18th Birthday shopping haul

Well hello to you my reader chums!  I've recently turned 18 and wanted to share with you everything I've received as these are my favourite types of posts to read. I'm incredibly happy and thankful for everything I got. My parents gave me money and Billy Elliot tickets so I went on a big shopping spree before I watched the show! I picked up some lovely bits. I'm going to show you all the clothing items then move on to beauty.


I decided to treat myself to a new pair of converse. I picked up low top grey ones because they're perfect for summer and grey goes with many things, they cost £45.

Grey converse Schuh

Forever 21

I was really excited to go here because I absolutely love this shop and sadly there isn't one near me so when I head to a shopping place I spend a while here. I'm pretty sure my friends and I spend a good hour looking and trying on different bits. 

forever 21 cream satchel

The first thing I bought was this really cute creamy satchel. I picked this up because I'm one of those girls who lug big bags around with me as I practically bring my whole house with me when I go out. I thought as it's summertime I should purchase some smaller bags and carry around fewer bits and bobs. This little satchel is adorable and costs £12.15. Also, it's a pastel/ neutral colour meaning it is very versatile. 
Ciao Bella crop top

The next thing I picked up was this 'ciao bella' crop top. I thought this was too cute and I'm a huge Italian fan so I just had to buy it. It's a red/pink/brown colour and cost me £8. 

18th Birthday shopping haul

I also bought these floral fabric shorts. I've been wanting to get my hands on a pair of fabric shorts for a while now but could never find the right pair. These have an elasticated waist, are black with a purple and blue floral pattern. They're really light and flowy to wear on hot days. These shorts were £10.50.

18th Birthday shopping haul

The last clothing item I bought from forever 21 was this patterned skirt. I fell in love with this, it has a black and white floral pattern and its adorable. It only cost me £6.50 which I thought was a bargain! 

18th Birthday shopping haul

The last item from forever 21 was this super cute black hair clip bow. As soon as I bought it, I wore it around London for the rest of the day! I adore the way it looks in my hair, the bow is really sweet and I'd love to get my hands on more. It was inexpensive as well costing £2.40.

New Look

18th Birthday shopping haul

I've been wanting this crop top for a while now, it's really summery in this mint colour. This top is lightweight making it perfect for beach days. It was supposed to be £14.99 but I got £5 off! I also purchased the cream version.

18th Birthday shopping haul
18th Birthday shopping haul

The last thing from New Look was this plain white t-shirt with a patterned detail on the bottom. I love how simple this top is yet the bottom gives it that detail making it unique. I saw a top very similar to this in Topshop for double the price however I got it for £9.99! 

Dorothy Perkins

18th Birthday shopping haul

I didn't buy this on the day of the shopping trip but yesterday when I headed out to my closest shopping place. I've been looking out for a new bikini in the last couple of weeks and could never find one that I fell in love with or was me. However, yesterday I saw this and was like that's the one. The top cost me £14 and the bottoms cost me £9. 
The Body Shop

The body shop body butter

I finally got my hands on the body butter in the blueberry scent. I wanted this for a while but never picked it up. It was in the sale too so I got it for £5! 


Maybelline on and on bronze eye tattoo cream shadow

I only picked up one thing from boots, another item I've been wanting to buy for a while which was the 'on and on bronze' colour tattoo. I've bought this mainly for my leaver's ball, however, I've tried it out already and I'm loving it so far. 

Sleek contour palette
The first thing I picked up was the Sleek contour palette. I've been wanting this for a while but I don't have a Sleek near me, I'm really happy to finally have it! 

Picnic in the park lipgloss tanya burr

The next thing was a Tanya Burr lipgloss in the shade 'chic'. As I loved 'Picnic in the Park' so much, I couldn't wait to get another one of her products. I chose a nude shade because I've been wanting nude lipgloss and as her range is of such a high quality I bought 'chic'.

L'oreal super liner

The last beauty product was the L'oreal superliner. I wanted to try a new liner and as I've heard some good reviews on this I decided to pick it up.

Disney Store

Belle Mug disney store

I bought a Belle mug, Maria got a Cinderella one and Mel got an Ariel one! Danielle didn't get one though but we three matched, were such kids at heart. Belle used to be my favourite Disney princess. 

Other than money and tickets my parents got my twin and me these cute mice Swarovski crystal figures.

18th Birthday shopping haul

My nan got me some beautiful white gold earrings that I absolutely love. 
18th Birthday shopping haul

Presents from my friends

18th Birthday shopping haul

18th Birthday shopping haul
My best friend bought Maria and me tickets to see the Great Gatsby ballet at the Marlowe Theatre which I was over the moon about! 

I just want to say a massive thank you to all my family and friends for all the presents, I appreciate and am so thankful for everything. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed <3 

18th birthday celebrations ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! The Saturday just gone was Maria and I's 18th. We had such an amazing day celebrating with close friends and family where we went out for a meal in the evening. I felt so spoilt and lucky for everything I received and to have all these special people in my life. We went to my favourite restaurant prezzos and the food was beautiful! For my main present my parents gave me money and treated my closest friends and Maria & I to Billy Elliot tickets which we were thrilled about! We went to watch the show after a shopping trip to Stratford yesterday and it was outstanding! All the cast gave such amazing performances and I enjoyed every minute! I feel really lucky to have experienced the day with my bestest friends who I love so much! Here's all the pictures from the last couple of days:

Saturday 21st June- Our Birthday
Birthday girls! 

Maria and I posing in our garden. 
My playsuit: New look
Maria's playsuit: Quiz 

Me, my nan and Maria <3
Us with our princess themed cake!

Mel and Maria at Prezzos.

Brittany, Me and Danielle at Prezzos.

Us again! 
My dessert which the lady put a candle in  for me! 

All of us! 

My favourite picture of the girls from that night. Left to right: Danielle, Brittany, Me, Maria and Mel ❤

Monday 23rd June- Shopping spree and Billy Elliot! 

Danielle and I on route to Stratford.
Outside the theatre! 
Maria and Mel outside the theatre. 

Me, Maria and Mel outside.

Me, Danielle and Maria. 

A lovely lady took a picture of us all outside the theatre. I love this picture! 

Me, Danielle and Mel. 

Us in the theatre :) 

All of us had the best time yesterday and I want to thank my parents for everything! Billy Elliot was brilliant and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't seem it because the actors are all so talented and a joy to watch! 

Here's all of my purchases and I'm happy with everything I got! I'm going to put a haul up tomorrow with all I bought with everything I got for my birthday. 

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed <3 

The Fault in Our Stars inspired nail art

Well hello to you my reader chums! In celebration of The Fault in Our Stars film, I decided to paint my nails especially. The Fault in Our Stars is a book I absolutely love and the film was just as tear-jerking.

If you're interested in nail art, here is my The Fault in Our Stars-inspired nail art.

The Fault in Our Stars inspired nail art

The Fault in Our Stars inspired nail art
The Fault in Our Stars inspired nail art
The Fault in Our Stars inspired nail art

For the left hand, I wanted to write the famous quote 'Okay?' 'Okay.' in clouds and for the right hand, I had a feature nail of dots to continue the colour theme.

The Fault in Our Stars inspired nail art nail polishes

Nail polishes used

Base: Barry M in shade 'Blueberry'
Detail: Beautyuk nail polishes in white and grey shades. 

To create the clouds, writing, and dots I used cuticle sticks. I used the thicker end to draw on the clouds and the thinner end to write 'okay' and draw on the dots. 

I hope you enjoyed this short post and my nail art. What is your favourite colour to wear?

Thank you for reading <3 

Re-ombréing my hair ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I'd like to talk about the process of ombréing my hair. If you've followed my blog for a while, you'd know I've previously ombréd it. I've decided to do it again because I love the effect it gives and it's a perfect hairstyle to have for summer. I used the same kit as I did before which is the wild ombré kid by l'oreal, however this one claims to give a more intense result.
I love these kits because they're really easy to apply due to the expert brush given. This brush allows you to easily apply the product onto the hair. My twin did my hair and she found the kit really easy to use because of the laid out instructions and the brush. The recommended time for it to be left on was 25-45 minutes. As Maria spent a while applying the product and blending it through the hair, we left it for under the recommended time, resulting in a more natural look. This time I wanted the blonde to be higher up in my hair so she applied it just above the chin: 

Here's some pictures of it. As I wanted it to look quite natural/subtle I love the outcome it gave.
Another pic with chummy after she straightened it for me when I was round hers yesterday! 

I love the outcome of the ombré and would really recommend the kit to anyone who wants to ombré their hair themselves because its so simple to use. I'm sure if I'd left it on longer, my hair would of gone much blonder, meaning if you'd prefer a more bold blonde increase the time you left it on compared to mine. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this little post. I'll have a post up in a couple of weeks on how I maintain my ombré hair. Also my birthday is this Saturday where I have a lot of exciting things planned and prom is coming up meaning they'll be a few exciting posts coming this way so watch this space! <3