Top 10 favourite cities I've visited

Well hello to you my reader chums! City breaks are one of my favourite ways to travel for a few reasons; it allows me to experience a new place, I can do it on a budget and usually, I can squeeze everything to see into a few days. It's a quick and unique way to travel which offers the taste of a new country. I've visited quite a few different cities across the world and there are a few which have stood out.

Here are the top 10 favourite cities I've visited:

Florence, Italy

Top 10 favourite cities I've visited

Italy will forever have my heart and when I went to Florence last year, it fulfilled everything I dreamt it would be like. Florence was at the top of my Italy list for a while and I fell in love with it as soon as I first stepped into the city. Florence has a heartwarming vibe about it with a cool art scene, a beautiful selection of restaurants but also the traditional ambiance of Italian culture. There are endless things to do, it's a great centre point for excursions and I could never get sick of walking through Duomo Square. It's one of those cities that I didn't want to leave and would happily spend endless amounts of days searching for the hidden gems.

Hue, Vietnam 

Top 10 favourite cities I've visited

I loved Vietnam so much and 10 days really wasn't enough to experience everything. My favourite city there had to be Hue for a couple of different reasons. Hue was located in the centre of the country and had a cool but chilled vibe about it. It's home to the Imperial City which most visitors flock to the city for but there's more to Hue than first meets the eye. Its city centre has a flock of the quirkiest restaurants, shops, and the bar scene is insane. I fell in love roaming around the city, its markets and I loved the river area for a mooch. There is so much history discover and a lot of hidden gems along the way! It also was my favourite accommodation I had in Vietnam as the hosts were so lovely!

Luang Prabang, Laos

Top 10 favourite cities I've visited

Laos is a country I haven't really written much about on my blog, however, I really did love the small amount of time I spent there, and my favourite city was Luang Prabang. What I loved most about Luang Prabang is that it had a much quieter appeal than its neighbour Thailand. Don't get me wrong, there were still tourists, but it was significantly less than Thailand and felt a little more authentic when roaming around. My highlights were venturing around the night market, going on a river tour, and generally exploring the city, and its temples.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Top 10 favourite cities I've visited

Everyone raves about visiting Amsterdam so it's no secret that it's a cool place to visit. I loved the Dam because it had a chill atmosphere about it, the city had plenty of things to see and do, quirky eateries and that hipster vibe to it. The city has plenty of history to discover but also makes for a place to have a great night out and I enjoyed the mixture of that. Plus, it's quite close to the UK so easy to get to for a weekend away.

Rome, Italy

Top 10 favourite cities I've visited

Italy's capital and the heart of Italian history and culture, Rome is a must-see for any history nerd. I've visited the city twice and I would happily go back again and again. Despite the flock of tourists and the level of tourism, the city has lots of off-the-beaten-path finds, is a hub for the best food around, and offers so many activities for any walks of life. 

Dubai, UAE

Top 10 favourite cities I've visited

Dubai was one of those cities that I can only describe as completely unique and luxurious. I never thought Dubai would be my kind of place as it's over the top commercial and all about designer things. However, I really loved venturing around on my trip there. As Dubai is very much build-up, it has plenty of things to get stuck into and some out-of-this-world experiences. The food scene is insane, I loved the beaches and generally, it's an extravagant place to have some fun.

New York City, New York 

Top 10 favourite cities I've visited

I cannot do a favourite city post without mentioning the Big Apple! New York is simply one of the best cities I've ever visited. I went for my 21st with my twin sister and we honestly fell in love with New York. The city's hustle and bustle, its broadway scene, shopping scene, and all the cool restaurants we came into contact with. It's honestly such a unique place and I'd love to revisit again! You really can't beat NYC.

Venice, Italy

Top 10 favourite cities I've visited

Italy's canal capital is one of my favorite spots in the country. It's small but there's so much to it. I know a lot of people may say it's overrated but I absolutely love the wonders that Venice offers. Strolling along the canals, wandering the quieter streets, eating the best food around, and experiencing some of the architecture and churches in store. Venice is a beautiful city and I'd love to revisit someday.

Krakow, Poland 

Top 10 favourite cities I've visited

Krakow was my most recent trip before lockdown occurred and I really fell in love with the city. The thing that strikes me about Poland was how calm it was compared to other cities I've visited around the globe. Main Square was my favourite area and it was a picture-perfect area of pastel buildings, cute cafes, and the main hub of the Old Town. The city is packed with history and I loved that there was co much to learn on my trip.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Top 10 favourite cities I've visited

Copenhagen has to be one of the interesting cities I've visited as it felt more like a homely environment than a city itself with a huge Scandinavian vibe (as it was Denmark.) My favorite thing was how everyone rode around on bicycles, the vegetarian/vegan scene, and the unique things there was to see and do.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What is your favourite city?

Thank you for reading <3

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