Autumn/fall make up tutorial ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! 

Today I'd thought I would share my autumn/fall make up look that I like to wear as we've just come into the autumn season! 
Here's a before and after shot, I'll now tell you how to achieve this look :)
These are all the products I used! 
First thing I do is put the collections lasting perfection concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes and then blend it in with my fingers. I then set that with the Rimmel match perfection powder in ivory and real techniques powder brush which gives you that extra bit of coverage. The blush I use for this look is the topshop blush in morning dew which gives you a lovely flush of colour to your cheeks in this fall season. It's quick and easy as you just dab and blend it into your cheeks. 

Now the face is done, I'll move onto the eyes. First thing I do is prime the eye lids and all the way up to the brow bone with the MUA eye primer. For a base I use the subtle creamy colour in the top left corner which goes all over the lid with a base shadow brush by real techniques. I then using the same brush apply the copper colour into the crease and blend it out with the brown colour and a real techniques deluxe crease brush. I then take more of the copper colour on a detailer brush and place under my lower lash line on the outer third.
For highlighting the eyes, I use the creamy shimmery colour on the left for my inner corner/ tear duct area. Fur the brow bone I use the pinky/nude colour as its quite subtle. 

For the brows I use the same colour that I used for blending out in the crease. I think defining the brows really helps shape the face. 
The next step is eye liner. For this look I like a slight winged eye liner, I use the collection felt tip liner for this. Sadly it didn't go too well today. After that I use the white coal liner by MUA on my water line as I find it really opens the eyes. 
Last step for the eyes is mascara. I curl my lashes and apply the falsies by maybelline in waterproof. 
For lips I like to use baby lips as in the colder weather you need something to keep the lips moisturised! The one I have is in peach kiss. 
I then set all the make up with the MUA fixing mist which helps your make up last all day :) 
Here's the final look, I hope you enjoyed! Thankyou for reading <3

Review: Topshop blush in morning dew + swatches

Well hello to you my reader chums!

I've been really lazy with blogging lately but I'm going to start and get back into the swing of things! Today I thought I'd do a review on a product I have been using a lot lately which is the Topshop cream blush in the shade morning dew.

Topshop blush in morning dew
I first wanted this blush ever since I saw Tanya Burr use it in one of her tutorials, however, my Topshop doesn't stock their makeup range. If you saw my haul post, you'd see that I went to the bigger Topshop near me and was able to finally get my hands on it! 

I'm literally in love with this blush! As soon as I started using it I instantly fell in love with it. Due to it being a cream blush you can just dot it on your cheeks and blend, meaning it's quick in the mornings for school and no hassle of a brush! After applied it gives a subtle pink glow to the cheeks which makes it quite a natural everyday blush. 

Topshop blush in morning dew + swatches

Review: Topshop blush in morning dew + swatches

As you can see when blended it doesn't look too bright and gives a nice glow. The blush also has subtle shimmers in it which aren't too noticeable but add the glow to the cheeks if that makes sense. 

Also, I love the packaging, it's just too cute! I absolutely love dotty things, it's like my favourite pattern! I'd definitely recommend this blush, it's perfect for everyday use, gives a lovely pigment of colour to the cheeks and it was at the affordable price of £6! 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! <3 

Being happy #2

Well hello to you my reader chums!

It's been over a week since I last blogged! Sorry about that, everything's just been a bit busy because I went back to school on Monday and its all been a bit stressful! I can't believe I'm in my last year of school- year 13! Seems like yesterday I was beginning year 7.. 

Today I thought I'd talk about happiness, this is something I've struggled with for the past year if I'm honest. It was such a hard year for me for many personal reasons but I was able to turn all this hate and upset into something positive and I am much happier now. I have some tips which may help:

1) Learn to accept who you are- if you keep comparing yourself to every other you person you see, you'll never find happiness within your own skin. You need to realise everybody even the most popular girl in school has flaws and isn't perfect. Just because you don't follow the latest trend or look a certain way it doesn't make you weird or unusual, if anything it's a good thing. Everyone is unique meaning there's no point in copying people just to fit in with the crowd because the people who like you won't know the real you, they think your this person your trying to portray. Being you will help you gain true friends who get and understand you. 

2) Always look at the good in things- what I mean by this is that even if your having a bad day, take a step back and think about what you love about your life, it could be friends, family, your house etc. Remember it's just a bad day not a bad life, things to look up, time is the best healer. 

3) Live every day like its your last- Time goes so fast and before you know it you've  grown up, I'm in year 13 like where did the time go?!! Wake up each morning with a positive thought as I guarantee it'll change your whole outlook for the day. Grasp every moment and cherish it, laugh with your friends, do crazy things and life with no regrets!

4) Don't dwell- This is so hard not to to. A key thing of being happy is to not dwell on bad things that have happened, it's about learning to pick yourself up, being stronger and moving on. All the bad things that happen in your life create you to be the person your going to be, you learn from your mistakes. If say one day you felt you betrayed a friend, don't dwell and make yourself feel even worse, go up to that friend and apologise, don't overthink it in your head and make it sound worse than it actually was.

5) Just keep swimming-My favourite saying <3 Life is like a roller coaster- cliche but it is. It has endless amounts of ups and downs but instead of causing the downs to affect you, you need to keep swimming. As much as you may hate your life right now, I promise you it will get better, it has for me and it will for you. Life isn't easy but if you don't let it get you down, happiness can be found. Happiness is a journey not a destination. 

My friends help me through everything <3
If anybody reading this is going through a hard time, feel free to DM me on twitter, in here for anyone! 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Keep positive, stay strong and just keep swimming as Talia always said <3

August favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! 

The month of autumn is here. Whether you're looking for the best affordable setting spray or lip balm, here are my August favourites.

August favourites
Real techniques powder brush

Real Techniques Powder Brush

I've never included brushes in my favourites before for some reason but I absolutely love real techniques! I bought this brush at the end of June I believe. This month I have been using it every day! It's such a soft brush, I could just sit here and brush it on my face. The brush applies powder really well and is also good for bronzer just to bronze the face-up, giving it a summery glow.

Vivo eyeshadow

Vivo Eyeshadow
 Vivo is a cheap makeup brand found in Tesco where they sell eye shadows for a pound. I bought this ages ago but this month I have used it basically every day as a base because I find it's a really pretty subtle colour to use that will go well with any look. The colour itself is quite a sheer creamy sparkly colour that looks quite natural on the lid. 

MUA nail polish

I have two favourite nail polishes of the month the first one being MUA's nail polish in the colour frozen yoghurt. I've already done a review on this which you can check out here. I just love it, it's such a lovely colour and stays on for a good amount of time for the price it is of just a pound! 

Beauty UK nail polish

White Polish by Beauty UK

I've been using this for nail art designs especially this month and it's such a good colour! I think it's pretty cheap too. The nail art stays on really well and the white is opaque so you don't need too much of it.   

Cocoa butter lipbalm

Cocoa Butter lip balm

This has been a favourite of mine for a while now but I've been using it more this month due to the hot weather. It has SPF in it and it smells of chocolate, how can you not love it! A definite summer essential for me! 

MUA fixing mist

MUA Fixing Mist

My last beauty product this month is the fixing mist by MUA. I love this product, it's really refreshing to spray on when your makeup has been applied especially in this weather! I would say it has made a difference with the length my make-up stayed on for because this month I've been on many days out and this product definitely has helped keep my make-up in place. 

Thank you for reading <3