My top 5 dreams

Well hello to you my reader chums! 

Dreams. Whether it's travelling the world, becoming a mum, aspiring to be the next best pop star, meeting your idol, or writing a book; all are possible. As cliché as it may sound, your dreams can come true, with hard work, dedication, belief, and perseverance - you are unstoppable. I'm a complete dreamer with the wildest imagination, I want to do and experience so many things in my lifetime, that when it comes to my ambitions, you can imagine they're pretty vast.

Dream quote

I love this quote, it gives me the inspiration and incentive that anything is possible, even the biggest of thoughts. Whatever dream you may have, my advice for you is to never give up and continuing to pursue what makes you happy. Happiness is key to live a fulfilled life. 

With any aspiration, it takes courage and that extra push - many obstacles are guaranteed to get in your way, however, don't let this or the negativity stop the progression in your success and achievements. Be courageous, daring, motivated, and enthusiastic with everything life throws at you.

As this post is all about dreams, I wanted to share with you my top 5 aspirations:

Get married and have a family 

Ever since I can remember being a mum and bringing up a happy/healthy family has been my ultimate goal in life. I want nothing more than to have my own children and create a loving, caring environment for them with someone I truly adore.

Travel the world

I want to see the world, there's so much beauty and discovery beyond my bedroom window that I'm yet to absorb. My top places have to be Italy, it's the country I've always dreamt of seeing ever since I was younger (as I'm part Italian) and I'd also love to visit New York, the whole vibe of that location looks absolutely incredible. There are countless more places to explore, for now, I'm focusing on mini-adventures.

Grow my writing style 

I've always been a bookworm, ever since I knew how to read I've had my nose in a book. From reading continuously as a child, I developed a love for English/writing and knew my dream career as a writer. I aim to grow and one day complete a novel, and ultimately, being a published author.

Starting a business 

 I want to combine my love of baking and hot chocolate into one day having my own coffee shop. I've always dreamt of owning a quaint café where tucked away inside is a small designated reading area to enjoy a novel whilst sipping a hot beverage. The aim is to create a friendly space, people come for a lovely heartwarming chat.

Own a house 

Growing up with parents who had a mortgaged house, it's something I've always aspired to do. That sense of security and designing how you please has always appealed to me. I like to be safe in every way possible so owning a home is my biggest aim. 

Seeing the various interior designs on Pinterest, Instagram and every other social platform out there makes me excited for one day in the future, I hopefully move into this property. I've always dreamt of a large garden, spacious kitchen, and contemporary yet vintage décor throughout.

Dreams, where would we be without them?

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your biggest dreams?

Thank you for reading <3

Beauty review: Urban Decay's Naked concealer

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I wanted to write a review on a product I've been loving at the minute, Urban Decay's Naked concealer. When it comes to higher end makeup, I usually splurge on eye shadow palettes, lipsticks or bronzers, never concealers, until I bought this little beauty. After several recommendations on Twitter and reviews I've read, I treated myself, dabbling into the world of more luxurious face products. 

Urban Decay's naked concealer
Packaging: The overall design is stunning, with a complete transparent tube and spaced out grey writing spread across, for me it screams luxury, certainly living up to the high end name. I love how the lid is slightly metallic/mirrored and it has a doe foot applicator, making the blending process easy.

Applicator: As I said, the concealer comes with a doe foot applicator, my favourite type when using tubed products. The applicator is flat and slightly wider than typical ones I've previously tried from other concealers meaning you're able to cover more of an area in one stroke. It applies generously, yet can be build in layers and I've found holds a lot of product, therefore you won't need to re-dip.

Consistency: The concealer claims to be 'complete coverage' with a 'weightless feel' and it completely lives up to that. Even though through application, the consistency is thick and ultra creamy, once blended in it doesn't feel cakey at all but extremely light on the skin. I love this aspect because you'll get that well needed coverage without having to pile layers of product on.

Urban Decay's naked concealer

Coverage: One of my favourite things about this concealer is it's coverage. I would say it's medium to full and despite the thick consistency, the concealer has the ability to not only build yet hide any imperfections - I love it.

Colour: I picked up the shade 'Light warm' as when I went to the Urban Decay counter, it was recommended by one of their consultants. The colour is slightly lighter than my skin, however this means it doubles up as a highlighting shade and under eye concealer. The concealer is rather yellow based, perfect to even out the overall skin tone and help cover blemishes.

Lasting power: I like to use this concealer on night outs, parties or when I want my makeup looking extra nice as I feel it's such a luxurious, thick product. Therefore when it comes to lasting power, it does truly stay put, ensuring my under eye bags are not seen for a long time!

Urban Decay's naked concealer

Would I buy it again and was it worth the splurge? Yes and yes. I was quite hesitant initially because of the hefty price tag especially when I already adore drugstore alternatives like Rimmel's wake me up concealer, however I truly love this. As it's higher end, my base makeup feels that extra bit special when I use this and I absolutely love the coverage, consistency etc. Overall, it's incredible, definitely worth the hype, splurge and all the previous lovely reviews I've read.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried out this concealer?

Thank you for reading <3

Everyday makeup staples

Well hello to you my reader chums! For today's post I wanted to share with you my must have everyday makeup staples. On a day to day basis I tend to wear quite a light coverage base, subtle contour, highlight and choose between a variation of eye looks depending on how much time I have in the morning. The products showcased below are my favourite picks that I pretty much wear everyday.

Here's an overview:

Everyday makeup staples

The first product is the incredibly hyped L'oreal's infallible primer. This is a rather recent everyday stable but I have to admit it lives up to it's established name, hence why I'm featuring it in this post. I wrote a review if you'd like an more in depth look at the product, however to sum it up, it's one of the best primers I've tried. By using this primer in my routine, I've found my makeup stays in place for longer and most importantly reduces shine, keeping my skin matte throughout the day. Since I have a rather oily forehead, usually by the end of the day it would be quite shiny, however popping this beauty on in the morning has really helped resolve the issue.

L'oreal's infallible primer

Another staple has to be Rimmel's BB cream. On an everyday basis I tend to wear quite a light coverage as personally I find a full coverage too heavy for a working day, therefore I absolutely adore BB creams. My favourite has to be Rimmel's because even though it's designed for a more natural look, the formulation is quite thick and creamy, perfect to achieve an even complexion. If you pair this BB cream with a beauty blender, you're able to build that coverage yet still have that natural looking base.

Rimmel's BB cream

For concealer, my everyday staple is the renowned Rimmel's 'Wake me up'. Waking up early for work, there's nothing better than blending some of this under my eyes to get rid of any bags I have or dull areas of skin. Even though the consistency is quite thin and light, when blended onto the skin it really helps brighten underneath the eyes and cover. I love how it's such good coverage yet doesn't feel cakey at all on the skin. I also use this as a highlight on any dull areas because the brightening effect is incredible, certainly living up to the 'wake me up' name. Even though it's best for brightening and as I said is quite a thin consistency, when built up it covers blemishes well too.

Rimmel's wake me up concealer in the shade 'Ivory'

A complete essential for me on a day to day basis is bronzer. As I'm quite pale, one of my favourite makeup steps is to inject a bit of colour into the skin by bronzing all over and contouring the cheek bones. For everyday I like to keep the bronzer quite natural and therefore love to use Estee Lauder's 'Bronze goddess bronzer'. This product has a slight shimmer through it yet can be used as an all over bronze and contour. It helps achieve a gorgeous bronzed finish and since it's such a big compact lasts for a very long time! As it's a warm toned bronzer, it's designed best for that overall sun kissed look yet can still be used for a slight highlighting contour. Despite it being a higher end product, it's certainly worth it - the perfect, versatile bronzer to wear either natural and toned down or for built up sculpted cheeks.

Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess bronzer

If you've been following me for a while and seen any of my recent makeup tutorials, you'd know that the L'oreal super liner is my holy grail, I absolutely adore it. The nib is thin enough to either draw on a thin line or build up to a complete cat eye and the colour pay off is that ideal black. It lasts for ages, glides on easily and makes winged eye liner a lot less stressful because of the tiny applicator - if you haven't tried it already, I'd 100% recommend.

L'oreal's Super liner

Last but no means least is Maybelline's Lash Sensational mascara. I've raved about this for absolutely ages now because hands down, it's the best mascara I've tried. If you're like me and have dead straight lashes that won't hold a curl no matter how hard you try, you need this. Unlike any mascaras I've used, Lash sensational genuinely keeps my lashes curly all day long, lengthens and thickens. It's an all in one beauty that has really boosted my lashes!

Maybelline's Lash sensational

I hope you enjoyed my everyday beauty staples. What are your must have products on an everyday basis?

Thank you for reading <3

January favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! With the first month officially over, it's time to share with you everything I've been loving over the past few weeks. As I got a couple of beauty bits for Christmas and in the January sales, this was the month to try out all things new and falling love with quite a few items!

January beauty favourites

Benefit's Hoola Bronzer

I received this in my stocking on Christmas morning and I had the most priceless reaction, I was so happy to finally try it out! I have to admit it certainly lived up to every expectation. With it being more of a tan base, a complete matte product, it's the perfect contouring colour that easily blends for the finest chiselled look. 

I've been loving this to contour my cheekbones and dust all over the skin for a healthy glow. The bronzer is quite pigmented yet can be built to have a truly strong contour. The lasting power is endless, I don't know if its down to my primer or this particular product but whenever I use it, my contour is always still going strong by the end of the day. To sum it up, if you want a top-notch bronzer that creates an incredible contour, overall bronze and comes in the sweetest packaging, this is for you.

Benefit cosmetics Hoola bronzer

Steam Cream Moisturiser

 I received this in July at a blogger event but never had the chance to get the full use out of it as at the time I had been loving another moisturiser. However, over the past few weeks, I've given it a go and have absolutely adored it. It has a rather thick consistency that easily blends and sinks in quickly. After application, the skin feels incredibly moisturised and the cream has a lingering lavender scent. As the cream is designed for the face, hands and body, its a 3 in 1 product that truly does the job.

Steam Cream moisturiser

Kiko Cosmetics Gold Eye Shadow Base

 As a golden eye look is my favourite to wear, applying this beforehand, enhances the golden shimmer and really makes the shadow last longer. The consistency is quite wet and takes a few seconds to set, yet its that moisture that allows the eye shadows to cling on and last for a long time.

Kiko cosmetics long lasting eye shadow stick

Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush

I received a Soap and Glory's sugar crush themed gift set for Christmas and it's come in a lot of use I must say! I've fallen in love with the zesty lime scent and the mixture of using the scrub, shower gel and body lotion really help keep the lingering scent. I love the scrub especially because it's not too harsh yet it certainly exfoliates leaving that tempting scent.

Soap and Glory Sugar crush

Eco Tools Blusher Brush

 I was gifted this also at Christmas as part of the starter set which came in the cutest packaging. I love how gentle this brush is on the skin and the slight density to it as well, perfect for sweeping blusher up the cheekbones. The design is super classic and of good quality, couldn't recommend Eco tool brushes enough.

Eco tools blush brush

Urban Decay's Naked concealer

 I featured this in a haul in late December and have been obsessed with it ever since. The overall product is incredible, with medium to full coverage, creamy, blendable consistency and lightweight formulation, you couldn't ask for much more. 

I love how despite the higher coverage, it doesn't look or feel cakey on the skin. As it's a yellow-based concealer, it's designed to even out skin tone and for general concealing use. This means it's perfect for under-eye circles and for covering blemishes, especially with the thickness of the product. I have to say although it's rather a creamy consistency, the product is quite liquidy too, however overall it's become one of my favourite concealers!

Urban Decay's Naked skin concealer in 'Light warm'

I hope you enjoyed my January favourites! What have you been enjoying this month?

Thank you for reading <3