What to pack for a city break abroad

Well hello to you my reader chums! Going on a city break is one of my favourite ways to travel. It means a few days away in a new place, a new vibe and offers a small break from every day life. There's something unique about every single city, and that's what makes a city break ever so special. If you're heading on your first city break abroad or you're looking for some advice on what to pack, I'm going to share some of my wisdom.

What to pack for a city break abroad

Here's what to pack on a city break abroad...


When it comes to packing, it's always best to do everything in steps and I like to start with outfit planning. Now the first thing to consider is the climate of the city and what time of year you're planning to visit, for instance going to Rome will be a little different to Belfast. 

Spring is probably my favourite season to go on a city break. The weather is generally beginning to get warmer, but not too overwhelmingly hot like summer months - making it easier to explore. The in between season, just like autumn can be the trickiest to pack for, however it's all about being prepared.

Spring and autumn must haves:
  • Light jackets - in case the weather gets cooler
  • Jeans 
  • Jumper/hoodie (cold evenings)
  • Raincoat 
  • Layers in general (vest tops, thin jumpers etc) - so if the weather fluctuates you can add or remove layers of clothing
  • Dress/playsuit/jumpsuit for day outfit or evenings out 

Summer time is generally the easiest to pack for a city break, as there's no unnecessary layers needed (unless you're heading to a cooler climate city), and you can rock cute summery dresses.

Summer must haves:
  • Summer dresses/playsuits
  • Sunglasses
  • Denim jacket
  • A light jumper or jacket 
  • Denim shorts or dungarees

When it comes to a wintry city break such as a Christmas market, it may go without saying but you need to pack a lot more - and that always excites me. For any city break abroad, I only ever bring a cabin suitcase as one it saves on the cost, and two I generally can fit everything in there. Winter is the hardest season to pack into a cabin suitcase because of all the bulky jumpers and coats, however if you wear your heaviest clothing, packing can be easy.

Winter must haves:
  • One staple winter coat (which you can wear on route)
  • Versatile pair of jeans that go with everything
  • Denim skirt and very thick tights
  • An assortment of jumpers
  • Vest tops and t-shirts to layer under jumpers
  • Hat, scarf and gloves
  • Ear muffs always come in handy

What to pack for a city break abroad


Once the outfit is sorted, you need to pick the shoes to go with. On any city break, I'd recommend packing two pairs of shoes: one which is suitable for walking and the other for evenings out or more dressy attire - and the less bulky of the two, wear to the airport.

  • Spring, summer and even autumn: staple pair of trainers and sandals/flat shoes.
  • Winter: Sturdy pair of boots (Chelsea boots are my favourite) and trainers.


As a beauty blogger, packing makeup is just as difficult as planning outfits. I never know which palette or lipsticks to bring, however I'm going to offer a few tips to make the packing planning process a little bit easier. 
  • Limit the liquids - If you're flying abroad with only a cabin bag then you need to be crafty with your liquids, and that means minimalising as much makeup liquids as possible. Decant your foundation into a small tub, stick to one concealer, pack lipsticks instead of liquid lip products and purchase a mini primer.
  • Separate the 'dry' makeup products with the liquids - My favourite tip when packing makeup is separating products into two different makeup bags. One will contain all the powder products such as eye shadow, bronzer, lipstick, brushes etc and the other makeup bag will be transparent. This will consist of all the liquid makeup products alongside with wash stuff and other liquids. I find this a useful tip, as you're able to take the transparent bag out at the airport for security screening - instead of rummaging around for your liquid products inside your makeup bag to put into the disposable bags they provide.
  • Stick to one eye shadow palette - I'm a bit of an eye shadow palette addict, and for a city break, it's always ideal to only stick to one versatile palette. A palette that has all the neutral shades and a few bright ones in case you want to change up the look in the evening.
  • Pick a nude and bright lipstick - Likewise with eye shadows, I love lipsticks, especially an orange or red. As a city break is only a few days, I'd recommend a neutral colour you can wear on any occasion, and a brighter option if you want to glam it up a bit.

What to pack for a city break abroad

Wash stuff

Packing wash stuff links in with makeup, however here's a few tips to consider:

  • Purchase minis - Every supermarket, Boots or Superdrug store will sell an array of mini sized products suitable for city breaks and that abide by the liquid laws (cabin bag) on aeroplanes (under 100ml per liquid). Buy shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, toothpaste and whatever you need - then put them all in the transparent bag ready for flying.
  • Or put the products into smaller travel pots - If you'd rather use all the wash products you have at home, buy yourself some travel sized pots and put the liquids in them.
  • Pack roll on deodrant - Planes don't allow aerosols in cabin luggage, so on your short break, buy yourself a roll on deodorant. This will also will have to go in the transparent liquid bag.
  • Buy roll on perfume - To save on space in your liquid bag, buy a roll on perfume. You can buy many famous named perfumes in roll on form in Boots - for example I have Marc Jacobs Daisy.


There's no doubt on a city break, you're going to bring a few electronic items with you such as curling tongs and a phone charger. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Pack an adapter - Whether its Europe or the US, ensure you check that the appropriate adapter is packed before setting off.
  • Bring an extension lead - My favourite tip I like to share is bringing an extension lead. This means if the hotel room or apartment has limited plug space, you can have extra plugs for your devices and appliances.
  • Portable charger - On a day out in the city, you'll be using your phone to take images and keeping updated on social media that you'll want to keep your phone topped up with charge - and that's where a portable charger comes in handy.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What's your main advice on packing for a city break?

Thank you for reading <3

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Well hello to you my reader chums! I love days out in London, whether it's shopping, for a spot of sight seeing or going to see a west end show; there's always something thrilling about visiting the busy capital. Covent Garden is my favourite area to explore - and for any newbie, there's more to the place than meets the eye. 

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

If you're heading there soon, looking for things to do and hotels near Covent Garden to stay, this post is for you. On my latest day trip, I discovered many hidden gems and noted a few things down to do on my next visit. The spending money for the excursion was gifted by Hotels.com but all views are my own.

Here are a few things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood...

Visit the Jubilee Market Hall

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Covent Garden is renowned for its market hall and niche shopping finds. The Jubilee Market Hall stands next to the main hub of the square and is worth the visit. It's similar to Camden Market and features everything from souvenirs, homemade crafts, printed tees to food stalls and scented candles. If you're in the market for any nick nacks, this is the place to be.

Go designer shopping

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

London is a top spot for shopping and Covent Garden has some of the very best gems. The main surrounding square has all the top designer names from Kurt Geiger to Burberry with plenty of makeup shops thrown in between. And the centre of it all (North and South hall) there are plenty of independent and luxurious stores to purchase some of the finest goods.

Eat in the courtyard 

There's no day out in Covent Garden without trying the delicious food available - and the main courtyard is where its at. The Covent Garden Market has a variety of eating establishments from deli's, cafes, restaurants and bakeries - and eating outside is a charming experience, especially in the summer time. 

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

I chose Aubaine Deli for lunch and sat outside in the sunshine. The rustic deli has a selection of baked goods, drinks and cooked lunch options. And, there are many wooden chairs with parasols outside to soak up the city vibes.

Visit the London Transport Museum 

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

I'm a big fan of museums, as I love learning new things. Despite the many times I've been to Covent Garden, I had never visited the London Transport Museum prior to this recent excursion so decided to give it a go. The museum actually really surprised me - it was rather interesting learning the history of London's transport system and seeing old and new models of transport.

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

I especially think it's ideal for families; there were plenty of interactive experiences and you're able to even climb up some of the double decker buses. The museum is £17.50 to get in for adults. 

Purchase some unique nick nacks from the Apple Market

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Inside the main Covent Garden Market, there's a strip called the Apple Market. Here individual traders sell their goods, whether it's homemade cards, clothing or handbags - there are many unique items in store. It's worth having a little browse around for a present or printed-tee.

Eat the very best gelato

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Who doesn't love ice cream? Covent Garden offers some of London's best. Venchi, is in Italian gelateria in the heart of Covent Garden and offers the finest range of rich flavours. I chose hazelnut and stracciatella with chocolate sauce drizzled on the top - and yes it was as mouthwatering as it sounds.

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Alternatively, around a five minute walk from Covent Garden is 'Milk Train' renowned for their candy floss ice cream. I'm talking a swirly ice cream with a candy floss rim wrapped around for extra sugar goodness. 

Go the the National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery 

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

I love walking round art museums; it's a therapeutic and appreciative experience all in one. I didn't have a chance to visit the National Gallery, however I ventured into the National Portrait Gallery. The gallery had a wide selection of portraits all through time from Tudor to modern day - and they were really realistic. I was so impressed by them all! I especially liked visiting the Micheal Jackson exhibition. There were multiple rooms filled with art inspired by him and his music, and I'd highly recommend paying the extra fee to visit the special exhibition.

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Both the galleries have free admission, however you can offer a donation for your entrance. The special Micheal Jackson exhibition costs £20 for adults, however if you're under 25, you're able to get in for just a £5.

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Explore the back streets and their independent shops

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Near the main square of Covent Garden, there's a few streets attached to it which offer an array of independent shops and cafes/restaurants - perfect for shopping and eating. New Row is quaint street with a variety of eateries - and has the cutest gelato shop, La Gelatiera. It offered loads of ice cream flavours, milkshakes and more - and was certainly Instagram worthy.

Purchase a last minute ticket to the West End

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Seeing a West End show is one of my favourite ever things, and near Covent Garden are plenty of theatres showing the very best shops. Right next to Covent Garden tube station is a theatre ticket shop - and if you want to be spontaneous, why not purchase a last minute ticket for one of the shows that day? You'll find you can save loads of money and still have a fabulous theatre experience. 

Watch a ballet at the Royal Opera House

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

I love ballet as much as I love the west end (maybe even a bit more), and I've always dreamt of seeing one live in the Royal Opera House. The Royal Opera House is located right in the heart of Covent Garden and there's even a 'La ballerina' restaurant next door.

Take a candid photograph at the floral bench 

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Dotted around Covent Garden are the floral benches you've probably seen in plenty of Instagram posts. When visiting (if they're not occupied) make sure to get yourself a candid snap to add to the photo album.

Visit St Pauls Church 

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Churches are a lovely thing to visit for any city and St Pauls is no different. As you enter the archway on Covent Garden square into St Pauls, there's a big seating area filled of benches. You can sit here to eat lunch or chill in the sunshine, as I saw many Londoners do. The inside of the church isn't massive but ever so elegant. If you'd like to attend mass, outside the church it'll say when mass is on.

Have a drink at the Punch and Judy pub and watch the street performers

Things to do in and around the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Covent Garden is also renowned for its street performers whether it's a singer, dancer or magician - and you can't make a visit without watching one act. The Punch and Judy pub's terrace overlooks the plaza where majority of the acts perform - so grab a drink, get a good view and watch the acts in all their glory.

I hope you enjoyed this post on Covent Garden. What's your favourite thing to do here?

Thank you for reading <3

Best summer makeup finds

Well hello to you my reader chums! Summer time is one of my favourite seasons; it means beach days, cute outfits and all the ice cream you can eat. There's nothing better than going outside without the need to bring a jacket, and wearing lighter makeup. As you get a natural tan in summer, foundation isn't necessary layer as one, its pretty uncomfortable in the heat, and two your skin will already be glowing. I'm going to share my best summer makeup finds, to ensure your makeup lasts all day and gives that desired glowy effect.

Best summer makeup finds

Here are my summer makeup finds...

L'oreal's infallible primer

Priming is the first essential step to long-lasting makeup in the heat - and you need a good primer in order to do so. L'oreal's infallible is my go to for all seasons and helps lock the makeup in place, all day long. The primer itself isn't too think and blends really easily on the skin, without it feeling as if you've put an extra layer of makeup on. My skin is normal to combination and the primer works a treat.

Superdrug's BB cream 

As I mentioned in my previous monthly favourites, Superdrug's BB cream has become my new love in the summer time. The BB cream is a lighter alternative to foundation and doesn't feel heavy on the skin, which is a blessing in the hotter weather. Despite the light coverage, it gives a warm tint to the skin and a lovely summer glow - especially if you're already a little bit tanned. 

The cream applies as easily as a moisturiser, and it has SPF which will help protect your skin in the warmer weather. I love the smooth application, light coverage and how useful it is in the summer months.

Best summer makeup finds

Maybelline the Falsies waterproof mascara

In the summer, whether you're swimming, down the beach or just sweating from the hot weather, a waterproof mascara always comes in handy. Maybelline the Falsies is one of my favourite ever mascaras and their waterproof version is even better in the summer. The Falsies gives a natural curl to the lashes, and coats them enough that they look full.

Urban Decay's all nighter spray

The all nighter spray has been raved about in the beauty blogging community for a very long time, and it's especially useful in the hot weather. The spray will firstly refresh the skin after applying makeup and also, keep the makeup from sliding round the face as you perspire throughout the day. It's one of my favourite steps to summer makeup, and I couldn't recommend it enough.

Mac's 'Lady Danger' matte lipstick

I'm a massive fan of bright lipsticks in the summer time, as with a tan, they look even better. When I've got that summer glow, I love to rock a orange lip especially (which I'm sure I've mentioned over and over) and my favourite is Mac's Lady Danger. It's a matte lipstick and a combination of a red and orange colour, swaying towards slightly bright orange. It pairs well with a golden cheek glow, gold eye shadow and bronzed skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your go to summer makeup products?

Thank you for reading <3

Romantic things to do in Venice | AD

Well hello to you my reader chums! When I picture a romantic getaway, locations including Paris, Venice, Bali and any sort of plush beach spot spring to mind. There's just something about 'romantic getaway' which means a relaxing, luxury and enjoyable break for two love birds.

Romantic things to do in Venice

I was lucky enough to visit Venice last year and I genuinely fell in love with the place. When I was younger, I always dreamt of having my honeymoon in Venice, however, the trip happened sooner than I expected. Whilst there are traditional 'romantic things to do' in Venice, I'm going to share a few unique ideas you and your partner can do on your romantic break in the canal city of love. 

Here are some romantic things to do in Venice...

Go for a gondola ride under Rialto Bridge

The most famous thing about Venice is its canals and the gondola rides - and you can't have a romantic break without one. For any Venice newbies, I'd always recommend booking your gondola ride when you arrive in Venice, as that way you can choose the route. Usually, online, they'll give you a route that's promoted by the company and if you haven't visited Venice before, you won't know if it includes the best sights.

Once you've had a walk around Venice and got your bearings, you're able to see which locations you prefer and therefore choose the most romantic route. I'd personally recommend the gondola stop right by the Rialto Bridge as you're able to ride under it, and experience beautiful views of its surroundings as you float along - and get that goal worthy Instagram photos.

Walk along the back streets

One of Venice's hidden gems has to be the backstreets. As Venice is a pretty small location, compared to other larger cities and towns, you can explore a lot of it on foot. And what's more romantic than a walk? The backstreets are tucked away from the main tourist hubs, offering a combination of beautiful locations and enjoying each other's company. It also makes for a great spot to get some lovely photos of Venice without crowds getting in the way.

Romantic things to do in Venice

Many people will say 'just get lost in Venice', and really that's exactly what you should do. There are so many things to discover off the beaten path.

Have a coffee date on the canal

In Venice, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes located on the canal front - and dining here whether it's for a bite to eat or a coffee can be a charming experience. You'll be able to soak up the views and it'll be a little different than stopping by your local Starbucks.

Drink in St Marks Square

St Marks Square is probably the most renowned tourist spot in Venice and I can see why; it has the beautiful St Marks Basilica, stunning buildings, and live music booming as the sun goes down. The setting is ever so romantic, and perfect for a drink or two. There are many restaurants in the square, however coming from experience they are very much on the pricey side - and if you are on a budget and still want to get the 'St Marks Square experience', I'd suggest getting a glass of wine or two to toast.

Sit on the canal steps for an ice cream

Romantic things to do in Venice

Without a doubt, any trip to Italy means eating as much gelato as humanely possible. When in Venice, this certainly applies and can make for a charming date idea. None of the canals in Venice have borders so you're able to sit on the canal edge of steps leading down to the canal. Watch the gondolas go by as you enjoy your sweet treat with your partner.

If you're looking to book that ultra-romantic and luxury break to Venice, Destinations2 offers a wide selection of holiday packages to choose from.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you ever visited Venice?

Thank you for reading <3

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Foodie guide to New York City

Well hello to you my reader chums! I was lucky enough to visit the legendary city of New York last year and ever since, I keep having to pinch myself. New York is one of those 'goal worthy' places that I never thought would become a reality in visiting. On my five day venture around the city, it's safe to say my sister and I ate as much food as humanly possible, and discovered some of New York's hidden gems. 

Foodie guide to New York

Here's my foodie guide to New York City...

Best breakfast places


It wouldn't be a trip to New York without tasting their take on classic American pancakes. Out of all the pancakes we tasted on the trip, Lindy's cooked them best. This café/restaurant offered a hefty serving of pancakes - I'm talking five massive pancakes filled with chocolate and topped with chocolate sauce. It's making my mouth water just thinking about it. They also served up waffles, and other traditional American breakfast grub, alongside many beverages. 

Foodie guide to New York

Located on 825 7th Avenue, it's a casual breakfast spot close by to some of the city's attractions. Although it may not be the fanciest breakfast place, it'll certainly fill you up for a while and give the taste of an old school American diner.

La Pain Quotidien

If you're looking for an Instagram-worthy breakfast café, La Pain Quotidien is for you.
 As you can tell by the name, it's a French inspired café with a rustic feel inside. I'm talking wooden chairs, wooden tables and waffles served on marble boards - basically a lot of wood. The menu has a variety of healthy and non-healthy options, from green juices, croissants and salads to delicious waffles. 

Foodie guide to New York

There are a few of these cafes across New York: on West Broadway, Grand Street and 5th Avenue. This café feels more like an independent establishment than a chain, considering the quality of the food and how it's presented.

Best bakeries 

Levain bakery

If you've done any research into New York bakeries, then I'm pretty sure you would have heard of Levain Bakery. The bakery offers the biggest and gooiest cookies you'll ever taste - and you'll want to eat them over and over again (pictured at the top).

The bakery I visited is actually rather small, and usually people are queuing up outside the door as it's that popular with the public. Levain has 4 different locations in New York which gives you more of an excuse to definitely make a visit. There's one on West 74 Street (I visited this one),  Fredrick Douglas Boulevard, Amsterdam Avenue and Montauk Highway.

Magnolia bakery

Magnolia Bakery had to be one of my favourite foodie stops in New York. The classic-style bakery was combined with all things pastel and had plenty on offer. Whether you're on the look out for cheesecake, a cupcake or brownie, there's a wide variety to pick from.

Foodie guide to New York

What I love most about the bakery, is it still has that old school vibe with a modern and characteristic twist - and the cupcakes are pretty heavenly too. They have four bakeries in New York: Rockefeller centre (49th Street), Grand Central Terminal, Bloomindales (Third Avenue) and Upper West Side (Columbus Avenue at 69th Street). 

Carlo's bakery

For any Cake Boss fans, Carlo's Bakery has to be a foodie stop for you on your New York trip. The original bakery is in Hoboken, however there is one along 8th Avenue. 

The bakery offers all the famous baked goods from the show including lobster tails, cupcakes and plenty of cakes to pick from that it's hard to make a choice! 

Best restaurants  

Capital Grille

We came across this restaurant on our trip, because we were lucky enough to have it about two blocks from the hotel, and after a rainy day wanted somewhere convenient for dinner. The Capital Grille was more upmarket than we thought with dimmed lighting, fancy menus and fine dining service, however we loved it.

Foodie guide to New York

The food was a little on the pricy side, but the quality and portion size certainly made up for it. The roast chicken I ordered was massive and our side order of lobster mac & cheese could have been a main dish in itself. Its desserts were on par - and they even offered us freshly baked cookies when waiting for our food. What more could you ask for? For a fine dining experience and some great food, head over to Capital Grille. There's a few in the city, and the branch we visited was located on 51st Street.


Little Italy had to be one of my favourite areas of New York to look around. It has that charming Italian vibe about it, and genuinely felt like you were in Italy, especially when it came to the food. There were many gorgeous looking restaurants in Little Italy serving up classic pasta and pizza dishes, and we chose the famous Lombardi's. They're known for being the first pizzeria in the United States, opening in 1905.

Foodie guide to New York

The restaurant had a charming appeal and offered a variety of pizzas. Lombardi's made me think of Naples' authenticity and brought back many good memories of dining in Roman pizzerias.


For a little bit of a fun restaurant experience, Havana is a great choice. The Cuban style restaurant offers a variety of quirky dishes and cocktails. It was one of those restaurants we found on a whim - as we were soaking up our last few hours in New York, we wanted a bite to eat before heading to the airport and that's when we saw the bright lights of Havana.

Foodie guide to New York

Their food was superb, and to this day I still can't get over the delicious starter we shared. It was cheesy bread with chicken and a few other toppings. I ordered a vegetable paella and it came in a massive pot, that it should of actually been on the sharers menu - nevertheless I enjoyed it. There are two Havana restaurants in New York, one near Times  Square and the other in Ridge Hill.  

Food courts

Gotham West market

Foodie guide to New York

If food festivals or fairs give you a lot of joy then Gotham West market is the place for you. I found this prior to my trip and added to the agenda as I loved the idea behind it. The market has a variety of different food stalls and restaurants, and offers the opportunity to try a bit of everything. It's also indoors so in case the New York weather makes a turn for the worst, you can still dine at the market.

I hope you enjoyed this foodie style post. Have you visited New York?

Thank you for reading <3

3 day guide to Belfast

Well hello to you my reader chums! Belfast is a beautiful city and I'm glad I was able to spend a couple of days sightseeing and going on an excursion for a Game of Thrones tour, which opened my eyes to the Irish countryside.

3 day guide to Belfast

Here's my 3-day guide to Belfast...

Day 1: 30th July - Flying and steakhouse love

For our first day, I didn't have much planned - I thought I could have a mooch around the city and take it all in, however, due to unfortunate weather, things didn't go as I expected. I had booked the steakhouse, Marco Pierre White, for later that evening, and between the time of arriving at the hotel and the steakhouse, I got ready and chilled. I booked the Hilton hotel for the stay as the location was conveniently placed near the city centre, with easy access to everything around us.

3 day guide to Belfast

I hoped in a taxi over to the Marco Pierre White steakhouse for 7pm (which was actually located in the Park Avenue hotel) - and I honestly couldn't recommend it enough. The staff were super friendly and ensured everything was top-notch for us - and the food was excellent. I chose roast chicken with mac and cheese on the side (winner), and the desserts were just as tasty. I had a bottle of wine and a couple of cocktails to finish.

Day 2: 31st July - Game of Thrones tour and Irish nightlife

3 day guide to Belfast

The second day was the busiest and most exciting part of the trip, as I headed off for a Game of Thrones tour. For any big fans of the show, I would highly recommend booking it! I chose the Winterfell location tour as I thought it would be the most exciting.

The tour was an all-day excursion - I met in the city centre around 8.45am for a 9am departure into the gorgeous Northern Ireland countryside, and returned at 6pm. Aside from seeing all the famous Game of Thrones locations where scenes were filmed, it was incredible to experience the countryside.

3 day guide to Belfast - game of thrones tour

3 day guide to Belfast

I took a ferry ride over Strangford Lough and arrived at the first destination - the Winterfell castle or known as 'Castle Ward' to locals. This area was the location where Winterfell in Game of Thrones was based around and some of it filmed there. It's amazing how they are able to transform the location into what you see on screen with special effects. From Winterfell, we embarked through the beautiful area of County Down until arriving at Audley's Field and Audley's Castle. This whole region is home to many historic castles which were either used as a set or backdrops for filming including Audley's Castle.

3 day guide to belfast

3 day guide to belfast

3 day guide to belfast

The tour continued trekking up to the castle, a pit stop for lunch in the Portaferry area and then a special treat - meeting the Dire wolves from the show! When I booked the tour, this wasn't mentioned at all as they can't always guarantee it, however, I was the lucky one. The Dire wolves were super cute and tame - and I can now say I met a cast member from the show.

The last leg of the tour involved some role play and a forest hike. I got to act out Game of Thrones at the Inch Abbey and it was a lot of fun! I wore the famous capes, and had my own sword. After a bit of role-playing and cool photos, I got driven to Tollymore Forest Park. The forest park is home to some of the famous scenes in the series - and makes for a charming walk. High trees, clear-running streams and plenty of hidden coves to explore. If you're a big Game of Thrones, I'd highly recommend heading on this tour whilst in Belfast.

3 day guide to belfast

3 day guide to belfast

Following a freshen up and rest, I headed downtown for a spot of dinner. As the weather had been pretty chilly all day, I went on the hunt for a curry house and found Mumbai 27. It's located near St. Anne's Cathedral and serves up delicious grub. I chose their take on a classic korma, accompanied with a bottle of wine - and I loved it. Since I was in Ireland, I had to experience a bit of Irish nightlife and went over to Harp's Bar afterwards. The retro-style establishment had live music and a cracking atmosphere - even on a Tuesday night!

3 day guide to belfast

Day 3: Wednesday 1st August - Titanic museum exploring and a rainy day

3 day guide to belfast

3 day guide to belfast

For the last day in Belfast, I wanted to do a few of the tourist things that Belfast is known for such as the Titanic. The first stop was breakfast in the Odyssey (which is basically an entertainment complex) and then the Titanic museum. The tickets I bought covered the museum and the SS Nomadic boat outside. As they were time-specific, we had to wait until 1.45 to be let into the museum, however, the wait was worth it. I'm a bit of a history geek and love learning that it was really interesting discovering more about the Titanic that I didn't know before. I then headed over to the SS Nomadic and had a look around. Unfortunately though due to the torrential rain and not being dressed appropriately for the occasion, I didn't get the chance to walk around the rest of the Titanic Quarter or visit some of the other landmarks. However, it just means an excuse for another visit right?

3 day guide to belfast

3 day guide to belfast

Things to know before going to Belfast: 
  • Local taxis can be pretty cheap in short distances, however, if you're staying in the centre, it's worth noting a taxi is about £30 to the airport 
  • I'd recommend staying in the centre as you're nearby to the hustle and bustle, and top landmarks 
  • To avoid waiting around, purchase tickets for the Titanic museum in advance 
  • It's Ireland - learn from my mistakes and pack clothes for bad weather (even in summertime) 
  • Make a trip out to the countryside - whether it's a tour or simply a trek through the forest - you won't regret it 
  • It may sound obvious, but if you're from the UK, you don't have to go through passport control at the airport as Belfast is part of the UK 
  • This also means you can use pounds - and no need to change money up before the trip 
Belfast, unlike some cities, had that beautiful combination of city appeal and surrounding countryside, and that's what made it such a charming place to be. I can't wait to return again one day (hopefully when it's sunnier this time!) 

I hope you enjoyed this 3-day guide to Belfast. Have you ever visited this city?

Thank you for reading <3