How to find the cheapest flights

Well hello to you my reader chums! Flying to a new destination is one of my favourite things. There's honestly nothing more exciting than booking a new flight and getting on a plane for a new adventure. Searching for a flight fills my soul with so much joy and most days you'll probably find me going on Skyscanner to see if there are any good deals.

Whether you're like me and obsessed with flights or looking to save some cash when booking flights, here are some tips on finding the cheapest flights.

How to find the cheapest flights

Look on comparison websites

As I said, Skyscanner is my favourite ever app and I probably spend way too much time checking out the 'everywhere' tab with flights across the globe. When I have a location in mind of the place I'm going to go, I like to spend a while comparing prices before I book. I go on Skyscanner first, then have a search through directly with the airlines and check out other places including Kayak. By spending a little bit of extra time sifting through all the sites, I'm able to find the cheapest rate and go with that.

Change your times and dates

There's a rumour or theory that Tuesdays are the cheapest day to fly, however, I don't think that's the case. I've found cheaper flights on weekends than Tuesday! This is why it's so important to be flexible with your times and dates if you want to find a cheaper deal. What I like to do is view prices by the month and then click on different days and compare a couple before I buy. Or alternatively, you can use the chart on Skyscanner to compare the different days. It can be a bit tedious, but, it'll save you those much-needed pennies.

Fly early morning 

The earliest flights are the ones which will save you the most money as nobody wants to be up at 4am at the airport. But, when it saves you some cash and gives you more time to travel around, then it'll be worthwhile. I always opt for the earliest flight and try and sleep on the journey there to make up for any sleep time I've missed out on. 

Don't always go direct

Probably not the most eco-friendly advice I can give, however, for longer flights whether that's Dubai or Bali, try and do a stopover in the middle. Although getting off a flight and waiting around for another can be tedious, try and see it as an opportunity to explore. Going to new airports is always a fun thing as you can spend the stopover searching out the best eats or shopping.

Time of year

It may sound obvious but the time of year you travel can majorly affect prices in flights. Peak times tend to be when the kids are on school holidays and Christmas, so it's best to book flights out of that so you can find flights on the cheaper side. I find the best months to purchase flights are October, January-March, and May; basically, any month that isn't a busy period.

Opt for cheaper airlines

Budget airlines are a winner and the reason I tend to travel so much. Save on luxuries and book yourself with the cheaper airlines - it may mean less legroom and busier flights but you'll save all the pennies for more travels.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your tips for cheap flights?

Thank you for reading <3

My travel staples for a weekend break away

Well hello to you my reader chums! City breaks and jetting off for a few days is one of my favourite things. It gives me the chance to take a couple of days away from my normal routine but also offers an opportunity to see a new location - and immerse myself in a different culture.

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My travel staples for a weekend break away

City breaks are quick but can be incredibly wholesome and planning them correctly is key - and that goes hand in hand with what you pack.

I like to be very prepared when it comes to packing and bring items along that will be useful, versatile and are essential - here are my travel staples:

Beauty items 

Garnier's BB cream  - I'm an avid user of BB cream and love it in all seasons, especially during the summer months. I find it's the perfect little gem to bring when going away for a few days as it offers that lighter coverage but will still give you a tint and SPF - and save space in your liquid bag on the flight. I'm currently loving Garnier's BB cream; it gives the loveliest glow and light amount of coverage.

Hand gel and hand cream - I'm a bit of a clean freak and like to have hand sanitizer with me at all times, especially when abroad. My best friend even bought me a keyring with a hand gel holder on it to put all my Bath and Body Works hand gels and I've never looked back. It's one of those very useful accessories. I also have hand creams with me wherever I go and especially love the Body Shop creams.

Solid shampoo/conditioner - I rave about Lush's shampoo and conditioner a lot! Whether you're trying to make an eco-friendly choice or save space in your suitcase, these shampoo bars are a lifesaver. They smell insane, leave your hair looking fresh and shiny and last for a very long time. Completely worth the investment!

Marc Jacob's rollerball perfume - My favourtite ever perfume is Marc Jacob's Daisy (like a lot of people.) It's fresh, easy to wear and the perfect day scent. On my travels, I can't really bring the whole bottle so I carry the rollerball version around - and can top it up whenever I need.

Tangle Teezer -I try to lighten the load as much as possible with weekends away as I don't need to bring my entire beauty routine with me. Tangle Teezers are a perfect size and come in travel size too so I love to bring them along for the ride.

Multi-use palettes - To save space in my makeup bag, I like to pack multi-use products. For instance, Benefit's Hoola bronzer is my go-to and I also love to use it as a natural eye shadow colour, to save packing a heavy eye shadow palette. I also generally pack a lightweight highlighter like the Sleek palettes as it can double up as an eye shadow shade.

Useful travel items

Chillys bottle - I rave about Chillys bottles way too much but I genuinely don't go anywhere without them and that includes abroad. They're refillable, keep water cold for 24 hours and good for the environment so you can't go wrong. It saves buying disposable bottles, drinking warm water when its sunny and knowing the bottle will last for a long period of time.

Extension lead and adapter - This is my favourite travel hack but I like to share it over and over again in case someone missed it. Bring an adapter and an extension lead with you - as it'll save you bringing multiple adapters for different plugs, and you'll have up to four plug sockets for all your electricals.

Tote bags - You never know when you're going to need a tote bag on your travels. I always like to pack one in my handbag as they can come in handy for shopping, for the beach or anything in between. They're versatile, light and save you buying plastic bags along the way.

Travel diary - One of my favorutie things to do is document my travels which you'll see in all my travel content. Something I've begun doing is bringing a travel diary along with me and taking notes as I go, as I'm able to document how I'm feeling on that day rather than looking back and writing on the experience. It's a fresh and exciting way to capture my memories and I have the diary to look back on in years to come.

Travel insurance - Before working in travel insurance, I wasn't clued up on it at all. I've always bought a travel insurance policy to be covered but I never really looked into my policy to see what I'm actually covered for and just went for the cheaper option. Now, I've learned to read my policy wordings and know what I'm paying for - it's worth the investment if things go wrong.

Tripp suitcases - I invested in a pair of Tripp suitcases a few years ago now and honestly they were worth the money. My favoruite black and white cabin size suitcase I take on every single weekend trip - it's a perfect size, lightweight and always fits everything that I need.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your travel staples?

Thank you for reading <3

Favourite European cities to visit in the spring time

Well hello to you my reader chums! Spring is nearly here and I'm very excited about it. When spring begins, it obviously means we're closer to summer and that thrills me - I can't wait for beach BBQs and rocking summer dresses again. As the warmer season is approaching, I wanted to share some of my favourite places to visit in Europe on a city break.

Favourite European cities to visit in the spring time

Whether you're looking for some inspiration on where to go or planning a last-minute city break, here are a few European cities I'd recommend to see in the spring.


Favourite European cities to visit in the spring time

The canal capital of the Netherlands and one of the coolest cities I've seen, Amsterdam has the most chill vibe about it. I visited in the autumn, however, the spring is the time where it's tulip season and everything is blooming - that you will be in season for the best photos and experiences. Dabble into the quirky cafes, learn all about the Dutch history, ponder along the canals and pick yourself a tulip or two.


Home to Italian fashion and designer goods, Milan is everything you'd expect for a shopping lover. It's not the biggest Italian city compared to Rome and Florence, however, there is plenty to see, lots of places to shop (and window shop) and all the Italian food you can think of. The main square with the Duomo is my favourite location as it looks incredible grand and worth the walk around. Visiting in spring will leave you with good weather and a time to beat the crowds.


Favourite European cities to visit in the spring time

One of the most romantic cities but also a fun location to visit with your gal pals, I love everything about Paris. It's got a fast pace about it but there's also a slower vibe away from the main attractions which will leave you in awe of the city. The art scene is huge over there, it's a dream for designer shopping and you can't help feel as if you're in the land of luxury. Spring is a lovely time to go as the weather is sunny and it's before peak season begins in the summer.


Heart of Italy and one of my favourite ever cities; a piece of my soul will always be left in Rome. Despite how busy it can get, I love the hustle and bustle of the city and the Italian charm which seeps throughout. Whether you're looking to learn all about Italian history, venture around my favourite spot in Piazza Navona, make a wish at the Trevi Fountain or generally experience the Italian way of life, Rome is the place to be. I tend to stay away from the main sights to find the best food spots but in general, the whole city has that Italian charm. There's never a bad time to visit Rome as you're bound to get stuck with crowds, but in the spring, it'll be warm enough to enjoy it without being too hot - and it's the perfect excuse for more gelato.


Favourite European cities to visit in the spring time

Lisbon is hugely underrated for the absolute dream it is. Made up of cobbled streets, yellow trams, hilly roads, and the best tapas bars, it's a great destination for a few days away in the sun - and to drink all the sangria in sight. I went in April time when spring just began and the weather was insanely beautiful, it was quiet to explore and I felt like I got a full authentic view of the city. 


Barcelona is loved by many travellers including myself for multiple reasons and I'd love to go back. It is one of those cities that is generally always busy when the weather gets warmer, however, I would highly recommend choosing springtime to go and visit. Whether you'd like to explore the famous shopping street of Las Ramblas, have a picnic in Park Guell, explore the tucked-away cobbled paths or eat every tapas dish in sight, there's plenty to do in this city.


I have a huge love for Athens; I've visited multiple times since I was little as some of my family live out there and it will always feel like home to me. Spring in Athens, preferably Easter is the best ever time to visit. Their Easter celebrations are very exciting and involve a lot of food that you don't want to miss out - plus Athens is packed with lots of ancient history, has the quaintest city centre and warm weather.


Favourite European cities to visit in the spring time

I fell in love with Copenhagen when I visited a couple of years ago. It's one of those cities that despite being a tourist hub, didn't feel that way at all. The city has a residential atmosphere to it where you feel like home wherever you go. Copenhagen is a hub for the quirkiest eateries, cleanest streets, pretties canals and plenty of things to sink your teeth into. The city is known for being quite chilly so you'll still need to wrap up in the spring, however, the sights will warm your heart so much that you'll forget about the weather.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Where is your favourite place to visit in the Spring?

Thank you for reading <3

How to pack lightly for a week's trip

Well hello to my reader chums! I used to be a huge over-packer, bringing unnecessary items away with me on city breaks or for a week's holiday. Through going away regularly and backpacking, and not wanting to pay for hold luggage, I learned how to limit what I needed to bring - and some tips and tricks for packing lighter. 

How to pack lightly for a weeks trip

Whether you're a huge over-packer or going away soon and looking for some packing tips, here's how to pack lightly for a week's trip (it is possible)...

Check the cabin luggage size

First things first, check the size limit you're able to bring on the plane as a cabin bag. Each airline varies in size but typically you're allowed a small-sized suitcase as cabin luggage. When packed correctly, you can easily fit enough clothing and toiletries into a small suitcase - with room for souvenirs to bring back.

Think about what you're packing

Something I like to do before a long trip is planning my outfits out and bringing along versatile pieces to ensure I pack fewer clothes. Also, it's worth planning out what you wear to the airport - as I always put on my heaviest/most bulkiest clothes to save room in the case. 

Necessary toiletries 

I'm a bit obsessed when it comes to beauty and makeup products like a lot of people so it can be hard limiting them into hand luggage - but it is possible. The best thing is to make a list of the necessary toiletries, decant the rest into smaller bottles, invest in rollerball perfumes and solid beauty products (as you won't need to put them in the liquid see-through bag.) By doing all this, you should be able to save space - and there's always the option of buying more items when you arrive at your destination (people often forget that.)

Share the luggage

If you're going away with a partner or group of friends, you can minimize the weight limit by sharing a suitcase or putting some of your items in somebody else's case. Either share one hold luggage bag and split the costs or put all of your items in the two cabin bags to ensure you both fit everything in.

Roll your clothes up

Probably the oldest trick in the book, but when it comes to packing, the technique is key. Roll up your lighter items, pack your socks in your shoes and use packing cubes to organise your clothes into different sections - basically play a suitcase version of Tetris until you fit it all in.

Forget about the luxuries

When it comes to budget travel, luxuries don't necessarily have to go out the window but they will need to be limited in order to go through with the trip - and keep to packing light. Try and swaps items like chunky heels, excessive accessories, body lotions or perfumes for something smaller or take them out altogether.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Which tips do you have on packing lighter?

Thank you for reading <3

New beginnings, new goals

  Well hello to you my reader chums! I've been quite absent from this blog for a while, not because I wanted to but because I needed to take a mental break and wait until I was in the right mindset to write again. 

I've taken a step back in the past few months with a lot of things including my blog, to allow myself the time to heal. 2019 didn't end how I expected it to and I've needed the past few months to process what happened and create a new situation for myself - and find myself once again. Learning to find your feet after a shock to the system can be incredibly hard and it's taken its stages (which I'm still going through) but I've made it through to the other side. 

Now, I can finally say, sitting in my new home that I'm ready, ready to take on the world, grab any opportunity that comes my way and be happy. I've learned over the past few months that everything really does happen for a reason and all the things which come in your way are there to teach you a lesson or lead you on the right path. I'm stronger than I thought I was, proud of how I've dealt with my mental health and excited for my next chapter.

I'm feeling much more positive about what this year is going to pan out to be and can't wait to throw myself back into my passions, including this blog. I've been writing it for a really long time that it feels weird not being my current focus. I want to share more travel tips, lifestyle posts and dabble back into the world of beauty. I want to throw my passion back into my writing and share content that I love and hope my readers will love too. 

To document today, here are the goals I hope to achieve by the end of 2020:

  • Keep at a regular blog schedule and post the content I'm most passionate about
  • Continue to travel and plan my next trips (got a few places already booked for this year)
  • Spend more time with my friends and making the best ever memories
  • Learning to love myself and figuring out the things that make my heart soar
  • Accepting that it's okay not to be okay sometimes
  • Learning to listen to what my body and mind needs

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your goals for the rest of the year?

Thank you for reading <3