30 Day snap #15

Evening my fellow reader chums!

Today was quite a busy day again, where does all the time go?! I accidentally had a lay in this morning so I had to rush getting ready which I hate doing, I'm one of those people who loves taking their time, to go to my second cousin's Luchia's first birthday. She is the cutest baby like ever! I actually met her for the first time today, aww loved seeing some of the family! After the party Maria and I decided to get a bit of lunch at McDonald's, yum! As soon as we got home we then had to unpack things, I finally got my wardrobe in my room meaning all my clothes are now in there, yay!

Unpacking is more work than packing, haha!
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed <3


  1. Aw your blog is cute! I followed <3

    haha I love nutella too!!

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  2. everyone is doing the 30 day snap. love your blog btw! follow for a follow back?

    1. I know right its so much fun, thank you! Sure thing :)


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