Summer begins!

Well hello my fellow reader chums!

Today was such an amazing day that I simply had to blog about it! The weather was gorgeous in comparison to what the rest of the week was like, wish I wore shorts now! I had a really nice catch up with Paulina, Jess and Maria. It was just a really spontaneous day, we went on a picnic, followed by a visit to the boating pool where we went on pedal boats and then spent the rest of the time in the park where we had a good chat and made daisy chains! Kids at heart really <3

Here's Paulina, Maria and I at the boating pool on the pedal boats, it was so fun! They were so tiring though, but at least it worked our legs out after the picnic we had!
Our picnic, was so yummy!

Here's Maria, Paulina and I in the park on the swing!
Today was just lovely, full of laughter and fun! Missed Paulina and Jess a lot, glad we got to spend some time together today, shame Jess wasn't in any of the pictures!
Hope you enjoyed this blog, thank you for reading <3

May favourites!

Well hello to you my fellow reader chums!

As you know its coming towards the end of May now and beginning of June which means monthly favourites time, yaaay! Here's all the products I've been loving this month:

 The Garnier body intensive 7 day lotion: If you saw one of my previous blogs it was in a haul. I really wanted to give it a go as it looked amazing and I do love Garnier products! I have been using it quite regularly this month and I just love it, it leaves the skin really smooth and nourished.

 My  next favourite is cocoa butter lip balm, oh my gosh this is genius! My mum bought this for me at the beginning of the month and I've been using it ever since! It leaves the lips so soft and smells amazing, I love it! Also, its fairly on the cheap side, bonus really!

The next product is a perfume I received at Christmas which I've been using a lot this month. Its Tulisa's perfume and it has a distinctive sweet smell to it, so if you have a liking for sweet smells, this is for you!

 My favourite nail polish this month is  BarryM in the shade bright purple. I've been wearing it quite a lot this month, its such a beautiful colour and with a top coat can last up to 5-6 days without chipping!

 My last favourite is the Garnier soft essentials makeup wipes. They're honestly brilliant as they take off your make up really easily and leave the skin feeling moisturised and hydrated.
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! What are your guys monthly favourites? <3

Follow your dreams!

Evening my fellow reader chums!

As you can see from the title this blog is going to be about dreams and aspirations. I always say dream big as there's no point in dreaming small! You only have one life and your better off trying to see all these amazing places and making something of yourself rather than looking back when your old and saying 'I wish I did that' or 'what if'. No matter what your dream is, it can be possible to make it a reality all you have to do is keep trying and persevering.

I have many dreams which I want to achieve one day, I'd love to become a successful make up artist and would love to open my own coffee shop. As I'm like in love with Italy, seeing the whole of Italy is another one of my dreams. I would also love to get married and have kids! The only way for me to chase these dreams is to put in the effort taking steps towards them as nothing can come from nothing, to achieve those dreams you need to put in the work, it can't just magically happen over night!

Throughout your life there are going to be people who will doubt your ability or put you down, but you have to rise above all the hate and show them you are a much stronger person and can achieve your goals. You should be the better person!

Dream big, achieve those goals, live for the moment and look back with no regrets <3

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Mini haul!

Well hello my fellow reader chums!

Yesterday I went to check out the new Superdrug in my area and I simply had to buy a few bits. The shop was amazing, it was so much bigger than the other Superdrug I have in my area, with more make up brands and beauty essentials in it. Here's the few items I picked up:

 The first item I picked up was the Garnier moisture match moisturiser for normal to dry skin. I don't usually have any trouble with my skin so I wanted a moisturiser which will refresh it and keep it smooth. I've seen this advertised and it looked really good and fitted the description of my skin type, meaning I just had to give it a go! It had a third off the price as well, bargain!

 The next item I picked up was the Rimmel match perfection powder in the shade ivory as I have really pale skin. I needed a powder to set my concealer and as I love Rimmel as a brand, I thought for £5/6 pound where could I go wrong?!

The next two items I picked up were some Barry M nail polishes. I've been needing some pastel shades because summer is nearing  and these two are my favourite colours. They were both £3 each and I just love the look of them on my nails.

 The last make up item I bought in Superdrug was the MUA rich brown eye liner because I've been needing a brown eye liner as I find sometimes black eye liner looks really harsh and some days I'd rather go for a more natural look. It was only a pound, what a bargain!
After Superdrug, I popped into New look because I've been really wanting a bandeau to wear under things for the summer time so  I picked up one in black for £2.99!
Hope you enjoyed my haul, will be sure to do reviews on some of these products soon!
Thank you for reading <3

Great Gatsby film review!

Well hello my fellow reader chums!

Sorry I haven't blogged in the last couple of days, have been busy! But I'm happy to say all my a level exams are now done, yay! Which means I now have a month off of school before I have to go back and begin A2s, for you who don't know what A2s are, they're the second year of a levels.

Today after school a few of my friends and I went to see the Great Gatsby. I've been wanting to see the film since I saw the trailer and  since the whole English department have been raving about it! I studied the novel of the Great Gatsby this year and its quite a deep novel, which I think was rather depressing as the name 'the great gatsby' is ironic because he never achieves this dream of Daisy( the girl he loves.) I had high expectations of the film as I've heard many good reviews and positive opinions. I have to say it is an amazing film, full of action, suspense and as I knew the story really well (I've read the book three times) it helped me understand it better. Its very dramatic as in some scenes you could feel the tension  between Tom and Gatsby. The party scene of Gatsby's party was the highlight for me because you could see the whole 1920s time era coming through and the music was just phenomenal! Loved the sound track! The actors played it exceptionally well and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. The use of make up and costumes really intrigued me as I love the 1920s time period as the fashion is really extravagant and different. I love trying out new make up looks and I'm curious to how they achieved those looks.

However even though I did enjoy it there were a few down sides, for instance because I've studied the book I knew the story really well meaning I knew what was going to happen making it less interesting as I would rather be surprised by what happens. I think certain things were exaggerated and over the top such as Gatsby's reaction to Tom. Also, I felt key parts of the story were missing and unnecessary things were added in, for example the funeral and Jordan and Nick's relationship was cut out which I thought were vital things in the novel. Extra things were put in such as a man coming out of Tom and Daisy's house when he heard Tom and Nick which in my personal view wasn't necessary. The other aspect which I didn't like was the length, I 'm not a fan of long films anyway and I felt it could of been shorter.

Overall, The Great Gatsby was a thrilling on the edge of your seat film because it was packed with action and lots of moments filled with suspense. Despite, key elements being cut from the original novel, the director told the story in an interesting way through Nicks perspective alike to the novel, an aspect I enjoyed. This film is full of extravagant make up and fashion looks which you'll want to feast your eyes on! A definite recommend, go and have a watch I'm sure you'll enjoy it even if you haven't read the novel. In my opinion I preferred it to the actual story as the way the director showed it brought it to life and gave it a dramatic, Hollywood feel, adapting it to the time period.
I'd give this film 4 stars!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! <3

My everyday make up look!

Well hello fellow reader chums!

Today, I thought I'd show you my daily make up look which I wear for school. I try to stick to creamy colours or brown shades for eye shadow to make the look more natural and I don't like to wear a lot of facial make up.

Here's a picture of the whole look :)
These are my daily make up products I use, as you can see I'm more of an eye make up kind of girl! To achieve this look firstly, I prime my eye lids with the MUA eye primer which is amazing value for how much it costs! I then use the VIVO pearl eye shadow for a base on my eye lid. For my crease I use the 3rd to the right on the bottom colour in the MUA palette which is like a creamy pale tope colour. For my brow bone and inner corner I use the 3rd colour on the top row of the MUA palette which is like a creamy shimmery colour to highlight them. Then I use the felt tip liquid liner from collection 2000 which I line just above my lashes and wing it out. On my water line, I use the Rimmel scandal eyes coal liner, which is really useful for a day at school as it stays on all day. The last thing I do on my eyes is mascara, I use the natural collection lash length after I curl my eye lashes. The final step of my routine is patting concealer under my eyes to brighten them up and put it on any blemishes. I don't really wear much facial make up as I don't think its necessary for a day to day natural look, sometimes I do wear blusher to give my cheeks a glow though.

Here's some close ups of the look:

I hope you enjoyed this blog and liked the look!

Thank you for reading <3

Dealing with exam stress!

Evening my fellow reader chums!

If you've been following my previous blogs,you'd probably know that I've had a level exams this month, only one more to go yay! During this month I have to say I've been somewhat stressed as when it comes to exams I am quite a panickier! I'm just one of those people who constantly worry about everything, and as I set myself very high expectations I have a lot to live up to! Silly really!

Anyways, I'm going to give you a few tips on how to cope with stress:

1) Calm down!- Honestly the worst thing you can do is panic, I do it every year before exams and it gets me nowhere, I just work myself up for no reason. If I was you before you go into the exam take a deep breath and calm down, you can't change what you do or don't know a few minutes before the exam.

2) Don't over revise- If you constantly sit at home reading and re-reading the subject without taking any breaks, it won't do you much good, you need time to relax and times to learn so try and get the balance right. Especially moments before the exam there's no need to re-read over the notes you can't automatically become a genius in a few minutes!

3) Don't think negatively- When you go into the exam hall, go in with a positive mind set as even though you're worried, thinking you're going to fail won't help anyone, it'll just panic yourself even more.

4) Have a good breakfast/lunch before the exam- Brain food is vital for your concentration in the exam so there's no point in eating a load of sugar before you go in as you'll just have a giant sugar rush and all your energy will then go down. If  I was you I'd eat something wholesome which lets out energy gradually throughout the day such as bananas or oats or even a good healthy cereal.

5)Support- Before an exam support off your friends will help you deal with stress. Have a group discussion before the exam with your friends to calm all of you down and create a positive mind set within the group. Hugs are also something  I think are needed before the exam as it shows no matter what people will still care for you and carry on supporting you!

To those who have upcoming exams I hope these tips helped! Just try your best, go into that exam and just give it your all thats all anyone can ask. Please don't give up, just write everything you remember!

Good luck everyone! <3

Lasting perfection collection 2000 concealer review!

Well hello my fellow reader chums! Apologies for the lack of blogs its because I've been so busy with all this revision for my exams! Really pleased to say my ethics exam went really well, its sad to say the same didn't go for my history.. but whats done is done now I can't change anything!

Today's blog is going to be a review of a concealer I recently bought and have been using ever since. This little beauty only cost me £4.19 and I can honestly say its amazing! I've heard many beauty gurus rave about the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer so I just had to give it a go. This concealer does exactly what it says, it easily covers and blends in, giving a very natural look. It always stays on all day and makes the under of my eyes brighten up!

This concealer has become a necessity in my daily make up routine and is definitely a must buy! To all you readers out there who are looking for a affordable concealer that does the job and lasts, here you go! A definite recommend!
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! <3

How to be more confident!

Evening my dear reader chums!

My apologies for not posting yesterday was revising, my exams are next week, scary times! Anyways, today's blog is about confidence. I've always been a really shy person and it wasn't till lately that my confidence has grown. I think its the whole concept of joining sixth form and meeting new people which has really helped. I'm going to give you some tips to help boost your confidence, here you go:

1) Speak up in class- I used to never do this as I was always scared that I'll be wrong and people will judge me but who cares? If you have an answer/opinion share it with the class as you never know it could be right and you might get praise from the teacher and smiles from the more confident people who usually do all the answering.

2) Talk to more people- Don't isolate yourself so much and stick to your friendship group, say an occasionally hi to people in your year group and start a conversation when your waiting for class as you never know they may be really nice and you may have a lot in common. When your at a social occasion introduce yourself to people you don't know, don't stay in your comfort zone with your friends, it will really help your talking skills by meeting new people.

3) Say yes to group outings- If your invited somewhere go to it! Don't hesitate as your worried people will be there that you've never met, go and enjoy yourself! Live while your young and have those experiences!

4) Embrace your insecurities- I guarantee all of us have looked in the mirror and said eww at one point in our lives. There's no need to, next time you look in the mirror instead of picking everything you don't like out, think of what you do like and embrace it. Those flaws that you have make you, you, that's what makes you beautiful and unique, don't go and change yourself!

5) Compliment people- If you notice someones hair, make up, clothes etc one day and think they look nice tell them what you think, it will start conversation and will make the other person feel good as you never know you could of complimented their insecurities and boosted their confidence.

6) Volunteer- Go and volunteer at a local charity shop or at a care home as it will give you some experience of work and how to talk to adults in the working environment.

7) Don't listen to the haters- People who usually bully or make fun of you are just jealous and would kill to see you fall. Prove to them you're the better person and go for everything you do in life, try your best.

8) Stand up for yourself- If someone is being horrible and has said something bad to you or a friend don't hide away but confront them about what they have done, bullies hate confrontation knowing that your not the weak person they thought you were.

9) Believe in yourself- Self doubt is something we all do, its natural but there's no need for it! If you want to achieve something set that goal and believe you can do it! Build that confidence and follow your dreams!

10) Enjoy life- Very important point is to just enjoy life and don't let people get you down! If people are constantly putting you down you don't need them in your life, look for the people who will always be there supporting you.

Thank you for reading, I hope all these tips helped!

Be yourself its the best person you can be and follow those dreams! <3


Well hello my fellow readers!

It has now hit me that this time next week I'll be sitting my a level exams and I have to say I'm terrified! This years gone so quick, I never thought they'd come around so fast! I can honestly say the word panic is an understatement, I'm  so scared. I feel like there's no time to do anything and I won't know all the information by the exams. If that isn't enough to worry about, I have been set work on top of revision to cope with which is very time consuming. These probably aren't what I'm supposed to be thinking, i guess, I should be thinking positive and think I can do it! I've worked so hard this year that I shouldn't give up now!

My advise to you my fellow readers is don't be like me, calm down! Be positive and think you can do it! I know exam season is a worrying time for everyone and we're all under this pressure to do well and think we can't do it! However you shouldn't give  up when times get hard, you should just push through it! Trying your hardest is the only thing you can do, nobody should ask for more. So put in all the effort you can and you never know you may achieve that high grade that you weren't expecting. If you go in there and think you're going to fail, you won't be likely to succeed, you need to go in that exam hall and be in a positive mind set. Even if a really hard question comes up and you have no idea just apply what you know and what you have revised its all you can do.Just please don't give up! I've wanted to do that so many times but then I realise I can't, my future will depend on the grades I get, meaning I want to get the best I can. I want to do well, you won't get on top unless you work for it!

Good luck to all you readers taking exams next week, I hope you do amazingly well! Just stay positive, you can do it!

This or that beauty tag!

Evening my dear reader chums!

I've seen this  tag floating around and thought it would be fun to do!


Blush or bronzer: Blush

Lipgloss or lipstick: Lipgloss

Eye liner or mascara: Ooh this is hard I love both, I wear them like everyday! I suppose I would have to pick mascara as it brings out my eyes more.

Foundation or concealer: Concealer, I'm not really a foundation lover if I'm honest.

Liquid or powder foundation: Liquid

Neutral or colour eye shadows: Neutral, I love more of a natural look and don't think I'd suit coloured eye shadows unless I'm going for a night out then I'd have bold coloured smoky eyes.

Pressed or loose eye shadows: Pressed

Brushes or  sponges: Brushes


Long or short: Long

Acrylic or natural: Natural

Bright or darks: Bright all the way!

Glitter or no glitter: Glitter all the way, who doesn't love a bit of sparkle?!


Perfume or body splash: Perfume

Lotion or body butter: Lotion

Body wash or soap: Body wash

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!! Let me know what you would choose! :)

April favourites!

Well hello to you my fellow reader chums!

As you know we're now a few days into May meaning its time for April favourites! Yay!

Here's some of the products I've been enjoying over the past month:

 V05 heat protect styling spray- This has been my favourite for a while now which I use daily as I straighten/curl my hair often. This heat defence is amazing, it makes my hair  really smooth after straightening and it smells lovely. This month, I've basically been using it everyday and I just love the feel it gives my hair afterwards,a definite recommend.
   I bought this product towards the end of April but have been using it ever since! I love Nivea products they have the loveliest smell and always cause my skin to be extremely smooth and feel nourished. Nivea products are apparently quite oily, however I didn't find this product like that at all, I've been using it as a face/hand moisturiser daily and its make my skin feel softer and healthier.
 One of my make up favourites this month is the undress me palette too by MUA as I've used it like everyday and its amazing value! I've already done a review on it so I won't go into much detail, but its just beautiful with really pigmented colours that are great for a daily look.
 Another make up fave is Rimmel scandal eyes eye liner, which I have lately purchased in April and have also done a review on. Its definitely one of my favourites as ever since I've been using it, my eye liner has stayed on all day without fail, I just love it!
 My perfume/body spray type favourite is the Ted Baker body spray, it has the most beautiful smell and for this small bottle it only costs, £2.50, what a bargain! I'm literally addicted to what it smells like, its that good, I'll definitely repurchase it again but probably in the bigger bottle so it'll last longer.
 Another make up favourite of mine is the collection 2000 liquid eye liner. Recently, I've got into the winged liner look and thought it would be a good idea to buy some liquid liner. This one in particular is great with quick, easy application that stays on all day!
 My last monthly favourite is the collection 2000  lasting perfection concealer in the colour fair. This product has been raved about by many youtube beauty gurus so I was really happy when I got my hands on it! Its actually amazing, it covers really well and stays on all day, it barely looks like you're wearing any concealer at all giving it a very natural look.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my April favourites, what's everyone else's? Thank you for reading! <3

Mini haul!

Evening my dear reader chums!

Today I went shopping with Maria to buy a few clothing items for dance and school. Primark is definitely the shop to buy the essentials of causal but cute clothing at affordable prices! Here's what I bought:
The first thing I bought was a cute/sophisticated blouse that has a floral pattern to wear for school or maybe with a skirt for parties. This is one of those items that you can dress up or down, where you can wear it with skirt and heels or simply jeans/shorts. I have many tops like this in my wardrobe because I just love collared/blouse tops as they're really pretty, so I thought why not add another one to the collection  and for £10 where could you go wrong?!
 The next thingI bought is a casual top which says geek chic on as I dance most days a week at school and needed more casual tops to wear for my lesson. Also, I thought I could wear it in the summer time with shorts to just through on at the beach due to it being rather light.

 Also, I bought another top for dance, this one in green saying dork, I usually don't wear green as its not really my colour, however I liked this type of green, the way it looked on me and with it costing £4 it was easily affordable. I thought it would be perfect for dance and something casual to through on here and there.

 The next thing I bought was the Garnier body lotion because its getting nearer to summer meaning shorts weather is approaching and I wanted my legs to be smooth and not dry, especially as they're going to be seen a lot in the summer time. Garnier is usually a really good brand and they're products smell really nice and work really well. Therefore I thought I'd give it a go and see how I got on with it!

 The last thing I bought was chocolate, I mean who can go shopping and not by some form of food?! Probably just me! As you probably know I do love my chocolate and these are the new bars out from Cadbury so I simply had to try them! I can honestly say they are delicious! Yum!
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow my blog will be on my April favourites as you know were a few days into May, meaning I want to show you the products I've been enjoying for the past month!

Time is a precious thing!

Evening my dear reader chums!

Recently, I've been having a think about how lucky I am to live the life I have, people have it so much harder with all the tragedies they face everyday like not knowing if they're family will be fed or being seriously ill. Looking at how other people have it makes me appreciate what I have and makes me more grateful, sure I fight with my parents or have pointless little dramas about things but I'm lucky to have support from friends and family that get me through all my little 'crisises'. As the truth is life does suck at times where we all feel like were never can be happy again or feel physically and emotionally drained that we don't want to carry on, there are moments like that, however you just need to pick yourself up and stay positive and strong. Chin up as my best friend is always telling me! There is hope, I know from experience not thinking I could go on, but I'm here today, I got through it, sure I still have little knockdowns but that's life its not easy.

Time is a precious thing, it goes so quickly, spend time with the people who matter and cherish those moments as you don't know how long they'll last. Today I've been thinking about all the old times I spent with my family, all those happy moments that I took for granted. I really do miss those times and would give anything to go back, those memories will  always be in my heart. I wish I could go back to those moments with people there who are no longer here.

My Dad, Maria (twin), Me and Matthew <3

My Mum, me and Maria <3
Maria, nanny and I <3
 Maria and I! Twins <3       

Love you grandad! Me, Kerry (cousin) and Maria <3

 Us again, Me and Maria <3

Memories are precious, keep them close to heart. Looking back at pictures reminds me of these good times and that these don't last forever, time goes so quick! My advise to you is look at what you have now with your family and friends and spent as much time with them as possible, while you still can! Sadly my grandads passed away when I was 8 and 12 and I still miss them dearly, but I cherish those times I had with them and they'll always be in my hearts! <3

Love all my family and friends so much! Live life to the full and enjoy every moment of it, take every opportunity you get as you never know where it'll take you! Don't look with back with regret but forward with hope! Make sure you keep positive and stay strong!

Thank you for reading! <3

Work, work and more work!

Evening my fellow reader chums!

Work, work, work! I have no time at the moment for anything else but that! Who knew A levels were going to be this daunting?! I know I've probably said on my previous blogs about exam season nearing and the amount  of stress I'm under! I've just had a realisation that in two weeks I'll be sitting these ever so hard exams and I can honestly say I'm terrified! It'll be a bummer knowing I've worked hard all year to get terrible results, meaning the next two weeks will be studying, studying and more studying with a little ounce of a social life if I'm lucky!
Here's a picture of my girlie's and I in the paper last year receiving our GCSE results, just hope all these exams go well and we'll have the same smiles on our faces for A level results day!

I don't think my brain is big enough to store all this information, I don't think any human is capable of it! I knew before I came into sixth that it would be a LOT of work but I wasn't expecting this much! I'm a really emotional person when it comes to stress and worries so I'm not going to lie by saying I haven't shed a tear or two! Panicking is probably the worst thing to do at this moment in time, meaning my advise to you would be to calm down, take breaks from the revision and relax.

On top of all my academic subjects I take dance which I can say is my favourite subject as I always enjoy it. This term we're focusing on  street choreography where we all choreograph our own dance which is really fun and we get to teach each other, exciting yet worrying times. I'm a nervous person about presenting and teaching usually, however its been better than I thought. Learning everyone's dances is always a bundle of laughs! Just remembering them is the hard thing especially on top of everything else!This means tonight before I go to bed, I'll be choreographing a bit to teach my dance tomorrow so I better get the creative juices flowing!

If your exams are causing you to get in a state like myself, talk to a friend about you worries as they'll give you support, everyone needs a friend! If you need any advice about your exam worries comment down below and I'll happily give you some! I wish everyone all the luck with the upcoming exams as I'm sure you'll all do amazing! Keep revising, but don't forget to take a break!

Just try your best, its all you can do! <3

Rimmel scandal eyes eye liner review!

Evening my dear reader chums!

Recently, I purchased the Rimmel scandal eyes eye liner as I was in need of a waterproof eye liner. I've heard great things about this eye liner and couldn't wait to buy it! As the weather is windy a lot, my eyes always seem to water meaning the coal eye liner on my water line faded easily. So I decided to buy this product and I can honestly say I'm really impressed with it. Its not only affordable with it costing £3.99 but its really pigmented and it stays on my water line for nearly the whole day!

I recommend this product to anyone whose looking for a lasting eye liner that is very pigmented. I'm definitely going to re-purchase this product again as I thoroughly enjoy it and its good for daily use.  I would say the only down side is, it sometimes smudges and the tip goes blunt quite easily meaning you'll have to re-sharpen it quite often. However I wouldn't let these disadvantages get in the way of buying this product as it does really look good as a daily make up usage and is amazing for its value!
Thank you for reading <3