30 Day snap #7 Costa and Harvester !

Evening my fellow reader chums!

Its already the 7th day of the snap challenge, wow that's gone fast! Had such a good day today with everyone, in the morning I went to Costa to have a catch up with Alice where I had this lush Belgian chocolate cooler and in the evening I went to the harvester with the dance girlie's and the boys! Definitely a fat day for me then, ha! I've never been to the Harvester before and it was rather yummy, I preferred the dessert to the main. For mains I had the chicken wrap and chips, it was nice but really filling and for dessert I had the munchies ice cream sundae, which was delicious! I felt so ill after it all because it filled me up so much!

All the dance girlie's and the guys <3

Chummy and Chomp <3
(LittleMissSkimmedknees and I )
It was one of those days where you can just have a laugh and enjoy yourself, love all the dance girlie's, so glad we've gotten so close this year and had an amazing catch up today as I have missed them!
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed <3

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