5 things I wish I knew in my teens

Well hello to you my reader chums! In just under 2 months time, I'm turning 21 which in itself is a crazy thought. I don't feel anymore of an adult than when I turned the big 18, but over these past 3 years it's safe to say I've become more confident and wiser which I guess comes with age. As I've grown up and gained a bit of life experience since 16 when I started this blog, I wanted to share a few things I've learnt.

Here's 5 things I wish I knew in my teens..

5 things I wish I knew in my teens

1) Don't be scared of the world

The world is a wonderful place. There's so many incredible beaches, landscapes, bustling cities and charming towns to explore, why shouldn't you travel to every little nook? When I was in my younger teens, the thought of venturing to a new location with a completely different culture terrified me. I barely wanted to go anywhere beyond Europe and the thought of flying made my skin crawl. Fast forward a few years later and I have the travel bug. I'm constantly planning a new trip, whether that's a city break or beach trip. I love reading about new cultures and can't wait till the day I can soak it all up. So, my advice to you - travel, wherever and whenever. You won't know what a new country or continent is like until you've seen it with your own eyes. Be a jet setter and see the world whilst you're young.

2) Have a little faith everything will work out

I think when you're at school and the pressure to look a certain way, think what everybody else does or have the future your teachers plan, leaves everyone a little confused in what they want in life. I know when I was at school, everybody had plans to go to university but that wasn't what I wanted and left me even more confused in trying to find myself. Sometimes, we all put a little too much thought into everything instead of letting it fall into place. I'm a great believer in 'everything happens for a reason' and somehow it'll all work itself out. Whether that's a job or relationship, it'll come when its meant to happen. Your struggles mould you into the person you're meant to be, a stronger and wiser soul. So try not to stress when you're unsure with what's the next step in your life, just take it day by day and see what happens.

3) Don't be somebody you're not

Its inevitable in your teens you try to fit in with the crowd as let's face it, we all want to be liked by our peers. But even if you feel included, there's no point pretending to be somebody you're not as it'll only lead to not feeling happy in your own skin. Be weird, quirky and embrace all the flaws you were born with. As even if you feel like the odd one out, you will find friends who like you for you. Stay wild!

4) Open up about your feelings

A problem shared is a problem halved, I'm an avid believer of this. When growing up, there's constant pressure at every turn, school work, how to look, finding yourself etc etc, so if anything is bothering you, talk to someone. That could be to a friend, parent or teacher, talking about your feelings will take the weight off your shoulders and get the reassurance you need. When I was younger, I never did this as I was always afraid people would think I'm crazy, however as I've grown up a bit, I've found speaking up with what's wrong really does help.

5) Don't wear your heart on your sleeve

I'm guilty with this one especially in my teens. I'd describe myself as someone who spreads love out generously to everybody in my life so if they ever do anything to hurt me, I get heart broken very easily. However, life is like that, people will let you down and say horrible things, you've just got to pick yourself right back up. Only throw your feelings into people who really put in the time and effort with you, otherwise you'll be left disappointed. Be strong, be wise and be sassy. Life is too short to get upset over the little things.

I hope you enjoyed this advise style post. What things do you wish you'd known in your teens?

Thank you for reading <3

Review: Revlon's 'colour stay' foundation

Well hello to you my reader chums! After the massive hype of Revlon's 'colour stay' foundation, I finally caved into buying it a few months back. Over that time, it's easily become my staple foundation, where I rarely reach for anything else. Here's a few reasons why..

Revlon colour stay foundation review

Its stable packaging

Revlon products always have the best looking, classy packaging and this foundation is no different. Given its glass, cylinder shaped bottle, the product looks more expensive than its high street status. As it's see through, you're able to tell not only the shade but how much product is left and when you'll need to restock. My favourite part of the packaging though has to be its pump. I'm pretty sure the pump was added to the foundation bottle quite recently and I can see why. This pump allows for the correct amount of product to come out without spillage or wastage. It's then sealed with a firm plastic lid which again prevents excess leakage. Even though the glass isn't too suitable for travelling, I love how sturdy the product is.

The colour selection

It's safe to say I have very pale skin and am usually the lightest shade when I try out new foundations or concealers, otherwise my skin will look orange. However, Revlon's 'colour stay' have fulfilled my wishes with a light range of shades to choose from. Even with the shade selection, I am still the lightest colour but its the perfect match for my complexion.

Revlon colour stay foundation review

The dreamy formulation

What I love about this foundation is the two different formulations it offers, the combination/oily and normal/dry skin. I use the combination/oily type as I tend to have an oily T zone with the rest of my skin being pretty normal. The formulation is velvety soft and light, blending into the skin with hardly any effort.

Its medium coverage and flawless finish

Coverage is an important factor for me, as I'm not the biggest fan of heavy and full coverage foundations. I prefer something light in thickness which is able to cover up most subtle blemishes, luckily Revlon's 'colour stay' does just that. It's definitely a medium coverage but can be worn as even lighter than that as the product is very buildable. Once applied onto the skin, I'd say it's a satin finish, not too matte or shiny. If you'd prefer it more matte finish, a dusting of powder will do the trick.

Revlon colour stay foundation review swatch

The long-wearing power

As I have quite an oily T zone, I'm a massive fan of skin preparation to ensure my makeup lasts as long as possible. I haven't tested this foundation without a primer to see if it lasts the '24 hours' it claims, however when I've used primer before hand, this foundation wears well all day long. I get home from work and the makeup is still in place, the same as I'd applied it 8 hours beforehand.

Overall, with its velvety formulation, medium coverage, strong lasting game and classy packaging, Revlon's 'colour stay' foundation the one for me. If you have a slightly oily T zone and pale complexion, I'd highly recommend giving it a go.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried Revlon's 'colour stay'?

Thank you for reading <3

4th Blog birthday

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today marks a very special day, my little old blog turns 4 years old, 'Happy 4th Birthday Della Loves Nutella!'

Happy 4th Birthday Della Loves Nutella

If someone told my shy 16-year-old self that in 4 years time, she'd have stuck to this blog and become the person she has today I wouldn't have believed you. What started out as a fun idea has turned into my favourite hobby. Writing my blog brings me an endless amount of happiness and I'm incredibly thankful I began it 4 years ago today. I love the process of coming up with creative ideas, sharing my thoughts online and then interacting with readers of mine to hear their views. It's become my online happy space and now, I wouldn't know what I'd do without it. I feel blessed to have an established platform where I can share my voice.

Over the course of 4 years, my blog has grown with me. I've used it as an online diary for my adventures, to share special moments and whichever thought comes to mind. It has changed with me, through my tone of voice and in confidence. I'm now nearly 21 years old, a confident young woman who has come to terms with who she is and learnt to love all her flaws. A girl who suffered badly with anxiety can now conquer all she puts her mind to. The growth in my blog is a reflection of who I am. I'm extremely proud of my little space on the internet, for keeping at it, writing about what I love and sharing that with others.

I'd like to say a massive thank you! Whether you began following my blog all those years back or have just stumbled across it, thank you for taking the time to read my words and sending every piece of lovely feedback. The beauty blogging community as a whole is so encouraging and I'm thankful to be apart of it. Whenever I speak to other bloggers on social media, they're always so kind and supportive of everything I do. I have a lovely bunch of girls on Instagram and Twitter groups which I'm really grateful for who every day, offer their support in every way.

I hope you enjoyed this reflective post. I'm intrigued to know, how long have you been reading my blog?

Thank you for reading <3

March favourites ❤️

Well hello to you my reader chums! After the busy month of March and awakening of spring, April lays ahead with the promise of even more sunnier days. The past few weeks have swept by and in that time, there's been a few favourites I'd love to share with you.

Here's a look at my March favourites:

March favourites

March favourites

Estee Lauder Bronze goddess

Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess bronzer

It's no secret my big love for bronzer and with the weather getting that little bit warmer, it's the best time to create the bronze glow look. Towards the end of the month, it was my best friend's 21st so we all got spray tans ready for the party. As the tan faded quickly from my face, to bring that colour back and match the rest of my body, I took out the summer ready bronzer. Even with the slight shimmer running through, it can be used for both an overall bronze look and contouring. The underlying orange tone isn't dramatic in the slightest and works easily for an everyday bronzed effect.

Mac's lipstick in 'Faux'

Mac's 'Faux' lipstick

As spring comes around the corner, it's time for my nude and pink lipsticks to take centre stage. My ultimate nude staple especially in the spring is Mac's 'Faux' lipstick. Their satin finishes are my second favourite as I love the ultra creamy look it gives with a slight gloss over the top. The shade 'Faux' is a light, dusky pink, an ideal subtle colour for everyday use. Its consistency is insanely moisturising, the lasting power is seamless and the colour can suit a variety of looks; I love it.

L'oreal's infallible foundation in 'vanilla'

L'oreal's Infallible foundation

Last year, L'oreal's infallible foundation became my go to everyday choice for many reasons. The lasting power, shade range, consistency and how it set on my skin was fantastic. I was never a set shade however and usually mixed up the two lightest shades together to create the colour for me. As I'd been needing a darker shade this month with my tan, I mixed this shade 'vanilla' with Revlon's colour stay foundation and it worked a treat. I thought as they were different consistencies, the mixture wouldn't work, however once applied it sat well on my skin and lasted throughout the day. I'd definitely recommend this foundation if you have combination to oily skin like me as it can be on the drier side otherwise.

Argan oil shower gel

Argan oil shower gel

I received an argan oil wash set for Christmas with everything you could need. Over the past few months, I've been trying different argan oil products out and have been impressed especially by the shower gel. The scent isn't too overwhelming and it's insanely moisturising on the skin.

Topshop's camo jacket

Topshop's camo jacket

A fashion favourite of mine that I can't get enough of this month is this camo jacket from Topshop. I've been loving to pair it with different prints, jeans or throwing it over a dress to give a bit more edge to the outfit. Its a very thin and light material so doesn't add much warmth, however that makes it ideal for this time of year. As the jacket is more of an autumn style jacket, I think it looks new and different to the typical light toned, everyday spring fashion.

I hope you enjoyed my March favourites. What have you been loving over these past few months?

Thank you for reading <3