Book review: Love Tanya by Tanya Burr

Well hello to you my reader chums! A couple of months ago, Tanya Burr released her book Love Tanya. I bought a copy, where shortly afterwards book tour dates were released meaning I ended up with two copies! ( you can see the book signing here.) Over the past few months I was quite busy and therefore didn't find much time to read, however after finding the time to sit down with this book, I finished and thoroughly enjoyed it. Initially, I wasn't too sure what to expect because I usually read fiction novels, yet this was such a refreshing and happy read.

The book has a total of 12 topics, all of which include Tanya's personal experiences, advice, favourite things and tips. I love this personal aspect throughout the novel because its something different to many other books I've read. Certain areas are similar to reading a blog post with the friendly, cheery voice coming through in her writing which I adore.
The 'note' section provided after every chapter is such a lovely touch because you are able to give your own feedback on the topic and have the chance to reflect on your own thoughts and items/memories you love/enjoy.
Out of the book, each chapter was insightful in its own way, for instance the fashion chapter talked about dressing your body shapes and the makeup chapter gave tips and tricks about different makeup products. Baking, was more of a unique chapter as it was full of yummy recipes. Looking at all the scrumptious pictures definitely has enticed me to try them out especially  the triple chocolate cookies! 
Despite admiring all the individual factors each chapter offers, the one on 'confidence and happiness' was the most helpful. Tanya talked about many relatable stories or experiences with anxiety and confidence which made me feel not so alone in the matter and even well known people like herself have had the same feelings or thoughts. Also, her top 10 tips on confidence, happiness and dealing with anxiety are something I'll keep in mind whenever I'm not feeling my best. In the middle of that chapter, there's again another note page asking things that make you happy. I found after reading just the happiness section, I was feeling more appreciative about my life and could easily think quickly of what I'm lucky to have and what made me smile.

After reading the whole novel, I felt very refreshed, reflective and grateful about my life. RLearnign about Tanya's adventures in travel, love, day to day things and the hard times she went through shows life really is a roller coaster, where courage, kindness and hard work will get you through. Overall, it was a very light-hearted and positive read, where I've taken tips from some chapters and hope from others.

Have you read Tanya's book?

Thank you for reading <3

Summer holiday clothing haul

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I have a good old clothing haul to share with you. Yesterday I went on a shopping trip with my best friend to help me pick out items for the holiday we're going on in the upcoming month. There were still some things missing that I hadn't got for the trip and I took full advantage of buying the bulk yesterday, in the trusty Primark! I got 2 things in other shops, however the majority is from Primark!

 Lets get into the haul:

I already have a couple of bikinis, however I wanted to get 3 in total since most of the holiday will be spent near the beach and pool. I would never of thought to look in Sports Direct for swimwear, however Danielle suggested it and we went to have a gander. To my surprise we found the cutest, blue gingham bikini from the brand 'SoulCal & Co' which is stocked in the store Republic. I absolutely adore the print, fit and colour of this and can't wait to get lots of wear out of it! There was also 50% off, meaning I got it for around £13!

Another shop I found something special in was Topshop. I'm getting into Topshop clothing a lot more lately and have been finding some real goodies in there. I saw this a dress a while back in grey, yet the fit didn't really suit me too well as it was quite baggy around the waistline. However, I saw this in a size smaller and the fit was much better, suiting my figure more. I prefer the blue/indigo shade to the original grey shade I saw. For holiday, I think it will be perfect for evenings, when we go out for a meal or for some drinks, paired with a leather jacket and sandals. I was glad to grab it for half price in the sale, costing only £12.
The black lace detailing on the shoulders is my favourite part of the dress because it adds something to the casual number.
Now onto my selection of Primark items:

The first piece of clothing is this light, flower print, monochrome top. What drew me to this was the overall flower print and the opposite change of the bottom half of the top. I love anything monochrome and I think this will look really sweet tucked into shorts, with sandals and a light cardi or even just draped over shorts. It was only £4!
Another flower print item is this daisy print tank top. For something so simple, tucked into high waisted shorts and paired with a kimono/caridigan and sandals, I think will look ultra summery! I love this especially as daisies are my favourite flower and for £4 I couldn't say no!
The kimono/cardigan I discussed above has a white, crochet design which fits in with the boho type style. I think this item is very versatile to pair with all different outfits and gives a festival vibe. Its the perfect light item for extremely sunny days or to throw over my bikini at the pool. The piece cost £12.
Another item I picked up were these 'mum' style shorts. I have a couple of pairs of shorts already but as I'll basically be living in these on holiday, I though getting another pair would be a good idea. I love the fit on these because they aren't too short and are very comfortable to wear. These are slightly different to my other shorts too because the design is a slightly more rough and this coloured denim is something I don't already own. These cost me just £10.
For chillier days/nights or to use as a cover up at the pool I picked up this cosy, thin grey and white cardigan. This was in the sale for only £5 and I think its going to be great for the Spring and holiday of course.
The last top I picked up is a Mickey Mouse, grey crop top. I'm a very big Disney fan so anything I find in Primark which is Disney related, I'm bound to buy. Apart from the Disney element, I love the shape and colour of this shirt, it can easily be thrown with shorts for a really casual look or can be used for pyjamas! I might even wear it on the plane journey there as its that comfy. It cost me £6 I believe.
The last item are these cream coloured shoes with holes throughout the design. I really like the look of these because they give an elegant, formal edge. I needed more flats and I think these are great for the transition into the warmer months and for £6 you can't go wrong!

I hope you enjoyed this summer clothing haul. I love all the items I picked up and can't wait to get styling! I'm super excited for this holiday with my 3 best friends and knowing I have majority of my outfits sorted now is a big relief.

Thank you for reading <3

Happy 2nd Birthday Della Loves Nutella!

Well hello to you my reader chums!

This day two years ago I finally took the plunge and created my blog, DellaLovesNutella. I remember thinking about it for a good while and never had the confidence to do it but thought one day 'if I don't do it now, I'll never do it'. I then sat at my laptop, created my design, and wrote a post. I think back to how hesitant I was about publishing it and took a while to press it! Initially, I had no idea what direction I wanted it to go or what on earth I would write, however after the flow of posts began I gradually gained my own voice, style and knew what kind of blog I wanted it to be.  

Over these two years, I've grown a lot as a person, with confidence and happiness which I feel like my blog has been apart of, it has grown with me. This little space on the Internet is mine, my space to share my love of beauty, fashion, and the incredible moments I've had. To me, when I post fun adventures or important days it's like a diary. I can look back at them in a few years and read what I did that day and the excitement I felt. I love that I have this area to capture moments and am able to share/write whatever I wish.

Being part of the blogging community is such a lovely feeling because everyone is super supportive of each other and I always receive the nicest comments. Reading comments is one of my favourite things to do and I always see those same people who constantly post positive things. To those people and the many others that have read and supported by my blog, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU! Writing my blog is something that makes me extremely happy and when I see people enjoy these posts it gives me the biggest smile!

'DellaLovesNutella' is one of the best choices I've made and I'll never look back. The name describes me perfectly, if you didn't know I do actually have an obsession with Nutella. Also, my real name is Daniella and everyone calls me Della which is how I came up with 'DellaLovesNutella'.

I hope to always continue writing and expanding this blog. In the future, I'd like to write more inspiring posts, carry on with the same love of beauty/fashion and create more posts on books.

Here's a little cake made to celebrate! Happy 2nd Birthday to Della Loves Nutella!

Thank you for reading and for all the endless support <3

Spring lip product essentials

Well hello to you my reader chums! Now spring has begun, I thought I would share with you my go to lip products for this season. The majority are fairly new finds and one is a favourite old discovery. For me when we transition into spring, its all about quite fresh makeup, pink lips and more brighter shades for the lips also. I've got a variety from quite subtle to very bright lip choices, here's all the products:

The first product is a Baby Lips Dr Rescue in the shade 'Just peachy'. This range is fairly new in the UK and come in a selection from light to more bold colours. 'Just peachy' is a baby pink colour and gives quite a glossy light pink wash over the lips. As its very low key, its perfect for a quick everyday use. I love this because its really moisturising on the lips and has a fresh, minty scent.
The next lip product is one of the hyped up Revlon lip butter in 'Peach parfait'. These are perfect for this season because you can just whip them on and they are super soft on the lips. This shade in particular gives a beautiful rosy coloured, glossy sheen on the lips.
Another one of my essentials are the Revlon matte balms, as you can tell from the picture above I have 3 which I adore for this season! The first one is in the shade 'Elusive' and is this medium, toned down pink shade. For me its a very Spring pink colour as its not too much of a bright pink, yet also not too muted- a great in between. Since these lip products are matte, the lasting power is very good and despite this element they are really soft on the lips. The application is a lip balm consistency, yet gives the final look of a lipstick.
A more bold option of the Revlon matte balms is the shade 'Audacious' This colour is a very bright orange, great for a more out there makeup look. I love orangey shades and for those braver people who would wear them this one is a good choice! 

The last Revlon matte balm is one of my most recent additions and in the shade 'sultry'. Out of the three, this one is the darkest. The colour is a brown toned, dusky rose which when applied has a vintage edge to it. I think this one is a great darker option for a spring day!
The last item is a very loved product of mine and it's Tanya Burr's 'Picnic in the park'. I was obsessed with this when I first bought it for the Spring time last year. Its a beautiful pinky colour with a glossy sheen over the top which is the only lipgloss I know to not only last but leave your lips feeling moisturised! I think those who love a subtle bit of colour especially pink will adore this product as its not too striking! For more swatches I wrote this blog post a while back.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Spring lip products essentials post. What are your favourite lip items for the Spring time?

Thank you for reading <3

Jersey boys, Oxford street shopping and clothing haul

Well hello to you my reader chums and a Happy Easter to you all! 

Yesterday for Danielle's birthday I treated her to tickets for the musical, Jersey Boys in London. As we were heading there in the evening for the show, we thought it'll be a good idea to take advantage and head to Oxford street beforehand. I've never been to Oxford street before because when I go to London, I usually go to Westfield or a shopping centre for a shopping trip. 

We arrived in London around lunchtime and our first stop was Topshop. I was rather taken aback by how big it was with all the snack places and counters included in one shop, it was like a mini shopping place! Whilst having a good old look, we discovered this Easter photo booth and thought it'll be a nice memento to take home with us. As you can tell we weren't ready for the first picture, however, I'm obsessed with how all the others turned out! It's super cute and a lovely thing to have. After this, we had a browse in a few other shops, picked up a couple of things, and headed to the restaurant for dinner. We booked Pizza Hut in advance and underestimated how big  Oxford Street was because it took forever to find.

Oxford Street photobooth

Jersey Boys theatre show

The photo below is of us both in the Theatre all excited for the show to begin! I didn't really know what to expect as I'd been hyping myself up for the two months since I booked it (Danielle didn't know at this point), however, it exceeded my expectations! The show was bursting with singing, dancing and made me want to get up and sing along! There wasn't a dull moment throughout the whole performance and it really brought the whole story and songs to life that I'd listen to previously. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm super happy Danielle loved her surprise!

Jersey Boys west end musical
I would definitely recommend this show to anyone, it was phenomenal! 
Jersey Boys west end musical

Shopping haul in London

The first item is these gorgeous shorts from Topshop. I've mentioned in a couple of my posts how I'm going on holiday with my best friends in the summer so wanted to pick up a few summery items. I already have a few pairs of shorts, however, I loved the colour, shape, and comfort of these ones. They're a different shade of blue to my other lighter pair and I like this in-between colour. The shorts were £26  but you can feel the quality! I can't wait to start styling them.

Topshop denim shorts

The next item is a crop top from New Look's petite range. I love this, the design is rather unique because of the layering effect it has, different from other clothing items I own. Also, stripes are one of my favourite patterns, therefore by putting a unique style and stripes together, you've got a lovely top! I think this is going to look super cute with high-waisted shorts, sandals, and a kimono. It was around £8- an absolute bargain!
Striped crop top from new look

Onto all the Primark items, now I must say Oxford street's Primark was huge and overwhelming, I felt rather anxious getting pushed and shoved. Despite this, I reassured myself and did find a couple of items I liked. The first is a flounder top, I noticed this on the way to the tills and thought it'll be lovely to just throw on in the summer on a warm day! I'm a big Disney enthusiast so I'm pretty sure I'll get a lot of use out of it. It cost £5.
Flounder crop top

Another Disney purchase was this Disney princess t-shirt. Disney princess films are my favourite and when I saw this, I just had to have it! This was only £6.

Princess t-shirt

As we've transitioned into spring, I wanted to buy some more light coloured shoes I can wear casually. There was loads of different pumps in Primark and I really like the colour and shape of these. For £4 they're an absolute bargain!.

Flat dolly shoes from Primark

With the holiday coming up, I wanted to purchase a couple of pairs of sandals to wear on days down the beach, pool days, or to wear on a meal out with a lovely summery dress. I chose a pink flower pair, which are similar to the cream pair I already own, and a daisy patterned pair that is super cute! I can't wait to start pairing these with outfits. Both pairs were only £6 meaning if I lose them when I'm away it's not a big chunk that went out of my pocket.

Primark sandals

Also, I picked some sunglasses up because for a couple of pounds you can't go wrong! I chose a bright pair and a black pair, suitable for different outfits. Again as they're quite cheap it doesn't matter if I lose them. ( that's what happened to all my sunglasses last year)

The last thing I bought was from Tiger and it's this mood light in the shade of a rabbit! I thought it was really sweet and it'll look lovely in my room at night.
Rabbit LED light from Tiger

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my day out and the items I picked up.

Thank you so much for reading! <3