Welcome to the world of Della Loves Nutella!

I'm Della, a 20-something year old, beauty and travel obsessed gal who loves nothing more than heading off on new adventures (and ticking off my travel to-do list place by place) or discovering the next best beauty buy. Over the past few years, I've visited some incredible places and live in a travel dream world most of the time, working towards where I'll go next.

 I love reading and have done ever since I was a little girl. My book obsession grew into my love for writing and that's why I created this blog. It's become my happy place online where I'm able to share anything I'd like to talk about and be creative.

Something many people don't know, my actual name is Daniella, yet Della came about when my twin sister, couldn't pronounce the word Daniella and began saying Della. This caught on and everyone I know always calls me that, hence why all my social platforms are under 'Della'. My twin Maria is 8 minutes younger than me but a few inches taller! We're a non-fraternal (non-identical) yet have very similar personalities and make a great team.

My blog, I use as a way to inspire and encourage others, sharing my travel experiences, tips, thoughts, book reviews and a lot more! I like to write about everything that makes me happy, spreading my positivity with the world.

Thank you for reading my blog <3

You can find me over on:

Email - dellalovesnutella@gmail.com

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