Lush haul ❤️

Well hello to you my reader chums! Like many other beauty bloggers, I have a major Lush obsession. There's nothing more relaxing after a stressful working week than popping one of their products in the bath to fully indulge and unwind. I hadn't visited a Lush store for a while and as I was in Bluewater the other day, I decided to restock, picking up a selection of my favourite items. Surprisingly, I didn't go super Lush crazy even though if  I had the chance, I could easily have bought the entire store!

Here's the five products I got:

Lush cosmetics haul

Dragon's egg bath bomb

Dragons Egg: The first bath bomb I had to pick up is my ultimate favourite, Dragon's Egg. I'm utterly addicted to it's the scent; the blend of citrus and sweet is completely delicious, I wish it came in a perfume! Once popped into the bath, the bomb oozes out orange goodness and bursts of various other bright colours. It's a surprise all in one and the beautiful scent lingers with you for absolutely ages; a must buy.

Sunny side bubble bar

Sunny Side bubble bar: I would describe the scent of this bubble bar as very similar to Dragon's Egg, yet slightly less citrusy and embracing the sweeter side more. For me, this is an indulgent product purely because of the colour and endless amount of glitter it contains. As it's a bubble bar, the idea is you break half off and run it under warm water - this in turn leaves you with a mass of foamy bubbles and thick gold water. One of my favourite features is certainly the glitter, the flecks are massive and you come out the bath glowing like a disco ball, who wouldn't love that?!

Twilight bath bomb

Twilight: Another one of my favourites, Twilight holds a sweet yet floral scent with a lingering hint of lavender taking centre stage. I love to use this on a night where I want to truly unwind as the subtly of the floral smell sends me into total calm mode. When placed in the water, this gem fizzes with a blend of pink and hidden bursts of blue which come through from the centre, turning the bath a gorgeous lilac shade. I love how creamy the texture is of this bath bomb when dissolved as it leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft.

Avobath bath bomb

Avobath: Every time I use this bath bomb, it will always remind me of the musical Wicked! Once dissolved, the bath is left a complete green colour, looking like the famous emerald city. The scent is on the sweeter side but unlike Dragon's Egg, it's quite a fresh and refreshing smell; not too intense.

Yoga bath bomb

Yoga bomb: Last but not least is this lovely orange number. The scent to this is slightly more musky than sweet and gentle, not overpowering at all. Named 'Yoga bomb' it's exactly what you'd expect, a bath product which holds a refreshing smell to fully unwind. The exterior is a bright orange but when positioned in the bath, the centre releases a gorgeous purple colour, leaving you with a blend of bold shades in your bath.

I hope you enjoyed this in depth Lush haul. What is your favourite Lush bath bomb?

Thank you for reading <3

Spring makeup look ❤️

Well hello to you my reader chums! As May is slowly drawing to a close and the summer months are nearing, I'm going to share with you a spring makeup look I've been wearing frequently over the past month or so. When it comes to spring, the pink toned shadows, glowing cheekbones and nude lips come into play like the sun's natural shine; I love it.

Here's a look at the my makeup:

Spring makeup look

An overview of the products I used:

Spring makeup products

Base spring makeup products


After moisturising, I start off with my favourite primer L'oreal's Infallible. I love to use this on an everyday basis as it keeps my makeup completely in place and the shine at bay throughout the day, including my oily T zone area. For foundation I mix the lightest shade 'porcelain' with 'vanilla' of the L'oreal Infallible foundation to achieve the perfect colour to match my skin. Once that's blended in, I apply Rimmel's Wake me up concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes, then set the whole base with Rimmel's Stay matte powder.

Contour and highlight products

Contour and highlight:

For contour, I opted for my number one bronzer, Benefit's Hoola because it achieves a gorgeous bronzed glow to the skin and is the best product I've used for a complete contoured look. I chose a rosy toned down blush for a little flush of colour as I wanted more focus on the highlight. Since spring is the season when everything blooms and the sun begins shining more, I love to have stunning shimmering cheekbones. From Sleek's Solstice palette, I used the cream shade 'Ecliptic' as the base and dusted 'Hemisphere' over the top for a more dramatic sheen.

Eyes and brows:

I stuck to my usual brow routine with a L'oreal shadow in '106' and clear brow gel to set it. Onto eyes, I wanted to create a shimmery pink look as it's my go to makeup for spring. To start I used Maybeline's colour tattoo in 'Pink gold' to give the lids a wash of pink and set it with the shade 'Sin' from the Naked 1 palette. I then darkened the eye slightly with 'Toasted' in the outer corner and ran 'Naked' through the crease for a bit of warmth. To define the eye, I took a blend of shades 'Primal' and Undone' in the outer third of the eye. To finish I highlighted the inner corner, lined the eyes with L'oreal's Super liner, curled my lashes and then applied a couple coats of my favourite mascara, Maybelline's Lash sensational.

NYX matte lip clream in Stockholm


I kept the lips rather neutral because I wanted the focus to be on the glowing eyes and cheekbones. The colour I chose was one of my very recent purchases, NYX's matte cream lipstick in the shade 'Stockholm'. It's a gorgeous dusky pink, brown shade and I absolutely love the effect it adds to the overall look.

Here's a closer peek at the final makeup:

Spring makeup look
Spring makeup look

I hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial style post. What are your must have spring products?

Thank you for reading <3

Beauty review: Sleek's Solstice highlighting palette

Well hello to you my reader chums! Over the past few weeks/months, this stunning Sleek highlighting palette has taken the beauty blogger world by storm. With the dazzling rose gold packaging and beautiful shades, it's a picture-worthy palette I've been obsessing over. I picked this up a couple of weeks back as I wanted to test out some new highlighters during the Spring season and I have to admit, it hasn't disappointed me.

Sleek's Solstice highlighting palette

Sleek's Solstice highlighting palette shades


This was the initial feature that enticed me to buy the highlighting palette. I love the rose gold, mirrored exterior, it just screams beauty blogger! The mirror inside is huge too, perfect to take with you when travelling and with the thin design, you've got four highlighters in one to bring on the go.

Sleek's Solstice palette swatches

Colour range 

When I picked up and swatched the palette, I was thoroughly impressed by the range of shades you get. There's a cream, pink-toned colour, a matte, slightly shimmery ivory colour and two more intense highlighting shades; a sparkling pink, plus a warm-toned orange.

Hemisphere (top right) - Out of all four shades, this one is my favourite for a more glammed up look. The shimmery pink tone is absolutely stunning, bringing so much light to your makeup! I love dusting it on the cheekbones and brow bone as it really helps enhance those features. I've also used it for packing on as an eye shadow when going for a pink, spring look because it adds an extra highlight to the eye.

Equinox (bottom right) - This bronzed toned shimmer is the best shade to use on an everyday basis. I find it gives a more natural glow to 'Hemisphere' and the overall complexion has a much warmer look. It'll be perfect if you're going for a bronzed up, summer style makeup.

Ecliptic ( top left) - I have to admit, even though the consistency of the cream finish is really lovely, this shade is my least favourite. It's recommended to use on the brow bone, however, when applied, it looks too over the top and would work better as a cheekbone highlight. I haven't used 'Epliptic' as much, yet when swatched the pink is glorious and if you prefer cream highlighters, this is for you.

Subsolar (bottom right) - The last shade is a matte finish and has a slight shimmer running through it. As the colour is cream and therefore more natural-looking than the other three shades, I've found it to be a great highlight for the bridge of my nose. Even though it's matte, the consistency is still as creamy as the other shades and blends easily; I love it

Sleek's Solstice palette swatches


The pigmentation is just as beautiful as the colour range and packaging. Unfortunately, the camera hasn't picked up the intensity of each shade but I promise you, the colours are more stunning in person. As I said, each range in what they're best used for, some suiting more night out style looks and others ideal for everyday use.

Sleek's Solstice highlighting palette

Lasting power 

 I use all highlighter as subtle as I can, focusing on a more natural look so I try not to apply too much! However, I find that the shimmer does stay in place throughout the day, becoming more noticeable if I hit the sun.

Overall, I would say it's certainly worth the swoon-worthy hype. With immaculate packaging, incredible, dazzling shades to suit a variety of looks and skin tones, it's a great addition to anyone's makeup collection. As you get four shades in one as well, it's an ideal travelling companion because you have a vast range to choose from.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Sleek's Solstice palette. Have you tried these highlighters?

Thank you for reading <3

April favourites ❤️

Well hello to you my reader chums! With April truly over and the summer drawing closer, it's time to share the products I've been loving over the past few weeks. I can't believe how fast this year is going and we're already in the 5th month! 2016 so far has been incredible, jam packed with endless exciting adventures. I'm excited to see what the summer shall bring! There's nothing I love more than the sunshine and beach days, relaxing with my best friends.

Here's an overview of my favourites:

April favourites 2016

Maybelline's colour tattoo in creamy beige

The first product is Maybelline's colour tattoo in the shade 'Creamy beige'. I've been using this consistently lately on an everyday basis for a quick and simple look. After application, I set it with matte shades, add some shimmer over the top and then define the crease, an easy eye look I adore. I love the consistency and pigmentation of this cream base as it makes blending a lot easier. It sets quickly and ensures shadows stay that extra bit longer. If you haven't tried the Maybelline colour tattoos, I would highly recommend.

Sleek's solstice highlighing palette

The next favourite is the swoon worthy highlighting palette by Sleek. I saw a lot of hype and stunning Instagram pictures of this beauty so decided to finally pick it up a while back. I've been thoroughly enjoying this palette with its range of subtle to more intense highlights. My top two are on the right side of the palette, I find the peach toned colour to be perfect for an everyday highlight and the pink shade ideal for a more dramatic, night out look. The packaging is gorgeous as is the colour pay off; I'll be sure to do an in depth review soon. To sum it up though, if you love highlighters then you'll adore this palette.

Naked basics 2 eye shadow palette

Another favourite has been a staple love of mine, Urban Decay's Naked Basics 2 palette. I go through phases of dipping in and out this palette, April was a month where I used it a lot! For a quick definition of the eye, I find these taupe based colours to be ideal. 'Frisk' is my favourite for the crease with a mixture of 'Primal' and 'Cover' for the outer corner. I love its versatility and how it has a bit of something for every eye look.

Rimmel's wake me up concealer

The well loved and complete staple of mine, Rimmel's wake me up concealer deserves an extra shoutout this month. Not only have I been loving it's brightening abilities for under the eyes, light weight consistency and great coverage but I've also found it's a lovely eye primer. I like to apply this before any cream base or shadows because it covers any redness or blemishes on the lid. Wake me up is my ultimate everyday concealer and I could honestly hype about it all day long, if you haven't tried it, I promise you it's worth the hype!

Nivea lip balm

The last favourite is simply a Nivea lip balm. If you're like me and love trying out new balms or carry too many lip products around in your bag, you'll love this. The scent is fresh, the consistency is ultra creamy and leaves your lips feeling utterly soft; I love it. As summer is upon us, keeping your lips moisturised is essential and you can't really go wrong with a Nivea lip balm!

I hope you enjoyed this favourites post. What products have you been loving this month?

Thank you for reading <3

Spring outfit ft Topshop's yellow jacket

Well hello to you my reader chums! With spring fully underway and summer fast approaching, I wanted to share with you an outfit I've been loving. Since the typical British spring weather is completely unpredictable, it's hard to find an outfit suitable for days out. When I went on a little London adventure to watch James Bay a while back, I opted for this monochrome attire paired with my favourite yellow jacket.

Spring outfit inspiration

If you're following me on Instagram and Twitter, you'd know I purchased this jazzy Topshop yellow coat in early March before my Barcelona trip. Ever since I've been wearing it non-stop! I'm usually one to choose monochrome clothing so I'm really rather surprised at the amount of use I've got out of it. I love adding the coat to any outfit, it gives not only a pop of colour but so much light to the overall look.

Yellow is such a happy, vibrant colour. By putting this jacket on, brings an ounce of positivity to my day and hopefully puts a smile on somebody else's face; I love it. My beloved black Joni jeans paired with my favourite checked crop top made the perfect evening attire, yet to spice it up, I added the bold yellow coat. I love the statement it brought to the final look!

Spring outfit inspiration

Top - Miss Selfridge
Jeans - Topshop Black Joni Jeans
Coat - Topshop
Shoes - White Converse
Bag - Dune

Spring outfit inspiration
Spring outfit inspiration

I hope you enjoyed this spring outfit. What's your go-to spring fashion piece?

Thank you for reading <3