10 things travelling has taught me

 Well hello to you my reader chums! It's no secret travelling is my biggest passion in life. I adore hopping on a plane and venturing to new countries, discovering new cultures and sampling different foods. It's a part of who I am and I don't think the wanderlust or curiosity will ever leave me. 

To date, I've travelled to 22 countries and there are still many more I can't wait to visit and explore. The world is wide and I want to see as much of it as I can. If you're a traveller like me or want to start travelling, here are 10 things travelling has taught me.

10 things travelling has taught me

To be open-minded

The world is wide. The world is diverse. The world is full of different cultures and people. I don't think I fully understood that until I went out and started seeing and experiencing new things, and ticking more countries off my list. The more I saw, the more open-minded I became. I learnt about history that had shaped different countries, about different religions and customs they practice and the importance of practices in certain cultures. It really made me realise we all need to be more open-minded and understanding of how diverse everyone is.

Be more confident in what I'm able to do

Confidence is something I've worked on growing my whole adult life because growing up I was shy and quiet and had no confidence in myself whatsoever. Travelling is something which has really boosted my confidence and helped me feel confident in what I'm able to do. It gave me that boost to try new things, not be afraid of the world and meet new people, or try new foods. It boosted my confidence in every way and gave me the get up and go to simply do it, and live my best life.

The world isn't a scary place

The media does a great job of trying to influence how we should feel about different countries and the dangers the world has. However, the world isn't a scary place. Of course, there are terrible things which happen wherever you go, even in your home town and this is why it shouldn't stop you from travelling. Scary things can happen but unfortunately, it's part of life. However, for the most part, when travelling, I feel safe and find comfort in embracing wherever I am.

You can find kindness wherever you go

People are kind. I found kindness in the most random of places all around the world and contrary to the belief of the dangers the world does have, kindness always prevails. People have this way of caring for other people - and this has really taught me not to be afraid to meet and talk to others. We all deserve kindness and we all should uphold this kind mantra.

Authentic food is the one

I am a massive foodie and travelling has helped me develop my food palate a lot more. I used to be the fussiest eater, however, travelling has given me the curiosity to try pretty much anything and see if I like it. It's also made me turn into a bit of a food snob and want to eat the most authentic food wherever I choose to visit, and basically try the best. My palate is now a lot more varied than it used to be!

How to pack lightly

I used to be the biggest over-packer EVER. Now, as I travel all the time, I have my ways of packing lightly, only bringing the thing I need and minimising the number of toiletries, electricals and any miscellaneous items. You don't need to overpack - as long as you have your passport and phone, you can pretty much buy anything anyway.

The power of experience

I've always been more of an 'experience' person over a material person, but travelling has really cemented that love more. Your experiences are the things which make you who you are and turn into great stories to tell to those around you - that's why they hold so much importance. Travelling and seeing new things is an experience like no other, and that in itself is powerful. It can change your life for the better.

The joy of booking a last-minute flight

Skyscanner is like my best friend. I love searching for cheap flights and seeing random deals on offer. There is no better feeling than booking a last-minute flight and hopping on it a few days or weeks after - it brings an excitable amount of joy. There's so much joy in spontaneity. 

The freedom travelling brings

I don't know how to explain the freedom of travelling. When I'm away, it's as if the everyday worries disappear and I can just enjoy where I am, what I'm doing and how I'm feeling. I can be present. I can be free. And I can live my best life.

The love I have for experiencing new things

As an anxious person, I didn't think I'd be so in love with trying and experiencing new things all the time, however, it's now a part of me and I adore it more than anything. Thank you to all my travels for teaching me this - and all of the above lessons.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What has travelling taught you?

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Top 10 tips on packing light

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm constantly travelling and because of that, over the years, I've learnt how to pack and more importantly, how to pack lightly

Whether you're new to travelling or looking for some packing tips, here are my top 10 tips on packing light.

Whether you're new to travelling or looking for some packing tips, here are my top 10 tips on packing light.

Pack and then half the amount

When it comes to packing, I think many of us get too excited about our trip and put our whole wardrobe and more into our bags. I have to admit this used to be me and I would bring every item and toiletries possible in case I'd run out of anything. When really, for the most part, you can pretty much buy anything you're out of abroad even clothes - so there's no need to be extra cautious. I always say pack everything you think you need and then half it - you'll thank me later.

Minimise your beauty products

Toiletries can weigh up, especially if you're big on skincare, however, they don't have to. Minimise the amount you bring, such as forget the toner or bring less makeup with you. I can assure you, when on holiday, you won't feel the need to do the same routines at home or wear as much make-up as you usually would. Think smartly with your beauty routine.

Use solid products

I'm a huge fan of solid toiletries and have been using shampoo, conditioner and deodorant all in the solid form for years and I'm obsessed. I find the items last a lot longer (perfect for lengthier trips), are lighter to pack and don't count as liquids in hand luggage too. They're also a lot better for the planet and most of the time, your skin/body too.

Use packing cubes

Packing cubes are a DREAM and a lifesaver. They can make packing so much easier for many reasons. One, because you can organise your clothes into different sections. Two, you can cram more items into the packing cubes and this helps you save space in your suitcase. Plus, it can also help you plan out what you want to wear. 

Only bring two pairs of shoes

Shoes can take up a lot of room in a suitcase or bag and this is why you only need to pack two pairs of shoes. The first should be a comfortable pair such as trainers which you can wear for exploring, travelling and getting around. And, the other pair will be a nicer pair to wear for evenings out or if you want to look a bit dressier. Also, make sure you wear the heavier pair when you travel to save room.

Pack versatile pieces of clothing

You need to be clever with your outfits for the trip and that means versatility. Pack a jacket which can match all of your outfits. Bring a top you can wear with both a skirt and jeans. Use the beach coverup as a skirt. There are plenty of ways you can be versatile - and I would advise sorting through your wardrobe and having a big think.

Wear your heaviest item of clothing

We all have that one travel outfit we can't travel without or a jumper that feels super cosy - wear that whilst you fly. This will save plenty of space in your case and you'll also feel your best self when travelling.

Plan out your outfits 

These other points lead me onto this one: plan out your outfits. Factor in where you're going, what activities you're doing and check the weather forecast for the course of your stay. All of these things will help you plan outfits accordingly and bring items suitable for your trip.

Don't bring things unless you'll use it

This also leads me to this point: don't bring pointless pieces of clothing unless you're going to use them. It's a waste of space and will just take up weight in your suitcase. 

Lists are your best friend

Planning is key when packing and writing a list can help you stay organised with that. I always have a list before I go and it helps me in case I forget everything and remember the little things too.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any other tips?

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How to practice self-love in a relationship

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a huge advocate for self-love as many of you may know. It's something I promote and talk about all the time on my blog because I believe we all deserve to be the love of our own life and fully accept who we are.

When entering into a relationship, many of us don't think self-love is needed as much but honestly, it's needed even more than ever. You need to learn how to love yourself so you're able to show your partner how best to love you. And, it's important to remember relationships should add to or compliment your life, they aren't there to fill up your whole happiness cup.

If you're in a new relationship or looking for advice on self-love, here are my best tips to practice self-love in a relationship.

How to practice self-love in a relationship

Have 'you' time

'You' time is incredibly important but especially when you're in a relationship. When in a relationship, your time isn't fully your own anymore because you'll want to spend time with your partner and your social circle, inevitably gets a lot bigger - this is why it's essential to prioritise that time for you. It could be an evening or two a week or a whole day, just ensure you're making it a regular thing, as it'll prevent you from losing yourself. 

Continue practising all of your hobbies

Hobbies are incredibly important. We all have passions and things which make our hearts soar and you need to keep doing those for yourself. It'll help develop your mind and fall in love with more things in your life, and give you things of your own. Your partner is a massive part of your life, but it's important to grow as people as well as grow together, and that's where the beauty of hobbies fits in.

Learn about your own love languages

Love languages are something we should be taught in school. We all give love in different ways and we all feel love in different ways. It's important to recognise which love language is yours, whether that's quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch or receiving gifts. Once you know which love language is yours, you can learn to give that love to yourself and also educate your partner on how best you feel loved.

Continue to be your own hype person

A relationship means having your own hype person, however, it doesn't mean you should stop being that hype person to yourself. Compliment yourself, praise yourself for your achievements, talk yourself up on a bad day and treat yourself. You deserve to continue being kind to yourself and being the love of your own life.

Practice healthy habits

It's natural when you get into a relationship to fall into each other's habits rather than maintain your own and why it's important to recognise which habits are significant for you - and can be put in place. This can be going to the gym, doing pilates, making better eating habits or getting outside in the evening rather than watching TV. Whatever they are, practise the habits to ensure they become a regular thing.

Learn to develop emotional boundaries

Boundaries are important for your own emotional needs, and also play a big part in a relationship too. It's important even when in a relationship to be self-sufficient and learn to regulate your own emotions because even though your partner is there to support you, they can't do it all for you - and is where setting boundaries come into play to look after yourself.

Practice gratitude

Gratitude can really change your life and is one of the best ways to help you practice self-love. Practising gratitude daily will help you fall in love with yourself and your life even more - and can help you have a better foundation for your relationship too.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What would you add?

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Book review: Three Sisters by Heather Morris

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a big fan of historical novels, I love reading books based on a time period I haven't experienced and learning more about what life was like back then. It always fascinates me and if you've read my previous reviews, you will probably see a theme.

I really enjoyed the Tattooist of Auschwitz, Cilka's JourneyThe Twins of Auschwitz, and The Red Ribbon; I couldn't wait to read the Three Sisters and learn more about their story. If you're thinking of reading The Three Sisters by Heather Morris, here is my full review.

Book review: Three Sisters by Heather Morris


Based on the true tale of sisters Cibi, Madga and Livia, this book follows their journey of living in Auschwitz. The sisters made a promise to their late father that they'll stay together no matter what and this is what the premise of the book is all about. Years later, when the youngest Livia is 16, the Nazis order her to Auschwitz and Cibi the oldest sister, won't let her go alone. Together, they fight to survive the unimaginable at the camps. Magda the middle sister stays with her mother and grandfather, hiding from Nazis at their neighbour's house and in the forest. However, one day the Nazis finally find them and she is transported to the death camp. In Auschwitz-Birkenau, they are reunited once more and make another promise together: to survive.

Characters and relationships

The characters in this book are what make the entire story if I'm honest. The sisters Cibi, Magda and Livia are all completely different and their personalities and bond are what makes the story so special and inspiring. Cibi has that older sister's resilience, ensuring to look after both of her sisters and does anything to keep them both safe and alive. She is brave in every sense of the word, caring and sacrificing many things. I adored reading about her bond with Livia and how together, they were even stronger. Livia may only be three years younger, but throughout the book, you can tell she has that innocent energy about her and I loved seeing that grow and develop, but also admire how incredibly strong she was, at an age you barely know yourself. Magda completes the three sisters and brings out something different in them all, but I especially loved how Cibi and Madga cared for their baby sister and put her above and beyond anything.

Their relationship really shows the importance of family, health and love, and if you can believe it, you can get through anything together. Their bond with their mum and grandfather was also incredibly special, and I could feel the love between them bouncing off the pages.

Overall thoughts

Overall, this book broke my heart in so many ways. Even though it was based on a true story, I know a lot of what happened was real and that is the hardest thing to swallow. To think the sisters experienced life like that, I couldn't help but admire their strength and courage to get them through every day in the camp.

The story is beautifully written, highlighting the endeavours of went on in the day-to-day but also showing the importance of the sisters' bond and their journey through years in the camp and beyond. It's inspiring reading the harrowing scenes they witnessed and experienced, and their determination to survive is stronger than anything.


Despite the harrowing and heartbreaking scenes throughout the book, the ending was uplifting, wholesome and inspiring. It really put everything into perspective and left the book on a positive note. 

I hope you enjoyed this review. What is your favourite type of book?

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5 ways to practice the power of calm

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Being and feeling calm is something we all need in our lives. Life can be chaotic, life can be busy and life can be full of stress. Due to all of this, I think many of us forget to find calm every day and learn the importance of feeling what the calm part of life can do for your mental and physical health. I will be the first person to admit this is something I struggle with, however, lately, I've been working on it more and have found it makes a real difference.

If you're feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed at the minute, here are 5 ways to practice the power of calm.

5 ways to practice the power of calm

Be present more 

In a world that is so loud and busy with endless things to plan, goals to achieve and people to keep up with, being present can seem like an impossible task. However, it's one of the most important things you can do for your mental health. Being present allows you to enjoy the moment. Being present allows you to be grateful for what you have. Being present keeps your mind at bay and roaming thoughts still. It stops you from thinking too much ahead and really being there in the moment. Life goes by so fast, and that's why it's so important to slow down.

Take time out of your day to sit with your thoughts

I'm a big thinker, I love to be with my thoughts and when life gets busy, I feel like I have no time to sit and think or my mind wanders when I'm trying to do things, which never helps anyone. This is why to keep a calm approach, take time to be with your mind. Whether it's ten minutes in the morning before breakfast, in the middle of the day or at night, step out of your routine and sit with your thoughts. Think about how you're feeling, what you're grateful for and what you're looking forward to.

Schedule in 'do nothing' time

I don't remember the last time I did nothing, life always seems that hectic, hence why I need to make time to simply do nothing. And my do nothing, I mean things which take no mind power so you can fully relax such as watching TV or listening to music. Find time for this most days if not every day to allow your body to rest and recharge; it'll help you feel a lot calmer and can aid you in being more productive and sleeping better.

Find the beauty in nature

Nature is a beautiful thing and I don't think I fully appreciated how much the great outdoors can do for my mind until the last few years. I really embraced how much I adored living by the beach and its wonders for my mental health and wellbeing. When you can, take the time to find the beauty in nature. Go on coastal strolls, visit your nearby woods or countryside walks and notice the small things which happen in nature. For example, seeing the birds move around or get up close to flowers as they bloom. It's so simple but is so important to feel calm.

Schedule in 'no phone' time

As a society, mobile phones have taken over our lives and I can't be the first person to admit that. We rely on technology for pretty much everything and the notifications are what bring us back in to continue staying on our phones. Due to this, try and schedule in 'no phone' time. This can be as long or short as you like, as putting your phone away can help you be present in whatever you are doing. It'll help you focus a lot more and prevent notifications from overloading your mind.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any other tips?

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How to learn to love your changing body

 Well hello to you my reader chums! In a world where only one body type is praised and we're all made to feel bad about our bodies, body confidence can seem harder and harder to achieve. For years, I've worked on my body confidence, and reached a point of body acceptance - and felt proud of the journey I've been on.

How to learn to love your changing body

However, getting older and turning 26, over the last year or so, I've noticed how much my body has changed and honestly, it has been a hard thing for me to deal with. If you're struggling with the change in your body and looking for some advice, here are my best tips.

Appreciate what your body does for you

I think something we all forget when fixating on what our body looks like is everything it does for us. Our body is our home and we should treat it like that. It protects us, it keeps us healthy and it has so many incredible elements to it to help us function. If you think about your body in this light, it'll help you learn to love it a lot more, because it's one of the reasons you exist.

Accept that your body changing is a part of life

This is something which really has helped me come to terms with my body changing. Growing older means everything changes, including your body. Your body isn't going to remain the same as what it was in your teens or even your early twenties, it evolves over time. And is a reminder we all need to hear, especially when struggling with our body confidence. There are many different things which come with your body changing and trust me when I say this, it's all normal. It's about learning to accept what it is and how you can take care of it.

Understand social media isn't real

In the world of social media, it's always important to be reminded how it is a highlight reel - and this especially comes to light when people show off their bodies. Often bikini pics or body pics are posed in a way to make them look 'perfect' and toned. It doesn't mean they're actually like this and even if they are, it doesn't mean your body should look like that. This is why I always suggest for people do an audit of their social media, and unfollow the people who are making them feel worse about themselves.

Invest in clothes you feel comfortable in

When our body changes, we fixate on how we don't fit in our favourite clothes anymore or they don't look the same. But really, you should take this as an opportunity for a wardrobe and style change. Go shopping and find the clothes you feel comfortable in and that flatter your newfound figure. You'll be surprised to see how quickly you learn to fall in love with yourself when you find figure-suiting items.

Don't focus on clothes sizes

This leads me to this point. Just because you've gone up a clothes size or two, it doesn't make your body any less, in fact, it makes it a normal body. Plus, the clothes sizes these days are all over the place, changing across many high street shops. Instead of focusing on what size you're picking up, focus on how the clothes make you feel.

Practice body self-affirmations

I'm a big fan of self-affirmations. They're a brilliant way to practice speaking positive messages to yourself, boosting your mindset and how you feel about yourself. The best way to do this is to have these affirmations written down and read them out to yourself in the mirror. The more you read them, the more they'll sink in.

Stop comparing yourself to others 

Comparison is the thief of all joy - and this is your reminder to stop comparing your body to everyone else. We could all eat exactly the same diet and exercise the same and still look completely different. No body ever works the same - and that is why instead of focusing on how you differ from other people, focus on what you love about your body.

Look after your body

Your body is your home. Your body is your temple. It deserves to be taken care of in every way. Eat intuitively, keep active, stay hydrated and practice self-care. Your body has always got your back.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other tips would you add?

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