Everything you need to know before visiting Dubrovnik

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Dubrovnik has to be one of my new favourite cities. Visiting Croatia has been on my list for a very long time now and I can confidently say it lived up to every expectation and was even better than I imagined. The city had the most gorgeous, traditional architecture, a mind-blowing coastline and a delicious food scene. There was so much to see and do - and I'd happily go back in a heartbeat.

If you're planning a trip to Dubrovnik and don't know where to begin, here is everything you need to know before you visit.

Everything you need to know before visiting Dubrovnik

It's a walkable city (if you're well and fit)

One thing I was taken aback about was how steep the city of Dubrovnik is, especially the old city. Hills and steps are everywhere so I would say to be aware of the level of exercise which comes with exploring this city. It's not the most accessible city because of that as a lot of the old town mainly offers many steep steps and thin walkways.  

The currency is Croatian Kuna (can use Euro too)

It's always important to be aware of the currency when visiting a new place, and Dubrovnik uses Croatian Kuna mainly. However, in some places, the Euro is accepted, you'll just need to be wary of the exchange rate.

Cash is widely accepted

I'm an advocate for using my Post Office money card when travelling because it's an easy way to load on different currencies, without worrying about losing any cash. However, what I didn't realise is that in Dubrovnik, a lot of places prefer cash, even paying for the apartment I stayed in. Shops and restaurants were okay with cards, it was more when booking excursions with locals and certain ice cream shops. With that in mind, always have cash on you or use one of the ATMs at the bank so you're not charged.

Some of the beaches aren't obvious to find

One of the things I was most excited about when visiting Dubrovnik was the stunning coastline and its various beaches, and I wasn't disappointed. But, what I did find is many of the beaches are hidden down residential paths or quiet walkways that unless you Google them or are staying in a resort area, can be hard to find. I certainly recommend doing some beach research before you go as there are plenty of off-the-beaten-track ones to experience.

They mainly have pebbly beaches

This leads me to this point: if you're a sandy beach kind of person, be aware that most beaches in and around Dubrovnik are pebbled. Or, they're very rocky! It's good to be mindful of this as I would suggest buying appropriate swimming shoes because it makes it easier to walk along with the pebbles and into the sea.

No cars on the Old City Walls

Being within the Old City Walls was one of my favourite things because it had such a charm about it with the hidden walkways, cobbled streets and old-school houses. I adored walking around every day and never got tired of admiring the beauty. Within the city walls, it's not actually that big and it's all for pedestrians, which means there are no cars at all. To me, that was really refreshing to see as it's a pedestrian-friendly zone which I love.

The bus shuttle is the best way to get to the airport 

There are two main ways to get to Dubrovnik city centre from the airport, either the shuttle bus or a taxi. If you want to have a direct and quick option, a taxi is always there but I would highly recommend the shuttle bus. Tickets are around £8 return and you can pick the bus up straight from the airport and get off at the Pile Gate bus stop, which is very close to the outside of the city walls. Getting the bus back, you'll need to head to where the cable car ticket office is and you can see the bus stop in front of it.

The summer season is from May to October

Dubrovnik is in Europe so it naturally has warmer days in the spring but the start of May is when the busy summer season begins for the locals and lasts until the end of October. May and September/October are generally the quietest months within peak time. So, if you want nice weather without too many tourists, I'd recommend exploring the city then.

There's more to Dubrovnik than the old town

100% there is! Don't get me wrong, I adored the old town to pieces and really enjoyed exploring it every day. However, once you leave the Old City Wall gates, you can head one way to visit more secluded beaches and the other way towards Lapad to see more of the local beaches and experience a different vibe. Dubrovnik is mainly known for its coastline so once you've seen the old town joy, head beyond that with water activities, its beach scene and excursions.

You can eat on a budget

Visiting Dubrovnik doesn't have to be overly expensive. Although compared to Croatia's other islands, it can come out as one of the pricier ones, you can easily eat on a budget. Shop around, eat at fresh takeaway places, grab ice cream on the go and look at the restaurant prices before dining. When I was there, I only ate pretty fancy one night and yet, wherever I went, even the cheapest food was of top quality. It's certainly a place for foodies!

There are endless things to see and do

I don't think I could ever get bored of Dubrovnik! Despite seeing the Old Town every day on my trip, I always found new walkways and quaint streets to see, the harbour is gorgeous, the coastline is one of the best I've seen and it's a hub for excursions. You can never really run out of things to do, especially with a lot of history to learn!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any other travel tips?

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Book review: Q by Christina Dalcher

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Ever since reading Vox by Christina Dalcher, I fell in love with her work, the way she wrote and her in-depth thought-provoking plotlines. To me, it was genius writing and that's why I was super excited to read her book Q. I was expecting good things and I can honestly say, it lived up to every expectation.

If you're looking for a book that'll keep you on edge and is thought-provoking, here is my full review of Q by Christina Dalcher.

This post contains affiliate links but all thoughts are my own.

Book review: Q by Christina Dalcher


The plotline follows a society, designed to make things fairer, an education system that will benefit everyone. All of these things are in aid of progress. This is what Elena Fairchild believes as a teacher in one of the government's elite schools for children with high Q scores as she witnesses the benefits first-hand. However, when her daughter scores lower than expected and is taken away, Elena follows her to a government institute. When she's there, she questions everything and how perfection comes at a terrible price.

Characters and relationships

The characters in this book were very interesting as their personalities were very strong, either one way or the other in terms of opinions. The protagonist Elena, I grew more to like throughout the novel as I got to see the real side of her, the rawness of her feelings of motherhood and really, her journey into the life she has now. She became relatable in the way she described things and her emotions were real, I could feel them jumping off the page. Elena's husband Malcolm, I despised from the beginning for many reasons. He is one of the people behind the new rulings of the 'perfect' schooling programme and honestly, I could see how set in his ways, he didn't even care about standing by his own daughter, by putting the system first. He came across as heartless, arrogant and simply, a horrible man. He is definitely the villain of the novel who didn't seem to love his wife and kids the way he should unless they were perfect and stuck to his rules.

Their kids Anne and Freddie were completely different, Freddie was more of a free spirit and Anne, was very studious and focused on getting the top grades. I sympathised with Freddie a lot as she was so young and innocent, and wanted to just be a kid but this horrid testing system in place means she was sent away from her home to a scary place that didn't give her the care she deserved. Anne very much had a strong attitude and sought her father's validation in a way, I admire that as she just wanted to work hard, it's sad because of that Malcolm pushed his other daughter away.

Another interesting character was Elena's grandma Oma. Her parents and Oma were very against the whole school system and pleaded for Elena and the kids not to attend and move back home with them. But what's more interesting is how Oma tells Elena of her past in Nazi Germany and how this new regime is exactly what's happening there. Everyone thinks Oma is losing the plot a bit in her old age, but everything she says has an honest light to it.

Overall thoughts

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had a combination of a thrilling plotline, exciting characters and a fast pace about it as I really wasn't sure which way the ending would go. I love how the author used parts of history in curating the story as it gave the plot a sad but scary truth, which in a terrifying way made it more real. Because of that, the message of the whole book was incredibly powerful and shocking and I think we can all learn a lot from it if I'm honest. It's one of those books I didn't want to put down.


The ending actually came as a bit of a shock if I'm honest. I wasn't exactly sure what I was expecting but it definitely wasn't that. I'm not going to say what happens of course, but what I will say is how the book came to a close had some truth in it, with an overall message of horrid things that are happening across the world.

You can pick your copy of Q up here.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Are you planning on reading this book?

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How to prioritise yourself in a relationship

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Being in a relationship is an exciting time; it's an opportunity to grow your life with someone else and create many amazing memories, and learn more about yourself that you didn't know. I didn't think I'd be in a relationship for a while, but 2022 has been a year of unexpected surprises, and I feel very lucky right now.

If you're in a new relationship or struggling to care for your needs, here are my best tips on how to prioritise yourself in a relationship.

How to prioritise yourself in a relationship

Schedule alone time

Learning to be alone is a skill we all need to master in my opinion because at the end of the day, you can only rely on yourself even if you have the most supportive partner, friends and family. This is why when you get in a relationship, you should still invest that same alone time. Granted, it'll be a lot less than when you're single but it's still just as important. Try and schedule this in when you need to and you can get up to whatever you like. Whether it's going on a walk, taking part in hobbies, running errands, having a bath or reading a book, all activities are good for your mind and soul.

Invest in your hobbies

We all need hobbies and it's something my boyfriend always likes to remind me is important in everyday life. All of us have things we do that make our heart soar, whether it's playing an instrument, reading or doing all things crafts - and this shouldn't be stopped when you get into a relationship. In fact, it's probably more important to maintain the things that you love and care about so you can continue your own happiness without relying on your partner for that. Your partner is there to give you some happiness but shouldn't be the sole reason for it.

Maintain the friendships you had before

Friendships are one of the most important things in life and to me, my girls are my world. They've been through everything with me and still will. As you've built those friendships, you don't want to lose them and that is why you should make the time with your friends, the same way you schedule alone time. It may be a bit less than what you used to but as long as the communication is there, is the main thing.

Have open communication with your partner

Communication is key to building a healthy relationship. You should treat your partner like your teammate and work on solutions together rather than against each other - and this is why open communication is crucial. You should be able to talk to your partner about everything, how you're feeling, what your future plans are, the good things and bad things. This level of communication helps you prioritise yourself because it means you feel comfortable enough to talk about what you want in general and what you need from them.

Communicate what your needs are

This leads me to this point. With a comfortable level of communication, you can then vocalise what your needs are. We all have different needs and expectations in a relationship and this will help you put them in place. It'll help you prioritise your needs because you can say what type of support you need, and talk about your love languages and the expectations from your relationship.

Set boundaries from the beginning

Boundaries are as important as communicating with your partner. Your partner needs to know personal boundaries, emotional boundaries and really where the line is drawn. This is to help them understand more about who you are, your triggers, your emotions and the coping mechanisms you need. It helps you prioritise yourself because you're opening yourself up to a vulnerable level, to feel the safest and your happiest self.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any other tips?

Thank you for reading <3

How to travel on a budget in Dubrovnik

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I am in love with Dubrovnik, it has to now be up there with one of my favourite cities I've visited with its charming old town and stunning beach scene. With its growing popularity and significance, I expected Dubrovnik to be a little pricier than other parts of Croatia, however, I was vastly surprised, that I could do it within a budget.

Whether you're on a budget or looking to save money in Dubrovnik, here is how to travel on a budget in the city.

How to travel on a budget to Dubrovnik

Shop around for places to eat

One of the things I was impressed most by in Dubrovnik was its epic food scene. I'm a massive foodie and that's why eating out, wherever I am in the world is so important because I love to ensure I eat authentically and with good quality grub. Dubrovnik is packed with various restaurants from traditional Croatian to Mediterranean options too, especially in the old town. There are places with a combination of prices, mainly in the old town when prices can rack up because of tourists - this is why I would suggest looking around and converting prices before you choose a restaurant.

Set a daily budget

I'm a big fan of setting budgets so I'm aware of the money I have for the overall trip but on each day of the trip as well. This is why to save money, I would suggest setting a daily budget. Dubrovnik is one of those places that can be a day of free activities or packed with activities so I would say to set the budget accordingly for what you'd like to do, fractioning in prices of everything.

Eat ice cream instead of a dessert

As a coastal city, there are plenty of places to get ice cream, which after a warm day is an absolute blessing. When saving money, instead of ordering a dessert, opt for one of the ice cream stalls instead. Ice cream prices can vary but typically won't be more than the equivalent of a few pounds. 

Pack a picnic

Dubrovnik is a hotspot for beaches, parks and places to sit with a gorgeous viewpoint. And, that means if you want to save a bit of money, finding somewhere free and stunning to eat is easy. Head to one of the local supermarkets, grab a couple of bits and head out to find your dream lunch spot. Sulic beach had to be one of my favourite as a tiny, tucked-away bay to soak up the sunshine.

Go offseason

Dubrovnik is the most stunning with the sunshine beaming down on it, however, whatever time of year, you're guaranteed to see its gorgeous beauty. It can be tempting travelling in peak season when the weather is at its best. However, to travel on a budget, pick the time of the offseason to go in. Croatia's season begins in May and ends in October. I went in early May and the season was just beginning which I loved because I got the complete joy of the place without massive crowds and still lovely weather.

Stay in accommodation away from the old town

Accommodation in Dubrovnik varies massively and it's important to be cautious about where you stay to save money. The old town is the most popular part of Dubrovnik and where you'll find the busy crowds gather. But, Dubrovnik is much bigger than this and if you're saving money, try to stay further away from the old town or opt for a hostel out of the area also.

Opt for an apartment instead of a hotel

Hotels can be a bit pricier in general, it depends where you're searching. I would recommend if you did want to stay in the old town or closer to the main hub, to opt for an apartment instead. They're typically run by locals and are rented out at a cheaper rate.

Embrace the free attractions in the city

The best thing about Dubrovnik is there are many things you can do for free. It's a very hilly and steep place in general which means it's a dream to discover hidden walkways, tucked away beaches and cool architecture. I love being able to walk around the city and see what's on offer so I'd highly recommend you to do that to get your bearings on the city and fill your time without spending too much money.

Book activities with locals

The city is renowned for its water activities, Game of Thrones tours and walking tours in general. With the many travel sites today, it can be hard to know which is best or who to go for. But I actually found the best buck for my money was talking to the locals and booking tours through them. I found the deals pretty cheap and the activities exactly what I asked for.

Walk as much as possible or opt for transport

Probably my biggest money-saving tip is to walk as much as possible if you're able to. I would be wary that Dubrovnik is rather steep and if you're not healthy and active, it can be tricky to do so. If you're looking to get around, public transport is also a winner and incredibly cheap. Plus, the old town is pretty small that no transport at all is really needed.

Utilise the airport shuttle

The airport shuttle was an absolute winner discovery and worked out around £8/9 for a return. It works out that each shuttle leaves around 30 minutes after each flight lands and takes you straight to the old town, with a couple of stops before there. It's a lot cheaper than paying around £30/£40 for a taxi.

Get to grips with the currency

New currencies can always be confusing when visiting a new country, especially when the rate is a massive difference from pounds. In Dubrovnik, they use the Croatian Kuna and can accept Euros as well. It works out roughly that 10 Croatian Kuna is about £1. This obviously changes depending on exchange rates.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other budget travel tips do you have?

Thank you for reading <3

Ultimate beach guide to Dubrovnik

 Well hello to you my reader chums! The beach life is for me. Growing up by the seaside, wherever in the world I am and there's a beach, it feels like home. When I headed out to Dubrovnik, one of the main things I was excited about had to be its incredible coastal way of life and endless blue waters.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing day by the sea, to do some water activities or simply appreciate the sunshine, here is my ultimate beach guide to Dubrovnik.

The beaches across Dubrovnik were something special. With their crystal clear waters, pebbly shores and gorgeous sights of the city, it was like a mini slice of paradise. For me, every beach I visited had its own personality and I could tell what type of visitor each would bring.

Sulic Beach

Probably one of the smallest beaches I've visited, Sulic Beach was more like a bay. It had a very quiet and humble appeal to it, boasting a small stretch of pebbles to sit on and several areas of rocky formation to relax. I found for the locals, it was also a place for cliff jumping too! The beach offered two bars overlooking it, one of which featured swings and an array of drinks. The best part of this beach was its vision of bright blue, neverending waters.

Distance to Old Town: 8-minute walk

Sulic Beach

Sveti Jakov Beach 

This had to be my favourite beach in the whole city. I visited this beach on my last day and honestly, I wish I had the opportunity to see it sooner. To me, it screamed all things paradise. As Dubrovnik wasn't known for sandy beaches, this was a refreshing find with a combination of both pebbles and sand. I loved how it was located in what seemed, the middle of nowhere, surrounded by residents' houses and apartments. But, the best part of this beach had to be the most transparent waters I've seen across the city. And, the picture-perfect views of the Old Town from this beach. I definitely think I left a small part of my heart on this beach.

Distance to Old Town: 25-minute walk.

Sveti Jacov Beach

Banje Beach

One of the most touristy beaches across Dubrovnik, Banje Beach is a hub for sun worshippers and water activities. Even though it can look incredibly stunning when it's not busy, it is one of those spots that end up heaving with tourists and sunbeds to relax on. Although, my favourite part of this beach had to be the incredible view of Lokrum Island.

Distance to Old Town: 6-minute walk

Banje Beach

Danče Beach

This was the most local beach I came across and one of those beaches I don't think you'd find unless you knew it was there. Nestled in the hub of residents' homes, nearby to a local park, Danče Beach, needed Google Maps to find it. You have to walk through a long alley which is surrounded by shrubbery in order to reach it, but once you do, it's worth it. I wouldn't say it's a beach, more of rocky terrain with sparkling waters to swim in. This spot was completely vacant with only a couple of locals swimming and sunbathing - perfect if you'd prefer something a bit quieter.

Distance to Old Town: 15-minute walk

Top beach guide to Dubrovnik

Bellevue Beach 

The peninsular of Lapad is a prime spot for cheaper accommodation, resorts and endless amounts of beaches in Dubrovnik. I only visited one of the beaches as I was staying over in Old Town and had enough beaches there to experience. Bellevue Beach is the closest to the Old Town in this peninsular and a gorgeous spot for an afternoon of swimming or sunbathing. I have to admit, it wasn't my favourite pebbled beach in the city, however, it did boast beautiful waters and had a family-friendly vibe about it.

Distance to Old Town: 20-minute walk

Bellevue Beach

Lopud Island

The Adriatic Coastline is what Dubrovnik is famous for and the best way to experience it is by heading off on one of the many boat tours like the Elaphiti Islands. These consist of a couple of islands and my favourite had to be the largest, Lopud Island. I mainly adored the beaches here because I finally got to experience stunning stretches of sand, overlooking a phenomenal view of a harbour and the mountains in the background.

Lopud Island

I hope you enjoyed this travel guide. Which beach is your favourite?

Thank you for reading <3

5-day guide to Dubrovnik

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Dubrovnik has to be up there with one of my new favourite cities. With its charming Old Town, impeccable beaches, crystal clear waters and endless activities to see, Dubrovnik offers something for everyone.

Whether you're planning a relaxing trip or looking for an activity-based holiday, here is my 5-day guide to Dubrovnik.

5 day guide to Dubrovnik

Day 1: Get your bearings and see the top sights

Mooch around the cobbled streets in the Old Town

The Old Town has to be the most quaint and authentic spot to experience. It's not actually an overly large area to walk around, however, it holds a charm about it like no other. Despite the small size, there are plenty of cute little cobbled streets to walk through and stairs to climb. I loved the endearing and homely feel to the Old Town and it's truly worth a little mooch to get your bearings - especially if you're not staying in that part of the city.

Old City Walls

Dubrovnik is renowned for its Old Town and from afar, you can see the Old City Walls surrounding it - and that's why you can't visit the city without walking around them. The entrance fee to the walls is around the £16 mark and takes about 1-2 hours to walk around, depending on your pace and how long you'd like to spend exploring. It took me about that time, and what I loved about this walk was how I got to experience views from every corner of the Old Town. It's such a gorgeous place!

old city walls  Dubrovnik

Jesuit Staircase and market

Dubrovnik has gained its popular name in recent years for being a location of the Game of Thrones series. During my trip, I saw tours for it advertised but, to be honest, it wasn't a bit of me to go on one of the tours. However, the Jesuit Staircase is one of the locations known for the 'walk of shame' scene. I came across this unexpectantly and even though it's what it's known for, the area is stunning to mooch around. At the bottom of the staircase, the locals have their own market, selling homemade goods too.

The Stradun 

The main street in the Old Town, The Stradun is the central point of everything in this part of the city. It's probably one of the prettiest streets I've seen with a collection of shops, restaurants, bars and many tiny side streets, leading to accommodation options and food spots. 

The Old Port 

One of my favourite spots in Dubrovnik was the Old Port. Located minutes from the Stradun, it's a gorgeous little port where many of the boats depart for day trips and excursions. I liked this area as it had a thrill about it like no other and the most stunning views of the rest of the city. Plus, the ice cream stall here was amazing.

Day 2: Fort exploring, Lokrum Island and Cable Car

Fort Lovrijenac

The city has a couple of forts in it and this one is definitely worth the visit. Included in the price of the City Walls admission ticket, it's a unique experience for the views of Lokrum Island. I have to say, it is a lot of steps to the top so be wary of that before you head up there. The fort is right next to the west harbour which to date, has to be one of the most beautiful areas I've seen with transparent waters. When you enter the top of the fort, the view is insanely good across the entire Old Town and beyond.

Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is a must-visit for everyone. Located a 15-minute boat ride from the old port, with boats running every 30 minutes, it's an essential excursion to make. This island is not only packed with heavenly sights and natural beauty but there are plenty of things to see and do. Renowned for its Dead Sea, you're able to have a swim and float naturally in this spot which I absolutely adored. There are many hikes, a botanical garden, lovely architecture, parks for children, swimming spots and the famous Path of Paradise, which once you reach the top, overlooks the whole of Dubrovnik. It's an island you can spend a couple of hours on or even the whole day if you'd like to make the most of it!

Lokrum Island

Cable Car at sunset

Every guide I read prior to my trip said about taking the cable car up Mount Stn and honestly, it had to be one of my favourite experiences in the city. The cable car takes around four minutes to reach the top and is the smoothest ride as I was able to watch the city go from big to small. I'd highly recommend heading up as the sun is setting because you can see the city in the sun, at sunset and at dark. The view of Dubrovnik is out of this world, as are the mountains too. Tickets are around £18 for a return. If you fancy it, you can even hike up or down for this view.

Cable car Dubrovnik

Day 3: Kayak tour and beach exploring

Kayak tour of the Adriatic Coast

The sparkling waters had to be one of the biggest draws of Dubrovnik; I'm still blown away by how blue and clear the sea was. Going on a kayaking tour was a brilliant way to get a taste of the open waters around the city and learn more about its history. The waters on this coastline are incredibly calm and under the bright sun makes for a perfect place to utilise a kayak. I experienced a morning kayak tour and had a phenomenal time, seeing the waters up close, exploring the caves and learning about Dubrovnik.

Kayaking tour

Sulic Beach

This beach had to be a magnificent stretch of pebbles to relax. Tucked away, close by to the west harbour, it was the tiniest beach I saw but one I adored. The beach featured two bars, a small section of pebbles and an area to cliff jump. The waters here were bright blue and ever so calm. When I visited on an early May day, the beach was pretty quiet!

Danče Beach

Renowned mostly to locals, if you're looking for a quiet spot away from the main hub, I'd suggest heading over to Danče Beach. Although it's not got an actual stretch of sand or pebbles, the rocky formation has plenty of spots to relax on and go in for a swim in the turquoise waters. I adored this little spot as I can imagine it to be the perfect place to read my book and chill.

Dance beach

Bellevue Beach

Lapad is peninsular on the other end of Dubrovnik, around half-hour from the Old Town. It's famous for its beaches, reports and holiday-like feel. I didn't explore this area much apart from Bellevue Beach. This beach has ultra-clear waters, pebble terrain and a family-friendly feel about it.

Day 4: Day trip to the Elaphiti Islands

It wouldn't be a beach-style holiday without heading on a boat tour. Dubrovnik offered plenty of different boat tours for the day, you could even head over to Montenegro! However, I chose the most popular one, The Elaphiti Islands. This tour consisted of visits to three different islands: Kolocep, Sipan and Lopud. 

5 day guide to Dubrovnik

Kolocep is a pretty tiny island but is surrounded by impeccable waters and views that'll never leave me. Sipan is a lot bigger and has a huge focus on locals, selling their own produce including olive oil. It has many walking areas, a sweet harbour spot and more. Lopud however, had to be my favourite island of the three. It was the first time in Dubrovnik, I saw a sandy beach. The island features two sandy beaches, an exquisite harbour area lined with cafes and restaurants, plus magnificent mountain views.

Day 5: Last day at the beach

Sveti Jakov Beach

On the last day, I came across my favourite beach in the city and one I wish I discovered sooner. Sveti Jakov Beach is located around a 30-minute walk from the Old Town and one of those places I couldn't believe was real. It looked like a postcard right in front of my eyes. The beach was a combination of sand and pebbles with the clearest water to swim in. And, the backdrop of Dubrovnik was the icing on the cake.

Sveti Jakov beach

How to get around

Dubrovnik is a walkable city, especially in the Old Town. Although I would say, it's a city you need to have some level of fitness to walk around due to how steep it is and its unsteady cobbled paths. If you're staying in the Old Town, you can reach everything by foot, but if you're staying elsewhere, the public buses are easy to navigate.

Where to stay

Accommodation is endless in the city of Dubrovnik. I would recommend staying in the Old Town as it's the closest to all the attractions. However, if you're looking to save money, Lapad offers plenty of options and is only a bus ride away from the Old Town. The apartment I stayed in was located in the heart of the Old Town, only minutes from everything I wanted to see and do.

5 day guide to Dubrovnik

I hope you enjoyed this travel post. Are you planning a trip to Dubrovnik?

Thank you for reading <3

How falling in love with yourself can help you find love

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Love is a wonderful and magical thing and something we all deserve to experience in our lives. I've been lucky to enter a new relationship this year and it has made me realise a lot of things not only about love as a whole but the importance of self-love and why we should never stop working on ourselves.

How falling in love with yourself can help you find love

Self-love is the core of everything we do and a journey that never really stops. We're constantly evolving and growing and that's why the love for ourselves needs to be something to constantly work at. If you've been single for a long time or are looking to get into a relationship, here is my advice on how falling in love with yourself can help you find love.

Just a little disclaimer on this topic, this advice post is all from my own personal experience and what I've witnessed by working on my self-love journey, learning more about the law of attraction and manifestation as a whole.

You'll realise your worth and what you deserve

Self-love is something I can talk about all day long because we all deserve to accept and fall in love with who we are. As cliché as it sounds, we're all unique and for a reason, to be that individual person we were born to be. Not everyone is going to like you and you're not going to like everyone, but someone you should always like is yourself. You're the only person that is with you your entire life and that's why the love begins with you.

Falling in love with yourself isn't a luxury, it's a life skill and to be honest, can be a hard graft, but it's worth it in the long run for a few reasons. Once you love yourself, you'll realise your worth and what you deserve. This means, you learn to say no to things that do not serve you or bring you happiness, whether that's friendships or relationships and know that you can and do deserve better. You deserve someone to give you their full attention, care and love. And, it's only when you fall in love with every part of yourself, that this idea becomes vividly clear.

You'll understand that your standards were never too high

How many times have you heard 'your standards are way too high' or 'you're never going to find someone thinking like that'? These statements are incorrect for so many reasons. If you set high standards for yourself and your life, you want to be attracting someone with the same energy and on a higher frequency of life, and trust me they are out there. They're harder to find because falling for mediocre relationships any of us can do. However, falling in love with yourself will put you in that higher frequency to find a better partnership, one that'll give you the same efforts you're willing to put in.

Self-love is hard work and finding love is hard work because you have to put in the mental work to understand you deserve this high standard you've set for yourself and love that'll make you feel on top of the world every day. You attract the energy you put out into the world, so if you're full of love and positivity, it'll come back around to you.

You'll realise what you want in a relationship and start searching for it

That leads me to this point. The standards you've set in your head will be a list of everything you expect to have in a relationship - and you can never ask for too much because if you look for it hard enough, you'll find it. The love for yourself links into this idea of not only realising what you want in a relationship but realising you deserve it. Being in a bubble of self-love, opens up new opportunities for love all around us, including in relationships. You'll find yourself more open to searching for the right kind of love, rather than validation or hit and miss vibes from people.

You'll understand that a relationship is there to complement your life

This is a big thing I think everyone needs to learn and I definitely believe when you're on a journey of self-love, the idea becomes more apparent. Relationships aren't there to be your whole life or fill up your love tank fully. They're a part of your life to compliment the love you feel for yourself and boost it up as and when you need it, and allow you to fall for someone that makes everything feel okay and right about the world.

Falling in love with yourself puts you on a wavelength to be fully independent and know you can stand on your own feet, you don't need to rely on anyone else. And, a good relationship will complement that idea because you know you can rely on them but also, you can hold your own.

You will focus on your own goals and dreams

We all have goals and dreams and we all deserve to experience them fully. Self-love helps you focus on what you want out of life and helps you understand that it's not selfish to focus on everything you want to be. This links in to the idea of finding love because by being in the energy of wishing for good things, and manifesting them, you can navigate your way to your dream partner.

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