5 things I've learnt about myself in a relationship

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I didn't think I'd be writing this post for a very long time. I genuinely thought I'd be single for years to come as I was loving the single life and spending that time learning more about who I was, growing, evolving, and healing. However, the best things in life do come when you least expect them and that's how I feel right now, lucky to find the man I've always dreamt of in my boyfriend. 

5 things I've learnt about myself in a relationship

Being in a new relationship has been incredible in many ways but also hard in many others, bringing up trauma, and past experiences, and really for me, a learning curve. This blog is a place I like to share my journey and experiences and that's why I wanted to share 5 things I've learnt about myself in a new relationship.

I was never asking for too much, I wasn't asking the right person

I saw this quote floating about a lot when I was single and in the midst of my healing process and honestly, I didn't truly believe it. However, now, I finally do. I've never been able to be my true self in a relationship before, be wholeheartedly unapologetically me, and right now, I can be and it makes me understand that this quote was true all along. The right person won't make you apologise for being who you are, they'll accept the flaws, the good things about you, and your troubles - and help you work on them as a team. It's made me realise that being me isn't too much and helped me finally accept the fact that I deserve to show the world who I really am.

I deserve love and respect

Love is the most magical thing in the world and something we all deserve in every way. I'm a massive advocate for self-love, I parade it around like a pretty headpiece and think everyone needs the same attitude. However, accepting love and being loved by others is something I've struggled with as it's not something I thought I deserved due to past experiences. Being in a new relationship has made me learn that it is something I truly deserve and I'm shown love, care, and respect every day - and it's the best feeling in the world knowing my partner has my back. 

I can still be independent and pursue what I like in life

There is always this thing that when you get into relationships, your life suddenly becomes just them or that is what I was afraid of as I love living my life the way I do. However, I don't have to lose that part of me because I'm in a relationship. My boyfriend is very supportive of me pursuing my goals, having my space and own time and I'm the same with him, as well as ensuring we grow and work together. It's an important quality to me as I am that person who wants to be working on a million things at once. Knowing I'm with someone who is my biggest cheerleader and also respects my independence is all I could ever want.

I love being able to share life with someone

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I didn't think I'd be in a relationship for the longest time. But the universe has a funny way of figuring things out for me and has given me the gift of a guy with who I can't wait to do life with and grow together. It's made me realise how much I adore having that person, someone who always has my back, can come along on my crazy adventures, and fall more in love with every single day. I love being able to share the little mundane moments and the huge moments of life with someone that means so much to me.

My love language is quality time 

I could talk about love languages all day and personally think they are something we should learn growing up, in order to know how to give love and feel loved. I've always known that quality time is my thing as I love nothing more than being with the people that mean the most to me and having that time to talk and be with each other. But being in a new relationship has actually allowed me to express it fully as I'm with someone who understands what makes me feel the most love and practices that as much as possible.  Words of affirmation are definitely a close second as I love how love is expressed through the power of words.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What things have you learnt in a relationship?

Thank you for reading <3

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