30 Day snap #23 and #24 Mum's birthday!

Well hello to you my fellow reader chums!

Apologies for no picture yesterday I just didn't really do much besides lounge about and go out to get my mums present, which I got the rest of today in time for her birthday! She absolutely loved it! Today as I said I went shopping in the morning and later on went into school for one lesson which was a bit pointless because from today we have to start to go in to learn A2's until the end of term. When I got home we then celebrated my mums birthday with a lovely feast consisting of pasta, pizza, strawberries and ice cream and cake! I'm so stuffed, I'm really  happy she had a good birthday because my mum deserves it, she does everything for us and I  couldn't wish for a better mum! Sure we have our arguments but every family does, I know its because she wants whats best for me! Love you loads mum! <3

My mums present from Maria, Matthew and me! (Nicely wrapped by Maria)

My dad and mum <3
My mum, me and Maria when we were little!
Happy birthday Mum, love you so much, have no idea what I would do without you! Thank you for all the happy memories that we've shared and all the giggles and fun! Thank you for everything possible in this world and for being the best mum ever! <3
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