My Brother's birthday cake!

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm extremely late for this topic I know, however, I'd thought I'd share with you this amazing recipe I found to make my brother's birthday cake.

My brother turned 12 on Wednesday which was the same day my best friend turned 18! Can't believe he's already 12, time goes really quickly. My twin and I searched for a chocolate cake recipe for a while looking through all our books and on the Internet, where we finally came across one. Originally the design was a mini egg cake but we decided to use some of my brother's favourite chocolates and decorate it differently, here's the finished result:

I love how it turned out, it was simplistic yet I thought it looked really cute! The recipe was really easy to use and the result was delicious.
Thank you for reading this short post, I hope you enjoyed it! <3

Makeup tutorial: Gold eye look

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I thought I would share a beautiful gold eye look. Here's the products I used:
For the base I use maybelline's colour tattoo in eternal gold to help keep my eye shadow long lasting and to give it that extra gold sparkle. 
Moving onto the MUA palette, I take the colour devotion which is a creamy glittery gold and apply all over the lid. Followed by dreamy which I put on the outer third of my eye and blend. For a highlight I apply shy in the inner corners to make my eyes pop. Then, using the seventeen liner I draw a thin wing. Also, I line my water line with the white liner to make the eyes look bigger. The last step is to then curl my lashes and apply mascara! 
Here's the final look: 

                                             (This was taken after a couple hours wear) 


It's really simple but I love to wear sparkly eyeshadow and have something that's easy to create! 

Thankyou for reading I hope you liked this quick and easy eye look! <3 

Review: The body shop warming mineral mask

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I've decided to write a review on a product I've been loving lately which is the warming mineral mask by the body shop. 
This mask is designed to give your skin a deep clean and is recommended to use once/twice a week. The first time I used this product it was rather strange because when applied to the skin it instantly heats up. Due to this the mask really feels as if its doing something to the skin. I use it weekly where I apply a layer of it on my face smoothing it over but not blending it in, then leaving it for five minutes and washing it off. Once rinsed off it leaves the skin feeling fresh and as if its had a deep clean. After the first use it made such a difference on my complexion and I fell in love with it! 
I also love the consistency of this mask because its so rich and creamy that it feels really luxurious when applied to the skin. 
The scent is beautiful, it's a lovely ginger smell which is one of my favourite spices! In the time that its left on the skin, the odour lingers and its as if you have a ginger cake on your face, it smells that amazing! 

I would definitely recommend this mask, it's worked wonders for my skin and it adds a bit of luxury to my skin care routine as the body shop products are always such high quantity. I absolutely love it with it's beautiful scent and cleansing features, it really is accurate to what it says. However as I have normal to dry skin, I wouldn't know the effects of what it would be like on oily or combination skin. Although it's designed for all skin types meaning this probably wouldn't  be a problem. 

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if any of you have tried this product <3 

How I clean my makeup brushes

Well hello to you my reader chums! Washing makeup brushes is very important and should be done regularly, every two weeks or so.

Whether you're new to brush cleaning products or needed the reminder to clean your brushes, here is how I clean my makeup brushes.

Real Techniques

How I clean my makeup brushes

What products do I use?

I usually use herbal essences, however, any product is useful as long as it kills bacteria such as baby shampoo, hand wash, olive oil, etc. I then do circular motions with the brush and rinse it, where I continue with these motions lathering up the shampoo.

How I clean my makeup brushes

Once lathered I give the brush a good soak to wash out all the shampoo, leaving it to be fresh and clean. I then repeat with all my other brushes and leave them to dry on a towel, flipping them occasionally.

Cleaning your make-up brushes is essential and it's recommended you do them weekly. If you don't regularly wash them it means your putting the same bacteria onto your face from previous weeks, which is a horrible thought. I would say if you use products like foundation and concealer, those brushes should be cleaned more frequently than eye brushes or brushes you use for powder, blusher, etc.

 Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it! <3 

February favourites!

Well hello my reader chums and welcome to March, this year is flying by! Here's all the products I've been loving:

The first product is the 'Our moment' perfume by 1D. I was extremely happy when I received this for Christmas, I literally adore the scent, it's really sweet and girly. I didn't want to use it at first because I didn't want to waste the perfume, however this month I've been using it on a daily basis and loving it. 
The next product is this Barry M nail polish in the shade 'Berry Cosmo'. This colour is beautiful, it's a deep purple with burgundy undertones, which gives it this elegant effect. It's probably one of my fave Barry M polishes I have! 
The next favourite is this Topshop lipstick in the shade 'beguiled'. It looks deep purple in the picture however when applied to the lips, its a dark burgundy pink shade which I love. I like to wear it on a night out with a neutral eye and winged liner. 
The next product is the Urban Decay primer potion in the travel size. I received this when I purchased my smoked palette as it came with it. On days I've been wearing eye shadow this month I've popped this on before hand and it worked a treat! It's probably one of the only products which help keep on my eyeshadow and stop it from creasing. When this runs out I'm definitely going to buy the full size! 
The next product is the amazing sleek blush in 'Rose gold'. I cannot explain to you how much I adore this blush! It's a pinky shade with glitter running through meaning when applied to the cheeks it highlights them too. The colour, the application and the packaging I love, a must buy. 
The last product is a felt tip liner by Seventeen. This is my first product from them and I'm quite impressed. The liner easily glides on and stays put for most of the day. It's good quality for only £4! 

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed <3