20 facts about me!

Evening fellow reader chums!

I've been busy, busy, busy with all the exams coming up! Today I've decided to do the 20 facts about me tag as it seems to be floating around at the moment and  you can all get to know me a bit better!

1) My real name is Daniella but I prefer people to call me Della.

2) I have a twin sister whose name is Maria, I'm 8 minutes older than her ( and yes that does make a difference!)

3) I'm sixteen years old and live in England.

4) I'm a chocoholic and absolutely love nutella, hence my blog name!

5) I love anything to do with make up and love trying out new looks.

6) My friends mean the world to me, I have no idea what I'd do without them.

7) I'm obsessed with Italy and anything to do with it! Its my dream to go there and get a sense of all the culture and taste the food! Ciao Bella <3

8) I'm a huge directioner and love Miranda Hart, they are my idols!

9) I absolutely love dance at school with all my dance girlie's!

10) I have no idea what I want to do in the future, there are just too many options! I know I want to do something creative or inspirational as I would love to inspire people to do things! I love writing and would love to be my own boss.

11) I am a bookworm I have to admit.. I do love a good read!

12) I have a bit of an obsession with collared tops, I just think they're so cute and sophisticated.

13) I'm going to start youtube soon as I would love to be a beauty guru and just like the whole concept of it really.

14)I'm terrified of spiders, snakes, heights and basically everything!

15) I worry too much about everything.

16) I'm shy at first but once you get to know me I'm so hyper!

17) My favourite type of films are comedies, I love a good laugh!

18) I'm a shopaholic! I love going shopping and just buying loads of things.

19) I would love to open  my own coffee shop one day.

20) I want to get married when I'm older and have 3/4 kids.

Thank you for reading <3

Makeover on Maria!

Well hello my fellow bloggers and readers!

Today, I spent the whole day doing my English coursework, such fun! But then I did a little make over on Maria, exciting times! I really like testing out new make up looks and its even better doing them on someone else! Here's some pictures:


I really like this look it uses subtle brown and gold colours for the lid and crease with a creamy colour to highlight the brow bone and inner corner to make the eyes  pop! I then lined the lash line with liquid black liner and the water line with black coal liner. I hope you like the look :)
Thank you for reading! <3

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine baby!

Evening my fellow reader chums!

Today, the British weather decided to be sunny, yay! I actually wore shorts for the first time this year, I did get many strange looks though.. I guess not everyone thought it was as warm as I thought, oh well! I went to play tennis today which is weird as I'm usually more of a dance girl. It was actually so funny, I was crying with laughter! I'm terrible at tennis, I have the worst aim ever! I went with my twin Maria, and my besties Jess and Paulina. It was amazing spending time with them as I never get to anymore. I've realised how much I miss them, Jess and Paulina are two of my oldest friends so its sad I don't get to spend that much time with them... It makes me appreciate life more to know I have good friends that are always there for me, even if were not as close anymore I know they're there for me.

I can't believe its already the end of April! May is nearing, meaning exams are coming up ahh so nervous, a levels have been so much harder than i ever anticipated. However I'm determined to get through the next month and achieve the grades I want, as all you could do is try your best! After exams means summer is coming baby! Happy times, I'm really excited this year, my aunt Helen and my cousins are visiting from Greece and i haven't seen them since I was thirteen!

             My family and I in Greece 2005, the first time i visited them when they moved to Greece <3

I'm also excited about summer because it means creating amazing memories with all my friends, that will stay with us forever! Bring on the sun and beaches! <3

New friends!

Evening my fellow reader chums!

As you probably already know, i began sixth form the September just gone and am studying five a levels: English, double dance, history and Philosophy & ethics! Yes it is a lot of work but you just have to plough through it!

Since i began sixth form, I've become more confident as a person as I've got to meet loads of new people and as were only a small sixth from, everyone is quite close and its easier to talk to people. In particular I've gotten closer to everyone who studies double dance, were like a little family and i love them so much! They have defiantly brought me out of myself and made me like more me, if that makes sense? I feel more comfortable now being myself with people, i feel like I'm not as shy as i used to be, which i love!

Even though i have known most people in the sixth form since year 7 I've never really had the chance to speak to them as we were all in our own friendship groups, there still is some divide but its easier to talk to everyone! I never had the chance to get close to the dance girlie's in earlier years but I'm so happy i have now! Also, to have new additions to our group: Gee and Laura as they have defiantly changed us but for the better! As i said I'm so happy this year has brought upon new friends, who I've gotten so close to and brought me out of my shell more! <3

Here's some pics with me and my dance girlie's:

                                                                                                                                 Laura and I <3
Gee, Lauren and I <3

Asia and I <3

   Me, Mel and Maria <3                                                                   

                                                                                          Me and Danielle (Chummy) <3

                                          All the dance girlie's at pineapple dance studios <3
Love all the dance girlie's loads, we are family! Kisses <3 xxxxxxx

Everyone is beautiful!

Hello my fellow reader chums, i hope you're all well!

Today's blog is going to be a serious one. Bullying is a horrible thing that nobody should have to experience, it really sickens me when people feel its okay to put another person down and make them feel useless. I have been bullied before and its one of the worst feelings in the world not thinking you're good enough and people laughing at you. What right do you have to judge someone? Everyone has their own story to tell, you don't have the right to judge them because of it.

Words hurt. Saying things such as 'fat', 'ugly', 'useless', 'slut' etc, these words that you think are 'funny' could seriously  hurt and affect someone. You have no idea what that person could do to try and change themselves to try and get your acceptance. Bullying is no laughing matter, even if you say this as a joke some people will take it  to heart as they could already be really insecure so by saying this it would lower their confidence even more. Think before you speak, you have no idea the pain you could cause from one word.

If anyone has ever said anything like this to you, just ignore them, they are wrong. You are all beautiful in your own individual way no matter what size or shape you are. You don't need to have a stick thin figure to be beautiful, just be you its the best person you  can be and people will love you for it. Stand out from the crowd and be different! Society is going to judge you no matter what you look like, just embrace those flaws and appreciate life!

Nobody's perfect, please don't change yourself to reach society's idea of 'perfect' as it doesn't exist! Your always going to see girls and think oh my gosh there so much prettier than me, but how do you not know that someone else is looking at you in exactly the same way?!

My advice for you is just embrace those flaws and try and be comfortable with your body, i know its hard. Go to the mirror and look at yourself, tell yourself everything you do like about you and think about that every time you look in the mirror rather than all your insecurities.

Please don't take any drastic measures if someone is bullying you, talk to a friend/parent/teacher, there is someone out there who will help you! If you need any advice dm me on my twitter @DellaLoves1Dxx or message me on my facebook page Girly teens that's all <3

Thank you for reading beauties, remember to stay true to yourself! <3

University talks ahh!!

Well hello my fellow reader chums!

Today i visited a university fair with my sixth form which is basically where you go to all the different booths to receive information about different unis in the country. May i say what a selection like where do I begin?!  There were so many different courses available and making decisions is just extremely difficult, its bad enough i have no idea what i want to do in the future but seeing all these choices is making me panic more! Ahhh help!

I'm only sixteen years old and its weird to think next year I'll be choosing decisions which are going to decide what I'm going to be doing with my life! I honestly don't feel mature enough to be deciding such vital things, i miss the days where your parents picked everything for you! I genuinely miss being a child and i don't get why we wanted to grow up its so much harder than i expected! They say teenage years are hard and they definitely are, its been such an emotional time for me recently, i really just want to go back to the good old days!

My twin sister Maria, my brother Matthew and I <3

My family <3
The good old days where the hardest thing was choosing a ice cream flavour! As much as i argue with my family , i do love them dearly and have no idea what I'd do without them! I guess as I've had such a hard time lately and all the stress is getting to me I'm taking it out on them..

My advice i would give to you is to don't panic like me, it'll get you nowhere trust me! Look into all the courses that take your interest and work towards it if you really want it! I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to university or not but whatever i decide, I'm just going to appreciate what i have and try and enjoy life more! As you only do live once so live for the moment, be spontaneous and have no regrets! <3

Wicked review!!

Evening my reader chums!

Last month i was very lucky to go and see wicked at the west end with all the dance girlie's, and i can honestly say it exceeded my expectations! Ever since i went to see it my sister and I can't stop singing the songs, its a must see! Wicked is certainly wicked, its in the title! :)

The acting singing and dancing was phenomenal and in particular Elphaba's voice it was outstanding, one of the best I've ever heard! It gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes when she sang defying gravity! This was one of my first experiences of a west end show so i had no idea what to expect, i knew it would be amazing as I've heard a gazillion good reviews on it and they were certainly accurate, its one of the best things I've ever watched, I'm definitely going to see it again.

Wicked is outstanding, with flawless singing, dancing and acting its a must see that anyone would enjoy to watch, i definitely give it 5 stars and would happily see it again!
My best friend and  I before the performance, happy times! :)
Hope you enjoyed this blog! :)

MUA Undress Me Too Palette review

Well hello reader chums!

I'm a big fan of neutral eye shadow palettes, I much prefer how they look on the eyes and are easier to pair with lipstick or outfits. If you're looking for an affordable neutral palette, the MUA Undress Me Too Palette is for you - and here is my review.

Colour pigmentation and price of the palette

The MUA palette has such beautiful pigmented, natural colours which are easy to use for a natural day to day look. I've used the previous Undress Me Palette which was amazing and I could easily create shadowy eye effects from, that I didn't think MUA could get much better but this is my new favourite.

This palette only costs me £4 which makes it incredibly affordable for those budget makeup shoppers. The palette offers twelve colours ranging from creamy to darker shades such as dark metallic browns and black.

MUA undress me to palette

I personally use this palette on a day to day use because it creates a natural-looking eye effect. The colours aren't too bold and stand out too much but are rather subtle and flattering, as I have blue eyes the brown bring out my eyes even more! I find the creamy colours useful to highlight the brow bone and in the inner corner making your eyes stand out that little bit more.

Favourite makeup look with Undress Me Too Palette

MUA undress me to palette
MUA undress me to palette

To achieve this look, I use four of the colours, one on the lid, two in the crease and the outer corner and one to highlight the brow bone and inner corner. I find this look natural and subtle that can be worn as a daily thing without looking too extravagant.

Overall thoughts

The MUA palette is a must buy in my opinion, it's affordable and in anyone's price range if you don't want to splash out on high-end make-up brands. This palette has twelve pigmented and natural colours which can easily achieve a shadowy eye or effect of a daily look. The uses of this palette are endless with multiple looks being able to be created. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading <3

Exams worries and chocolate!!

Evening my fellow readers!

Its Friday yay, so happy the weekend has come! Had a hard week coming to terms with the fact that my A level exams are next month, so stressed and scared if I must say! I'm really happy i have supportive friends around me though because without them i don't know how I'd get through all this, its been a tough year! Today i received a little present from my friend from her recent visit to Poland, happy times!
Ahh polish chocolate, its the nicest thing ever and it has such a cute packaging! :)

Now in the upcoming month I'm going to need to keep calm, if your like me and having a little panic about exams just take a moment and breathe. It'll all be okay in the end because, as they say if its not okay its not the end. Don't overwork your self into a state, create a timetable and plan when your doing revision, pace through it, don't rush or it'll all get jumbled in your head. Its also important to have a break, if your constantly thinking about this work and the panic, you'll stress yourself out more, so my advice is spend some time with friends/family away from it all and then continue working.

Most important thing is to just do your best, its all you can do! If you know you tried your hardest, nobody can knock you for that! Don't give up!

Make sure you remember to breathe, it is a stressful time and i just can't wait till its over! Roll on summer 2013! :)

The moments we live for!!

Well hello my fellow readers!

Had a little realisation today about everything, I've been so lucky this year, despite all the bad news I've been to loads of amazing places and did things i never thought i would do!

 Best day of my life going to see my idols live, One Direction! Ahhh it was just too amazing for words and I'm so happy i got to experience it with my best friends!

When you've waited for something for so long and it finally comes, its the best feeling in the world, i even cried when they came on stage it felt so surreal! If you were lucky enough to go to their Take Me Home Tour you'd know what I'm talking about! The boys are my idols and always will be <3
If that wasn't good enough in the same week i went to see wicked on the west end with all the dance girlie's as well as having a workshop at pineapple dance studios! Just wow! Seriously, anyone who reads this go see it, its beyond phenomenal, definitely recommend it! 5 stars!!
My best friend and I just before the performance :)
Today, i realised how amazing my friends are they're always there for me and always make me laugh i honestly don't know what I'd without them! I had a lovely catch up with two of my oldest friends on the train and i realised how much i missed them and the moments we used to have! All those inside jokes with your besties are the moments we live for, cherish life as time is a precious thing and you don't know how long these good things will last. Try and appreciate what you have more, i know its hard as you always think people have it better but trust me this is something I've been trying to do lately, look at your life and you'll realise you are lucky, people do have it much worse!

The moments we live for, love my best friends forever and always <3 :)

Don't give up!

Well hello my fellow reader chums!

Today was like a 'study day' in my sixth form, meaning we had the day off, exciting times! I guarantee everyone else was enjoying their day off and then there's me at home doing coursework, oh the joys of A levels!

Today was also the semi colon project, which i took part in here some info about it:

People say suicide is a selfish act, but whats really selfish is making someone feel so low about themselves that they'll want to take their own life. Everyone out there you do have a purpose, don't listen to all those haters, stay strong and positive, i promise it'll get easier! Put your hand over your heart, you hear that its your heartbeat, you're living for a reason and you are loved!

If you are feeling down or low there are people who can help you, don't keep it all in, its better to talk to someone!

Stay strong and don't give up <3

Childhood memories :)

Hello again my fellow readers!

Today my mum,sister,brother and I went into town and got some blobby biscuits, i used to love blobby when i was  younger and my mum always used to take my sister and i down to the local bakery to get one! They are the nicest biscuits on the planet and I'm so happy the bakery still makes them!


It was like a little treat day today and we also went and had a lovely milkshake out! OMG it was lush, gotta love chocolate milkshake with extra cream and marshmallows! mmmm <3

I do love a good read!

Well hello to you my fellow bloggers and readers!


My name's Della and welcome to my weird and wonderful life! :)

So fellow reader chums or all you book worms out there just like me, here's a good read you may have to take a look into!
I have to say i am rather obsessed with Miranda Hart! I've watched her three series multitude of times and when she got this book out last year i just had to get it!

A definite recommend, this is the book that will put a smile on your face when your down and make you have a little laughing fit to yourself! Haha i do love it! If your a what i call fan or not, have a read and tell me what you think! Such fun :)