Let's go on a Southeast Asian adventure!

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm very excited and a bit apprehensive as I type this post, as I'm a day away from going travelling for two months. If you're an avid reader of my blog then you'd know, I'm always planning my next trip abroad, however, I've never done anything on this scale or been away from home for that period of time.

Let's go on a Southeast Asian adventure!

I'm jetting off for two months in Southeast Asia with a small holiday to Dubai on the way and I can't wait. It's been on the bucket list to do for a while. I'm firstly stopping off in Dubai for 5 days, spending 5 weeks in Thailand, 5 days in Laos, a week in Cambodia, and 10 days in Vietnam, and I can't wait!

I'm really excited for many different reasons; to experience new cultures, meet people, try new foods, see all the historic sights and relax on some of the world's best beaches. Southeast Asia will be completely different from all the places I've seen in Europe and of course, New York.

Although I'm really excited, it's going to be the strangest thing being away from home for so long. I never went to university as it wasn't for me, and have therefore never moved away from my family. It's going to be odd not coming home after a week or two and seeing my family. However, I know how excited they are for me and how excited I am to tell them about my stories. The strangest thing I also think is leaving this blog for 2 months. I've been running this blog since 2013 and posted on it weekly; I think the longest I've not posted is 2 weeks top. So leaving it for 2 months and not posting a thing is going to be a weird concept. However, if you'd love to follow along on my travels, I'm going to try and post loads over on Instagram

I'm also planning to note all my travels down in my travel journal that when I'm home, I can document it on my blog for you guys to read, and also as a memento to keep all my thoughts that I was feeling during my travels. 

If you're planning a trip just like this, find out how to plan it in my guide.

Let's go on a two-month Southeast Asian adventure! See you in April <3

I hope you enjoyed this little farewell post for now. Have you got any travel plans?

Thank you for reading <3