know.

8 things you need to know before visiting Paris

Food is expensive

It may sound obvious, but with any city break you can expect the food to be expensive, but Paris, however, is on another level. As it's a popular city and flocked with tourists every day, food in the city centre can be on the pricey side. Choose to stay away from that; don't dine right next to tourist attractions as that's where you'll be stuck with the hefty price tag.

Invest in a tube pass

Travel in the city is personal preference to many, however, I would highly recommend investing in a tube pass. It can be useful whether you're staying right next to the Eiffel Tower or further out in the city, as you're able to get to every area of the city with ease. Like any city, they sell them over a course of a day or a few days and cover various zones. I'd recommend the one that focuses on the main centre (I think that was zone 1-3) as then you're able to get around all the sights for one price. The tube system is similar to London's with fewer lines and is a lot easier to navigate. They also have interactive maps at each station which show the stops near the attractions.

Be aware of the scams 

It's always important to be safe and wary in a city as these are the places scams can occur, especially in Paris. My boyfriend and I got stopped a few times before we realised it was actually a scam going on - older women would come up to ask and ask us to sign a petition for a 'charity', they would then demand money and ask for more and more. You have to simply walk away and not make eye contact otherwise they can follow you.

Take advantage of free sights 

In the same breath, make sure you take advantage of free sights. Even though Paris is an expensive city, there are hundreds of things you can do for free. For example, the Notre Dame has free entry and The Louvre museum is free for EU citizens under the age of 26. The Sacre Coeur has free admission and you can also find a few free galleries. Paris is also home to many pretty shopping streets such as the Champs-Elysses, and many gardens to explore.

8 things you need to know before visiting Paris

Pre-book attractions 

Paris is a very busy city during the course of the year and especially at peak times so if you're planning on visiting then, pre-book attractions. Sights such as the Eiffel Tower, river tours, and Disneyland.

Its secluded hidden gems 

Although Paris is generally a very busy city, one of my favourite things about it was the hidden gems. I'm talking about when you walk off the beaten path and discover quaint cafes, bakeries and trinket shops. They had a real authentic feel and I loved exploring them. My favourite area was around where the Notre Dame is - the spot is full of all the characteristic things I mentioned, perfect if you were looking somewhere private to eat.

Dinner times 

Regarding eating out for dinner in Paris, many restaurants open their dinner menu a lot later and if you aim to eat around 5pm, you'll probably be the only one in the restaurant. However, this can be a good thing if you love privacy! 

Disneyland advice

One of the reasons a lot of people can come to Paris is of course for the magical Disneyland. On our trip, we took a day out to do just that - visit the park and we both loved every minute. It's as magical as they all say, with the exciting rides, beautiful castle, characters, and the famous parade. A few tips for Disney I would say: firstly, buy your tickets in advance as it can save a lot of money and time when you enter the park. Secondly, if you're travelling from central Paris via train, ensure your tube pass covers the zone Disney is in. We made that mistake and didn't have tickets for the right station when we arrived. Disney is in zone 5 so when you're buying the tube ticket, ensure to get the zone 1-5 instead of 1-3. Also, food is pricey so bring your own if on a budget or if you wanted to dine in one of the cool restaurants, book in advance.

8 things you need to know before visiting Paris

To find out what there is to see and do, and where to eat in Paris, check out my 5-day guide to the city.

I hope you enjoyed this Paris post. Which other tips do you have about visiting the French capital?

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Review: La Biosthetique Paris vegan haircare range

Well hello to you my reader chums! When it comes to hair care, I'm always really excited to try new products, as my hair naturally is rather frizzy and dry. This means I love to find anything that can prevent the frizz and leave my hair feeling, and looking ultra silky. 

When Biosthetique Paris got in touch to try a few of their hair care products, I couldn't wait to give them a go. I hadn't heard of the brand before, however, they informed me all the products were vegan and made of natural ingredients. I love that because you have the knowledge that you won't be putting any additional chemicals onto your hair.

La Biosthetique Paris haircare

After trialling them for a few weeks I couldn't wait to share my thoughts...

Product packaging

As all the products I received were in 100ml, they are the perfect size for travelling with and taking on the go. I travel regularly, so it comes in handy if I'm trying out new products for them to be smaller to travel with. The packaging looks very luxurious and simple, the writing is clear, and the packaging feels well made.

Hair Balancing Shampoo

 Out of all the products, I wasn't too sure about the shampoo at first. It had quite a thin consistency that you needed to lather it up a lot and ensure the hair was very wet to apply correctly, otherwise, you'd need more and more product. However, I did love that it was unscented, as it meant no additional products on my hair. The bottle has a different opening compared to usual shampoo bottles like a little nib which I loved, as it meant no product waste, and a small amount coming out when you squeeze it.

La Biosthetique Paris vegan haircare

Hair Gentle Conditioner

As I previously mentioned, I'm always on the hunt for products that will keep my hair looking and feeling healthy that the leave-in conditioner went down a treat. After I've washed my hair, I'll dry it a little with a towel and spray the conditioner over the ends of my hair and brush them through. The conditioner has a lovely fresh, lemongrass scent which adds to the natural appeal of the brand. I really did notice a difference with this product - it helped my hair feel silky and smooth, that I loved running my fingers through it even more.

Hair Intense Mask

Out of the three products, the intense mask has to be my favourite  - it's literally a dream-worthy product. The steps say: apply the mask over the hair, leave for ten minutes and wash off, so pretty standard really. However, the effects are genius. The scent is exactly the same as the conditioner - similar to lemongrass and very fresh. Its consistency is ultra creamy and coats the hair very well. Once it's been washed off, my hair felt extremely soft, and that softness stays when my hair is completely dry, for a day or two.

Overall, I really loved these products. They are more luxurious than your typical high street brand and are very natural which I love. If you are vegan and looking for something a bit upmarket, I'd highly recommend - especially the intense mask. For more information, check out La Biosthetique Paris.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried La Biosthetique Paris brand?

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Christmas present ideas for every travel lover

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a bit of a travel addict and love anything travel-related, that when it comes to presents I'm full of ideas. If you have a friend or partner who is massively obsessed with travel and you're still unsure about what to get them for Christmas, here are a few suggestions.

Disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links.

Christmas present ideas for every travel fan

Book a trip away

It goes without saying but if you want to go all out this Christmas for your travel-loving partner or pal, a trip is the right step forward. It could be a hotel stay in a new city, somewhere abroad or a local country town, whatever you fancy. Deals will be flying about all over the place for next year now - so see what you can find and create that dream Christmas present.

Book a day out or experience

If you don't have a massive budget but still want to give a 'doing' gift then an experience or day out is a perfect choice. It'll mean you also give the gift of time together as their present and doing something they love. It could be a trip to the theatre, going to a cocktail class, go-karting, to the spa, or even for a lovely afternoon tea. There is plenty of day-out ideas available and websites that offer exciting experiences.

Personalised passport holder and luggage tag

For the travel addict, a passport is kind of like their best friend so a cover and luggage tag would come in handy. There are millions of really cute designs online that you can buy, however, if you want to make it a little bit more special, get a personalised cover. You could add their name a little travel quote or their initials - be as creative as you'd like.

Travel fan present ideas for Christmas

Travel journal 

One of the exciting things about travelling is documenting it all to look back over time. If your friend or partner loves to write or document what they're doing during their travels, treat them to a beautiful travel journal. Again, you can find plenty of different designs online on places like Etsy or Paperchase.

Scrapbook/photo album

Another way to document travels is through photos. If you and your partner travel a lot, put together a photo album of all your favourite travel photos or put the photos and things you've collected along the way together in a scrapbook. I'll make for a very special and sentimental gift they can treasure for a lifetime.

Wall prints

Continuing with the photo theme, another option is to have those all exciting travel photos printed out and put into frames, as a canvas or a collage on the wall. There are loads of different ways you can present photos in your home, and it's also something you can look back on to remind you of those good times.


For any travel-loving person, a scratch-map is a must. It means they can scratch off all the places they've visited and continue to tick off new countries on the bucket list. And, if they keep it on the wall, people can ask about the countries they've visited.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any more travel present ideas?

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Helpful tips for an anxious traveller

Well hello to you my reader chums! If you're a consistent follower of this blog then you'd know I'm a massive travel addict and love seeing new places. However, things weren't always this way. A few years ago, any thought of travel made me anxious; this included buses, trains, taxis and especially, flying. It took me a while to get over the fear of travelling and turn it into something I really enjoy. With that in mind, I've got a few tips that'll help out an anxious traveller.

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Helpful tips for an anxious traveller

Take someone along you're comfortable with 

The number one thing that helped me with travelling was taking some along with me. It was either my sister or my best friend - they were both my safety blanket and I felt at ease in any situation with them by my side. If you're not comfortable on your own, invite someone along, whether it's running errands or going to the city for the day. If you explain to your friends/family how you're feeling, I'm sure they'll do all they can to help you feel at ease.

Bring distractions to keep your mind occupied

If however you need to go somewhere and there's nobody around to accompany you, I'd highly recommend bringing distractions. This could be a book to read, a podcast or whichever music you wish. Calm apps are also available such as Calm.com, Headspace, and Relaxlite - I've found these massively helpful over the years.  Distractions are key as they'll switch your focus from what's going on around you to that distraction. Pick something you know will fully engage your brain, especially when it's on anxiety overload. 

Ring someone

 Likewise, if you're alone and feeling anxious, ring somebody. Having someone on the other side of the phone will distract you from travelling and any thoughts going on inside your head.

Write down your thoughts

 Like any situation when your anxiety is going crazy. writing down your thoughts can really help. It'll take them off your mind and onto paper, and allow you to think clearly about other things.

Know your route 

Another thing to do is to plan out your route and know exactly where you're going. This will put your mind at ease before you set off as you'll have every detail planned in your head that you won't need to think about it. For instance, make sure you know the name and address of your accommodation on arrival, so you can find a way of transport to reach it - whether that's by taxi or public transport.

Always have a backup option 

With travelling, undoubtedly not everything goes to plan and that's why it's important to have a backup plan or be aware of one. That way, if something does go wrong during travelling, you have something to fall back on and hopefully won't panic as much.

Travel as much as you can and keep going

The main thing that helped me overcome the travelling fear was keeping at it. I pushed myself to go on public transport, to travel on my own and fly a lot, in hope of overcoming that fear - and it really worked. Once you travel a lot, you realise how common it is and how many people do it per day. 

I hope these tips were helpful to you. What other tips do you have for anxious travellers?

Thank you for reading <3

November favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! Winter is finally here and the Christmas countdown has begun. I love this time of year; it means wrapping up in cosy clothes, planning Christmas presents and doing all things festive. November has been a busy and exciting month, and I tried a lot of new products that I've grown to love. Just to note, a few of these products were gifted to me.

Here are my November favourites...

November favourites

Natural Line's day cream 

I've been looking for a new moisturiser for ages, something that'll feel as if it's actually thoroughly moisturising my skin, and this day cream is just that. I was kindly sent it to try out and I couldn't be more thankful. The cream has a very thick consistency and sinks into the skin rather well. It also has a very natural scent and doesn't feel as if you're putting loads of chemicals onto the skin.

Misguided 'babe power' perfume

I love trying out new perfumes and rocking a new scent. This Misguided perfume, wasn't only stunning because of the scent but how it looks. The perfume is in an actual can - how cool is that? It's a metallic pink can, and squirts when you press the lid. The scent is very sweet but super lovely and smells kind of like cherries. I love it and think it'll make the perfect summer perfume.

Kiko's lip liner in '315'

I've raved about Kiko's makeup products for years now. Everything I've tried from them is top quality and compliments my makeup looks really well, especially their lip liners. Their lip liners last on the lips all day long, and help lipstick applied on top hold it's lasting power. 315 is my favourite to wear, it's a dusky and slightly dark pink. The lip liner comes out pretty matte, and despite the consistency, doesn't go too dry on the lips - it's ever so creamy.

November favourites

La Biothetique Paris hair intense mask

My hair is naturally very curly, and that makes it both frizzy and dry majority of the time. That when I got sent this mask, all my hair dreams got answered. You have to leave the hair mask on for 10 minutes, and after it's washed off, my hair feels super silky. The scent is lemongrass so also very natural and feels like it's doing wonders to the hair.

Kiko's copper eyeshadow in '102'

Autumn/winter time is the period of the year to wear copper eyeshadows, and I love that. Copper really suits my blue eyes and brings out the colour more, that it's the perfect look for me. This single eyeshadow is everything of copper dreams; it's pigmented, blends well and is the perfect copper colour pay off. I love that you can just wear that and it looks lush.

Natural Line's basil and lemongrass shower gel 

The day cream I previously mentioned is from the same range as this shower gel. I've fallen in love with this shower gel; it's really natural, has a lingering scent and lathers up on the skin.

Driving test

November favourites

This month, I managed to pass my driving test and I couldn't be more excited! I've been doing lessons on and off for a while now so it feels fantastic to finally get that certificate in my hand and buy my own car.

I hope you enjoyed this favourites post. What are your monthly favourites?

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Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent

Well hello to you my reader chums! It's safe to say, I'm a massive foodie and love nothing more than going out for a bite to eat, either casually or on occasion. Trying new foods is always so exciting, that when The Plough Inn invited me along in celebration for their new restaurant makeover, I couldn't wait to see what it was like.

Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent

Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent


Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent

Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent

As the restaurant had just been decorated, the decor was completely new - and looked beautiful. I can only describe it as 'Pinterest worthy'. There were dimmed lights (the kind that is really hard to photograph), plush but modern leather chairs and an array of dark brown washed tables in the main restaurant area. The restaurant also had sections with 'fancier' looking tables which I imagine are in aid of celebrations as they were tucked away from the main hub. These tables have velvet-like fabric chairs and lengthy tables for guests to dine. I honestly fell in love with the interior.

Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent

Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent

Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent

The bar area was on the same level - and even more cozy. It has a rustic looking fireplace with two comfortable sofas right next to it - the perfect away from home setting to enjoy a drink. There were also plenty of tables surrounding the bar area. The setting overall, felt very intimate and luxurious considering the new revamp.


Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent

When it comes to a restaurant, I can't help judge it by its menu choice - and The Plough Inn had a fabulous selection. The menu is very 'typically English' with the range of meat dishes, such as steaks, roast joints etc, and the desserts were on another level. There are the chocolate choices for those with a sweet tooth or classic desserts including sticky toffee and vanilla cheesecake. A bit of something for everyone!


Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent

Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent

For food, I ordered a classic Sunday roast and a brownie for dessert. The dinner was presented very nicely and the serving sizes were quite hefty - which I loved. Their roast had the most delicious marinated vegetables and made for a great end to a Sunday. Our brownies were moist, warm and melted in the mouth. And the wine, well you can never go wrong with a bottle of Rose right?


The service at the Plough Inn was really friendly. All the staff were attentive and asked frequently if we needed anything and our thoughts on the food. I couldn't have wished for more polite staff.

Restaurant review: The Plough Inn Eynsford, Kent

Overall, The Plough Inn is a lovely restaurant suitable for date night, family meals and more. There's a wide selection of food, the interior is lush and the atmosphere is stunning. If you're from Dartford, I'd highly recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed this restaurant review. Have you visited The Plough Inn?

Thank you for reading <3

Eco-friendly guide to packing

Well hello to you my reader chums! It's no secret that society's daily life is having a harmful impact on the environment - and we need to begin doing something about it. I'm no eco-saint, however, I've started making little changes in my lifestyle that'll have a more positive impact on the environment. As I travel a lot, I'm aware of the environmental impacts and have therefore come up with some tips to share with you.

Here's my eco-friendly guide to packing...

Eco-friendly guide to packing

Whether it's visiting a city for a long weekend or backpacking a rural country for a month, there are things you can do, to ensure you're packing in an eco-friendly way.

Purchase a reusable water bottle

Probably the most obvious point, buying a reusable water bottle. Wherever in the world you are, you need to stay hydrated and water is the best thing for that. Having a water bottle on the go always will allow you to fill it up at any cafe or restaurant you pass - and prevent the necessity of purchasing small disposable bottles over and over again. 

You can buy water bottles of all shapes and sizes, which allows you to find one that'll fit your bag perfectly. There are also filtered bottles available, and bottles such as the Chillys brand that'll keep water cold all day long.

Pack a few tote bags

Similar to buying a lot of disposable water bottles, we do the same with plastic bags. Most supermarkets now charge for plastic bags to essentially prevent people from getting more. However, to be one step ahead of the game, bring your own. When you pack your suitcase or backpack, bring a few tote bags along - so if you want a shopping spree or need to go for a food shop on your trip, you'll already have bags to hand.

Consider swapping to a bamboo toothbrush 

Plastic toothbrushes are the norm for everyday living, however, they have a worse impact on the environment than you may think. Many toothbrushes are not biodegradable and can sit in a landfill for years, instead of decomposing. With that in mind, by swapping to a bamboo toothbrush, when you change it on your travels, it can be recycled and you'll be doing that bit for the planet.

Bring travel size reusable cutlery and straws

When travelling, I'm pretty guilty of buying a milkshake or take-out food in a local cafe, who most-of-the-time hand out disposable plastic cutlery and straws. To prevent the usage of disposable plastic, pack yourself a set of travel size reusable cutlery and steel straws. There's plenty of places to buy them online and they will come in handy more than you think.

Eco-friendly guide to packing

Use organic or reusable sanitary products

When I started researching into ways to make my lifestyle more eco-friendly I also came across sanitary products. It's no secret girls get periods, but what many people don't know is that majority of sanitary waste cannot be recycled and sits in a landfill. To make that change as you're travelling, consider reusable options such as moon cups, or cotton sanitary pads, or those made of biodegradable materials.

Get yourself a collapsible coffee cup

You may have seen many shops and cafes stocking reusable coffee cups, and they're definitely the way forward. If you're a big coffee fan or love a hot drink, invest in a reusable cup to take on your travels. You can either buy a standard glass one - or choose a collapsible cup. These cups mean after you've finished your drink, you can collapse them into a disk and store them in your backpack - a convenient and easy way to buy coffee.

Try shampoo bars

The first time I heard about shampoo bars was in Lush. I always go past them as I pick up every bath bomb in sight, but never had the chance to buy one. However, after I read about them, I realised how eco-friendly they were and how easy they are to bring travelling. Shampoo bars will take up less space in your baggage, can be reused many times and have no excess packaging. That means when you're finished, you won't be throwing away several plastic bottles. The whole product will be used on your hair and that's all.

Purchase a microfiber towel

If you're travelling for a long period of time in a hot country, a microfiber towel will come in handy, and it's beneficial to the environment too. Microfiber towels are much more absorbent than a regular towel and are smaller in size! They're also quick drying, and as they're slightly smaller, reduce water usage when you wash them.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other eco-friendly ways can you pack?

Thank you for reading <3

8 things you need to know before visiting Venice

Well hello to you my reader chums! Oh, Venice, Italy's famous canal city and one of my favourite places I've ever visited. There's something about Venice that's ever so breathtaking; the gorgeous architecture, never-ending canals, and enough pizza to eat for years and years. As a bucket list destination, many flock to the canal city every day - and before my visit, I wanted to know all the hints and tips about Venice.

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Here are 8 things you need to know before visiting Venice...

8 things you need to know before visiting Venice

There are two areas of Venice

When you book your trip to Venice, it's important to be aware of the two different areas. The first is mainland Venice and the second is the actual island of Venice. They're both of course Venice, just split into two by a road and railway track. The airport is on the mainland and you can either get a taxi or train to the 'island'. 

Consider different accommodation options

Venice accommodation without a doubt is expensive, especially near the main hub of St Marks Square. For cheaper options, shop around a bit. Consider staying in an Airbnb instead of a hotel, or renting out a room on your visit. Another consideration is staying on the mainland. Although this means getting a train into the island every day, it could bring costs down.

On my trip, I stayed in an Airbnb around the San Polo area which wasn't too far from the main hub of Venice. It was pretty hard to find something within budget and near the attractions, however, it took a little research and our quaint apartment was perfect.

Google maps do not work

Something to note on your trip to Venice is Google Maps don't work properly. Your best way to get around is by using an actual map or asking for directions. The main part of Venice has signed to tourist attractions, and once you get your bearings, it's a bit easier to navigate around.

Piazzale Roma is the transport hub 

On the island, the main form of transport is boats, gondolas, and water taxis. To make your way off the island to the mainland, you'll need to head over to Piazzale Roma. This is where you can get transportation to the airport and the only location where cars/buses will go out of Venice. The Santa Lucia station is the train station out of Venice onto the mainland.

8 things you need to know before visiting Venice

Book your gondola ride there

One of the things I'm thrilled I did on my trip, was book my gondola ride when we arrived in Venice. That way, we got to have a walk around and choose which route we'd like the gondola to take. If you pre-book your gondola ride, it takes away that personal touch of choosing what you'd like to see.

Take advantage of the free things to do

The beauty of Venice is a lot of the sights are free. You can simply take a stroll down the canals, walk through St Marks Square, or over the Rialto Bridge; there's so much to see. Take advantage of all the free activities and sights on offer - it makes budget travel in Venice so much easier. For instance, San Marco Basilica has free admission and there are plenty of other cathedrals in store.

Avoid dining in tourist spots

I say this in many popular tourist destinations, but typically dining near attraction tends to cost more, and the food isn't as authentic. When I'm in Italy especially, I love trying the authentic pizza and pasta, and finding the hidden eateries is the best thing to do. I made the mistake of dining in St Marks Square to get the full experience, but it was a very costly dinner. I would advise getting that experience, to have a drink in St Marks and listen to live music (it'll save you a bit of money).

The quaint backroads have plenty to see

One of my favourite parts of Venice was the quiet hidden roads where the locals lived - and that's where my apartment was. It made the walk to and from the apartment every day a lovely experience, as we could explore the hidden side of Venice. I took a lot of random walks around the 'quieter areas' and we found some beautiful canals, restaurants and saw a lot of locals - I loved it.

8 things you need to know before visiting Venice

I hope you enjoyed this post about Venice. Have you got a trip planned?

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Kathleen 'Sensual Rose' roll on perfume oil review

Well hello to you my reader chums! I've never tried perfume oils before so when Kathleen got in touch to let me try some of theirs, I couldn't wait. I chose the 'Sensual Rose' because I love roses and wanted to see what it would be like. The oil is designed as a subtle way to wear a scent, and top it up as you go.

After using the oil a few times, I loved it and wanted to share my thoughts. Here's my review of Kathleen's 'Sensual Rose' roll on perfume oil...

Kathleen 'Sensual Rose' roll on perfume oil review


I particularly love the packaging of this product. It's only a 10ml glass bottle with a screw-able top, and is the perfect size for travel. As I travel a lot, it comes in handy to pop in my suitcase, or liquids bag on the plane and handbag on the go. The rollerball is made of silver metal, and means when applied to the skin, it has that extra cooling factor. 


The 'Sensual Rose' scent is what the name says, rose. The perfume is a subtle musky rose scent with an added freshness to it. As the scent doesn't linger as such, it makes for more of an everyday wear, that's easy to top up whenever you please considering the small bottle.


I think my favourite thing about the oil is the texture on the skin. As you apply it, especially on wet skin, it's incredibly soft and soothing, that you can even give yourself a little arm massage. Although it does dry pretty quickly, once it's set into the skin, it feels really smooth like you've rubbed in an intense moisturiser.

Kathleen 'Sensual Rose' roll on perfume oil review


Kathleen has a whole range of natural products including perfume oils, massage oils, cleansers, shower gels, serums, mists and much more. I love how the entire range is made from natural and organic ingredients, as I know I'm not putting anything artificial on the skin. The whole story and concept behind the range is inspiring, and exactly the kind of thing I personally like to hear about skincare, as you have the comfort of knowing it comes from a good source.

Overall opinions

Considering this was my first time trying perfume oils, I was intrigued by the whole concept. I really liked this product - it provides a perfect subtle scent, is easy to travel with and has a lovely soothing effect. I think it also can help you freshen up throughout the day if you just pop it in your handbag and apply as you go. If you're looking for a subtle perfume on the go, this is for you.

For more information about their perfume oils range and if you'd like to buy your own, check out their website.

Kathleen 'Sensual Rose' roll on perfume oil review

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried perfume oils?

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The berry lipsticks to wear this winter

Well hello to you my reader chums! Tis' the season for fairy lights, film nights in, tartan scarves and every blogger's favourite: berry lipsticks. I'm a huge berry lipstick fan and when it comes to buying a new lipstick, I always draw towards those shades. As someone whose gathered a lot of berry lipsticks, I wanted to share my favourites with you.

Here are the berry lipsticks to wear this winter...

The berry lipsticks to wear this winter

Kiko's matte lipstick in 'Velvet Passion'

I mentioned this lipstick in my October favourites, as it's become my go to berry lipstick lately. Unlike your typical bright berry, it's quite toned down and can be worn for a variety of looks. That's what I love the most - its versatility. The lipstick can be worn on everyday wear and to jazz an outfit up. The shade is a mix between berry and mauve, and is slightly darker than expected. It's not the longest wearing lipstick, however it's the creamiest texture on the lips and sits very comfortably.

Charlotte Tilbury's 'Glastonberry'

Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks are the most beautifully packaged around; you really can't beat the rose gold tube. 'Glastonberry' has been raved about for years, and I can see why. It's a typical, dark berry lipstick that will match with every autumnal look. The lipstick is creamy, comfortable and feels luxurious to wear.

Pixi by Petra liquid lipstick in 'Berry Boost'

For those who prefer a pink toned berry, this one is for you. The liquid lipsticks are as it says by the name, very liquid based. Even though it is rather watery as you apply it, considering the texture it doesn't take too long to set on the lips. The lasting power is really strong, and it works as more of a lip stain.

The berry lipsticks to wear this winter

Sleek's sheen lipstick in 'Cherry'

I love matte lipsticks as they tend to last longer on the lips, however not everyone is a fan of matte and prefer creamier consistencies. This sheen lipstick is the one to go for. It has a similar opaqueness of a dark berry/red lipstick with a soft texture on the lips.

Kiko's Enigma lipstick in 03

This lipstick is very similar to 'velvet passion' just a little lighter in shade. It's quite mauve toned and has a super soft texture. I love wearing this as an everyday lipstick because it's rather toned down with a little colour pop. The packaging is also really unique - to close the lipstick, there's a magnet which makes it very handy to travel with.

Nyx's matte liquid lipstick in 'Rome'

A berry lipstick with my favourite city's name? It's a yes from me. Like all Nyx's matte lipsticks, it has the whole package: long lasting power, an opaque colour and soft texture. 'Rome' is more of a  brown toned lipstick and has berry colour running though it. It's a great everyday lipstick and I couldn't recommend it more.

The berry lipsticks to wear this winter

I hope you liked this berry lipstick post. What's your favourite berry lipstick?

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6 ways to save money in Copenhagen

Well hello to you my reader chums! Copehangen is one of those cities that has a completely different appeal to it, compared to many other European capitals I've visited. It has a calm atmosphere like no other and doesn't feel touristy at all - I loved it. Prior to my trip, I heard many people say how expensive Copenhagen was, and the ways to avoid it. As I was on a budget during my short break, I picked up a few ways to save the pennies and thought I'd share that wisdom to stay in budget. 

Disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links.

Here are 6 ways to save money in Copenhagen...

6 ways to save money in Copenhagen

Stay out of the city centre

Undoubtedly, like all cities, staying in the centre can typically cost more than accommodation further out. Nørrebro, a residential neighborhood, proved a lot cheaper to stay than near the main sights. The neighbourhood was only a 15-minute walk from the tube station and a couple of stops from all the tourist areas. It also had a lovely, homely and safe appeal about it!

I also opted for an Airbnb instead of a hotel, as again it worked out a lot cheaper, and was located in the heart of Nørrebro.

Buy a tube pass

If you are staying slightly away from the city centre, the tube system is your best pal. Although Copenhagen doesn't have a very large tube system at all (there are only 2 lines), each stop is in walking reach to the popular tourist attractions. With that in mind, I'd recommend buying a tube pass as you're able to hop on and off whenever you please over the course of a few days. They offer either a day pass, 2, 3 or more at different prices. I bought the 3 day one for £25 and for the amount of time I used it, I really got my money's worth. Alterntaively, there are buses or you can hire a bike to get around (but it can work out pretty pricey)

Walk everywhere

With any city, you can get a proper feel of it when you take a walk. You'll discover hidden streets and restaurants off the beaten path which you wouldn't see otherwise if you didn't take a walk. It doesn't necessarily have to be throughout the whole trip, but if the weather is nice, you could take a 15 minute walk instead of getting the tube or bus.

6 ways to save money in Copenhagen

Eat away from tourist traps

Copenhagen is very expensive to eat, especially in the centre near all the tourist attractions and that's why I'd recommend finding eateries further out. I found Nørrebro to have some beautiful independent restaurants and brunch places for very reasonable prices - so we mainly dined there to save on the pennies.
Take advantage of free things to do

Not all tourist attractions cost money, and in Copenhagen there are plenty of free things to do. Take a stroll down the famous Nyvhan Harbour, see the Little Mermaid statue, visit the many parks, check out some of the free museums or even witness the change of guards - there's more than you think on offer.

Have a everyday budget  

The key when it comes to saving money on a trip is having a budget for each day. I like to have a rough set amount for each day but also take into consideration what I'll be doing each day. For instance, if I'm going to go to visit the castle, palace and head out for dinner that day, I'll need to have a slightly larger budget than the day I'm heading for a stroll round the harbour and to see the Little Mermaid. It's all about keeping in your means, and setting a certain amount for activity.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your money saving tips in Copenhagen?

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October favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! Like every single month this year, October has gone by very fast and that's left me with a bitter sweet feeling. I love October; it's the month where autumn really kicks off. The days become shorter, evenings get cozier and my favourite fashion items come out. I've gathered a few favourites over this past month and can't wait to share them.

Here are my October favourites...

October favourites

Urban Decay's Naked original palette

After the news that Urban Decay are discontinuing the Naked 1 palette, I wanted to give mine some love again. I used to obsess over the Naked 1 palette, however forgot about it for a while. However, this month I've rekindled my obsession and every time I wore eye shadow, this palette would be my go to. My favourtie shade is 'Half baked'. It's been raved for years and years and I will always speak about it. The gold shade works for a variety of looks and compliments blue eyes especially well.

Primark's mustard cardigan 

It's no news that autumn clothes are my favourite ever to wear, and Primark's range this year is heavenly. Picture all things mustard, brown, red and burnt orange - with plenty of tartan scarves thrown in. My favourite clothing item the past few weeks is their gorgeous mustard cardigan. I originally saw on Twitter and thought 'I need this' and headed to my local Primark and found it! The cardigan is super soft, warm and pairs beautifully with striped tops (aka my favourite fashion statement).

Pixi by Petra liquid lipstick in Au Naturelle

I was lucky enough to receive a couple of the Pixi by Petra liquid lipsticks from my friend Charlottle from CharlottePicks. I've seen them all over my Twitter feed and couldn't wait to see what the hype was about. Although I didn't fall for the red shade, the nude colour really took my fancy. 'Au Naturelle', is a pink toned nude and adds that hint of colour to the lips. Although it is quite liquidy and takes a while to set, it lasts forever on the lips.

October favourites

Kiko's matte lipstick in 'Velvet Passion'

I'm a big fan of berry lipsticks, and autumn is the season for all the collection to come out. A lipstick I've recently bought is Kiko's in 'Velvet Passion'. It's one of those underrated lipsticks that I always forgot about. However, over the past month I've been keeping it in my handbag to rock on autumnal days, and fell in love with it a bit. The lipstick is a toned down berry shade so doesn't look too over the top but is enough to make a statement if that makes sense. The consistency is incredibly creamy and sits comfortably on the lips. Although the lasting power isn't the greatest, I love how easy and versatile is to wear.

'Selfie' makeup bag

I love a good makeup bag. As someone who travels quite a lot, good makeup storage in the suitcase is vital. I received this lovely makeup bag from a good friend and have become obsessed with it. Unlike other bags I've had, it fits all my makeup and isn't too big that it doesn't take up a huge amount of room. I also love the super cute phrase on the front!

Maybelline's 24hr eye shadow tattoo in 'Creme De Nude'

I've been a fan of Maybelline's eye shadow tattoos for the longest time and the past few weeks have been obsessing over the 'Creme De Nude' shade. Unlike other paint pots, as it's a nude, it neutralises any colours on the lid to give you an even base rather than enhancing colour. The cream helps the shadows last longer - and they're really affordable.

Pumpkin Moon

October favourites

In the spirit of autumn and Halloween, my boyfriend and I took a trip down to a local pumpkin patch, Pumpkin Moon. I've never been to one before and picked out my own pumpkins - but the experience was lovely. We got to pick out a variety including some super cute small ones you couldn't find at the supermarkets.

I hope you enjoyed my October favourites. What have you been loving this month?

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