Why you should holiday more often

Well hello to you my reader chums! If you're a regular follower on my blog or social media channels, then you'd know I love travelling, and planning my next trip away is my favourite thing ever. However, I think there's a complete difference between travelling and holidaying. To me, travelling means seeing a new place, keeping in budget and jam packing everything into the allocated time there, whereas holidaying is oh so more luxurious. Holidaying I'd describe as fully unwinding, indulging in all of life's good things, chilling by the pool and switching off from routine.

Why you should holiday more often

I love to travel, however there aren't many trips I go on where I'm switched off from the blogging world, work, my worries back home or thinking about social media - and that's super important to get away from. Considering all the trips I go on every year, I'd say 1-2 of them I will fully unwind and feel relaxed, and it's always a fab break away.

Here's why you should  holiday more often...

It'll boost your mindset

Mental health is more important than many of us realise and it requires as much attention as our physical health. You need to take time out every day to switch off whether it's reading a book, having a bath or switching on your favourite TV show - and in the longer term booking time away. Escaping for a week to a beach side destination, country village or wherever your calm place may be can help boost that mindset. You can focus on feeling calm and letting all your worries float away.

You'll have a chance to unwind 

In the busy world we live in with the constant access to technology, it's hard to find the time to fully unwind and have a technology detox. However, with a holiday as you're so busy soaking up either the sunshine, or the views that you won't find the need to use your phone as much. You can have a much needed technology detox, and embrace a relaxing break.

It'll give you a break away from everyday life

Everyday life can get busy at times; whether that's a stressful job, hectic social life or hobbies, sometimes you need to get away. It's important to step away from routine and change things up a bit every now and then - seeing a new place.

You can indulge all you like 

Surely the best thing about holidays is all the food and drink right? Whether it's all inclusive or you plan to eat every ice cream in sight, indulge how you wish. Enjoy the summer cocktails, and splurge on things you wouldn't usually consider - you're on holiday.

You can try new things

A new place can mean trying new things and that can be anything from new foods, to new experiences. On my last trip, I went jet skiing for the first time and although it was terrifying, I can tick it off the bucket list.

You can sleep more

I don't know about you but when I'm working and in usual routine, I never get enough sleep as I need so on holiday, it's always nice to get some extra bit of shut eye.

I hope you enjoyed this post. When was your last holiday?

Thank you for reading <3

How to increase your body confidence

Well hello to you my reader chums! Body confidence is something a lot of us struggle with, including me. It's one of those things that really take time to work on - essentially building the love for yourself. However, there are people out there who love every bit of them and I admire that greatly. Each and every one of us is fabulous in our own way and we should embrace it, instead of shying away from our beautiful features.

Broadstairs beach fashion outfit

Although my journey of body confidence was quite a lengthy process, today I feel comfortable in my skin, and love who I am. I do have days where I point out things I don't like, however for the most part I try to have a positive outlook about what I do love. 

Whether you don't know where to begin or would like a little reminder, here is how to increase your body confidence.

Wear your favourite piece of clothing 

It goes without saying that if you're wearing something you love, you're already going to feel that extra bit of confidence. Whether it's your favourite skater skirt, pair of high waisted jeans or even a bikini on your holidays; flaunt what you got. There's no reason for you not to feel 12/10 in your favourite outfit - so hold your head high and rock it. 

Always wear a smile 

As the film, Annie once said ' you're never fully dressed without a smile' - she's right in so many ways. Adding a smile to your outfit shows an added ounce of confidence and it'll make you feel better when you receive a smile back from strangers. There's no better confidence boost than making someone's day.

Get your old clothes tailored 

I don't know about you, but in my wardrobe, I have plenty of tops, dresses or skirts that I always say 'I'll wear again' but I never do - and I think it's down to the fact I wouldn't feel comfortable or fashionable in older clothing. However, if you're a bit of a clothes hoarder like me, why not get these older pieces tailored? You can make an out-of-fashion top into something new and exciting, that you couldn't wait to wear. Or go for dress alterations and turn an old prom dress or bridal party outfit into something ultra-fabulous for the next big event. 

 Slowly show off your 'least favourite features' 

How to increase your body confidence

The majority of people have an area of their body that's not their favourite and there's no reason not to show it off every once in a while. For example, I used to really hate my small boobs and think I didn't look feminine enough - but over time I began to stop caring what other people thought and wore dresses without a bra, put on low cut tops and non-padded bikinis. Luckily, from a bit of weight gain, they did grow slightly and I'm in love with them now and feel more confident when choosing an outfit. If you have a feature you're not in love with, slowly show it off. For instance, say it's your tummy. Begin with a pair of high waisted jeans and once you're used to them, put on a crop top to show that extra bit of skin, and then try and get used to wearing low rise jeans with a regular top. It's all about the steps and feeling comfortable on your body confidence journey. 

Change your mindset 

This is probably the hardest out of all the pointers but a change in mindset will do you wonders. I'm not saying you can go from no confidence to plenty overnight, but a positive outlook will truly benefit you. For instance, if you're thinking ' I can't wear this dress as I won't look good as everyone else in it', swap that thought to ' I bet everyone is going to look great at the party and I can't wait to join in and have fun - and I'm going to rock this look'. It's only a small change but once you have it in your mind about the fun you'll have about a certain event, you'll naturally stop worrying about what you look like. 

The same goes with a bikini on holiday - try to change your thoughts that 'everyone is looking at me' to ' I can't wait to soak up the sun and go to the water park'. Life is too short to worry about other people's opinions - it should be about all the experiences you're going to have. When you're old and grey, you won't be thinking about that bikini you wore on holiday but the stories of the trip. 

Step out of your style comfort zone 

Everyone has their own sense of style, whether that's a stripe addiction or an edgier outfit go to, we all have a look. And another way to increase your body confidence is by changing the style up. You can get so used to wearing the same clothes easily, that you'll get comfortable and begin not to experiment - however that's what the wild world of fashion is for. Start by purchasing a clothing piece you wouldn't usually go for and incorporate it in your wardrobe - and then take it to step by step. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your tips for increasing body confidence? 

Thank you for reading <3

8 things you need to know before visiting Amsterdam

Well hello to you my reader chums! Amsterdam has to be one of the top places I've visited. There was something about its chill vibe and beautiful canals that left a small place in my heart. Whilst I was planning my weekend in Amsterdam last year, I read plenty of articles on things to know beforehand, and during my trip, I picked up a few tips to share with you. 

Amsterdam city canals

Whether you're new to the city or visiting again, here are 8 things to know before visiting Amsterdam.

Accommodation in the city is expensive 

When booking my trip to Amsterdam, I found that accommodation stood on the pricier side compared to other European cities, especially in the city centre along the canals. However, after a bit of research, I found accommodation away from the city centre could be found at a reasonable price. I stayed in Osdorp during my visit, which was around a 30-minute tram ride into the centre. At the Air BnB apartment, we stayed in, there was a tram stop outside, so it made the trip in and out of the centre quite convenient every day.

Book Anne Frank's house in advance 

Anne Frank's house Amsterdam

One of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam is Anne Frank's house, and many tourists flock every day to visit. On my trip, it had to be among the top few things we did - the experience was eye-opening and ever so insightful. The thing to note with Anne Franks's House, however, is to book it in advance before your trip otherwise you may be disappointed on arrival. I booked our tickets around a month before and there were still enough slots available to choose the time we wanted. If you do book in a timely manner, then you'll have the freedom to pick the time and day of your visit. 

Public transport is super easy to navigate in the city

As our apartment was out of the city centre, we needed to grasp the knack of their public transport system pretty quickly - and by the second day got the gist of it. The tram system was quite easy to get the hang of as the tram stop by our apartment went straight into the centre. Trams are labelled by numbers and at the tram stop, it'll show you the route of each tram. The 48-hour pass (which we bought on our trip) cost £12.50 and it gave us access to unlimited trams - and I can assure you it came in very good use. If you get lost on the trams, ask a local or travel back to the centre to get your bearings back.

Explore the city on foot

Amsterdam canals in autumn

I always say this about every city, but exploring by foot can sometimes be the best way to discover hidden gems and get a real feel of the city. You can discover independent shops, restaurants, bars, and quaint neighbourhoods for a lovely stroll around. Amsterdam is picturesque at every corner and makes for a charming walk around to see the sights.  

Use Uber to get around instead of taxis

Taxis can be expensive in the city, and that goes the same with Amsterdam. To save on cash, instead of booking a taxi, download the Uber app and order an Uber to transport you around, wherever you need to go. 

Dine away from the main tourist hub in the city

Again like any city, dining near the main tourist spots will always work out more expensive, and to save on your spending, dine 'out of the main areas'. Not only can you save money, but you're more likely to find independent restaurants and good quality eateries.

Know the difference between the types of coffee shops 

Amsterdam is renowned for legalising cannabis and many tourists who visit like to take advantage of that. However, if it's not for you, you need to know the difference between a coffee shop and a cafe. Coffeeshops (with no space between the words) or also known as 'Koffieshop' will sell cannabis legally and a 'Coffeehouse' or Koffie Huis are your usual coffee shop. 

Watch out for the bicycles

Amsterdam bicycles

Amsterdam is renowned for avid cyclists, and many locals use it as their main form of transport. You'll see them lined up across the city, and plenty of people passing the canals on them - so keep your eye out as you walk past.

For more information on what to do and see when visiting Amsterdam, check out my 48-hour guide to the city.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you visited Amsterdam?

Thank you for reading <3

5 European cities to visit in autumn

Well hello to you my reader chums! Autumn has to be my favourite season; the weather is cooler, everything is cozier and cities are even more exciting to explore. European cities tend to be a little cooler in autumn and make for the best time to venture around. If you're considering a last-minute break this autumn, I'm going to share my favourite European cities to visit in this season.

Gatwick airport travelling with case

Here are 5 of the best European cities to visit this autumn...


I say this in every post I write about Rome, but as my favourite city, I would recommend it to all. I've visited Rome in summer and autumn, and autumn was a more suited visit of the two - October especially. As the busy season of the summer holidays passes, autumn crowds in Rome tend to be a lot smaller, and less hectic (well as a little hectic as you can get with the Eternal City), and it makes for a more relaxing trip to see the sights.

Rome Colosseum

The weather is still on par with beautiful sunshine, that you wouldn't have to layer up as much as staying in the UK. It's cheaper to visit, as prices are considered off-season so it's a combination of fewer crowds and cheaper prices - a winner really.

Whether you're visiting with your significant other or a group of friends - or even a family, there's plenty of things to do activity-wise and enough to feast your eyes on (literally). You've got the famous Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Vatican, and not forgetting the great shopping scene, parks, food to try, and enough gelato to sink thousands of ships. You can never go wrong with Rome! For more information, check out my guide and advice before visiting Rome post. 


The queen of European canals, alongside Venice, Amsterdam is a unique city everyone needs to see. It has a calm appeal with beautiful canals, pastel buildings, and quaint shops. There are famous sights to see, canal boat tours and plenty of museums to visit.

Amsterdam can be beautiful in any season, however, I think it's especially special in the autumntime. It means every single sight and experience is that extra bit cozier and cooler, the crowds are smaller so you're able to soak up the sights without masses of people.

Visit the Anne Frank house, eat some famous Dutch snacks, and stroll along the canals for a charming autumn break in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is beautiful, and whether a short or long stay, you're able to see all the main sights in 48 hours.


The city of love is romantic in any season, especially autumn. Leaves are falling off trees and visitors are wrapping up in tartan scarves, prepping for the cold weather. Doesn't drinking a hot chocolate overlooking Eiffel Tower sound like the perfect autumn morning in Paris?

Louve museum in Paris

Paris has many attractions to see from the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame to Disneyland and its many charming neighbourhoods. Whether you'd like to sightsee, or take a romantic stroll through the quaint back streets, autumn makes for a lovely season to do so.

Paris has a lot of sights, and neighbourhoods to visit on your trip, and the city can be a weekend excursion or a 5-day long trip - whatever you like to make of it.


I've been very lucky in saying that I've visited Athens a few times because I have family out there. It's one of those places that have a real sense of history about it and a completely charming location. There are the main sights to see including the Acropolis and various museums, but my favourite part is the main square, Monastiraki Square as it's home to the flea market and a lovely church. Athens also has nearby beaches and plenty of quaint villages to explore. To me, as my aunt lives in a village it feels like a second home.

Athens, Greece main city centre

I would say, Athens isn't the biggest European city, and the main sights can be done in only a few days. 


You can never go wrong with a trip to London and autumn makes the city more charismatic. Its shops, west end scene, museums, top attractions, and bars are only a handful of exciting things to see. I'm quite lucky in the fact that I live only an hour and a bit train ride to London so can take a day trip whenever I please. However for those that live further away from London or out of the UK, London is a city to explore over a few days - especially if you've never been before.

Covent Garden market London

There's Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Covent Garden, Camden, Hyde Park, and much more to add to your must-see list. The bustling vibe of London is like nothing else - it has a super-fast pace and everyone is always on the move. Get your shop on down Oxford Street, take a bite to eat on Carnaby Street, visit the historic attractions or watch a west end show - London will always leave you wanting more.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Which city are you visiting this autumn?

Thank you for reading <3

August favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! Summer is quickly coming to a close and as much as I'll miss the sunny days, I can't wait for autumn. It means cosy nights in, oversized jumpers and the lead up to Christmas time. Like all months this year August swept by and during the month, I gathered a few favourites to share with you.

Here are my August favourites...

August favourites

Maybelline's anti-age eraser concealer

If you've read my blog for a while, you'd know my favourite ever concealer is Rimmel's 'wake me u'p, however this past month I've been using Maybelline's anti-age eraser concealer. I've read plenty of reviews on this concealer over the past few years, yet never gave it ago myself. Since I can never refuse a good makeup deal in Superdrug (hello 2 products for £10 in Maybelline), I decided to finally pick it up. 

The concealer has quickly become a favourite of mine - it's high coverage, blends easily and has a beautiful creamy consistency. My favourite part though is the unique brush, or should I say sponge. On top of the tube is a sponge that lets out a certain amount of concealer, after you twist it round several times. The sponge allows for the correct amount of concealer to come out, and makes application that little bit easier - I love it.

Real Techniques shading brush

It's no doubt that Real Techniques are mine and a lot of beauty bloggers favourite brushes - and there are many reason why. The brushes are soft as anything, blend in makeup like a dream and never shed when you wash them. My favourite this month has been the shading brush. Lately, I've been loving to run eye shadow under my eyes for a more dramtic look and this brush just does that. It's the right size to get under the eye and applies the correct amount of product.

Zoella Beauty 'Blissful Mistful' body mist

I'm a big fan of the Zoella Beauty brand, especially the scents as they're stronger than the general body mist. The classic shade 'Blissful Mistful' has been a favourite for a while but I've fallen in love with it again this month. It's sweet but not a sickly scent, and works for every season. I've loved the mini version especially as it means I can take it on the go or for overnight stays.

August favourites

'Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine' book

This novel has been hyped by many book bloggers and top names, so I couldn't wait to give it a try. Although it took longer to get into than some books, once I was hooked, I loved every single word. As you delve deeper into the book, you develop an empathetic relationship with Eleanor and are keen to learn more and more about what happened in her past life. It's really interesting, insightful and I'm happy I got the chance to read it. If you're in the market for a new read, I'd definitely give it a go. 

Topshop camo jacket

Autumn fashion came a little early for me this year with my camo jacket. It's one of those jackets I absolutely love but forget I own until I've already put an outfit together. The past few weeks, I've been pairing it a lot more with outfits - and the colours have really got me excited for autumn fashion.

Belfast city break

It wouldn't be a favourites without mentioning an adventure or excursion. At the end of July/beginning of August, I took my boyfriend to Belfast for his birthday on a little adventure. I fell in love with the city of Belfast; it had a beautiful mix of city vibes and countryside. We went on a famous Game of Thrones tour, saw the best bits of city and spent some quality time together - it was a great way to kick off August.

I hope you enjoyed my August favourites. Which products have you loved this past month?

Thank you for reading <3