Revlon vs Maybelline | Cream eye shadows

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a massive cream eye shadow fan. As I have slightly oily eyelids, I find without a primer/base, my eye shadow doesn't last long without creasing, despite the quality of products used. This means I'm forever on the hunt to find the next best cream eye shadow or primer to give me long-lasting eye makeup, all day long.

I've tested from high street to high-end eye shadow bases and have found my favourite two, but which one works the best?

Revlon vs Maybelline | Cream eye shadows

Revlon's colour stay cream eye shadow in '705'

Revlon's eye shadow bases are a great asset to their product line. When I saw the glimmering champagne shade, I couldn't be more excited to purchase and give it a go. For daytime looks, using eyeshadow, I tend to always go for a creamy, champagne eye to add that little sparkle to my makeup. I', always on the hunt for a base that would not only hold the eye makeup in place but add that extra bit of shimmer. 

Revlon's crème eye shadow in '705' does just that. It's not overly glittery, however, it's sparkly enough to be noticeable on the eyelid. The consistency is very soft and easy to blend all over the lid with your fingers. There is a brush available but I always find with cream products, fingers are best. Even though the consistency is creamy, it's not too wet and sticky that it goes everywhere. 

The base sets quite quickly on the eyes, allowing you to blend as you please and speed up the eye makeup process. I'd describe the shade as a washed-out champagne colour, ideal for a subtle base. Every time I'm looking for that dreamy champagne eye, this has been my go-to and I couldn't recommend it more. For the quality, you'd think the base would cost more than the high street price tag. The lasting power is close to perfection, clinging onto shadows for the whole working day and preventing creasing in every way it can.

Maybelline colour tattoo in 'Crème de nude'

Maybelline's colour tattoos have been raved about in the beauty blogging community for years now. I remember the day when 'on and on bronze' was the key to everybody's makeup look. Even though they're not the centre of bloggers world anymore, they haven't lost their touch in the slightest. 

I picked up one of the shades 'Crème de nude', a matte nude colour. Similar to the Revlon base, I also was on the hunt for a light matte base, to use on days where I'd prefer a really simple eye look with no shimmer. Maybelline had come to my savour once again! The colour is quite a yellow-toned nude, ideal to wash out any discolouration on the lids and provide a clean base ready for shadows. Its consistency is soft, yet a little tough and takes that bit longer to work onto the eye. However, the product is slightly tacky which helps layer shadows on easy and makes them last a lot longer. With the simple colouration, inexpensive price tag and long-wearing ability, 'crème de nude' is up there with all the other excellent Maybelline colour tattoos.

Revlon vs Maybelline | Cream eye shadows

Revlon vs Maybelline | Cream eye shadows swatches

Which cream eye shadow is best?

Given how much I love both of these eye shadows, it's hard to weigh the two up. However, with the consistency, if you'd prefer a slightly softer base, Revlon would be the one to go for or to have a slightly tackier and thick base, then Maybelline will have my vote. 

Maybelline's colour tattoo is more pigmented than the Revlon option, but I would put that down to it being a matte product. When it comes to lasting power, they're both on a similar level with Revlon I'd say going slightly above Maybelline. Overall, there's not much in it - with similar colouring and lasting power, I think it all goes down to preference whether you prefer a matte to a shimmer. For eye shadow, I love a bit of glitter so Revlon's cream shadow is the winner for me.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Which is your favourite eye shadow base?

Thank you for reading <3

Beauty review: Tarte Cosmetics 'Tartelette in the bloom' palette

Well hello to you my reader chums! I have a big love for eye shadow palettes especially when they're full of neutral-based shades including cream-coloured shimmers, golds, matte browns and coppers.  Tarte's Tartelette in the bloom' palette ticked every box for me and I couldn't wait to try the shades. I picked this up in New York after years of seeing its surrounding hype within the beauty blogging community.

Whether you're looking for a new palette or heard a lot about this one, here is my full review of Tarte Cosmetics 'Tartelette in the bloom' palette.

Tarte's 'Tartelette in the bloom' palette review

Packaging and size of the palette

When it comes to beauty products, the first thing you're ever drawn to is the packaging. Tarte's 'in the bloom' palette is pleasing to the eye to say the least. Its water-coloured style design with a metallic gold rim, back and writing across the front compliment each other well. 

One of the main features I love about the palette is its shape. I have many long, rectangular shape palettes so its refreshing owning something of a more travel-friendly size with all the colours you may need. Also, the huge mirror you get inside is incredibly useful; as it's square you're able to see your entire face as you do your makeup.

Tarte's 'Tartelette in the bloom' palette shades

Eye shadow shade range

Neutral shades are my obsession when it comes to eye shadows. I love testing out new bronzes, golds, champagnes and coppers so if a palette has it all, that's a bonus! Tarte's 'in the bloom' palette ranges from a matte milky shade to a defined black colour. 

In between you have a shimmery champagne, warm pinks, everyday browns, fiery copper colours and two slightly darker red/burgundy shades. 'Tartelette in the bloom' palette is completely versatile with its shade range, ideal for a simple everyday look or easy smoky, copper coloured eye look.

Pigmentation of the shadows

Pigmentation is the top feature when it comes to eye shadow. 'Tartelette's in the bloom' palette has intense pigmentation for every shade. The matte shades are that tad bit more pigmentated than the shimmer ones, however, it doesn't take much to get that full colour pay off on the eye with every colour. 

Its darker shades especially, need the tiniest swipe to achieve a defined look for the crease of the eye. I'm obsessed with how pigmented each shade is because it means my favourite colours will last that little bit longer than your average palette.

Tarte's 'Tartelette in the bloom' palette swatches

Consistency and blending ability

The eye shadows consistency is mix of soft and creamy, with the shimmery shades having more of a buttery feel to them. Their blending power is seamless, especially in each of the matte shades. They'll blend through the crease like a dream and the pigment from the shimmer, layers on easily.

Lasting power

I've never tested these shadows without an eye base or primer, however once the eye lid is prepped, these shadows can last a good working day. I wouldn't say they look as fresh by the end of the day as beginning, however they never crease, rub off or fade in colour. 'Tartelette in the bloom' palette's lasting power is as strong as their pigmentation, blending ability and shade range.

Overall thoughts

The versatile palette that has every beauty blogger talking 'Tartelette in the bloom' provides a wide shade range, faultless pigmentation, insane blending abilities and long-wearing power. If you haven't given it a go, now is the time!

I hope you enjoyed this beauty review. Have you tried the 'Tartelette in the bloom' palette?

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Book review: 'Wilde Like Me' by Louise Pentland

Well hello to you my reader chums! It's been a while since I've sat down and shared the love of my latest book find. Today's pick is the debut novel 'Wilde like me' by Louise Pentland. 

I've been a massive fan of Louise aka vlogger Sprinkle of Glitter for over 4 years now, following along with her blog and videos. When she revealed a fiction book was on the cards, I couldn't wait as I always loved the tone of voice on her blog, and I knew the book would go down the same honest path.

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Here are my overall thoughts on Wilde Like Me.

'Wilde like me' Louise Pentland book review


'Wilde like me' tells the tale of the 'girl next door' character, Robin Wilde, a single mum, and makeup artist extraordinaire. Recently divorced and mum to the cutest daughter Lyla, the book follows the real day-to-day life of single mum-hood with all the ups and downs. Its triumphs, drawbacks, and lonely moments, all shine through in an honest light. You'll discover heart-warming characters, a whole lot of adventure, courage, and heaps of every single emotion.


When it comes to reading, one of my favourite things is imagining what the characters look like in my head and painting a picture of the story. 'Wilde like me' is full of characters you really warm to, from Robin herself, sweet daughter Lyla, hilarious best friend Lacey to crazy aunt Kath, as the story unfolds you see the importance of each relationship. 

Out of all the relationships, I especially admire Lyla and Robin's bond. It's one of the most touching things to read especially when Lyla comes out with how much she loves her mum at unexpected moments. It makes all the hard times for Robin that little bit easier. The friendship between Lacey and Robin is lovely, it's such a relatable bond to my best friend that I loved reading when they were together. Aunt Kath has to also be up there with one of my favourite characters because even though she's a little bonkers, her heart is massive and she's always there for Robin. The school mum's, Robin's boss Natalie and her friend Piper are characters that also feature.
'Wilde like me' by Louise Pentland book review

Structure and message

The 'Wilde like me' novel is set in a traditional book format, split into 4 parts with numbered chapters to let the reader know when the next big 'time frame' in the story passes. I love this as you're able to follow along easily with the plotline and when a next 'part' comes up, you know something big is about to happen.

With every novel, I always find there's an underlying message the author tries to convey to their readers. In 'Wilde like me', I think that message was 'life isn't perfect'. Life is a wonderful, wonderful thing, filled with exciting moments but nothing is ever perfect. Nobody you'll ever meet is perfect and you can't be perfect. Perfection simply doesn't exist. We all have our quirks and we all have low moments, everybody is only human. I love how in the novel, Louise explores even the most 'perfect' characters completely and shows how they're just like anybody else. It makes the book as a whole ever so relatable and I loved that. Louise's down-to-earth ways always shine through in her videos and it's lovely, to see that message executed in her words. 

'Wilde like me' by Louise Pentland book review


I'm not going to give anything away here! But what I will say is the ending was rounded off nicely, in an uplifting and positive spirit, leaving you feeling content with every single word. You feel happy for Robin and Lyla and how their journey will continue.

Real, raw, and addictive, the story of Robin Wilde isn't one to be missed! I can't wait to see what else is in store.

I hope you enjoyed this book review. Have you read 'Wilde Like Me'?

Thank you for reading <3

July favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! Another month has swept us by with a few different products catching my eye. I'm not entirely sure where July went, although it's safe to say, the month was packed with many exciting social events and a lot of new memories. I've gathered up a few new favourites this past month and can't wait to share them with you all.

Let's take a look at my July favourites..

July favourites

Sleek makeup eye brow kit review

Sleek brow kit in 'Light'

I've never been one for an eye brow kit, usually using a mixture of eye shadow and eye brow gel to tame my brows. Although, when my favourite eye shadow hit pan, I saw this Sleek palette in Superdrug and decided to make the change. I must say, I'm very impressed! The light brown shade mixed with the wax is the perfect colour to match my eye brows and hold the hairs in place. Once the product is on, it doesn't budge and keeps that staple eye look all day long. Sleek are one of my favourite brands and they lived up to expectation again with this eye brow kit. With great pigmentation and lasting power, I'd 100% recommend.

Barry M matte nail polish in 'vanilla'

BarryM matte nail polish in 'Vanilla'

I used to swear by nail polish, always having both sets of nails painted or getting gels done regularly at the salon, however over the past year I've given my nails a much needed break. As I had a wedding a few weeks back and wanted to put together the whole ideal wedding guest look, I took a trip down to Superdrug to pick up my favourite BarryM shade. I'd describe this colour as a mauve-toned nude with a matte finish. What I love most about BarryM's matte range is their swift drying power as when it comes to nails, I get very impatient. If you still like the glossy nail look, apply a clear polish and you're good to go.

Kat Von D liquid tattoo eye liner

Kat Von D tattoo liquid eye liner

The gem of all eye liners, Kat Von D's version has become my new holy grail. With its intense pigmentation, long-lasting power and thin nib, they all add up to the perfect liner. It's the blackest eye liner I've ever tried which will hold its true black shade for the entirety of a day. Whether you're looking for a simple eye look or full on dramatic wing, the liner has you covered. If you'd like more info, here's a full review.

Makeup revolution powder brush

Makeup Revolution powder brush

Tools are key when it comes to makeup application especially the base. With a smooth base, everything you layer on top including bronzer and highlighter will last that extra bit longer. I'm a big brush lover with Real Techniques and the Eco Tools brushes being my holy grail. I did however receive a large set of Makeup Revolution brushes for my birthday and couldn't wait to give them a go as the brand as a whole is hyped widely in the blogging community. Out of the set, I gravitated towards its powder brush the most. I love the density of this brush, as the bristles allows you to either lightly dust the powder over the skin or pack more product on for extra coverage. The brush is insanely soft, as are the rest of the set. For the price, you can't go wrong; their quality is incredible and I can't wait to give the others a go. If you're looking for affordable brushes that do the job, take a trip down to the Makeup Revolution stand.

Denim jacket from 'Forever 21'

The weather has been very up and down  this past month, so I've found a denim jacket to be the perfect fashion accessory. If I'm wearing jeans on slightly cooler days, it'll pair nicely and with summer dresses when the sunshine hits, it's lightweight enough to shield you from the coastal breeze. My favourite at the minute is this pick from Forever 21 in a light-washed denim. I bought this a few years ago, yet its one of those pieces which will never go out of fashion and is the ideal medium blue to pair with a variety of looks.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly favourites. Which products have you been loving?

Thank you for reading <3