The best things to see and do in Thanet this summer

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Summer is here and that means beach days, warm weather, every ounce of Pimms, and limitless ice creams. The summer, in my opinion, is best spent at the seaside and I'm lucky, I'm a beach baby and have always had the beauty of the sands on my doorstep.

Whether you're a Kent local or planning a seaside staycation, here are the best things to see and do in Thanet this summer.

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Margate beach Kent

What things are there to do in Thanet?

The beach scene

Thanet is renowned for its beaches from Ramsgate, Broadstairs, and Margate mains sands and all of the gorgeous bays found around and in between. Whether you're looking for a busy and bustling day at the beach or a quiet break on the quieter bays, there is a beach for you in Thanet.

The busier beaches

In the summertime, it's inevitable for any coastal town to get busy and that's the same with Thanet. Visitors from near and afar and locals alike bustle down to the sands as soon as the sunshine hits, and crowds can be likely on many of the more popular beaches. If you love the busy amusements, the exciting beer gardens, or ice cream shop after ice cream shop, there are many beaches you'll love.

The beaches with the best atmosphere are the town's main sands including Ramsgate, Broadstairs (Viking Bay), and Margate. All three of these beaches have many independent restaurants, quaint shops, the cutest cafes, and bars with a lovely atmosphere.

The family-friendly beaches

Thanet is a brilliant hub for families as there is so much to see and do for all different ages. It all depends on what you're looking for on a family day out. I would say Minnis Bay, St Mildred's, Westbrook beach, and Broadstairs beach have the perfect atmosphere for families. Minnis Bay has a slightly quieter appeal but is a long stretch of sand and has a couple of places to eat near the beach, and a park right next to the beach too. St Mildred's and Westbrook are slightly smaller stretches of sand and a great spot for picnics. Broadstairs has the joy of amusements, a gorgeous stretch of sands, is ice cream galore, and has many things to do for all of the family.

The quieter beaches

For a day away from the bustle and dreamy shorelines, you're spoilt for choice in Thanet. There are plenty of stretches of sand I adore in Thanet for a slightly quieter day. Stone Bay, Pegwell Bay, Joss Bay Kingsgate Bay, Palm Bay, and Botany Bay are a few of my favourites. The bays in general are generally quieter areas and perfect if you need a bit of vitamin sea and some fresh sea air.

The Insta-worthy beaches

I've only recently appreciated how much a lot of my local beaches look like I'm abroad and are picturesque in so many ways that sometimes I'm taken aback by how lucky I am to have this beauty on my doorstep. If you're looking for a beach to surprise you with its beauty, there are a few to note. My favourite stunning beaches are Dumpton Gap, Botany Bay, Epple Bay, and Minnis Bay. 

Dreamland Roller Disco Margate


Seaside towns are a hub for things to do and Thanet is no different. The 'Isle of Thanet' as it's known, has an assortment of activities for all ages, whether you're heading over for a girls' weekend, going on a trip with your family, or your partner.


Dreamland in recent years has become one of the top places to be in Thanet, especially in the summer months. It's known for their markets, football match events, concerts, and many types of gatherings. The park has an assortment of rides, the famous Scenic railway, and plenty of indoor amusements to keep you occupied. It also has a cool roller disco, great food, and is an iconic place for a drink or bottomless brunch. 

Shell Grotto

Located in Cliftonville, Margate, Shello Grotto is a renowned attraction when in Thanet. The Grotto is estimated to be around 2000 years old and believed to be a place of worship back in the day. The passageway is filled with shells, hence the name. The Grotto has shells on the walls and floors, so not only is it a great place for a photo, there is so much history to learn there.

Ramsgate Tunnels 

Thanet has a lot of wartime history about it, including the Ramsgate Tunnels. The Ramsgate Tunnels were built in the war as a way for the citizens to shelter themselves from the bombings. It's the largest network of civilian tunnels in the UK and there, you're able to go on a walking tour. It's a great place for everyone to learn a lot about wartime history on a guided tour and then go for a spot of cake in their cafe too, after the tour.

Independent shopping scene

I don't know about you but I love independent shops and small businesses as I can find quirky and uniques items in them. Thanet is a hub for independent shopping across the main towns of Ramsgate, Broadstairs, and Margate. Margate's old town especially is known for vintage clothing shops and homeware and has something for everyone.

Surfing in Joss Bay 

Love to surf? Then Joss Bay is the beach for you. It's renowned for its surfing scene and the surf school there is a recognised provider for surfing lessons. Whether you're looking to begin surfing or love to do it on the regular, you will love Joss Bay. And, it makes a dreamy spot for sunbathing afterward or to watch the sunset. Joss Bay has a lot on offer!

Turner Contemporary

I can still remember when the Turner Gallery opened and to this day, there is always more to see. The Turner is not for everyone but it's free and amazing for a mooch. If you know nothing about art or would love to see the cool exhibits, it's perfect for a rainy day and to learn something new. It's located right on the Margate seafront and is known for its abstract view of art.

The many museums

I love a museum, I'm a bit of a nerd like that as it's always exciting to learn more. Thanet has more history to it than you would think considering the size, however, the museum scene is large. From the Powell-Cotton Museum in Birchington, The Spitfire, and Hurricane Memorial Museum, the Margate Museum to Ramsgate Maritime Museum and the Dickens House Museum and so many more. 


Mini-golfing always reminds me of my childhood as in Thanet, there are loads of different mini-golfing courses. There's the Liliput mini-golf course in Broadstairs, located right near the beach, the Lost Adventure Golf indoors in Margate, and, in Manston, the Rascal Bay course. There's a course for all types of weather, and they're all varied too.

Bugsys Bowling

If it's a colder day or you fancy an evening activity, bowling is always a good shout and Bugsys Bowling in Margate has been the place to go for years. I've spent many brill evenings in Bugsys and it's a family favourite for many locals in Thanet.

Pegwell Bay Country Park

Thanet has more than beaches in terms of scenery and coastal walks. There is also a lot to see in terms of parks and nature trails. Pegwell Bay Country Park is one of my favourite walks for a bit of tranquility and to get that taste of country air. There are lots of different walks you're able to take in the park and it includes a park for kids, a small cafe, and lots of spots for a picnic.

Where are the best places to eat in Thanet?

Bottega Caruso Margate

The food scene in Thanet is certainly a memorable one from independent family-run restaurants, to quirky cafes and dream-worthy beach bars. I could easily list many that I adore, and here are a few of my favourites.


Bottega Caruso

I will rave about this restaurant forever and always. It's a family-run Italian restaurant, located in Margate Old Town. The produce is freshly made from homemade pasta to the variety of dishes on the menu and they have their own deli in store so you're able to buy all of their products to take away. If you're looking for Italian food made correctly, this is the restaurant that needs to be top of your list.

The Minnis Bay Bar and Brassiere

This restaurant has both good food and beach views over Minnis Bay, what more can you want? The menu is varied but traditionally British with something for everyone and there is the option to dine inside and out, for that alfresco meal in the summer and a hearty meal when the summer days aren't so warm. I've come back time and time again as it's a classic place to dine for all walks of life.

The Med

For tapas lovers and the taste of Mediterranean cuisine, The Med in Margate Old Town is for you. They offer a varied menu with tapas dishes including the staples of king prawns and potatoes bravas to delicious pizzas and cocktails. And, it's the perfect spot when the sun is shining to dine outside.

The Little Sicilian

Italian food is my favourite and I'm always very keen to find the next best Italian eaterie. Like Bottega Caruso, The Little Sicilian is an Italian paradise with Italian food made how it is meant to be. Located in Broadstairs, the gorgeous restaurant has the ambiance of a traditional Italian place to dine, and all the food is crafted from fresh ingredients - you can really taste the difference. And, the staff are super lovely and friendly.



I've raved about the Archive a lot and it's my go-to brunch spot in Thanet. The cafe has that eco-friendly appeal and is located along the Royal Harbour in Ramsgate. The Archive offers all-day brunch and has everything from dreamy pancakes for sweet-tooth lovers to the best mushroom on toast spread, plus they offer a whole range of homemade cakes and a view of the harbour.


For vegans and those who prefer plant-based snacks or breakfast, Namaka is a hipster-style cafe located in Broadstairs. It offers a whole range of wholefood style dishes including acai bowls, freshly made smoothies, and granola pots. They're perfect to take away and eat along the beach or eat inside their cool and fresh interior.


Keeping up with the hipster theme, Margate has taken to that vibe with the many cool cafes within its old town. But, there are also many when you step away from its old town and towards Cliftonville, including Cliffs. Cliffs have that old-school atmosphere that serves up a brunch with something for everyone and has its own record store too.



Harpers Bar is one of those cool and underrated bars tucked away in the hype of Broadstairs from the bustling Royal Pavilion to the Dolphin Pub, but that doesn't take away from its quality. If you prefer something a little bit more intimate for your drinks and love a good cocktail, Harpers is a great choice - and it's only a few minutes walk from Viking Bay too.

The Counting House Bar

To get that taste of extravagance and top-class cocktails, The Counting House Bar does just that and is located along Broadstairs high street. They offer an assortment of cocktails, one for every type of drinker, and the interior is unique, to say the least, with metal-style walls and tables - and super Insta-worthy.

Mariners Bar

For that taste of a classic British pub vibe, The Mariners Bar has got you. It's located on Ramsgate Harbour and looks over towards the boats giving you the view and the vibes. The drinks are reasonable, everyone is always so friendly and they're renowned for having live bands in so you'll be singing along all evening.

Imperial Bar Meze

Located on Margate seafront, the Imperial Bar Meze has really upped its game for drinks and offers an assortment of cocktails and drinks, with a cool vibe about it. Plus, you're able to sit outside and overlook the beach and are close by to a strip of many other fun cocktail bars to dabble into like the Sun Deck. There is also Margate steps, which is a great spot for watching the sunset and having a glass of wine.

Where to stay

I've been lucky enough to live in Thanet my entire life but as a seaside hub, there are many incredible places to stay from hotels to apartments. Whether you're visiting Ramsgate, Broadstairs, or Margate, there is a place with your name on it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Are you planning a trip to the coast?

Thank you for reading <3


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