Review: Lush fresh face mask in 'brazened honey'

Well hello to you my reader chums and Happy Saturday! Today I was initially going to write a makeup tutorial post, however as I'm not feeling too well, I thought I'd give you a review of a face mask I've been loving recently. I have rather normal skin, where luckily I'm not somebody who gets a lot of spots or troubles with my skin. Despite this, in December I had a really bad breakout and was on the look out for something that would clear up my skin. I popped into lush and spoke to one of the ladies about my skin dilemma and since she had the same skin type as me, recommended this 'Brazened honey' face mask. I've never tried out a Lush face mask and was eager to give it a go.
Originally when I saw the pot, I thought I wouldn't get many uses out of it but gosh I was wrong. I'd say I've had about 8 generous masks and there appears to be enough left for one, possibly two more. The consistency is very thick meaning when applied, quite a hefty layer is put on.

The mask is a pale green/yellow colour and has quite a natural scent that I love because it feels like you're not putting something full of chemicals onto your skin. The texture is quite rough because of the exfoliating qualities in the product, which help give a deep clean and freshness feel once its been washed off the face. 

On the first use of this mask there wasn't a dramatic difference as such, yet my skin was a lot calmer, it felt refreshed and cleansed. I have to say its one of those things which gets worse before it get better scenarios because after the first use of the product, there were more spots appearing, however after a few more face masks, my skin was clearing up and the spots becoming less and less noticeable. After every use, my skin felt revived and oh so soft, with all the impurities washed away. Each time I put on a face mask, I left it on for the whole time to receive the full benefit from the product. I used it about twice every week, using my simple face wash on alternative nights.

For only £6.50, its done wonders and I'm keen to try out more face masks from Lush. They're also perfect for pamper evenings, to treat yourself to a lovely deep cleanse. Ooh I do love a good face mask!

I hope you enjoyed this review. Would you recommend any other face masks?

Thank you for reading! <3

Fashion and beauty haul

Well hello to you my reader chums! Yesterday I went on a spontaneous shopping trip with my best friend. I wanted to pick up some new makeup items to try out and begin looking for clothing items for my holiday in the summer. I'm going to Chania in Crete with a couple of my best friends and I'm super excited!

If you're on the hunt for some summer clothing or a bright lipstick, here is my fashion and beauty haul.

Revlon colour burst lipstick

Revlon Colourburst matte balm in the shade 'Audacious'

I've wanted to try out the Revlon chubby sticks for a while now as I've heard many people rave about them. I chose this shade because I think it'll be perfect for the holiday and summertime since it's a lovely bright orangey-red. I can't wait to start using it, at the moment in Superdrug the range is only £5 each, what a bargain!
Maybelline Babyskin primer

Baby Skin Primer by Maybelline

 I have a miniature version of Benefit's porefessional which I adore because when it's applied, I find it really helps my makeup stay put longer. Since I love it, I wanted to see if I could find a dupe that has a similar standard from the high street- I'll let you know how I get on with it. Also as it was on a 2 for £10 deal on Maybelline, my friend and I both purchased it.

Baby lips lip balm
Baby lips Dr Rescue in 'Just Peachy' by Maybelline

 I'm fairly sure these are pretty new to the UK and as it's been getting colder recently I wanted to stock up on lip balms. This shade gives a lovely nude pink sheen and has a very minty/menthol scent, perfect for this time of the year.

Body Shop bronzer
Body shop bronzer

The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer in shade 02

I have a big love for my Sleek bronzer, however, I wanted to start trying out some more bronzers and went to Twitter for some recommendations. Somebody suggested this bronzer and as Gabby from Velvet Ghost has raved on about this for a while, I thought I would give it a go. I went for shade 2 because I'm not the palest person ever yet I'm still quite pale and therefore as it's quite warm-toned it'll help give an added bronzed glow. It cost around the £13 mark.

Herbal Essences Hair mask

Herbal Essences Hair Mask

I've bought this mask before and have been using it for a while and I must say it's done wonders for my hair. As it's a favourite of mine, I thought I would pick up another pot.

New Look Clothing Items 

new look clothing items

Onto clothes, the first item I picked up was this black and white aztec print crop top from New look. This is my favourite bit of clothing I bought, oh my goodness I just love it. The top has the most flattering, comfortable feel/fit and is the ideal length for a crop top. I can't wait to see what  I can put this within the summer, I'm thinking it'll look super cute with high-waisted shorts but can also be dressed up with a skirt and blazer. The top was only £6.99.

new look clothing items
The next item is this cream coloured top with lacy details along the bottom and a strip of patterned print at the upper section of the top. This was in the sale in New look for £8 and I love the uniqueness to it, I've never really seen anything similar to it before. I think it's very summery and it'll be ideal for a casual beach day with a pair of shorts and sandals.

new look clothing items

Another top I purchased was this pale yellow basic t-shirt with lacy detailing along the bottom. I have the exact same one of this in white and since I get a lot of use out of it, I picked it up in yellow, adding a bit of colour to my wardrobe. The top was a bargain for £6 in the New look sale.

Primark Clothing Items

Primark Clothing Items

The last clothing item was this cream chiffon top from Primark. I bought this because I thought it would be a very versatile piece. It's a top that can be dressed up with a necklace, leather jacket, trousers, and heels or simply dressed down with a pair of shorts in the summer. Costing £4, it's a good old bargain.

Accessories and Miscellaneous Items 

chocolate handbag

The only accessory I picked up was this clutch bag. Oh my, can we all take a minute to appreciate it's in the shape of a chocolate bar?! I saw this and was like how cool and since it was only £2, I just had to pick it up. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for, but I think it's pretty sweet to bring on holiday with me, adding something a little different to the outfit!

the other woman dvd

The final item was The other woman on DVD. I love this film, it's so relatable and hilarious, I could watch it over and over! I remember when I first watched it in the cinema and was proper cracking up! I said I'd buy it on DVD, which I never do with many films unless I love them. I highly recommend this one especially for a girls night in. It's down to £6.99 in HMV at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed this haul of all the items I purchased.

Thank you for reading <3

My top beauty favourites of the year

Well hello to you my reader chums! Since another month is over and we're into the new year, instead of monthly favourites of December, I would give you an overview of all the products I've been loving in this past year. 

Whether you're interested in getting a new makeup brush or on the hunt for some affordable makeup products, here are my top beauty favourites of the year.

Real Techniques brushes 

Over this year I've definitely built myself a good collection of these brushes, none of which have failed to disappoint me. Each and every one of them is incredibly soft, are amazing quality, clean easily and do the job justice. My top 3 I've been loving this year is the blush brush, buffing brush and angled eye shadow brush. 

The blush brush I've used for contouring and blusher, it picks up just the right amount of product and can really get into the cheekbones to achieve a lovely bronzed look. I've been loving the buffer brush for BB cream because it gives the nicest natural finish and blends really easily. The angled eye shadow brush is one I use for every single eye look because it blends like a dream and is the softest brush! I have a big love for them all and could go on about them forever!

Real Techniques brushes

Real Techniques brushes

Liquid-based face products

My favourite ones have been Maybelline's BB cream and Collection's lasting perfection concealer. When I first bought the BB cream I used it quite sparingly and for days where I felt my skin needed a little boost. However, as time went on it became part of my everyday makeup routine because I loved the finish it gave on my skin and the lightness of the product. 

Another year and the same old concealer, I still love it and will continue to love it. Collection's lasting perfection has great coverage, blends rather well and is so inexpensive.

Maybelline's BB cream and collection's lasting perfection concealer

Base products

 I only have one to show you but it's a 3 in 1- Sleek's face form palette in light. I'm not even joking when I say I've used this every day since I got it. I love all 3 of the products in the palette, the bronzer is the perfect matte brown shade that achieves the nicest contour and bronzed look, with only a little product needed. The blush and highlighter shade both give the most beautiful shimmer which really brings out the cheekbones. Its such a pretty palette and has a huge mirror, ideal for travelling or on the go.
Sleek's 3 in 1 bronzer and highlight

Eye makeup products

The first product is the Maybelline colour in 'On and on bronze', I got a lot of use out of this wearing it on a daily basis. It's so quick you can just throw it on, blend it and you're good to go. I like to use it as a base and build on it with other eye shadows. It has such a good lasting power, gives the loveliest bronze shimmer colour and blends easily. 

 The other eye products are MUA palettes. I have a couple of these and throughout the year have been loving the variety of looks you can accomplish with these palettes. They cost a minimal amount for what you get, I love them and I think they are ideal for those who are starting out with makeup because it gives you the chance to experiment with makeup without breaking the bank! I'm sure you'll see from many of my previous makeup tutorials the looks I've created.

Maybelline's eye shadow bases and MUA palettes

Lip products

This year I've definitely gained a bit of a lipstick obsession especially towards the last half of the year! My ultimate favourite shade which I wore a lot in the colder months was Kate's range by Rimmel in number 107. This lipstick has the most beautiful colour and I am extremely obsessed with it; if you want a burgundy berry shade this one is for you.

 The other lip products I've been loving is Tanya Burr's line especially her lip gloss in 'Chic'. 'Chic' is the most perfect nude colour that I would wear on days I wouldn't want any colour to my lips but a bit of oomph. It gives the loveliest shine, smells amazing and I just love it!

Rimmel lipstick in 107 and Tanya Burr cosmetics

Skincare products

 The two skincare products I've been using non-stop this year is Garnier's micellar water and moisture match moisturiser for normal to dry skin. I picked up the micellar water around the springtime and have used nothing else to remove my makeup since. It takes makeup off like a dream and is very gentle on the skin because it doesn't have a particular fragrance and is designed for sensitive skin. 

The moisturiser is one I've been using for a while, it hydrates my skin without it feeling too greasy which some moisturisers can do and lasts for ages as its quite rich, where only a minimal amount is needed.

Garnier skincare


My top Fragrance this year was Marc Jacob's Daisy. I received this last Christmas and it has the most beautiful scent, it's one which I will never get sick of. I'd describe it as very floral and sweet. This Christmas, I received Daisy dream ( the one in the blue bottle) which has a similar floral scent just not as sweet.

Marc jacobs daisy perfume

Nails polish picks

This year its been all about BarryM nail polishes. Every time I did my nails I'd be using a BarryM polish. Below shows a couple of my favourites, the matte shade is one which I'd whip on when I wanted more of a neutral nail. As it dries extremely fast, it was perfect for the days  I needed to do my nails super quickly! 

The burgundy gelly shade in 'Chilli', is one I wore a lot through Autumn and Winter because I loved the shade and finish it gave. I've been loving to wear a feature nail a lot and this glitter shade has been great for that!

Barrym nail polishes
Hair products

One of my favourite hair products this year has been this Keratin smooth heat defence by Tresemme. It has the nicest smell and when straightening after applying some of this, it leaves the hair looking much silkier and feeling smoother.

Tresemme keratin smooth products

I hoped you enjoyed this post for an overview of my favourite products from this year. I'm pretty sure I wrote the word love a gazillion time but you know they are my favourites haha! What have been your top products this year?

Thank you for reading <3

New Year Resolutions!

Well hello to you my reader chums and a happy new year! I hope 2015 brings all of my readers happiness, love and amazing opportunities. Its a new chapter in your life so grasp every single moment, worry less and enjoy everything life throws at you.
2014 was a very challenging year with many obstacles, however it was a time full of unforgettable memories and special moments. I've learnt so much about myself, gained a lot of happiness and confidence within me and learnt who my true friends are. There were many experiences I had which I'd never thought I would do and will cherish forever. I'm super excited to see what 2015 brings for myself, friends and family.
I'm going to be honest and say I never really stick to my resolutions as I usually forget them but if I write them out I'll always have it to look back on which can remind me throughout the year.
Here's my 5 resolutions:
1. Worry less and stop over thinking: This is something I spent a lot of time doing this past year, over thinking meaningless conversations or events and worrying to the extend I sit crying for hours, thinking up awful situations.I want to stop, this year every time I'm down or sad I want to turn it into something positive and train myself to look at the upside of things. Instead of worrying so much about the smallest things, I'm just going to try and reassure myself it'll all be okay. I know preventing myself from worrying and over thinking  will take a good while but I'm willing to give it a try because looking at the negatives and letting other people put you down doesn't achieve anything, we should all love and support each other.
2. Overcoming anxiety: I don't think I've really spoken about this on my blog because I don't really like to draw attention to it and I feel as if some readers may think I'm trying to 'copy' the likes of Zoella or that I want attention. However none of these are the case, over the past year I've had periods of time where my anxiety would be really bad and I'll be panicky and get anxious a lot, yet there were times where its not been bad at all. I usually feel anxious or have a panic attack when I'm either on my own and don't feel safe or when I'm in a crowd and feel trapped. There have been times where I do just feel anxious in ordinary situations and to be honest its not a nice feeling. Due to the past month being really good where I've coped with going out on my own or in crowds, I'm hoping to carry this on through the new year. Obviously the problem won't be fixed as easily as I hope because its an on going thing, yet I feel hopeful, hopeful that even if I do have panic attack and are not calm in a situation, I'll be able to get through it and can reassure myself it'll be okay.
3. Getting healthier: This is a  resolution I'm pretty sure everyone makes, unlike everyone else I don't mean go on a full on diet, I want to start to exercise as much as I used to, eat more fruit and food which will benefit me rather than food which doesn't give me energy. I want to make little changes to my daily life, not a full on extensive lifestyle change. I think just by those little changes, it'll give me that extra lift in the day. It doesn't been I can't eat bad food because lets be honest I'm the biggest chocoholic going and have an obsession with nutella haha!
4. Blog more: Blogging is one of my favourite things to do, the amount of happiness that comes from simply writing a blog post and receiving the comments I get is about the same as Christmas morning for kiddies ( and myself), A LOT OF HAPPINESS! I love my blog, its my little space on the Internet that's mine, something I can use to share my thoughts, a little escape, a sense of freedom away from my normal life. I think its crazy when I see all the good feedback. Starting up Della Loves Nutella was one of the best choices I've made and this year I want to make more time to sit and write on it as I enjoy it so much, especially the community that comes with it. I want to aim to write one or two posts a week, two on the weeks where I'm not too busy and one when my week is full on. At times I probably won't always have idea on what to write, but I won't force and idea, I'll simply take a break that week. In this little paragraph I want to say a big thank you to all of those who have read and supported my blog in the past year.
5. Start writing a book: The last resolution is to write a book. I think this is something else I've never mentioned on my blog before. I've loved reading ever since I learnt to read, I read a lot when I was little and its carried on throughout my whole life. I love the idea of escaping into the fictional world and discovering different stories. The first time I said I wanted to be an author I was about 12 and since then I've had many other career paths I wanted to take, yet the thought of an author always stuck with me. I get so much happiness from reading a book that I'd love for the same thing to happen with one of my own. This is a big dream that I've had for a while and it may not even happen, but I want to get all the ideas and begin writing to see where I get an if I enjoy it. Writing a book will be a lot different to my blog but I'm going to give it a try, its all about the little steps of following your dreams.
There's all my resolutions for this year, lets see what the year brings and by next year look back and see if I stuck to those! I hope you enjoyed this post, what's your resolutions?
Thank you for reading <3