Dance show 2014 ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! Yesterday I took part in my yearly dance showcase. I've been taking part for the past five years and sadly this was my last one. Through these years I've built my confidence and found myself as a dancer. In particular these past three years because we had a new dance teacher who has honestly been amazing. I had her through my last GCSE year and in sixth form. I absolutely love dance in sixth form because we've become like a little family and we always have a laugh! As it was the last show yesterday it was rather emotional and I honestly can't believe I'm leaving school in June! Here's some pics of the day:
                                                                        Laura and I

                                                                   Danielle and I

                                                              Love this one, it cracks me up!

                                                                         Gee and I

                                                                      Jess and I

                                                                 Maria and I

                                The little card miss wrote us which we all got emotional about!

                                                                      Jess, Mel and I

                                                                Mel and I 

                                                                    Lauren and I

The show was literally so much fun this year, I had an amazing night! We definitely went out with a bang and I'm really proud of us all! All the hard work has paid off! Love my dance girlies ❤

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed  ❤

Review: Lush Cosmetics Golden Egg bath bomb

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I thought I would do a mini-review on a lush bath bomb. The Golden Egg is the first bath bomb I've tried out from Lush so I wasn't really unsure what to expect. I've always heard people rave about Lush bath bombs, making me really excited to try one out! When I purchased it the lovely lady in Lush told me it doesn't fizz as quick as the other bath bombs because it contains oils that helps nourish and moisturise the skin even more than regular bath bombs.

Lush golden egg bath bomb

Scent and look of the bath bomb
The scent is amazing which was the main reason I picked it up, oh and that it's a sparkly egg - all the glitter. I wish I had a candle with this scent, I love it. When I first placed it in the bath it started fizzing immediately creating this yellowy coloured water. When the outer part had melted, the middle section oozed out this creamy mixture which in all took longer to melt into the bathwater. 

Lush Cosmetics golden egg bath bomb

The effects on my skin

Not the most pleasant colour but the Golden Egg bath bomb smelt amazing. The bath itself was relaxing and felt really nourishing on the skin. There were even little specks of glitter floating around in the bath. Afterwards, the bath bomb left my skin feeling really smooth and smelling beautiful. I even saw little particles of glitter on me - can't beat a bit of sparkle.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed <3 

Miranda's what I call tour + my blog's year anniversary!

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today marks the special day of my blog turning a year old, wow it's gone so quickly! If you followed me right from the beginning you'd know I'm a huge Miranda Hart fan, she is my idol and I love her so much. Yesterday I was able to go to her what I call tour after waiting so long! Honestly it was one of the most amazing days ever, I laughed from beginning to end and cried, I just couldn't believe I finally saw her live. I'm so proud to say I'm a galloper (Miranda fandom). Every aspect of the show was just perfect, I'd give anything to go again and meet her! Here's all of the pics from the exciting day:
                                                                    (Maria and I) 
                                                  A Miranda soap we found in lush! 
                                   For lunch we had Nutella crepes, they were so delicious! 
                             Arriving at the O2 ( the sun was in my eyes hence the squinting haha) 

                                                             Loved this sign!
                                                                  Met sulley! 

                             Waiting in the O2 priority lounge before Miranda, it was lovely in there!

                                                           Waiting for Miranda!

Pulling funny faces!
                                                          Getting all excited!

                    Ta daaaaaaa she arrived! Literally nearly cried at this point, love her so much.

                                                      Miranda galloping! ❤

                                                      Miranda doing Beyonce!
The show went out with a bang! 
I'm over the moon that I got to see Miranda live, I could listen to her do stand up for hours! We're lucky that the day we went it was being filmed for the tour DVD, you never know Maria and I might of been filmed!
                                                Here I am next to the stage! :) 

                                                                   Our posters!
Here's the merchandise I bought, absolutely love it! 

I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who followed my blog over this past year! Blogging has become a part of me and I adore doing it, the blogging community is so amazing and I'm really glad I started my blog a year ago! I've changed with this blog, it's brought me out of myself more and made me realise how much I love writing. Thank you very much for all the support and comments!

I'd thought as my first ever blog post was about Miranda that my yearly one was too! To sum up the tour was THE BEST DAY EVER! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading! ❤  

FOTD: Afternoon shopping with chummy!

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today's post I thought I'd do my first ever FOTD because I've seen this on so many blogs yet I've never done one myself. This afternoon I did a spot of shopping with Danielle where I wore a pretty rosy eye look.

Face: Collection lasting perfection concealer in 1 fair.
Rimmel stay matte powder in 005 silky beige.
Bourjois Paris chocolate box bronzer. 
Topshop cream blush in head over heels.
Eyes: Urban decay primer potion 
MUA undress me palette- Shade one all over lid with shade 9 blended in the outer third. Shade two blended slightly through the crease and applied in centre of lid. Shade 1 also placed in inner corner. 
Rimmel scandal eyes kohl liner in black lined the tight line.
Seventeen precision liner thinly drawn on upper lash line and winged out. 
MUA white kohl liner applied on water line. 
Maybelline great lash mascara. 
Lips: Fashionista plumping glaze in shade 4. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! <3 

March favourites!

Well hello to you my reader chums! We're end of another month which means favourites time.I swear March literally just flew by, or was it just me?

Here's all the products I've been loving in March:

The first product is a warming mask by the body shop which I've already reviewed here. I absolutely adore this mask, it has the nicest smell and leaves the skin like its had a deep clean.

Another body shop product I've been loving this month is the overnight serum which is one of the newer products out. It's an oil designed to put on over night to replenish and recharge moisturise. Even though you can use it for your face, I've been loving to use it for my hands because they are really dry and this honestly does the job. I'd wake up the next morning and my hands would feel soft and smooth. Also, when I first used this I applied it on the dry patches on my face which I was suffering from lately and it helped them smooth them out with aid of the moisturiser I'm about to talk about.

This body shop moisturiser is designed for very dry skin which I bought because of the dry areas  I was suffering from on my face. Initially I used it in just these areas where after a few weeks of continuously applying it daily, the dry patches cleared up. I now use for my whole face and am loving it. Body shop moisturisers always feel so luxurious! They are extremely light on the skin yet they feel really creamy and rich. The smell of this one is beautiful too! A definite recommend!

My favourite nail polish lately is this glittery nail polish by BarryM for an accent nail. I think having a bit of sparkle to your nails looks really pretty! The only negative about this polish is that it's really hard to budge when you want to remove it. However it's such an amazing consistency and the flecks of glitter are beautiful. 

The last favourite product is the undress me palette by MUA. I've had this palette for a while now but I've rediscovered it lately. I've been using the rosy colours from this palette as I think a rosy eye look is gorgeous especially for the spring because it looks so fresh! I was wearing the rose toned colours the other day and my friend thought I had the naked 3 palette! MUA palettes are always such a bargain and the colours are rather pigmented for the price you pay, I just adore them!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my favourites this month! <3