Christmassy make up tutorial!

Well hello to you my reader chums! Merry Christmas to you all! Today I thought as its Christmas Eve, that I would show you how to create this Christmassy look which you could wear this festive season, I hope you like it!

Here's all the products I use to create this look! 
The first thing I do is the face make up.
I start by dabbing the collections lasting perfection concealer under my eyes to brighten them up and to any blemishes to cover them up. To set the concealer I push the Rimmel stay matte powder in soft beige all over my face, to not wipe off the make up already applied. I then use the bourjois chocolate bronzer and apply it on my cheek bones and lightly dust it on my face to give it that bronzy glow. For blush I use this topshop cream blush in morning dew where I dab it on my cheeks and blend it out with my fingers. 
The next step is eye brows, I use this light brown/taupe colour from the MUA undress me too palette. 
Now my favourite part the eye look! 
As a base I like to use this colour tattoo in eternal gold to give the look extra sparkles and to keep the eye shadow in place.
I then go on and apply the shimmery brown all over the lid, following with the darker brown in the outer corner and crease. Blend, blend, blend! For my brow bone, I use the creamy pink colour as it gives a natural highlight.
After the main eye shadow, I like to add some sparkle because its Christmas time yay! 

I apply this cream shadow in the centre of the lid to brighten up the eyes and give it some sparkle!

For the inner corner I then as per usual use this creamy colour.

At this point I'd usually go ahead and do winged liner, however I liked the look with out it. Instead, I used this black kohl liner on my tight line to make the lashes look thicker and the white liner on my water line to open up the eyes. To finish the eyes, I curl my lashes and apply great lash mascara by maybelline. I've been loving this mascara recently!

The last step is lips, I applied this chubby stick in crazy in love by MUA to finish of the look!

Here's the final look, I hope you enjoyed reading this and will give the look a go! Thankyou so so much for reading and for everybody whose been following my blog, it means so much! Can't believe this is my 100th post! Sending all love to you all this Christmas, hope you all have an amazing one! <3

UnionJ Concert at the Winter Gardens

Well hello to you my reader chums! Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to go to the opening to UnionJ's Magazines + TV screens tour at my nearby town Margate.  I had such an amazing night and it was really nice to spend it with my best friend Danielle. UnionJ was honestly outstanding live, even better than their album, I loved every moment of the concert! Here's some of the pictures from the evening: 
Me and my chummy before the concert <3 

I definitely recommend seeing them live, they were honestly phenomenal! I've been a fan of them since they were on the X factor so I'm really happy I got to go! 
Here's the pic union j took of the whole audience! 
Danielle and I were also lucky enough to meet room 94 who opened for UnionJ! The guys were such great singers and I loved all their songs! It was lovely meeting then too, they were so down to earth and funny! :) 

Overall one of the best nights of my life! I'm so thankful to have gone and spent it with one of my bestest friends! Thankyou for reading, I hope you enjoyed! <3 


Well hello to you my reader chums! Last weeks #BritishBloggerSelection was the topic of Haircare. I haven't really had time to do this post so although its late here it is! 
Here are my essential Haircare products which I use on my hair every other day. 
The shampoo and conditioner I use are the hello hydration set by Herbal Essences. I've used these for as long as I remember! Sometimes I change it up to test out new products,but always end up going back to these. I love this shampoo and conditioner, it always leaves my hair feeling fresh and so soft! I adore the smell and it's very inexpensive. Every other day I would apply the shampoo to the hair, mainly focused on the roots and rinse it out. Following this is where I apply my John Frieda purple shampoo. 
I apply this to the ends of my hair leave it for a few minutes and wash it out. As its a purple shampoo it's designed to tone the blonde in the hair. I use it as I have ombréd hair and it honestly makes such a difference! After use the blonde is shown as much brighter than before. When this is washed out I go back and apply my Herbal Essences conditioner, mainly focusing on the ends, following by a good rinse. Then voila that's my Haircare! 
When my hair is dried, if I use a heat appliance, the heat protecter I use is the styling spray from vo5. I've gone through several bottles of this and it definitely does the job! 
Here's me after I've had my hair in a plait. 

Thankyou for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading about my Haircare routine! <3 

November favourites!

Well hello to you my reader chums! It's favourites time again as we finished yet another month. Here's what I've been loving this month: 
The first product as seen in my Skincare post is the Loréal skin perfection cleanser. I purchased this as I was running low on my body shop cleanser and I thought as I'd already bought the toner from this range and loved it that I would love the cleanser just as much. This cleanser is amazing. It's really gentle on the skin where you use it to wipe off your makeup off. It does the job of cleansing your skin and leaves it feeling smooth and refreshed, as well as it having a lovely scent! 
The next product is the raved about Rimmel stay matte powder in silky beige. I finally got my hands on it and its definitely worth the hype. It keeps my skin matte all day and I love this shade for my skin tone. Also it's not one of those powders which leave the face cakey yet gives enough coverage for an even skin tone. 
 The next product is the MUA sheer lip gloss. I've been using this a lot recently, it's lovely for a little gloss on the lips with it not being too sticky. It's also very affordable, another great product from MUA. 
The blusher I've been loving this month is this MUA blush in bubblegum. It's looks very autumnal/wintery to me as its a warmer shade of pink. It's highly pigmented but gives a lovely pink glow when blended. I've done a full review with swatches recently if you want to check it out. 
The next product which is again MUA is this dark pink chubby stick. I've been loving this as part of a lip combo this month. I would dap this on my lips and blend then on top apply the baby lips in peach kiss to create this light pink shimmery colour. 
My nail polish favourite of the month is this silver nail polish called silver screen by revlon. This is my first revlon nail polish and it's brilliant, the colour is so pretty and i'd say the lasting power is about 5 days. The packaging looks really elegant, altogether a great product. 

Being a directioner my music favourite of the month has to be their new album Midnight Memories. It came out towards the end of the month and I got it straight away. Absolutely fallen in love with it, all the songs are just fantastic, such an amazing album boys! Go have a listen if you haven't already! <3

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! <3 

#BritishBloggerSelection: Q&A/interview!

Well hello to you my reader chums!

As I missed week one of the #BritishBloggerSelection, I'm moving swiftly on to week 2! This week is a Q&A so hopefully this will help you learn more about all the other bloggers and I ! :)

Question one: Why do like blogging?
I like blogging because its a space where I can write down all my thoughts and ideas on products I've been loving or just anything in general. I've always loved writing and creating a blog gave me an opportunity to write again in my spare time. Whenever I blog, it makes me feel happy and always makes me smile, the blogging community is just an amazing place! Bit cheesy but its true :)
Question 2: How did you come up with your blog name?
Oooh this is a hard one! I have no idea, I think the name DellaLovesNutella,I just thought of one day and it just stuck in my mind that I thought I should use it for something. After I finally plucked up the courage and started my blog, this is the name I used because I just loved it and nutella is my favourite food.
Question 3: Where in the UK are you from?
I'm from Kent, which is in the South East of England.
Question 4: Favourite colour:
This definitely has be purple! I've always loved that colour, although when I was little it used to be yellow. Cute story: When my twin sister and I were younger she loved green and I loved yellow so all my things were yellow and hers were green. Then as we grew older my favourite colour was purple and hers was pink meaning the same thing happened!
Question 5: Do you like Lana Del Ray?
Hmm never really listened to her music that much to have an opinion. However I do love her song Summertime Sadness!
Question 6: Hidden talents that you have?
I'm not really sure if I have any hidden talents, however I get a lot of compliments on my make up by people so I guess that but its not really a hidden one.
Question 7: Celebrity crush?
Oooh Harry Styles and George Shelley! I'm a huge directioner and Jcat! Also I'm in love with Alfie from Pointlessblog.
Question 8: Favourite blog of all time?
Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter! Both of them were the reason I got into blogging.
Question 9: What made you want to join #BritishBloggerSelection?
I wanted to join because it would give me the chance to read even more blogs from the blogger community and find out about other bloggers.
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and found out more about me! <3

October favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! Time is flying by and another month over means, another favourites post. I've been loving quite a few products this past month and here is a look at my favourite things.

Real Techniques blusher brush

Real Techniques Blusher Brush

I do usually use it for blusher as its really easy to apply with. However, this month I've been using it to contour with and I'm loving it for that job. Even with the softest of strokes, it applies the bronzer really easily. Would definitely recommend this brush if you're looking for the perfect light contour brush or a versatile cheek brush.

L'oreal skin perfection cleanser

L'oreal Skin Perfection Toner 

I picked this up because I was on the hunt to try out a new toner and after a couple of uses, I fell in love with this product. Every time I use it, day and night, my skin feels instantly refreshed and it actually feels as if it's making a difference to my skin, which other toners lack. It leaves my skin feeling ultra-soft. At only £4, the toner is an affordable price and of great quality.

BarryM nail polish in burgundy

BarryM Nail Polish in Burgundy

 I love wearing darker shades in the autumn month to match my clothing palette. BarryM polishes are my favourite and this one lives up to par as the wearing power is strong, the colour opaque and it applies beautifully.

Bourjois Chocolate box bronzer

Bourjouis Chocolate Box Bronzer 

 As its autumn time, I wanted to use a bronzer which will warm my skin up as I look paler in the colder weather due to my tan fading. Therefore, I've been loving this to give my face a bronzy glow this month. It's a nice bronzer for a light contour and all over bronze, but due to its underlying orange tones, I wouldn't recommend applying too much product.  

Bourjois liquid liner

Bourjois Liquid Eye Liner

This jet black eyeliner is incredible and is the perfect, opaque colour. The felt tip applicator makes it easy to apply and the lasting power is all day. The pigmentation gives a very sophisticated look due to it being true to the colour. If you want a good drugstore eyeliner, this is the one for you. 

October favourites

Charlie Perfume 

I got this a while ago but have been using it a lot recently. I absolutely adore the smell of this, it's a stronger version of the body spray, with this lovely elegant, musky smell. Surprisingly this perfume lasts a long time. 

October favourites

New Look Khaki Jacket

This jacket has been a necessity this month with the weather getting chillier, meaning I needed something to throw on which isn't too heavy. Also, khaki is a big autumn colour for me, I just love this coat, it's not too heavy and is very versatile. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! <3 

Recipe: Nutella hot chocolate ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! I've realised since I've had a blog called dellalovesnutella, that I've never done a post related to Nutella! Today, I decided to show you one of my favourite autumnal/winter drinks: Nutella hot chocolate! 
Ingredients you'll need: 

The first step is heating the milk in a pan, for one portion measure out a mug full of milk. Pout that in the pan and heat it on a low/medium heat.
(I've put two mug fulls in here as I was making two portions) 
The next step when the milk is fully heated is to add in the Nutella. I'd use between two to three large teaspoons of Nutella depending on how rich you would like it and mix it into the milk. 
Once mixed in, the colour of the milk should appear a light brown. The last step is to add in a pinch of cinnamon which will give it an extra oomph and mix that in. 

Voila! Here's your Nutella hot chocolate! I hope you enjoyed a slightly different post and let me know if you tried this recipe! Thankyou for reading <3