30 Day snap #14 Lets go to the beach each..

Evening again my fellow reader chums!

Today was quite a busy day I guess, had like 3 hours sleep at Beth's the night before as we didn't go to sleep until half three and ended up waking up at like 7! We're so weird! After having breakfast and getting ready Asia, Maria and I went into school to hand in some coursework and then headed back home. In  the evening Maria and I headed out to the beach for a catch up with a big group of friends at school, it was a really nice warm evening with lots of chatting and laughter <3 I accidentally forgot to bring my camera with me and to take a picture today so I'll just show you a funny one from yesterday as it represents meeting up with friends and having a good time!

What a crazy bunch we are! <3
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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