Top autumn lip products

Well hello to you my reader chums! Autumn is truly amongst us, with the shorter days, crisp weather and layering fashion, I wanted to share my top lip products for this season. If you know me, I adore anything to do with darker lip shades; reds, burgundies and berries are my ideas of heaven, so I love pulling out my collection when this time of year hits.

Whether you're obsessed with darker lipsticks or looking to try them out, here are my top autumn lip products.

Swatches of the best autumn lipsticks

Mac's Diva matte lipstick

The famous blogger lipstick and the holy grail of mine, Mac's Diva is the perfect purple toned, burgundy shade. Paired with copper, golden or bronzed eyes, this dazzling lipstick completes any autumnal look. The formulation is creamy, pigmentation strong and its lasting power, faultless. It has to be one of my favourite lipsticks of all time that I love to whip out when the cooler months come around.

Mac's Russian Red matte lipstick

 Similar to Diva, Russian Red is my staple, go-to lip in the autumn months. I find it's the perfect red for me, not too subtle or bold, a lovely in-between. It's a blue tone shade which in turn compliments the colour of your teeth. The pigmentation, colour pay off and lasting power I cannot fault. When I begin to use this one from my collection, it feels like Christmas is just around the corner! The lipstick is hyped up for good reason, I never want to use anything else when choosing a bold red lip. As it's a matte finish, I love it even more because I find not only do they last longer yet suit my style much more than a gloss.

Autumn lip products swatches

BarryM lipstick in LPS1 

BarryM is a brand that is completely underrated when it comes to lip products. This burgundy beauty has a slight fuchsia tone to it and isn't as dark as the vampy 'Diva'. I love that because it wears for a more subtle berry lip. The formulation is creamy and applies very soft on the lips, leaving a slight sheen over the matte finish. One of its best features is the lasting power, this lipstick grips onto your lips until you wipe it off! A definite recommendation, I'd love to try out more of their range.

Kiko's lip liner in 313 

I never used to be one to dabble into the lip liner world until I discovered Kiko's comfort lip liners. Whichever shade, they're dreamy on the lips, holding long-lasting colour with seamless pigmentation and easy application. Colour '313', is similar to the BarryM shade, with a more fuchsia undertone to the berry colour.

The best autumn lipsticks swatches

Nyx matte lip cream in 'Cannes' 

For an alternative nude option on days, you don't fancy a darker lip, my go-to favourite is Nyx matte lip cream in 'Cannes'. The shade is a dark, dusky pink colour, ideal to add a bit of colour into your makeup look. I love how it's a liquid lipstick, yet sets fast and leaves the most beautiful matte finish. The consistency is creamy and the overall colour payoff, intense! I'm obsessed and can't wait to buy even more autumnal shades from their range.

Top Autumn lip products

I hope you enjoyed this autumn style post. What are your favourite lip products this season?

Thank you for reading <3

Hello autumn!

Well hello to you my reader chums! 

Crisp chilly mornings, berry lips, blanket scarfs and cosy nights in, hello autumn. Without a shadow of a doubt, autumn is one of my favourite seasons. The whole frosty vibe, Christmas run up and shorter days fills my heart with so much warmth. Surrounded by twinkly fairy nights and lingering, cinnamon flavoured candles, autumn time is the queen for nights in; Lush baths and film evenings galore.

Fashion - With the burgundy, khaki, mustard and deep purple shades coming back into play, autumn is my favourite season to experiment with fashion. I love layering up shirts, jumpers, scarfs and coats, then pairing them with Chelsea boots. The tartan scarfs and wooly hats are out, awaiting the festive season that lays ahead. It's such a cosy time, when evenings mean your most snug pjs and fluffy socks, worn without a care in the world.

Makeup - As the chillier weather hits, its the season for slightly heavier makeup, copper eyes and the oh so glorious berry lips, aka my favourite look to wear. I love everything about warm toned eye shadows and dark lipsticks, as not only does it compliment my skin tone but fashion choices also.

Activities - Whether it's firework displays, bonfires, film evenings or a cosy night time bath, all the activities autumn brings are incredibly charismatic. I have to admit, Guy Fawkes night is one of my best days of the year, the colourful fireworks, hearty snacks and lingering smell of bonfires truly makes me smile. With Lush's Halloween range released and their festive collection coming out soon, it's the time of year to fully indulge in spicy, enriching baths.

I hope you enjoyed this welcome to autumn post. What's your favourite thing about this season?

Thank you for reading <3

5 ways to deal with anxiety

Well hello to you my reader chums! 

Anxiety, a mental illness that's slowly receiving the awareness it needs, is a daily battle for a wide range of people. I've suffered with it throughout my life on different levels, especially in the past few years. However, I can now say I've come out on top, feeling much better than I used to. 

Through those hard, gruelling moments where I thought anxiety would take over, knocking my confidence and drive, I can safely say through the support of friends and perseverance, I got to where I am today; on a happier journey with my mental health. I've come incredibly far and even though the anxiety is still there, it isn't a prominent hindrance in my life anymore. I tried, I conquered and life became a joy once more, 2016 has certainly been the best year by far.

Today, therefore I wanted to share with you my ways on how to cope with those 'anxious days', where anxiety takes over and you'd rather hide away from the world than face the outside of your front door. Dwelling makes things a hundred times worse so I find in these bouts of anxiety, that treating yourself, being creative or doing what you love is the way to go.

Anxiety coping methods

Top 5 tips on dealing with anxiety

Read a book 

When my thoughts are spiralling out of control, nothing better can bring me down to earth than escaping into a story. Ever since I was small, I found reading as the perfect unwinding method and coping mechanism. You're able to use your imagination for good, turning those words on the page into images in your head. Whether it's fiction or a funny autobiography, whichever will put a smile on your face during your anxious state, pick up and indulge.

Unwind in the bath

As a major Lush and bath fan, I adore being able to fill up the tub with bubbles and soak it all up. When laying back and closing your eyes, all the minor worries seem to just float away and you can truly just focus on yourself. I find baths a perfect time to practise my breathing exercises too if I find myself in a panicky, anxious way.

Colouring in 

My friends recently bought me one of those adult colouring books and I've heard beforehand how they're beneficial for mindfulness. I have to admit it's true, when you're colouring in and focusing on the intricate detailing of the pattern, your mind gets distracted and doesn't focus on the anxious, negative thoughts.

Go for a walk 

They say exercise is not only good for physical health but mental also. Walking, on the beach, park or to my local shop really refreshes the mind. I just pop in my favourite tunes and take a break away from what I'm focusing on. It gives me a chance to breathe and exercise away my worries. I'm lucky to say, I live incredibly close to many beaches and parks so a breath of coastal or country air is only minutes away. Take the opportunity to pop out of the house for ten minutes and absorb the fresh air.

Meet up with your friends 

The last way that helps me feel a thousand times better is being or talking to my best friends. They have the ability to make the situation easier and put a smile back on my face even when I'd rather sit and cry with my thoughts. If you're feeling anxious, either text, call or even invite your pals over, I can guarantee you a bit of loving company will take away your weighted thoughts.

Anxiety mental health quote

Anxiety is different for everyone and each person has their own ways of dealing with every situation it throws at you. But the main thing to remember is you can and you will get through it. It can come in horrific ways yet will gradually get better with time, positive thinking and hope. You are not anxiety and anxiety, isn't you. Take on board whatever life throws at you and give it your best shot, it's all anyone ever asks. You're a brave, brilliant and strong individual - You've got this!

I hope you enjoyed this anxiety tips post. What are your best coping methods for anxiety?

Thank you for reading <3

The pinafore edit | Outfit of the day

Well hello to you my reader chums! Recently, we've had a beautiful heat wave in the UK with the dresses, shorts and sunglasses coming back into play. I've embraced it with full force, whipping out my favourite dungarees, playsuits and new Depop bargain, this daisy print pinafore dress.

I've been obsessed with anything dungaree or pinafore style lately, picking up any I see on my shopping ventures! This beauty pictured below was no difference, I saw the dress on Depop for only £9 and had to purchase it.

Summer outfit inspiration

The pastel blue colour and Daisy print screams spring but is the perfect combo to appreciate the summer sunshine. I love the metal clasp that attach the dungarees together and the looseness of the material. The dress, fits nicely on the waist and puffs out subtly, giving more shape to the overall look.

Summer outfit inspiration

Even though it makes me look a lot younger than I am, I love the piece! Perfect for summer walks, picnics or any day out, pinafores have become my new fashion forward.

Summer outfit inspiration

Pinafore dress - New Look
Shoes - White converse

Summer outfit inspiration

It's time to wave goodbye to summer in this cutesy outfit! Now we're nearing into autumn time, I've seen several high street stores stocking up their take on wintry dungaree/pinafore dresses and I can't wait to get my hands on more. They're incredibly comfy and look stylish at the same time, where can you go wrong?

I hope you enjoyed this OOTD! Are you a pinafore lover?

Thank you for reading <3

Review: Kiko's comfort lip liners

Well hello to you my reader chums! When it comes to lip products, it's safe to say I have quite the collection, from mattes to satins and oranges to burgundy, lipsticks are my guilty pleasure. Over the past few months, I've got more into lipstick application, using liner and layering colours to ensure the product stays on that little bit longer. The Kiko comfort lip liner collection is a range that has seriously impressed me and here's why:

Kiko comfort lip liners


As with all Kiko products, the lip liners have a sophisticated flair to them with a sleek gold-tone exterior and pops of colour on each end to show off which shade it is. The applicator is a pencil shape, thin enough to apply precisely, yet has a thickness about it to help cover the entire lips with product. The thinness and length of the liner make them perfect for travel or to pop in a clutch bag on an evening out.


With some liners, I find the consistency to be very drying and drag too much onto the lips when applied, however, these are the complete opposite. The pencil even though looks like what it says on the tin, holds a creamy consistency when drawn onto the lips. I have to admit it tugs a tiny bit, yet when set, sinks quite nicely into the lips, feeling as if no product is there.

Kiko comfort lip liners


A factor that really impressed me was the lip liner's pigmentation. Only one light touch is needed upon lip application to achieve an opaque colour pay off. I like to outline first and then continue to colour the rest of my lips in. When completed, the liners gives a matte finish, ideal to build a lipstick on top.

Colour range 

As you can see from the pictures, I have 4 out of the range: 1 orange and 3 nudes, a brown-toned, berry-toned and pink toned. They have varieties of each different colour e.g slightly darker duskier pinks or more subtle oranges; the versatility is endless.

304: I'd describe this shade as a warm, red-toned brown. A slight nude but can be used more for a statement style autumn/winter lip, a very versatile colour.

306: A warm and bright, orange colour, ideal for a statement summer lip. I love to pair this liner with Mac's Lady Danger, my all-time favourite orange lipstick.

313: A bold, berry-toned fuchsia colour, the best shade for a fun autumn style lip. I love all things berry coloured so this shade certainly comes in handy.

315: Similar to the previous colour with a more underlying pink tone and subtle colour pay off. I love to pair this with Mac's Faux to darken up the lip slightly and give more of an edgy look.

Kiko comfort lip liners swatches

Lasting power

The most important point, how long do these lip liners last? I can honestly say, these are the best lip products I've tried in terms of lasting power. The liner clings to the lips and doesn't come off until you remove it. I find by applying it under lipsticks, helps pro-long their wearing power, yet the liners can also be worn on their own. They stay put through drinking, eating and more; I'm obsessed. I may have 4 colours, but I definitely want to get my hands on more - a must-buy!

I hope you enjoyed this Kiko lip liner review! Have you tried these out?

Thank you for reading <3

August favourites ❤️

Goodbye sunshine, beach days and ice cream, hello autumn! Summer is slowly coming to a close with the leaves turning brown, the fresh chill in the air and jumpers returning into season; I'm excited to see what September brings. August was a pretty busy month filled with a Rome adventure, beach days, long drives, endless laughter and fun filled moments with friends.

As we saw many warm days in August, makeup was kept to a minimum and I didn't try out as many new products, just sticking with a few of my favourites. Here are the staples I've been loving throughout the month:

August favourites 2016

August favourites 2016

Maybelline's dream BB fresh cream in 'light'

Maybelline's BB cream - When the sunshine hits and want a bit of coverage on your face, BB cream is an essential. My top pick has to be Maybelline's because in comparison to the Rimmel option, it's very lightweight and feels as if you're applying moisturiser to the skin instead of a foundation. The formulation is watery yet buildable, achieving a flawless light base without having to layer up too heavily. The finish is very dewy, ideal for an everyday, glowy summer look.

Benefit's Highbeam highlighter

Benefit's Highbeam - Glowing cheekbones is something the summer time sunshine enhances and what better way than throwing your favourite highlighter in the mix for some extra shimmer. Over the past few weeks, I've been loving to use Highbeam as an everyday highlight. The wetness and dewy consistency of the formulation, leaves a natural finish onto the skin when applied. Find my full review here.

Arbonne mascara

Arbonne mascara - I actually won this mascara as a prize on Twitter and couldn't wait to test out a new brand! Since I'm obsessed with Maybelline's Lash Sensational, I tried this beauty out on my bottom lashes to see how it would play out and was impressed. The large brush was handy to coat each lash and the thickness of the mascara truly helped lengthen the bottom lashes. I found it clinged quite well to the lashes and open up my eyes a lot more, when a few layers had been applied.

My Burberry perfume

My Burberry perfume - Ever since my best friends raved about this perfume and I had a smell of it myself, I was addicted. The lingering musky, heavy scent is heavenly, I just can't get enough. I finally decided to treat myself when in the airport last month and since have been pretty much obsessed. I'd describe the perfume as very dense, a sophisticated, slighty warm and sweet smell; I love it! The bottle even comes with glitter inside and presented in such a classy way - definitely living up to the Burberry name. If you're looking for a new spritz, I would 100% recommend giving this one a go; I wish I bought the 100ml now!

Best places to visit in Rome

Rome adventure - My last favourite has to be visiting Rome this month hence the passport in my top image. Experiencing the Italian culture, tasting traditional dishes and witnessing the incredible sights was a dream come true! I always dreamt of visiting the Italian soils whether it was Naples, Venice or Rome, my aim one day is to see the whole of Italy. Now, I've seen Rome, the capital, one of the world's most remarkable cities and that never fails to amaze me. Looking back at images, I'm still in awe at the astonishing architecture and scenery I absorbed on my trip! Read all about my adventure here.

I hope you enjoyed this monthly favourites post. Which products have you been loving over the past month?

Thank you for reading <3