Garnier moisture match moisturiser review!

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Finally got round to doing a review, haven't done one in a while! If you saw one of my previous blogs on a mini haul then you would of seen this moisturiser. I first heard about these moisturisers in a magazine where they are designed for specific skin types and I was intrigued by them so I just had to try them out. I bought the blue one- stay afresh which is designed for normal to dry skin because I've never really had problems with my skin and just wanted a moisturiser which will make me feel refreshed and this is exactly what it does! This moisturiser has a lovely texture which easily glides on the skin and makes the skin feel nourished and fresher. It causes the skin to stay feeling awake all day and feel smooth. Also it has the nicest smell which is always a bonus! I would definitely recommend giving these moisturisers a try because this one really worked for my skin and Garnier is always a good brand for skin care! The only down side is the fact that it is only in a small size tube, however I think £5.99 is a pretty good price for the quality of this product, a must buy!

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  1. What a great post:) its weird I've never seen a blue moisturizer before:o really good review:)xx
    - from Annie ToadRoad:-)


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