How to bring travel to your home

Well hello to you my reader chums! Like many things right now, travel is completely off the cards and for us travel addicts like myself, it's pretty unfortunate that our travel plans have to be put on hold until the foreseeable future. Although, it's also okay to be sad that your plans aren't going ahead and your feelings are valid, I completely understand travel is a huge privilege and there are worse things going on during than pandemic than not being able to travel.

How to bring travel to your home

However, as we can't travel right now, I thought I would up together a post about how you can bring travel to your home as a way to stay a little positive about what's going on at the minute. Here are a few ideas:

Use the time to reminisce

Since being in lockdown, something I've been doing a lot of is reminiscing and looking back at places I've gone and things I've done. This has been by creating a scrapbook, printing out my photos and filing them away in an album or a frame, flicking through my Instagram highlights and reading my travel diary. It's made me really appreciate everything I've able to do over the past few years in terms of travel and how many places I've actually been to. Get creative and find ways you can reminisce and have fun with it!

Re-create your travel pictures

I've seen the Youtuber and Instagrammer, Elizabeth Everywhere do this and honestly, it made my day. It's such a fun idea and something you can get up to during lockdown. Choose a few of your favorite photos and see if you're able to recreate them whilst at home - the funnier you do it, the better, as I can guarantee it'll make you smile.

Research and plan 

With some of us having more time on our hands, it's the opportunity to get things done you couldn't usually do. And, even though you're unable to travel right now, there's no reason to say you can't research and plan where you want to go when the world is back to normal. I have a long list of the places I want to visit soon and I'm finding this time to research exactly where I want to go, what there is to do and see. It's the perfect time to delve into many travel blog's archives.

Write a travel diary 

Having a travel diary is one of my favorite things to do whilst traveling as you can capture your exact feelings and thoughts at that moment. However, as we can't do that right now, it's also a nice time to start your travel diary and write about your travels so you can document memories and read it back in a few years' time.  Try using images and videos from your travels to jog your memory.

Watch documentaries/videos about places you want to visit

Similar to research, another way to delve into the wonderful world of travel is through videos. Whether it's watching travel vlogs, a documentary or any other TV show you can find, it's a homely way to experience travel and the world without leaving your sofa.

Make funny videos

I've been obsessed with Tik Tok this past week and I've seen lots of funny videos that have cheered up my day. A few I've seen are of families recreating the holiday process of checking in at the airport, going on the plane and being on holiday - all in their home. It looks like so much fun and a funny idea you can do with your loved ones.

I hope you liked this post. Do you have any other fun ways to bring travel home?

Thank you for reading <3

Review: Embryolisse foaming cream-milk cleanser *gifted*

Well hello to you my reader chums! It's been a long while since I've written a beauty review and I really miss it. When I started this blog, beauty was my main focus and I'd love to rekindle that a bit by sharing more reviews and other makeup style posts.

Review: Embryolisse foaming cream-milk cleanser *gifted*

Something I've been trying to do a lot more is taking the time to focus on my skincare and that begins with a good cleanser. I got sent this recently and it came at the right time as I was looking to try a new cleanser out so this was the perfect opportunity.

I hadn't heard of the brand Embryolisse before receiving this product so did a bit of research before I trialled it out. The brand came about in the 1950s in Paris when a dermatologist who specialised in skin diseases created the famous Milk-Cream Concentrate product.

After using this product for a few weeks, I've become to love it and it's become one of my top products to use - and here are my overall thoughts:

Packaging and design

I'm no expert when it comes to product design or anything like that but I always judge a product on how it looks and how it is presented. My first impression of this product is that it looks sleek and simple and easy to use - basically everything you need.

Consistency and scent 

I find with a cleanser, consistency is key. The consistency of this cleanser is a thick liquid and lathers up like an absolute dream. As it lathers up so easily, I only need the smallest amount to wash my face with and it literally lasts forever. The scent has that fresh smell you get in spas and isn't overly fragranced which I can appreciate.

How it feels on the skin

I can't rave enough about how this product feels on the skin! It's incredibly soft and gentle and as you rub it in, it'll lather up more and feel really smooth. It sounds strange but I really enjoy washing my face with this product as it has that luxurious feel to it. Once it's all been washed off, my skin feels fully cleansed, hydrated and so soft - I love it!

Review: Embryolisse foaming cream-milk cleanser *gifted*


I've been using this product for a few weeks now and wanted to give a little insight to the difference it has made in my skin. I'm not sure if it's down to this product alone, but I've noticed my skin has been a lot clearer and hydrated since using this and it feels really healthy.

Overall thoughts

Overall, I fell in love with this cleanser and to be honest, I probably wouldn't have shared it with you guys if I didn't. It's retailed at £14 and worth every penny. The product itself feels more of the luxury end, it's left my skin feeling like a dream and I love to use it as part of my daily skincare routine. You can purchase the cleanser here.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What skincare products are you using at the minute?

Thank you for reading <3

The places I want to revisit and why

Well hello to you my reader chums! The beauty of travel is that you're able to experience new cultures, new places, new foods and meet new people. I'm lucky to say I've travelled to my fair share of cities and countries and fallen in love with many that I'd like to revisit.

At a time where I can't visit anywhere knew, I wanted to look back and share with you a few places that warmed my heart in more ways than one and would happily visit again.

Tuscany, Italy

Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite ever country is Italy. Every time I go, it feels like home and I love nothing more than venturing around different parts of the country - and still have so much to explore. I've been to a couple of places in Italy and as much as I fell in love with them all, one that stood out for me was Tuscany. Ever since I was little I've always dreamt of a summer house in Tuscany that when I visited, it brought the dreams to life even more.

The places I want to revisit and why

The whole vibe of Tuscany was homely and everything I ever dreamt of when I visited. It had that heartwarming appeal that the Italian culture is all about and I fell in love with the towns Lucca, Sienna and the gorgeous city of Florence. I would love to go back there and explore more of the beautiful landscapes, venture into the vineyards and eat more traditional food made with the freshly grown ingredients.


Visiting Vietnam was a huge highlight of my backpacking travels. I was only there for 10 days but that period of time made a huge impact on me and I want to go back so badly. The culture of Vietnam was incredibly humbling, the food was out of this world, the people are some of the kindest I've met and there were places I saw which I still can't believe.

The places I want to revisit and why

I was lucky enough to visit Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Hanoi and Halong Bay and still have the desperate urge to see me. I feel as if I only scratched the surface with the joys of Vietnam and I can't wait to see what else I'm able to discover. I've love to visit Hoi An, Sapa and so much more.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I fell in love with Thailand from the minute I touched down. It's hard to describe it, but the atmosphere is incredibly chill and the citizens you come across are super lovely. It's called the 'land of smiles' for a reason. My favourite city in Thailand was Chiang Mai. I spent 5 days roaming around the city and fell in love with the way of life, it's quirky Old City, the street food stalls, the temples, and the beautiful elephant sanctuary I went to. 

The places I want to revisit and why

Chiang Mai left a place in my heart and I really miss it. It's weird how content you can feel in a place so quickly but I would love to go back and experience it again.

Koh Lanta and Koh Tao, Thailand 

Thailand has some stunning islands and I loved island-hopping across a few of them on my travels. My two favourites, however, were Koh Lanta and Koh Tao and I'd give anything to go back and relax on their incredible beaches. 

The places I want to revisit and why

The places I want to revisit and why

Koh Lanta and Koh Tao had their differences but were also so similar. Koh Lanta I adored for its sweet old town, vacant beaches and sunsets. Whilst, I loved Koh Tao for the small size, its snorkelling scene, eco-friendly appeal, and the overall ambiance. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

The places I want to revisit and why

Copenhagen was one of those cities that wasn't your typical 'tourist' vibe. Although the main area of Nyhavn can become packed in the peak months, the overall appeal has a calm and residential appeal to it. I could never get tired of the endless citizens riding bicycles, quirky restaurants, and pastel-coloured buildings. It's the prettiest city to roam through, grab a coffee and explore and I'd love to go back for a few days.

Lisbon, Portugal 

The places I want to revisit and why

Lisbon is Portugal's hilly capital and one of the coolest places I've come across. I went on a gals trip a few years ago and spent the long weekend seeing the sights, eating all the tapas and drinking cocktails. It's a city that can easily be spent hopping on a tram and roaming around, enjoying a selection of the best food and dining in cool bars. The pretty buildings and walkways make for a cool Instagram picture too!

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a popular city for so many people and I can see why as I loved every part of it. Despite the crazy busy vibe, it has the coolest walkways, beautiful architecture, delicious tapas, designer shops and plenty of things to get up to.

The places I want to revisit and why

I'd love to revisit to soak up the culture once more, eat good food and roam around the quieter spots in the city.


The places I want to revisit and why

Malta is certainly a unique location and one I'd love to revisit for a summer holiday. I stayed in the St Julians area during my stay and did a day trip to Comino Island and explored the town area but I'd love to return and visit the capital Valetta as I've heard many good things about it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Where else would you revisit?

Thank you for reading <3

How to look after your mental health during lockdown

Well hello to you my reader chums! Lockdown is an uncertain time for everyone, whether you're a key worker, working from home, have been furloughed or isolating on your own. This uncertain time means it's important more than ever to look after your mental health and know that everything will be okay.

If you're struggling at the minute with your mental health or know someone who is, here are a few ways on how to look after your mental health during lockdown...

How to look after your mental health during lockdown

Avoid the news/media coverage

Wherever you look at the minute, whether it's on the TV, on social media or anywhere online, the coverage is heavily focused on the pandemic - and even though it's important to stay informed, the weight of the news can consume you and worsen your anxiety a lot. I've been doing my best to avoid any sort of news or negative press surrounding the pandemic as it fills me with unnecessary worry. I'm not saying to be ignorant of the matter but don't intentionally read into the negative words surrounding the pandemic as you will fill yourself with dread. 

The news especially focuses on the negative side of what's going on and as much it is a huge tragedy, there is good news coming from it such as the number of people surviving, how communities are coming together and positive viral videos. Try and focus on the flip side of what's going on and read into more positive stories online.

Keep social as much as you can 

Given the circumstances that we're in, going out and meeting up with people is a huge no, however, there are so many ways to stay in touch with people - and keeping social is incredibly important for your mental well being. Talking online whether it's video chat or messaging will make you feel human again as interaction is so important.

A lot of people are isolating alone in lockdown and if you have a friend or family member like that, try your best to check in with them to see how they're doing, even if it's only for 10 minutes of your day. And, try and have a bit of social interaction each day so you're staying in the routine with social people. I'm lucky that I live with my family so have them speak to but have also been video chatting my friends as much as possible.

Don't put pressure on yourself to be productive

I've seen so many things online how we need to use this time to have a glow up, become the new us, write a novel or start a new business venture. However, also know it's okay if you don't do any of that stuff. There shouldn't be any pressure on yourself to be productive or become a whole new you. You can use this time to have a mental life pause, catch up on your sleep, binge watch Netflix or just do nothing. It's your time and you need to do what's important for you. Try and not compare to everyone on Instagram who is working out every day or renovating their front room - you do exactly what makes you happy.

Stick to some sort of a routine

Having somewhat of a routine will help you stay in some level of normality. This could be as simple as getting up at a certain time and having your usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner so the day is broken up accordingly. Don't put pressure on yourself to partake in a strict routine, take it easy with a few goals in mind each day to keep you positive.

Utilise fresh air 

As the government has stated, we're allowed 1 hour of exercise each day so use the time to go for a walk, whether that's around your neighbourhood or open space nearby your house. I'm lucky in the fact I have a large garden so I have been getting my daily dose of Vitamin D sitting outside, however, I know for some people who live in flats or don't have their own outside space, how important the hour of exercise is for them. Utilise it, appreciate it and make sure you're social distancing.

Always remember 'this too shall pass'

A good friend has taught me the phrase 'this too shall pass' and since then I've used it in every possible hard circumstance to help get me through and stay positive. And like a bad break up or bad day, the lockdown shall pass, and things will be better again. We will go back to normal life at some point, we will be able to reunite with our family and friends again, we will be able to travel once more and we will be able to work again. Keep patient, stay positive and always remember 'this too shall pass'.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any other mental health tips?

Thank you for reading <3

7 years of Della Loves Nutella

Well hello to you my reader chums! 7 years ago today, a little 16-year-old me made the decision to create this blog and to date, it has to be one of the best choices I've made. This blog has been a space for me to document my life online, share things I love and grow my writing skills through the years. And, now at nearly 24, it's safe to say, a lot of things have changed.

Della Loves Nutella began as a makeup blog as I tried to put my stamp on the online beauty community, however, over the 7 years, it's evolved to predominantly more of a travel blog with posts about books (I'm a huge bookworm), lifestyle, mental health, and the occasional beauty article. I still have a big love for beauty but travel has now stolen my heart and that's why it's now the forefront of what I love to write about the most. 

7 years of Della Loves Nutella

To mark the occasion, I wanted to sit, reminisce and discuss everything I've learned these past 7 years; about my blog, about myself and about life in general.

Just be you - In any sense of life, being yourself will get you a lot further than trying to be everyone else. Whether it's trying to be friends with someone, your online content like this blog, getting a job or starting a new relationship, the right people will love you for you - and you shouldn't have to change for anyone. As I've gotten older, I've embraced who I am a lot more and learn to love myself, and all the weird quirks which make me, me. By just being me, I'm lucky to be surrounded by a good group of people, I've found a job I love and I love what I'm doing online. In regards to my blog, I know that some posts I can write will make my blog better for traffic, however, I stick to what I know and love as it's made me enjoy it more, rather than doing it because I know it'll do well if that makes sense.

Appreciate moments over things - When I first started this blog and was hugely obsessed with makeup, fashion and looking cool, I was so fixated on buying nice things and thought that having pretty things was so important. However, as I've gotten older, I'm not a major spender on things, a lot of my disposable income now goes on travel, days out, weekends away, concerts, theatre shows or generally experiences. I cherish my time so much and how I choose to use it, that I've learned to appreciate being in the moment, who I spend my time with and how I'm spending it more than possessions. Don't get me wrong, I still love to shop but at the end of the day, it's the stories/memories that I'll be telling my future grandchildren. Go out and make those stories!

Do what's right for you - Life is what you make it as Hannah Montana once said and everything you do, should be down to you. I've learned over time that you shouldn't live your life to please other people, you should do exactly what's best for you and learn to say no. Pick the career you'd like, be friends with the people who treat you right and make choices that will make you happy.

Spread kindness around wherever you go - One of my favourite phrases is 'throw kindness around like confetti' and I think it's something everyone should stick by. It doesn't cost anything to be kind so when you're able to offer a helping hand or simply make someone's day with a compliment, try and do it as much as you can. You never know what someone is going through so a little bit of kindness can really help.

Self-confidence grows with time - When I first started this blog, my level of self-confidence was really low. I didn't know who I was nor did I like who I was and I was incredibly shy in every social situation - and I always thought I would be that way. However, over time and learning to accept myself, my flaws and surrounding myself with positive people who supported me in every way, I began to love myself. And, I look back at 16-year-old me, and I want to tell her it will all be okay, you will love and accept yourself, you will get your self-confidence and you will boss life. To any younger reader of mine, please believe in yourself as you will get there with your self-confidence, you are important and beautiful in every way. 

Your mental health is important and your feelings are valid - My mental health journey has been a long one with many ups and downs but I feel grateful to get to a point in my life where I understand my anxiety, my triggers and how I can live with it. It took me a while to realise it's okay not to be okay, that I'm allowed to have a down day and my feelings are valid, no matter what the issue is. Looking after your mental health is so important and I wish I knew that at a younger age and how exactly I could look after it. Self-care, taking time out, meditating, exercising and talking about my thoughts have helped massively - and can help you too. If you ever need someone to talk to, my Instagram DMs are always open.

Have a grateful heart - I feel as I got older, I've become more aware of the world and the bad things that go on and it makes me more grateful for the life I lead. In the grand scheme of things, I'm incredibly privileged; I have a roof over my head, food on the table, the luxury of being about to travel, a good family, great friends and a wealth of experiences already to date. And, when I'm feeling low, I try to focus on that as it puts everything into perspective - giving me to have a better outlook on life.

The past 7 years documenting my life have been absolutely incredible and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I can't wait to see what the next 7 years of blogging look like - and to look back on my writing in years to come. Thank you to everyone who has read my blog, whether you've been here from the first post or have read it first today. I'll forever be appreciative of my loyal audience, for the brands I've worked with and that I'm able to have this space on this internet that I call mine. Here's to more years of blogging!

 I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite type of blogs to read?

Thank you for reading <3

Book review: Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth

Well hello to you my reader chums! Call the Midwife has to be my favourite ever TV show; there's something about it that's incredibly humbling and heartwarming that I can't help but feel all the emotions whilst watching it. I've been a fan of the series for years but never had the chance to pick up the original book - so when I got my hands on it, I couldn't wait to give it a read.

As you can imagine, I fell in love with the book as much as I did the show and here are my overall thoughts...

Book review: Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth


Based on the true-life story of Jennifer Worth, it's her recollection of what life was like in the 1950s as a midwife in the Nonnatus House. The account is incredibly honest and gives a raw description of life in the 1950s from the living conditions, the healthcare system, a life living with nuns and stories of delivering many babies across Poplar.

Each chapter in the book is titled a different topic and goes into detail either about a patient, an event or a medical condition around childbirth. And each chapter is packed with an incredible amount of detail, whether it's describing Jennifer's fellow midwives or a birth. I felt as if I learned so much about childbirth whilst reading this and it gave me a huge insight into what midwifery was like back then. I was also impressed by how similar the book was to the show I've been watching for years, as usually when a show is based on a book, it's changed a lot!

The plotline goes in chronological order from chapter to chapter but each chapter will take a lead with one of the topics I've previously mentioned. I like how the plot was like a diary in a sense, as I was able to not only learn about life in the 1950s but the exact thoughts of a  midwife and how hard and meaningful there job is.

Characters and relationships

I don't know where to begin with the characters in this book as there are so many which stand out to me. The protagonist and storyteller of this book, Jennifer is incredible. I fell in love with her stance and what she's all about since page one. Jennifer is fiery, strong, intelligent and like your typical young woman which is probably why I resonated with her so much. Her account of everything she does is so raw, honest and normal but you can't help to read on and see what she's up to. She comes across very modest and also not perfect, which is great. She tells you about her wins, her mistakes but also everyday life as a midwife.

The book is packed with different characters that you're able to get to know and love. The sisters of Nonnatus House play a huge role in Jennifer's day to day life living and you see that pull through in her words. She talks about the sisters with such pride and honesty, describing exactly who they are and her observations from their history. It's beautifully written and always so insightful.

Jennifer's relationship with her fellow midwives is one of my favourites to read about because like with any colleague, you create a special bond as you're with each other more than you are your whole family. She talks about them in such a positive light including Chummy and Cynthia and exactly how they are, leaving nothing a mystery.

The best relationship to read about, however, is between midwives and the patients. Back in the 1950s, everything was more community based where everyone knows everyone and it's very heartwarming to read about. Jennifer describes her patients in so much detail that you get to know them like you would a friend and I think that in itself shows how important they were to the midwives and sisters of Nonnatus House. 

Thoughts on the book

Overall, I absolutely adored this book and every page which came with it. The descriptions, the stories, the characters and the honesty made up the overall heartfelt account of Jennifer's life in 1950s as a Nonnatus midwife. I loved learning about midwifery, about her relationship with the people in Poplar, how she grew as a midwife and her own history. The read was insightful and wonderful and I can't wait to read the rest in the series.


The book doesn't exactly have an ending to it because the plotline is the narrator describing her life and things that came along with it. As there's not an ending, I can't fully report on it but the last chapter finished in a way that the first began with love and raw emotion - and makes me want to read more of the tale.

I hope you enjoyed this book review. Have you read any from the series?

Thank you for reading <3

10 things you can get up to during lockdown

Well hello to you my reader chums! Lockdown isn't something any of us could have predicted would occur this year, however, for us to keep safe, happy, healthy and motivated, there are plenty of things you can get up to. If you're one of the lucky ones like myself who are able to work from home or have been put on the furlough scheme, these ideas will keep you preoccupied.

10 things you can get up to during lockdown

Make a scrapbook

In a time where I'm unsure of future plans I can make, it's lovely to sit and reminisce about everything I've already done and the places I've visited. One way, I've been doing this is finally starting a scrapbook. Over the years, I've collected lots of things from my travels and days out with family and friends, that it's given me a place to store it all - and get creative, instead of in a box under my bed. It's been lovely digging through the items, getting crafty and sticking all my memories down on a page as in a few years, I can sit and flick through the book.

Take part in home workouts

Working out and exercising is very important, especially for your mental health in a time like this. I'm a massive fan of the gym so have been trying my best to utilise what I have at home to do the same type of workouts. I've got quite a big garden so I'm able to do some cardio that way and have found plenty of different routines on Youtube and IGTV to keep me occupied. Whether it's for 10 minutes or an hour, it'll be good to get your blood pumping around - and you can make do in whatever space you have.

Deep clean your wardrobe (or house)

Having a sort out is something on the back of a lot of people's lists when we get that spare moment - and this is your chance to finally act on it. Whether it's sorting through your wardrobe and finally getting rid of the clothes you never wear, reorganising your kitchen or simply deep cleaning the whole house - it'll be the most satisfying thing you can do, and a workout in itself. I did my wardrobe the other day and feel so much better for it!

Dabble into some home cooking

I love to cook and have found this time great to dabble into fresh cooking a lot more. As I'm working from home, I can use my lunch hour to trial a new recipe, instead of heating up food prep in the microwave and I'm really enjoying that. There is lots of recipe inspiration online - and it can make for a great way to use up things in your kitchen cupboard and get inventive, rather than popping out to the shops too often.

Host a picnic in your garden

Going out and meeting up with people isn't something on the agenda so a fun way to tackle this is hosting a picnic in your garden with those that live in your household. You can use all the food you have indoors, embrace the spring weather and video chat your friends to join in with the fun!

Paint/draw/get creative

Being creative is something that'll help your mind and give you something fun to do. You can try painting, drawing or even creating artwork for your house - or decorate the house. There are so many ways to be creative and having fun with arts and crafts.

Write a story 

Words are a wonderful thing and putting them together for a story is even more beautiful. Whether you're a fan of short stories, poems or have always wanted to start your own novel - get to it. You never know when you'll have this level of free time again so appreciate it and get writing!

Print off your photos and reminisce

I'm a massive fan of printing photos out as it's nice to have your memories in person rather than swiping through a camera roll. Take the time whilst you have it to print out all your recent photos and file them away in an album - and add notes to so in years to come you can look back and remember where that picture was taken and who was in it.

Host a game night via video chat

Games nights are something I love to do with my friends as you can have a few drinks and natter over some board games. However, with social distancing, it can be tricky and that's why you can do it over video chat. Set up a pub quiz for your friends to answer or any other type of game you can think of to play - get inventive and bring the drinks out. We're so lucky to have technology that allows us to have this type of fun during lockdown!

Finally, get through your to-be-read list 

I'm a massive bookworm, however, I let life get in the way when it comes to reading my to-be-read pile. There's always something else on the agenda that I often forget to pick a book up or get too tired to read. However, with this spare time on my hands, I'm trying to spend a lot of it reading and embracing my love of literature again.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What things are you getting up to in lockdown?

Thank you for reading <3

5 ways to stay positive in isolation

Well hello to you my reader chums! Given the current situation of everyone self-isolating, it can be hard on each individual for different reasons, whether that's financially, mentally or physically - and that's why I'd like to shed a little positivity in this tough time.

Whether you're struggling or know someone who is in this uncertain period, here are 5 ways to stay positive or spread some positivity.

5 ways to stay positive in isolation

Stay grateful and appreciative of what you have

Although at a time where everywhere is deemed unsafe and a lot of us have been thrown off course of our yearly plan, there is always something to be grateful for and be appreciative of. For instance, I'm feeling very content and grateful that I'm able to be at home with my family, have food on the table and continue doing my job from home. At the beginning or end of each day, try and think of three things that you're grateful and focus on that. It can be as simple as your garden (I'm really utilising mine right now) or having the quality time with your family you wouldn't usually have.

Embrace the quality time

This is a strange period in a lot of our lives, where for the first time we have some free time on our hands to get the things done that have been on our to-do list, for ages. A great way to stay positive is embracing this spare time you've been given and take it as an opportunity, and make the most of it. Print out photos, organise your wardrobe, start a scrapbook or simply, put away your phone and spend quality time with those in your household.

Try and help out 

Although for a lot of us, the lockdown can mean unlimited Netflix and food, for a huge part of the population like key workers and the elderly, it can be a very difficult time. If you're able to, try and help out in any way you can, whether that's offering to do an elderly neighbour's shop, helping out any key workers' home life in some way or taking up a side job at the supermarkets to help out the many overworked staff. Or, simply offering your time by calling a friend/family member up and reassuring them it'll be okay.

Keep your routine the same

One of the things which can change my outlook at this time is losing the lack of motivation to do anything, as my routine isn't the same as what it was before. A way I've tackled this and kept positive is to keep my routine the same as what it was before. Obviously working from home is completely different from normal office life, as there's no commute, being in a team environment and a lot more distraction. With that in mind, I aim to get up at a similar time, eat a good breakfast, get ready in some way and take the breaks I usually do to cut the day up how it was before - and find I feel better for it.

Utilise this uncertain period in the best way you can

Turning a negative into a positive is always tricky but given the situation we're in, it's the best thing to do. If you focus too much on the what-ifs of the world right now, then you'll make yourself stressed and anxious. Try and avoid the news as much as you can, keep away from trending posts about the subject online and use this uncertain period by focusing on the things you'd like to do. Start a new hobby, create a TikTok account and practice self-love. You do you, boo.

I hope you enjoyed this post! How are you staying positive in isolation?

Thank you for reading <3