Review: Gocustomized IPhone 5 case

Well hello to you my reader chums! A couple of weeks back a personalised gadget company, Gocustomized got in touch for a gifted collaboration. They sell an array of personalised phone cases for all different types of smartphones. 

I love the idea of anything personalised because it gives me the opportunity to put my own twist on anything and share special memories I've had. For the design, I wanted to include my favourite images/memories. After looking through my photos, there were just too many I'd like to use so my best friend suggested I made a collage and that's exactly what I did. 

I used the app 'pic collage' on my phone, where you can re-size images and move them around as you wish. Once the collage was finished, I uploaded it to the site, chose what background I preferred either black, white, or clear (I picked white). Then I found out you could add text, a feature I got very excited about! Since the concept I had for the case was memories with my friends, I thought it'll be a cute idea to write a friendship quote. I chose 'Friends forever, never apart, maybe in distance, never in the heart' because it shows whenever my friends are apart I know we'll be there for one another. 

To then alter the text, you could select the font and colour, where I went for a lovely lilac shade. After this, voila the case was complete! Here are some pictures of my design below.

Gocustomized IPhone 5 case

Gocustomized IPhone 5 case
Gocustomized IPhone 5 case

I'm extremely happy with how it turned out! I can now carry some of my favourite pictures with me and looking at the case always puts a smile on my face. 


When I ordered the case, I was told it would arrive within a 5-7 day period. I received it on the 4-5 days after it had been dispatched which I was thrilled with. Considering it's originally a Dutch company, the shipping was very swift!


 I'm obsessed with the overall look of my case! The writing turned out very clear and the photos just how I wanted. I love the slight glossy sheen over the top too.


The case itself is such amazing quality that I didn't expect. It feels more expensive than it is like it won't break and will last for a very long time. I was very impressed when I put it on my phone for the first time.


Originally the price of my case would have been £14.95, which for the quality and service I received is rather reasonable. With the variety of cases on offer, they range from about £14.95 - £24.95.

I hope you liked my design and enjoyed this post. Making your own phone case is quick, easy, and fun with the whole design process, letting your inner creativity out. 

In previous posts, I've mentioned how I'm going on a holiday with my best friends. After waiting 5 months from booking it, we're going tomorrow and I'M SUPER EXCITED! I'll be away for ten days, therefore I'll have no posts up, however, I'm planning to do a summer lookbook and put up a post of all my holiday snaps when I'm home, so keep an eye out for those!

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Makeup tutorial: Prom inspired look

Well hello to you me reader chums! Its crazy to think that around this time last year I left sixth form and was looking forward to my leavers ball; time honestly goes so quickly. Therefore, since its prom/leavers ball season, I thought I would share with you a look I put together that can be worn for this occasion or any event where you would like a special yet natural makeup look. When I had my leavers ball, I wore quite a dewy, glowy look with a neutral eye, similar to what I created today, here's the overall look:

To put together this tutorial, I used the following products:
To begin with I cleansed, toned, moisturised and then went ahead and applied Maybelline's 'Baby skin primer'. As you're going to be wearing the makeup for the whole evening, a face primer is key to keep everything in tact, especially as you'll be dancing the night away! For foundation I chose my favourite which is Rimmel's match perfection in the shade in 'classic ivory'. I love this because it gives such a dewy finish to the skin and makes the skin look much more awake. I stuck to my usual concealer and powder, where I concealed my under eye circles, blemishes and then set it into place. I wanted to go for a strong contour and chose The Body shop bronzer in 'shade 02'. This is perfect because its a matte bronzer and can be applied very naturally as an all over bronze or built up to a deep contour. To finish off the base, I applied Sleek's 'Rose gold' blush on the apples of my cheeks blending upwards. I think this is great for this event because it really helps lift and extenuate the cheek bones with the shimmery, highlighting element. For an added highlight, I also applied the highlighter in Sleek's face form kit on the top of my cheek bones and my brow bone.
Here's a close up of the bronze and highlight:
For the eyes, I kept to a neutral, bronze and shimmery colour with a bit of darker definition in the outer corner. To start off I primed my eyes with Urban Decay's original primer potion to ensure the shadow lasts the whole evening. I then applied the shade 'sidecar' all over the lid to add a shimmery glow. Next, I blended the shade 'naked' through the crease as my transitional colour, followed with 'cover' from the Naked2  basics, in the outer corner to add some depth to the eye. Since I can never do a makeup look without liner, I chose to draw a subtle back line on my upper lash line into a small wing. To finish off the eyes, I curled my lashes and applied a couple of coats of Maybelline's Lash sensational mascara. For my brows, I took the shade 'frisk' from the Naked2 basics and lightly ran it through them and set it with Rimmel's clear brow gel.
Here's a close up of the eyes:
I picked one of the Revlon matte balms for the lips in the shade 'sultry'. I chose this because for one these last for such a long duration of time, meaning you can trust it won't budge for a good while! Also I love this colour, its very vintage, a brown toned dusky pink. Even though its quite a deep shade, its not too bold or bright and therefore its quite subtle and sophisticated - I love what this colour adds to the overall look.
Voila, here is the final look:

I hope you enjoyed the prom look I've created. Are any of you attending prom or leavers this year?

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Review: BarryM's Speedy Quick Dry range

Well hello to you my reader chums! Recently in my April favourites post, I mentioned one of BarryM's 'Speedy Quick Dry' nail polishes and how I wanted to get my hands on some more of the range, which I did as you can see below. I haven't written a beauty review in a while so today I wanted to share my thoughts on this selection.

If you're a big fan of pastels and fast-drying nail polish, here is my full review of BarryM'd Speedy Quick Dry range.

BarryM's Speedy Quick Dry range

Colour range 

The three colours I've got are all very Spring and Summer pastel shades, perfect for the season right now. I love all these colours as they're very girly and the sort of colours I like to wear on my nails at this time of the year.

BarryM's Speedy Quick Dry range shades

Nail polish packaging

The packaging is an aspect I adore because it's very vintage with chequered lids. I'm pretty sure it's really meant to represent race car finishing line flags but either way its super cute! 

BarryM's Speedy Quick Dry range

'Lap of Honor' BarryM nail polish

Purple is my all-time favourite colour and one I always reach to when painting my nails so it was really no surprise when I chose this shade. It's quite a mid-toned lilac shade, that's not too dark or too light and therefore perfect for the transition into lighter shades for the Spring/Summer time. I think the name is really sweet, something fitting in with the speedy 'theme'.

BarryM's Speedy Quick Dry lap of honour shade

'In a Heartbeat' BarryM nail polish

The second colour is much more of a brighter option, this bold coral/peachy shade. I think the coral colour is perfect for the summer season with that sun-kissed glow because a tan really compliments bold colours and for me coral/peach shades really give off that summer vibe. I love the name of this, 'In a heart beat' because it's like when your heart skips a beat for someone, just too adorable really!

In a heartbeat barrym nail polish

'Eat my Dust' BarryM nail polish

I'm obsessed with this colour because it's the nicest pastel blue shade, great for any addition to a Spring time look. The name to this one isn't as sweet, however, the polish itself makes up for it.

eat my dust nail polish BarryM

Overall thoughts

The colours of the range I've got I love and what I've seen of the other shades, they are just fab, I'd happily purchase them all! The consistency of the polishes are quite thin initially and take a few layers to build up to achieve that lovely glossy finish when dry. I would say the 'super quick dry' idea is amazing as compared to usual BarryM polishes they do dry pretty fast, not as quick as I'd like to (imagine a 5 second drying polish, that'll be great), but quick enough that you could paint them, leave them for a bit and you're done. The lasting power is about the same as BarryM's usual range, so I'd say up to 5-6 days depending on the preparation of application.

Overall, I'd give these a definite recommend because the colour spectrum is lovely, the packaging is oh so charming as are the names and it sticks to the 'speedy quick dry' label. All I can say is love love love! 

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have any of you tried these?

Thank you for reading <3

Book review: Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I have another book to share with you. Lately, I've gotten back into reading which is one of my favourite things to do. Instead of going on my iPhone hours before bed, I'll put it down and spend a good 30 minutes to an hour reading. Doing this has benefited my sleep pattern and got me back into the knack of my old hobby.

The book I've finished recently was Sisterland. I bought this initially because it was about twins, a factor I can relate to and love reading about as it's fascinating finding out other people's perspectives. I read the blurb and was interested to see how the whole psychic/medium idea was intertwined into the story.

Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld
Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

Characters and relationships

As soon as I began reading this, I was hooked instantly, into the characters and the story told. The writing style is so intimate and in-depth with every detail said. I love this aspect because it gives you an insight into the characters' lives, helping you escape inside the story even more. Things such as how the protagonist was feeling were explained or vivid flashbacks from the past, giving you as the reader a clearer view of characters' relationships and their actions throughout the novel. Since the book is very much focused on the twins, it's interesting to read how the bond of them unfolds, through all the areas of their lives told. There's love, loss, humour, relationships, and more in this novel, all of which are explored in such a detailed manner.

Plotline and structure

The plot itself thickens as the book goes on. It's one of those novels that entice you to carry on reading to discover what mysteries will be uncovered next. The whole idea behind the novel is this huge prediction Violet makes, which consists of a good chunk of the book. This links into the main psychic/medium theme spoke about throughout the book with both twins having these experiences, and as this is something particularly interesting to me, it was a great thing to learn more about. 

The build-up of Violet's announcement and waiting for the event to occur is a part of the novel that delves into the good/bad experiences of the twins' upbringing, what goes on in their present context, and describes the many different relationships in the story. The aftermath then focuses more on the present day and describes what happens afterward with flashbacks or old memories being less common. This structure, therefore, is something I feel was thought out very well with all the ideas fitting together nicely and easy to understand. Even though it's quite a deep read, I think it's very easy to get into the story and quite simple to follow what is going on. 

Overall thoughts

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I love the journey it takes you on, how the author explains the ups and downs of the twins' lives, the loves and losses they had, and how their relationship develops. For me, it was such a relatable novel and it's refreshing reading about a bond of twins as I can kind of link it back to my life and go 'hey we do things like that'. Being a twin is an amazing thing and I loved how this book describes the relationship rather well. 

Sisterland is an absolute definite recommendation, leaving you wanting more and feeling part of the tale.

I hope you enjoyed this book review. Have any of you read this novel?

Thank you for reading <3

April favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! As we've now entered into the lovely month of May, its time to share with you what I've been loving throughout April. I genuinely cannot believe April went that quickly and we are in the 5th Month of the year, it seems only yesterday I was writing my March favourites! I'm really excited about the last day of May coming up as that's the day I go on holiday with my best friends so its really exciting knowing we have under a month to go.

Favourite beauty products for April

Revlon Colour Matte Balm in 'Elusive'

 I love these matte balms because they have such a long-lasting power, give the nicest matte finish and come in such a lovely colour selection. 'Elusive' is a rather mid pink, subtle colour, perfect for a little pop to a light Spring makeup look. I've been wearing this on shopping days or similar activities and its served me well! The balm is one of those lip products that doesn't feel like you have lipstick on your lips, yet gives a lovely, pigmented finish.

Revlon Colour Matte Balm in 'Elusive'

Revlon Colour Matte Balm in 'Elusive' shade

Revlon's Lip Butter in 'Peach Parfait'

I've been using this on days where I wanted something on my lips that I can easily put on and is very subtle. For that look, this is perfect because it gives the prettiest pink glossy sheen, adding a bit of oomph to natural lips.

I also love how moisturising this product is, something I prefer when applying anything to my lips as I'm not keen on products that dry out the lips. As its quite a quick application, a mirror isn't needed and it still gives a sweet finish.

Revlon's lip butter in 'Peach Parfait'

Revlon's lip butter in 'Peach Parfait' shade

Topshop's 'Cream Blush in 'Head over Heels'

I've gotten back into cream blushes lately, alternating between my two Topshop blushes 'morning dew' which I used a lot last month and mentioned in my March favourites and this one. However, over the month, I've been reaching for 'head over heels' shade a bit more because it's more of a toned-down blush. The colour is a red/pink in-between shade and I find it gives a muted look to the cheeks. 

It's a powder finish even tough when applied, the consistency is creamy, an aspect I like. For those who prefer blushes that aren't too pinky, this is the one to go for!

Topshop's Cream Blush in 'Head over Heels'
Topshop's 'Cream Blush in 'Head over Heels'

Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Cream

 I used to apply this as part of my morning skincare routine when my skin went through a drier stage and then I started alternating between my normal moisturiser and this one. However, I then stopped using it completely until I picked it up again the other month and began applying it as part of my nightly routine. 

Before bed, I'm not really a fan of heavy moisturisers because I don't like the feel of something sitting on my skin for a while before it absorbs in. Therefore, this one has become a real favourite because even though it says intense, the consistency is very light, sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling ultra-soft; I love it.

Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Cream

BarryM Nail Polish in 'Eat my Dust'

 I was intrigued when I first heard about this range because I'm one of those people who get very impatient when waiting for nails to dry! I, therefore, picked up this very Spring-like colour and couldn't wait to give it a go. 

The consistency initially was quite thin and I had to build it up, yet after a few layers, it was a beautiful pastel blue colour. When it was built up like this, the nail polish did dry fairly quickly which I was really happy about. Due to this, I think I'm going to be getting a couple more of the range!

BarryM Nail Polish in 'Eat my Dust'

Non-Beauty Favourite - Pinterest

For my non-beauty favourite of the month, I have to say it was Pinterest! I finally jumped on the bandwagon around the end of February and have been obsessed for the past two months ever since! I can understand why people have hyped about it for so long, it has basically become my virtual wish list and future goals! If you want to have a nose into things I'm obsessing over, you can follow me here.

I hope you enjoyed my April favourites! What have you been loving this month?

Thank you for reading <3