Review: Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner

Well hello to you my reader chums! A couple of weeks ago the company 'Faith in Nature' emailed me asking if I'd like to try out one of their shampoo and conditioners. After having a scroll through their website I saw they did a variety of scents but chose the chocolate one as who wouldn't want to wash their hair with chocolate?

Usually, I'm rather skeptical about trying new hair products because I have a rather sensitive scalp and worry the new products will flare it up. However, since I saw these products had all natural ingredients including organic cocoa in the chocolate shampoo and conditioner I was rather excited. As well as being vegan products they also are a cruelty-free company, which I love.

Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner
Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner

Consistency and scent

They sent me the 400ml bottles which gave me a good amount of product. The first time I tested it out I noticed such a difference. My hair felt so much softer and silkier compared to when I used my usual shampoo and conditioner. When I first applied it I noticed the consistency was rather thin, however, it felt rather light on the hair, and once dried my hair felt much healthier. The scent is amazing smelling just like cocoa.  

Overall thoughts

I'm honestly loving this shampoo and conditioner and would definitely recommend it. It's so lovely knowing you're putting all-natural things on your hair rather than using products that you're completely unaware of the ingredients. It has a gorgeous smell and leaves the hair feeling silky smooth. They're a bit on the pricey side costing £5.50 per bottle, yet I'd say they are completely worth it. 

Faith in Nature offers many other scents to choose from so I would check them out! Also, they sell a variety of different products! Check them out here.

Thank you for reading and for Faith in nature for sending me these hair products! I hope you enjoyed ❤

Beauty review: BarryM Loud Mouth lip collection

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I'm going to tell you all about the BarryM Loud Mouth lip collection. I was lucky enough to win the whole collection and wanted to write a full review when I had the chance to test each of the different shades out.

If you're looking for a liquid lipstick, here is my full review of BarryM's Loud Mouth lip collection.

BarryM Loud Mouth lip collection

Consistency, pigmentation and lasting power

There are 7 lip paints in total ranging from a nude to a deep burgundy colour. The lip paints are highly pigmented and give a lovely gloss finish. The consistency of them is similar to a lip gloss where the product is quite thin, however, they aren't sticky and are build-able. Due to them being very pigmented, you only need a few layers to build up the colour. They last for a few hours but can rub off quite easily when drinking/eating. To last the day I say you'd probably need to top up a couple of times.

Barry M Loud Mouth lip collection shade range

I love the cute names chosen for the shades! My favourite two being 'Diva' and 'Show off'. The selection of colours means there's one for all different occasions and I love the three middle shades to add a pop of colour to a makeup look.

Here are all the shades applied to the lips: 

'Diva'- this shade is like a burgundy/purple colour perfect for the autumn season coming up or to add a vampy lip to the look. Out of all of them, it's one of my favourites! 

'Tease'- this shade is your classic red lip colour with a lovely glossy sheen. If you prefer glossy red lips to matte red lips this product is for you. I love to match it with a neutral eye. 

'Gossip'- this lip colour is a beautiful dark pink shade. I literally love the colour of it and underestimated it at first. I'm definitely going to try and get more use out of it as I think if you want that extra bit of a darker colour but not too much this is perfect.
'Show off'- this colour is a bright coral pink and is perfect for the summertime as it gives that bold pop of colour. I've loved this on days where I've wanted a bold lip.
'Chatterbox'- this shade is more of toned-down coral pink, giving more of a subtle look in comparison to 'show off'. 
'Screamer'- this colour from the range is their only orange-toned one. It's a subtle light orange which I think gives that extra something compared to a nude lip. On days where I've wanted a subtle bit of colour I've opted for this similar to 'Chatterbox'. 

'Tell-tale' is the only nude shade in the collection. It's a very pale nude giving an added gloss to the lips rather than a full-on colour. I think if you had a full-on smoky eye, this lip colour would compliment it nicely adding a subtle gloss. 

I love this collection and I'm so happy I was able to win it and test out the products! 

Overall thoughts 

Overall I'd say the Loud Mouth lip has a lovely colour selection with beautiful pigmentation that is great quality for the price. Despite the lasting power not being as long as I hoped, the look and smell of the lip paints are fab and is recommend them! One thing I would say is to make sure you apply them with a mirror as they are very pigmented! 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed ❤

2 night out make up looks ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I'd like to share with you two alternative night out looks that you can wear to a party, an evening meal or a night out with the girls.

The nude lip look

For both looks I wore the same base makeup and changed up the eyes and lips. 

Usually I'm not a foundation wearer and stick to BB cream or just concealer and powder. However, for a night out or special occasion I love foundation as a base. The one I'm using is the Rimmel match perfection in the shade 'classic ivory'. I adore this foundation, it gives a lovely glow and a natural finish on the skin. It's extremely light yet has a fair amount of coverage! I blend this in with the real techniques buffing brush. Then I apply my usual concealer and powder. To give the look a bit of a bronze glow I then take the Bourjois chocolate box bronzer and dust it all over the face and down the neck.
For blush I used a Sleek blush in 'Rose gold' and for highlight I used the highlighter in the Sleek face form kit in 'light'. 

From the MUA starry eyes I took the light silver shade and put it all over the lid focusing on the inner corner section of the eye. I then took the darker silver next to it and applied it to the centre of the lid.

From the Smoked palette by Urban decay, I took the shade mushroom and applied it on the outer section of the eye and slightly through the crease. To add some more definition I used the shade 'blackout' and blended it in the outer corner. With the same shade I lined the upper lash line to make the lashes look thicker.

To finish the eye look, I lined my water line with a brown eye liner by MUA and coated my lashes with the 'Great lash' mascara by Maybelline.

For lips I used my favourite nude lip product which is Tanya Burr's 'Chic' lipgloss.

The neutral eye and bold lip look

For the base I applied the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and on bronze'. 
I then took this  brown shimmery shade from the MUA undress me too palette and applied it all over the lid and through the crease. 

I used the 'Super liner' by L'oreal to achieve a winged liner look. Then applied a couple of coats of Rimmel's 'Wonder'full' mascara.
To finish the look and add a bit of drama I added from BarryM's line of loud mouth collection, the shade 'Diva' on my lips. 

I think this burgundy purple shade goes perfect with the eye look! 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed and liked both of the looks <3 

Get ready with me: Wedding guest edition makeup and outfit

Well hello to you my reader chums! I love a good wedding, it's always a magical celebration full of love and laughter. If you're heading to a wedding soon and need inspiration on what to wear and wedding guest makeup, here is my wedding guest edition look.

Wedding guest makeup and outfit

Wedding guest makeup look and products

wedding guest makeup look and products

Makeup base

I first used Maybelline BB cream and blended it in with a real techniques buffing brush, I find this brush helps achieve a more natural look. Then I applied Collection's lasting perfection concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes. To set I used the Rimmel 'Stay matte' powder. 

Contour and highlight

To contour and highlight, I used the Sleek face form kit and for blush, I used another product by Sleek, the blush in 'Rose gold'. I contoured my cheeks and dusted the bronzer all over my face to enhance that bronze glow and used the highlighter for the tops of my cheekbones and my brow bone.

Eyebrows and eyeshadow 

To fill in my eyebrows I took the shade 'Lavish' in the Undress me too palette and also used the shade 'Shy' for the inner corner. For my eyeshadow as I base I blended all over the lid and crease, the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and on bronze'. On top of that, I applied shade 4 all over the lid and shade 10 in the outer corner for some definition from the Undressed palette.  

 I love winged liner and for this look, I used a Sleek felt tip liner in 'Dazzling black'. To line my waterline I applied some white liner by MUA to brighten my eyes. Then to finish off the eyes I curled my lashes and put on the 'Wonder'full' Rimmel mascara.

wedding guest eye makeup look

Orange lipstick

For lips, as I had a neutral eye, I wanted to wear a big pop of colour and chose a red/orange shade. The product I used was a lip lacquer by MUA in the shade 'Atomic'. 

orange lipstick MUA

Wedding guest outfit

Initially for the wedding, I wanted to go for a really girly cute look with a daisy chain in my hair, however, when I was shopping for the outfit and found this playsuit, I fell in love with it and had to get it.
Wedding guest outfit

Outfit details

Playsuit: New Look
Shoes: New look 
Satchel: Forever 21

I think this choice of outfit was a great decision because I stepped out of my comfort zone and wore bold colours, instead of going for the usual outfits/ style I like to wear. 

Wedding guest hairstyle

My hairstyle, I decided to keep it quite simple by straightening it and adding in a hair bow to give it something extra. I didn't want an over the top hairdo because the makeup and outfit stood out enough. 

Wedding guest nails

For the nails, I kept it quite neutral as again the outfit and makeup already had that pop of colour. I opted for 'Vanilla' from BarryM's Matte line with 'Rose Quartz glitter' for a detailed nail.

wedding guest nails

wedding guest nails

Yesterday was such a memorable day to spend with my family because we never see each other as often as we could. Family is everything and I'm so thankful for mine! 

Thank you for reading this get ready with me post. I really hope you enjoyed and liked the look I chose! ❤

The start of something new ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I want to tell you all about a summer group I joined called SU (Scripture Union). SU is a Christian organisation which is held in summer for two weeks. On the Wednesday just gone SU held this big water fight down the dip which is like a giant piece of grass  and my best friend invited me to come along. It was honestly so fun! At first everybody was just shooting with water guns and many people got involved, then the fire engine came and drenched us 3 times with their hoses! All of us were literally soaked through. Danielle then told me about an evening session they had at SU that night and I went along. The evening was full of laughter and fun, everybody there is really accepting which I love because I'm a very shy person. The leaders invite you in with open arms and its a lovely community.
Here's a collage of the highlights of Wednesday ( you can see we were completely drenched). 

Here's the wrist band you get ( mines a bit scrunched up as I've been wearing it for a few days) 

As I enjoyed Wednesday at SU so much I decided to sign up to attend it for the rest of the two weeks! Thursday and Friday were therefore also amazing days full of joy with some amazing people, I've never felt so calm and happy with a new crowd and setting. I jumped out of my comfort zone and couldn't be more proud of myself!

Last night was 'Family fun night' where in our group called 'Supertroggs' (that's the  older group of 15-18 year olds) we did many activities gathering points which was such a laugh! Unfortunately we didn't win but it was still amazing! 

Supertroggs with the minion! 

Us again 

Maria and I as princess's! 

After the evening we went to the dip and just relaxed for a while: 

Chummy and I <3

Danielle, me and Mel <3

As you can tell I'm loving SU so far and I can't wait to see what next week brings! I'm extremely happy Danielle invited me along as its really brought me out of myself and I've enjoyed everything so much! 

I hope you enjoyed this little update type post. I've got a few fashion and make up posts planned and I'll have them up as soon as I can! 

Thank you for reading <3