How I afford to travel so often

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a bit of a travel addict, to say the least, and that girl which will snap up any cheap flight I can find. Travel is something that fills my heart with so much joy that I try and do it as much as physically possible - and financially possible.

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As I go away quite a lot, I often find people asking 'how do you afford it' and so I thought I would share all my budget-saving tips to help you guys travel more often.

How I afford to travel so often

The cheaper the flight, the better

I'm that person who is literally searching flights most days and seeing what cheap deals I can find. If you opt for a very cheap flight, then you've got more money available for the rest of the trip. Flights are half the battle in the grand scheme of how much a trip costs so if you save on that then you're winning. My best tip would be with flights is be flexible on dates and play around with the calendar as you can find good deals as you search throughout the month. And, be flexible on times too - it's usually always cheaper to fly early morning and although it can be hard to wake up, the money you save will pay off.

Keep your eye on every travel sale 

I'm literally signed up to every travel website that does good deals, including airlines. Whether it's by email or following them on social channels, if you stay in the loop, you'll be the first to know about sales- and can get first dips on cheap flights, accommodation and holidays. Think of all the pounds you'll save!

Opt for cheaper accommodation options

Accommodation isn't everything and what I mean by this is you don't need to stay somewhere fancy when you go away - and can save money easily by taking the cheaper options. Hostels, shared accommodation, guest houses, or budget hotels are widely available wherever you are in the world, and by choosing it, you can have more spend on excursions, food or transport - or to book another trip.

Shorter vs longer trips

Something to consider and something that I do often is shorter rather than longer trips as then I'm able to go to more places with the same amount of budget - if that makes sense. I like to take a few city breaks in Europe for a couple of days at a time rather than spend a week-long holiday somewhere relaxing, as one, I get to explore new places and also, I'm able to do more with my money.

Use your holiday days wisely

Not necessarily a money tip, but using your allocated holiday days a year more wisely is half the journey of a budget trip. If you do long weekends then you'll have more days to use for other trips - and won't have to take unpaid days off to go on your travels.

Make savvy decisions as you travel

Getting there cheap is one thing, but keeping things cheap whilst you're there is another. Set a budget for every day, take public transport to avoid taxi costs, dine away from tourist hotspots and splurge in the right places.

Put a bit of money away each month

Obviously, money doesn't grow on trees and travelling does cost money but how you save for it is as important as how you spent your money on travel. Whether you have a lot of disposable income or a little, it is possible to save up for travelling. Allocate a certain amount each month and ensure you stick to that, make wiser decisions for when you go shopping and cut down on unnecessary items - as you'll have a holiday at the end of it. You can always find more money but you can never find more time - travel whilst you're young, broke and have all the freedom in the world.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your budget travel tips?

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing, these tips, they are great ways to afford to travel :)


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