30 Day snap #10 and #11 Moving house!

Evening my fellow reader chums!

As you know by now if you've been following my blogs that tomorrow is moving day so today's pictures are of me sitting in my wardrobe now that they're empty as me and Maria thought it would be funny!  The wardrobe is so cosy, I even skyped Danielle in it! As I am moving tomorrow there will be no blog due to no internet so I guess this is my 10th and 11th day photo snap as both days are to do with moving!

It was my last ever Skype call with Danielle tonight in this house so we had a bit of a Westlife sing along as usual, emotional times! <3

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed! <3


  1. Moving is no fun, but I love decorating a new room!

    Maddy @ www.BeautyBanterBlog.com

  2. hey, really like your blog :)
    especially the name :D
    maybe you like to visite mine, too?
    Lana :)


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