Ultimate beach guide to Dubrovnik

 Well hello to you my reader chums! The beach life is for me. Growing up by the seaside, wherever in the world I am and there's a beach, it feels like home. When I headed out to Dubrovnik, one of the main things I was excited about had to be its incredible coastal way of life and endless blue waters.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing day by the sea, to do some water activities or simply appreciate the sunshine, here is my ultimate beach guide to Dubrovnik.

The beaches across Dubrovnik were something special. With their crystal clear waters, pebbly shores and gorgeous sights of the city, it was like a mini slice of paradise. For me, every beach I visited had its own personality and I could tell what type of visitor each would bring.

Sulic Beach

Probably one of the smallest beaches I've visited, Sulic Beach was more like a bay. It had a very quiet and humble appeal to it, boasting a small stretch of pebbles to sit on and several areas of rocky formation to relax. I found for the locals, it was also a place for cliff jumping too! The beach offered two bars overlooking it, one of which featured swings and an array of drinks. The best part of this beach was its vision of bright blue, neverending waters.

Distance to Old Town: 8-minute walk

Sulic Beach

Sveti Jakov Beach 

This had to be my favourite beach in the whole city. I visited this beach on my last day and honestly, I wish I had the opportunity to see it sooner. To me, it screamed all things paradise. As Dubrovnik wasn't known for sandy beaches, this was a refreshing find with a combination of both pebbles and sand. I loved how it was located in what seemed, the middle of nowhere, surrounded by residents' houses and apartments. But, the best part of this beach had to be the most transparent waters I've seen across the city. And, the picture-perfect views of the Old Town from this beach. I definitely think I left a small part of my heart on this beach.

Distance to Old Town: 25-minute walk.

Sveti Jacov Beach

Banje Beach

One of the most touristy beaches across Dubrovnik, Banje Beach is a hub for sun worshippers and water activities. Even though it can look incredibly stunning when it's not busy, it is one of those spots that end up heaving with tourists and sunbeds to relax on. Although, my favourite part of this beach had to be the incredible view of Lokrum Island.

Distance to Old Town: 6-minute walk

Banje Beach

Danče Beach

This was the most local beach I came across and one of those beaches I don't think you'd find unless you knew it was there. Nestled in the hub of residents' homes, nearby to a local park, Danče Beach, needed Google Maps to find it. You have to walk through a long alley which is surrounded by shrubbery in order to reach it, but once you do, it's worth it. I wouldn't say it's a beach, more of rocky terrain with sparkling waters to swim in. This spot was completely vacant with only a couple of locals swimming and sunbathing - perfect if you'd prefer something a bit quieter.

Distance to Old Town: 15-minute walk

Top beach guide to Dubrovnik

Bellevue Beach 

The peninsular of Lapad is a prime spot for cheaper accommodation, resorts and endless amounts of beaches in Dubrovnik. I only visited one of the beaches as I was staying over in Old Town and had enough beaches there to experience. Bellevue Beach is the closest to the Old Town in this peninsular and a gorgeous spot for an afternoon of swimming or sunbathing. I have to admit, it wasn't my favourite pebbled beach in the city, however, it did boast beautiful waters and had a family-friendly vibe about it.

Distance to Old Town: 20-minute walk

Bellevue Beach

Lopud Island

The Adriatic Coastline is what Dubrovnik is famous for and the best way to experience it is by heading off on one of the many boat tours like the Elaphiti Islands. These consist of a couple of islands and my favourite had to be the largest, Lopud Island. I mainly adored the beaches here because I finally got to experience stunning stretches of sand, overlooking a phenomenal view of a harbour and the mountains in the background.

Lopud Island

I hope you enjoyed this travel guide. Which beach is your favourite?

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing, looks like you had a nice time, there seems plenty to do not far from the centre of Dubrovnick :)


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