Meeting FleurDeforce- The Glam guide book signing

Well hello to you my reader chums! On Saturday Danielle and I attended Fleur's book signing where we had the chance to meet Fleur, Mike and their little dog Piglet. It was one of the best book signings I've been to and such a surreal experience. I loved how Fleur had the chance to personalise our books and spend time chatting/taking pictures with everyone. She was one of the most genuine people I've ever met and it was a pleasure having the opportunity to talk to her. Once I had a picture and chat with Fleur, I was able to go speak to Mike and stroke Piglet. Mike was just as lovely and really easy to talk to. I love how he came to support her and was enthusiastic to speak to all of those who watch Fleur's videos. I could go on forever about how amazing the day was! I just want to say a huge congratulations to Fleur on the book, I've had a flick through so far and I'm really intrigued with the design. The style of the book is very sophisticated and elegant, I love it! I've read a couple of pages from each chapter to have a little nose and I can't wait to have a proper dive into the book as I adore what I have read so far.
Here's some pictures from the day:
Fleur and I.

Me chatting to Fleur.
Me meeting Mike and Piglet ( I was super happy after meeting Fleur and getting the chance to speak to Mike)

My signed copy of The Glam Guide.
Danielle and Fleur.
Mike and Danielle.

Danielle and I after the book signing.
We had the best time at the signing and afterwards went for a little browse, then decided to stop for some lunch/dinner. I watched Fleur'svlog from the day of the signing and when she was in one of the restaurants, you could see a blur of two girls in the background, which was us two! At the time we didn't realise she was in there, but its crazy to think. After a little walk round we decided on Ed's Diner, an American style restaurant which neither of us had tried before. I have to say I was very impressed, for someone whose not a lover of burgers, it was delicious. Also I had the most beautiful nutella milkshake! They gave you the whole jug, serving up a few glass fulls of nutella goodness! A magnificent day, spent with my best friend.

I hope you enjoyed this blog on Fleur's book signing. Did any of you have the chance to go?
Thank you for reading <3

Simple eye makeup look: All about those matte shades ft Naked 2 basics palette

Well hello to you my reader chums! I hope you all had a splendid week and are having lovely day today in whatever you may be doing. I wanted to share with you this evening, my go to matte eye look using the Naked 2 basics palette. I'm usually a fan of more of a shimmery eye look with a matte shade going through the outer corner and crease, however I've been experimenting with this palette and found a matte look I love to wear on an everyday basis.
To start off with, I prime my eye lids and apply the shade 'stark' all over the lid and crease for a base colour. Taking the only shimmery shade from the palette, I then use 'skimp' in the inner corners of my eyes for a highlight.
To give some colour to the eyes, I put the shade 'frisk', a lovely taupe colour all over the lids.

With the darker scale of the palette, I go onto applying 'primal' through the outer corner and crease for some definition. To then deepen and darken the outer corner even more, I use a minimal amount of 'undone', a grey/black shade to not overpower the look too much, but to give it that extra bit of precision.

As its an everyday type look, I use my L'oreal super liner and draw a medium line on the upper lash line with a subtle wing. For mascara, I chose Maybelline's lash sensational to give the lashes a lot of volume and length. Here's some pictures of the final look:

I hope you enjoyed this matte eye look!

Thank you for reading <3

Tanya Burr's book signing and shopping haul ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend Tanya Burr's book signing and finally got the chance of meeting her! I've been watching her videos for a good 3 years now and I can't believe the moment came where I had the opportunity of speaking to her. It was very surreal and quick but Tanya was honestly so lovely. Its such a crazy thought knowing I've now met and spoken to two of my role models, Zoella and Tanya.
Here's her signature in the book:
I'm genuinely really enjoying Tanya's book, it has such sweet personal touches and I love all the tips she gives about  makeup, skincare etc. When I've finished it, I'll write you a good old review with more in depth thoughts of my view.

Since security were quite strict about pictures, it was hard to snap a quick one before actually meeting her. However, I'm super happy I had a conversation with her after waiting for so many years!

I got to go with one of my best friends Brittany. We had a lovely time at the signing and an afternoon full of shopping!

Since I was in Bluewater and am a bit of a shopaholic I couldn't resist picking up a couple of bits. Here's everything I got:

The first item is something I've wanted for a very long time, it is Mac's Russian red lipstick. Oh my gosh can we please take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this product. I'd like to point out its my first ever Mac lipstick and I'm extremely happy to finally have one. I thought as it was Valentine's day I would treat myself! The colour itself is a dark red, perfect for a statement red lip, I can't wait to start wearing it!

I obviously had to make a trip to lush to stock up! I picked up one of my ultimate favourite bath bombs which is Dragon's egg. I adore the smell to this, it reminds me of lemon sherbets, oh my its too good. The scent is so strong that when I leave it in my room, it lets off a beautiful aroma around the room, who needs candles when there are lush bath bombs?!

The other bath bomb I bought was Honey bee. I haven't tried this one out before, however it had a very similar scent to Lush's golden egg which was around at Easter time, one that had a gorgeous smell. I'm definitely into the bath bombs with sweeter scents!
Another place I stopped at was Topshop to have a good old browse. The top I bought, I've had my eye on for a while now because I love the detailing. I never picked it up before as I would always stop myself, although yesterday I gave in and bought it. Usually I'm not one to wear green (or many colours really), I tend to stick to monochrome and neutral items. Despite that, I love this top, I think the shade of green/teal is beautiful and the lace detailing really adds to the overall look. One thing I admire about Topshop is the fact they have a petite range. I'm quite small/ thin and sometimes find it hard to get my size in general clothing stores. Therefore its lovely to go into a shop where they have a section which caters to my size. This cost £22.
The other shop I picked up a couple of items from was Forever 21. Every time I go to Bluewater or London, going into Forever 21 is a must. I love how there's something for everyone and how the shop caters for a variety of styles. The first clothing piece were these black skinny jeans. I'm one of those people who always stick to denim jeans and therefore wanted to push the boat out a bit and get a pair of black jeans.I'm rather excited to see what I can put these with in my wardrobe!

I also picked up another pair of the denim high waisted jeans as they are oh so comfy and I get a lot a use out of the pair I already own. Both jeans only cost me £12 each which I think is a bargain!
Another item I picked up was this over sized cream jumper. Its a tad longer than a usual jumper and is the softest thing. I think its going to be perfect for a chill day or just with jeans and boots for an ultra casual look. Its quite a light material, ideal for the upcoming spring months! For only £7, I think that's a proper bargain for a versatile piece.
The last thing I purchased from Forever 21 was this slouchy, stripy top. I was on the hunt for a stripy crop top and tried a selection on, however was unsuccessful, yet when I picked this up and put it on, it was extremely soft/light and I loved it. Even though its not the crop top I was going for, its still the pattern I wanted and as its slouchy, I can wear it for a lot of casual occasions. I can either tuck it into skirts or pair it with shorts and jeans! This was £9.

I hope you enjoyed this haul and post about Tanya's signing! Did any of you go to the book signing?
Thank you for reading <3

January favourites 2015 ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! Its favourites time again as January is well and truly gone. I must admit January was a lovely month and a great way to start off 2015! Let's get into all the products I've been loving this month:
The first product is this berry, burgundy lipstick by Barry M in the shade LPS1. I first found out about this lipstick whilst I was watching one of Lucy and Lydia's videos and Lucy was wearing it. I fell in love with the shade of the lipstick and asked Lucy what it was and she told be it was this. I've been wearing this on evenings out/parties and it has become the lipstick I grab for quite frequently. I say the shade is very similar to Rimmel's 107 with a slightly more pink under tone. This lipstick lasts for ages and since the lasting power is that good, its pretty difficult to rub off. I love the matte finish, the colour and what it adds to the whole makeup look when applied, a perfect winter shade.

The next item is the oh so raved Naked palette by Urban Decay. As I said in my previous post, I received it for Christmas and have used it everyday without fail since. It has become my stable everyday eye product, perfect for creating neutral and smokey eye looks. With the most gorgeous 12 shades, its the prettiest palette I own and I just love it. My favourite shades have been 'half baked', 'buck' and 'virgin'. 'Buck' is probably the most beautiful matte brown shade I've used because it really helps add depth to the eye. 'Virgin', I've mainly loved for inner corner because it has just the right amount of shimmer.

Another favourite has been Benefit's porefessional. My sister got this miniature version in a Benefit Christmas set, however as she really isn't into primers, she let me have it and I was keen to give it a go. I've been applying it before makeup on special events or days where I'm out for the whole day and want it to stay in tact. Not only does it help your makeup last for a long period of time, it also makes makeup go on much smoother and gives a beautiful finish. Once I've finished this miniature size one, I'm definitely going to pick up the full size. I love how a little can go a long way and it really can reduce the look of pores.
The next favourite is the Falsies by Maybelline. This mascara I used to swear by, however I stopped using it for a good while because I wanted to try out some other mascaras. Yet last month, I picked it up again, began using it and thought why did I ever stop? I love how it lengthens, thickens and curls the lashes, making my eyelashes look noticeable and fluttery. I'm one of those girls, whose eye lashes don't really curl or stay looking curled and in place all day, however this mascara does the trick!
My nail favourite of the month is from Barry M's silk range in the shade 'Orchid'. I got this for Christmas and began using it throughout January. This is the first shade I've tried from the silk range and its honestly such a beautiful colour. I love how metallic/shiny the purple looks and the smooth, silky finish it leaves on the nails. As it has a such a lovely finish, its a rather elegant and grand colour I think. I'm definitely going to pick up some other shades from this range after using this one!
The last thing I've been loving is lush bath bombs! Throughout January I've been having baths a lot more and been reaching for my lush stash. I love how you can just pop one in the bath and they'll give off a lovely smell, present a beautiful array of colours and leave you feeling ultra moisturised. Its allowed me to have more 'me' time, having that 15/20 minutes in my day with no phone, and just laying there with my thoughts. Its a relaxing, calming time, which I'm going to start doing more because it helps relieves all the worries and pain of the day and lets you concentrate on you.

I hope you enjoyed these monthly favourites and that you all had an amazing January!

Thank you for reading <3

3 Everyday go to eye makeup looks

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I've got a makeup tutorial post for you, instead of a whole face look, I've chosen to show you 3 of my go to everyday eye looks I'm loving to wear currently. All three looks are achieved from the makeup products below:
I received both of the palettes for Christmas and oh my gosh I was incredibly happy to finally get my hands on them. I've wanted the original Naked palette for a good few years now and when the Naked 2 basics came out recently, I much preferred those colours to the first palette and therefore asked for that one for Christmas. Since then, I've been using both palettes on a daily basis experimenting with different looks. All of these looks are quick, easy and neutral, ideal to whip on just before school, college or work.

The first look is a bronze based look, one which will help compliment blue eyes and add warmth through the socket.
Before each look, I primed my eyes with Urban Decay's primer potion, to ensure it will stay put all day. For this eye look, I applied the shade 'sidecar' from the Naked palette all over the lid and blended the shade 'cover' from the Naked 2 basics  in the outer corner to give the eye some warmth/depth. I used the shade 'virgin' for a inner corner highlight.
'Sidecar' is a lovely shimmery bronze shade, its highly  pigmented and very creamy/rich when applied, I just love it.
'Cover' is probably my favourite shade out of the Naked 2 basics palette, its the perfect mid matte brown shade, which is just amazing blended in the outer corner with an array of eye shadows, to achieve more depth to the eye.
The second look is one I wear the most out of the three and is more of a gold eye look. Again, I primed my eyes and used the shade 'half baked' all over the lid. Wow oh wow, I love the shade half baked, its such a beautiful highly pigmented gold colour with the perfect amount of shimmer. For somebody who usually is more of bronze eye shadow girl, its definitely changed my opinion on gold based eye shadows. To warm up the eye, I blend the shade 'buck through the outer corner and slightly in the crease. I'd say 'buck' is slightly darker than 'cover' and gives more of a contoured eye look. I also  then apply 'virgin' in the inner corner.
This look, is the most dressy out of the three because it has more of that party/night out edge with the gold yet, I just love it for an everyday bit of glamour.

The last look is the most natural and subtle out of the three. For the lid, I used the shade 'sin' from the Naked palette, which is this pale pink shade that adds a lovely sweep of colour to the eye. To then add more definition and colour, from the Naked 2 basics I blended 'cover' in the outer corner and a bit of 'primal' as well to darken it up.

'Virgin' is the most beautiful highlighting shade and I've been loving to use it for the inner corner of every single eye look.
For all these looks, I drew a simple black line with L'oreal's super liner above my lashes and applied a couple of coats of Maybelline's the falsies mascara.

I hope you enjoyed these quick and easy everyday eye looks! If you've seen pictures of me you'd know I have long hair, however yesterday as my hair was in such bad condition, I got a couple of inches off and it now feels super healthy. I absolutely love it even though I do miss my long hair. This will explain why my hair is shorter in the pictures above, if you were curious.

Thank you for reading <3