How learning to not care what people think will change your life

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I don't know about you but for years I was the biggest people pleaser and allowed many people to walk all over me and essentially take the mic as I was so nice to them. As I've gotten older, I've swayed away from this people-pleasing way of life as I found it was making me feel so much worse about myself because I was putting everyone's needs before my own and caring way too much about what people thought of me.

The truth is nobody really thinks about you as much as you think they are. All of us are so self-absorbed. We're all worried about what others think or what others are doing that often, we forget to just not care about those opinions and get on with our life.

How learning to not care what people think will change your life

 If you're struggling with the comparison of others or worried about what others think, here is how learning to not care what people think will change your life 

You'll discover the love you have for yourself

Self-love is the key to everything in life. Once you love yourself, you'll find your world opening up to all other types of love and feeling more grateful in your every day - and seeing life in a more positive light. Not caring what people think goes hand in hand with that because you won't be worried about people's opinions when you wear a cute outfit or do something for you. You'll love that you've done it and embrace that power of self-love.

You'll realise your self-worth

Self-worth is something we all deserve to realise. The earlier in life the better. It can be one of those things that are hard to accept or put yourself on a pedestal to know you deserve love, care, and respect. However, shaking off other people's opinions will help your self-worth grow a lot quicker because you're only focusing on what you think of yourself, not others.

You'll make decisions freely

When an opportunity arrives in your inbox or presents you in life, and your gut says yes - how long do you then think about what everyone else will think? Probably too much. And, that's not the energy we need. If you think an opportunity or decision is good for you - do it. Getting rid of others' opinions will change this mindset very quickly and allow you to have more freedom in what you want to do with your life.

Your confidence will grow rapidly

Confidence is one of my favourite topics to talk about because we all deserve to feel our most confident selves in life. A lot of the time, confidence is hindered because we're so aware of everybody else, what they're doing and what they think of us, how we dress, and who we are. Because of this, confidence can be slower to grow. But trust me when I say this when you stop caring what others think, your confidence will grow immensely because you'll be focusing on the confidence for yourself and embracing who you are.

Your inner peace will be so much more

Inner peace is something many of us struggle with as were always so focused on what's next in life and what we need to work towards that we often forget to embrace the moment and enjoy the now. This is weighed in heavily when other people's opinions are on you as an annoying smell. Removing them will give you more space to focus on the now and the peace in your heart.

You'll be happier in the long run

Happiness is a journey and I don't think we ever fully arrive at the destination. Yet, happiness to me is about seeing the good in every day, rather than focusing on the negatives. Taking away the thoughts of what other people think, will allow you to shift your mindset to focus on those positives, rather than falling into a negative space that they can sometimes influence.

You'll learn to realise the little things are really what's important in life

Sometimes, we get so transfixed on wanting money, success, and these big materialistic things as we see others doing that, we forget what the best things are in life: love and connection with others. When you stop caring what people think of you and your life, you won't set goals that give you validation, you'll seek more wholesome things such as good connections with others and being grateful for all the things that exist in your life.

Your world will open up with so many ideas and goals

How often have you thought 'I can't do that because x will think this.' Well no more. When you begin to not care what others think, the whole world of opportunity can open up even more, as you won't second-guess doing things because of other people's opinions. You'll simply just do them because you want to and it'll be the most empowering feeling.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other things do you have to add?

Thank you for reading <3

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