30 Day snap #3

Well hello to you fellow reader chums!

Today I spent the day with my friend Jess in a town where we live and we had a nice walk. We sat by a lovely green bit where there was like this tunnel thing leading to steps to the beach which Jess and I were intrigued by! Love discovering new places! It was such a lovely day because we barely spent the day with just us two, so we got to just have a catch up and a laugh! Sad to say we both got sun burnt, however at least the sun has finally come to Britain, I actually wore shorts today, yay! :)

Here's me posing on the hill near our little tunnel place:

I realise I look a bit goofy, but whats life unless you enjoy it eh? These moments are the ones we live for, it was a very spontaneous day today just randomly discovering new places and having such nice weather to do it in! Look at those blue skies!
Stay weird and be you, thank you for reading <3

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