30 Day snap #4 Lovely catch up!

Well hello my fellow reader chums!

Today I spent the day with my friend Chloe and had a lovely little catch up. It all began with her guiding me to her house over the phone, I am pretty bad at directions so I'm very proud I actually made it there! :P It was such a relaxing day where we watched a film and had a good chat <3

I'm so grateful to have friends and days like this where you just talk and have a laugh, the little things make life special and worth while. Its these cute little days we're going to remember in the long run. My friends are a huge part of my life and something I'm really happy and privileged to have because they're always there for me and know exactly what to do to make me smile.

I know its only meant to be one photo but Chloe's dog Tiger is just too cute for words that I just had to post a picture of him! Bless his little heart, he fell asleep when we were watching the film! Here's Tiger just before we took him on a walk, all eager to go:
I mean look at that little face, how cute?!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! <3


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